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Shaun Baird owner of 10 WarriorsHi I’m Shaun Baird, the proud owner of 10 Warriors!

As a 45~something year old guy I’ve come to realise over the years that my passion naturally turns to helping others.

It’s something I’ve naturally done all my life (without thinking) and this site was born to serve the same underlying purpose I have in life.

When you need to make a smart choice I want to be the one to help.

My aim is to do all the hard work, the number crunching and the evaluation of the good bad and the ugly and then present it on the 10 Warriors platform.

Countless times I’ve bent over backward for others to help them get to their dreams and hopes, and this is something I seem able to do well, so naturally I wanted to continue the same and help you.

To help you find out what the best items or services are,  I go into great length with super precision to find out the good and the not so good!

If you’ve any questions please do get in touch – I love to talk “stuff”!

I’m originally from the Midlands in the Uk, but currently reside in sunny South Yorkshire with a wonderful family who I adore.

About 10 Warriors

Serving up the “top 10” best for each kind of product, the aim is to be the very best place you can go to.

  The place for honest unbiased reviews of what it does, how good it is and it’s weak points.

Please do get in touch if you have a product you’d like me to review and I’d be happy to compare it to others.

The site is a result of years and years of helping others and finally I can do the same to a larger audience – not just a few here and there.

  • * It’s a fully secure website.  I use the https protocol.
  • * It’s backed up daily.
  • * The content is kept up to date – after all what good is a top 10 list if it’s 6 months out of date?
  • * The content is my “pride and joy”.  Along with people who help test things, I get final say on what happens and the overall write up of the content.  It’s that important to me.  If it’s helping then it’s added in.

I don’t do this alone!

The site is called 10 warriors.  That’s because there are 10 of us, on average.  We aim to produce the top 10 best of “anything”

The warriors work in the background quietly but diligently.

Together we manage to filter out the rubbish and the downright awful.


Important Information about the website

My Affiliation: I am affiliated with the “Amazon Affiliate Program” – I may earn a commission when recommending products.

Website: 10warriors.co.uk – proud unbiased review website showcasing the very best of the top 10 in each category of products or services.

Contact Info: You can reach me any time using the Contact form in the menu.  I typically respond within 24 hours.

Positive SSL : – 10 Warriors is a secure website: comodo secured for your peace of mind

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