10 Great Ways To Bring In Extra Money In 2019 & Many More Bonus Ways Too!

Aghh ! I need extra money before the end of this month!

Sound familiar right?

how to earn extra cash fast

Most of us have been here at some point in our lives, and it isn’t a nice place to be.

So, we wanted to create the ultimate list of extra ways to make money that you can refer back to any time you like.



1: Blogging.

A long term income maker

Not so much of a quick earner, but most certainly a way of generating longer term income by simply writing about whatever interests you.

Blogging can be whatever you want it to be.  It can be a little like writing a diary entry.  Let’s say you are starting a weight loss journey.  You write a new post every day documenting your progress, include pictures and how you feel and link to things that have helped you out.

You can share your blog on social media, and with time and your progress you will start to see visitors (aka traffic) coming to your website.

You can literally write about anything.  Model car building?  Race horse appreciation? Cookery?  The good thing about the internet is you can attract like minded people right across the world.

How to earn money from blogging:

To make money with this idea, you can put adverts on your blog.  See these Google adsense stories.  Google will show adverts to your website visitors.  If the visitor clicks on an advert you will earn a small amount.

If you’re a bit of an expert you could even write a short “how to” guide, turn it into a downloadable document, and charge people a fee to download your “secrets”.  You can make a vast sum of money if you do it right.  You could take this concept further still and create a membership site where you charge people monthly amounts to access your monthly tips.  Imagine 200 people paying you just £7 a month.



2: Selling your old stuff.

A short term FAST income maker

Most people have got a few old things lying around in cupboards, garages and lofts.  Furniture always sells well, and fast.  Cupboards, beds and desks.  If you haven’t used something for 12 to 18 months then why not sell it and turn it into cold cash.  You could if desperate take it to one of the many pawn shops around your town centre.

How to earn money from selling your old bits and bobs:

This one is straight forward.  You can save up all your old stuff and get up early one weekend and go and set up a stall at a car boot / flea market.  Charge super cheap for your old bits (50p, £1, £5 etc.) and it will fly out.  People will happily pay 50p for an old Teddy (if in great condition), and you’ll be surprised at how quickly it all adds up.  You get space in your home and could easily make a days wages for just a few hours one morning.

Another way to sell your items, is to join one of the thousands of “things for sale in “your local area”” groups on Facebook.  Take a picture and write a short description and with any luck you’ll get people asking.  Be realistic with what you want for the item.  Don’t expect top prices, it’s a bit like a car boot but you can charge a bit more.  Furniture always does very well, as does electronics.  Many people will ask you if you can deliver it to them.  If so don’t fear about charging the cost of fuel Websites like https://journeyprice.co.uk/ will help you figure out the cost of fuel.

If you get bitten by the bug with this, you can start looking out for other peoples items that are cheaper than market price to re-sell.  If you find someone giving away for free, or selling a set of drawers for say £5 and you know it’ll sell for at least £20 then that would be a good buy (as long as it’s in great condition!) – many people just want to get rid and can’t be bothered with the hassle of trying to sell things.



3: Start a Youtube channel.

A long term income maker

It may sound strange but you can start to build a following on Youtube.  How much fun do you think it would be making fun videos and popping them on Youtube?  People are making good money, with time and good content and regular uploads of videos.

The idea is you upload videos regularly.  Make them interesting and of great quality.  You can earn anywhere from a few hundred to a full time income in your first 12 months if all goes well (and some do go on to earn incredible revenues each year)

The creator academy on Youtube is a great place to start looking for how to get into this and will answer all of your questions.

How to earn money from setting up a Youtube channel:

The key thing here is to build up a loyal and engaged following, and not to think about the money.  This is done through the creation of regular great content that your followers will enjoy.

In each of your videos ask your fans to subscribe to your channel and hit the “bell” icon for notifications.

Once you begin to gain engaged fans, and have managed to get 4000 hours of viewing time in your previous 12 months and have at least 1000 subscribers you can apply to join the Youtube partner program, which is how you’ll start to earn money.

Youtube will begin showing ads on your videos very now and then.  Typically 50% of the time.  If somebody interacts with the ad you will earn a percentage of the cost of the ad.

As a very rough estimate it can vary from about £1.50 per 1000 views on average up to “the sky is the limit”.  It’s not uncommon for people to  earn 3 to 4 figures a month within a year or so.

How much do people earn?  simple.  Go to https://socialblade.com and enter the username of someone on Youtube who is doing well and the site will give estimations of their monthly earnings.

4: Start a company.

A short term AND long term income maker

This basically ties in all of the part time or spare time things you might enjoy and looking to do things properly, and turn them into much bigger things that give you money week after week.

Initially you don’t need to worry too much about all the technicalities.  Just get yourself a bank account in the name of your company and “you are in business”.

Keep records of every single transaction, profit on each transaction, and separately kep note of all your expenses (fuel, materials, advertising etc.)

One of the BIGGEST takeaways from this is to provide an exceedingly GREAT service.

The feeling you get when someone recommends “you” can not be beaten, ever.

How to earn money from setting up your own company

In general, you will either be selling products, or selling a service.

  • If selling products, you need to be able to make them, or source them for less than what you can sell them for.  For example, buy 1000 fidget spinners (when they were popular) for £50p each and sell them to people for £3 each.  You can find bulk suppliers online (www.alibaba.com is a trusted way to connect to overseas suppliers), and you can always look for bargain products at car boots and eBay or facebook.
  • If making products, then it is just a matter of your time invested, and with a view to eventually being able to make an above average hourly rate.  I’d aim to get to the point where you can generate a bare minimum of £20 to £40 per hour in turnover (to pay you a wage, pay for insurances, premises and other expenses).


  • If you are selling a service then make sure you stick to the following:
  • Always turn up when you say you do, in most cases.  If you can’t then communication with the customer is essential.  You will lose customers SO FAST if you don’t keep them informed.
  • Charge a price that reflects an above average hourly rate (as above).  You do not need to charge cheap if you provide a good service.
  • Always be very polite, close gates behind you etc.
  • A uniform makes a big difference, as does your appearance (being clean and well groomed).
  • Printed leaflets don’t cost the earth and help set you apart from the other competing customers.



5: Sweatcoin.

A long term income maker

Ok so this company is a legitimate way to earn extra money, just don’t expect to make an extra £200 a week!  In all likelihood you can earn an extra £20 to £30 once or twice a year just for walking.  If you walk anyway, might as well earn from it, right?  Install it (click here) and just leave it on.

We like the word free 🙂

So the app runs in the background, and requires a good GPS signal.  You have to make sure your phone’s GPS signal is turned on.

Note:  As it’s using GPS it will be eating some of your data so keep an eye on things.  if you get a good data allowance anyway then you won’t have anything to worry about.  Also, it only counts steps made outdoors, hence the GPS signal.

The app converts your steps into “sweatcoins”.  If you walk 10,000 steps a day for a year you’d be able to earn a Paypal payout of around £35 ($50 USD anyway).  You can increase this with some of the tips below.

How to earn money from using the Sweatcoin app

  • You walk, and just leave it running.  Nothing could be simpler.  It converts your outdoor footsteps.
  • You can earn extra sweatcoins if you refer your friends to the app as well.  In fact if you refer 30 people they’ll send you about £15 ($20 USD) to your paypal, as well as 5 sweatcoins for everyone you refer.
  • You can earn extra sweatcoins by becoming more active.  They have different membership levels that encourages more walking, and if you increase your daily steps you can earn a greater number of sweatcoins through a higher membership plan (technically it’s free but they take a few sweatcoins off your account each month).  However if you’re walking more, it definitely pays to do this as your earning ability is greater.

6: Part time job.

A short term FAST income maker

Yep, I know you don’t “actually” want to go and work for someone else, when you could be sat at home earning in your pyjamas.  If you are in a fix though and absolutely HAVE to earn extra cash as fast as possible, this is one of the most reliable ways.

So, ensure you are ok with this, and just think of the end goal.  It doesn’t really matter what it is, as long as you can do it for a few weeks or months.

Labourers for gardening companies are often sought during the Sprint to Autumn periods.  Office workers are often needed on a temporary basis, as are drivers, couriers and factory workers.  You simply need to register with local job agencies near to you, or look on the website of the company you would like to work with.

This is the simplest method.

How to earn money from a part time job

One method is to register with a few local recruitment agencies in your area.  Let them know what hours you can and can not work.  When a job comes up that matches your needs they will call you up and ask you to go to the place of work.

The work will be often short term, and could last from as little as 1 day to several months.  It all depends on how busy the company is and how much they need your services.  The good thing about a part time job is that you will get paid often a week later, so the earnings ability is capped by the hourly rate.

Another method is to take your CV to local supermarkets (especially in the few months before Christmas and other special events when they can get really busy). They often have multiple part time roles available.

7: Online surveys

A short term AND long term income maker

If only you could earn £300 per week by sitting in front of your computer and answering a few questions.  It would be the perfect life wouldn’t it!

Alas, life isn’t so kind, but you can  actually earn some extra money.

One of our favourites is Swagbucks.

How to earn money from completing online surveys

You register to the survey website, and then once inside there will be a list of any available surveys (or other tasks you can do to earn money).  It will take some time, however if you are diligent and do as many tasks as possible.  I have read elsewhere some people earning a fairly good part time income of £200 to £400 each month, BUT this is very dependant on how many surveys you qualify for.


8: Let your car earn you money when not being used.

A short term AND long term income maker

With Turo you can now rent out your own car (or spare cars sat on drive gathering dust) whenever you are not using it thanks to a nifty app called Turo.  List your car details and daily fee desired.

The company offers you fully comprehensive hire insurance to deal with any possible issues.  If you’ve a few cars sat on the drive, why not make one or two of them do some work and put some money in your pocket.

You can find all manner of vehicles, and could quite easily expect to get between £100 to £200 a day for cars such as a Land Rover.  If you’ve a spare Mclaren or ferrari sat on the drive you could enjoy £600+ per hire day as a fee, so why not get in on this innovative concept.

The concept is now well proven in America and is rapidly expanding to the United Kingdom.

You can see several Turo reviews on Youtube.  One channel Ive subscribed to is Saimahs experience.  She now has 3 very nice sports cars she rents out.. doing quite a good second income.  I’d suggest you subscribe to her channel as she has lots of tips to help grow this opportunity.  She also shares the downsides too.

For a balanced objective, here is another channel where he explains how much money you can actually make.

Bearing in mind it is a USA startup, it’s an interesting concept.  This guy has managed to get to about £4000 a month in earnings with 7 cars, in just 6 months.

It may take a few years to become this busy here in the Uk, but I do believe we are at the start of this exciting curve.

How to earn money from renting out your own car(s)

If you live near an airport, or major city you may do a lot better.  People fly in, or visit places for a few days and need transport.



9: Cleaning up!

A short term AND long term income maker

Yes you can easily set up as a part time cleaner and clean houses, charging from £10 to £20 per hour.

If you are thorough, trustworthy and friendly then often this is all you need to generate ongoing repeat business.

Many people these days are too busy to get things done.  Many others are unable to do the work (perhaps through a disability)

How to earn money from cleaning

Start off by advertising on Facebook by posting in the various “buy and sell” groups in your area.  Have leaflets printed and hand them out in your area, or pay a company to deliver some.  Typical rates for leaflet delivery are £70 per 1000 delivered.  You may get from 1 to 10 customer enquiries.

Talk to the customer about how long it will take to clean to their standard needed and then discuss your rates.  Start high because they may ask if there is any negotiation on the price.  better to end up at your preferred rate, than to be faced with a lower rate that you don’t want to do, and would not enjoy working for while being there.  If all goes well, you’ll get the higher rate and have a bigger smile on your face.



10: Gardening.

A short term AND long term income maker

People ALWAYS want a “reliable” gardener.  You are doing the work they just don’t want to (and many times are not able to).

If you get it right and do a good job (and close the gate behind you afterwards, and clean up extremely well), you will get repeat custom.

If on the other hand you leave bits of grass on the paths, miss weeds when cleaning borders and arrive 3 days later than you said (without telling them), in most cases it’ll be the last time you go there again.

How to earn money from gardening

One method is to head over to facebook and start out by writing a short post that says something like “gardening services available in this area.  Friendly local gardener, fully experienced and insured.  Reasonable rates.”.  Include pictures of your work and paste this post into a variety of the local “things for sale in XYZ area(ie your area)” groups that exist on facebook.  During Spring/Summer is where the most work will come in.

Set your own hourly or “by the job” rate.  People will ask if you work by the job or hourly.  That’s up to you,. but “by the job” is best as it allows you to set a price, and you may find you can do the job quicker as time goes on, and you still earn the same money.

Another method is to create a leaflet and spend an hour each evening delivering the leaflets in your local area.  During Spring and Summer is the best time.

As a guide to follow, you can happily expect to charge from £15 to £30 for a basic grass cut for an average sized property.  If you keep in your head that you want to generate £30 per hour then you can look at a job and see how long it will take. Keep a minimum price in your head no matter how long it takes.

With time you can easily earn £100 to £300 per day from Spring to Winter.


Bonus ways to earn extra money!

We couldn’t stop at 10 so below you will find new methods being added all the time.  Remember we only include top rated methods (and not just every method under the sun!)

11: Fiverr

A short term AND long term income maker

Fiverr is a marketplace for exchanging “all manner of services”.  Click here to visit Fiverr and discover what it is all about.

If you can write a little, you could set up as a writing provider and write for people who want articles (there is a big demand!).  Charge whatever you want for however many words you want to write.  Typically ou may begin with charging $5 per 400 words for example, and then increase that for larger quantities or articles of a higher quality.

Can you make funny videos?  You could create promotional videos to help companies go viral.  Do you have a “film” voice?  Become a “voice over” and narrate peoples video clips.  What about PA work?

Take a good look at Fiverr and see for yourself what you can do.

How to earn money from Fiverr

So once you’ve signed up, click on “selling” in the top right hand menu – then select gigs.

On the next page click on “new gig”.  Follow the form and prompts.

I’d suggest you take a look on the main site first to see what sort of things you could do, to earn money.

For example:

Logo design, 3D animation, article writing, medical writing, singers, voice overs, programming and much much more.


12: AirBnB – earn up to £291 per week as a host, or money each time one your friends joins!

A short term AND long term income maker

If you have a spare room in your house, or a warm and welcoming Annex or Summer house, you can rent these spaces out for the hundreds of people who visit your area each week and who are looking for a quick place to sleep over or as a base for exploring.

Many people don’t want to spend high prices on a hotel room.  Some people simply want a lovely “home from home” feeling when they are travelling.

With AirBnB you can make that connection, and put pound coins in your pocket!  Sound good?

Click here to sign up to AirBnB (it’s free!) and take it from there.


How to earn money and travel credits from AirBnB

As a host, you are essentially a hotel owner, or bed and breakfast owner, in essence…

If you have that spare room doing nothing (perhaps your kids are at University), why not make it pay you?

So, as a host you upload photo’s of the room or space you are offering (it can be anything from a teepee in your garden, summer house or kitted out nuclear bunker!).

Upload a description and set a price.

When a transaction has been completed, you get to leave each other a review, and this is where you want to make it worth your while to go the extra mile.

Keep getting great reviews and more and more people will want to stay at your place.

One bad review will put many people off, so go above and beyond.

Look at how others are doing it, and read their reviews.  One such lady we read about offers a full home cooked breakfast and dinner for every guest, and this really worked wonders!

What can you offer to make their stay memorable?

You can also refer travel credits if you refer new friends to the service.  Sign up to AirBnB and they will give you a referral link you can share with friends.

Your friend will get £25 OFF their first trip of £55 or more, and ytou will also earn £15.  Nice!

Click here to join AirBnB now.



Thanks for reading this, we will add more from time to time, if they meet the grade of course!

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