Air Fryer Oreo Cookie Recipe – With An Orange Twist!

Air fried Oreo cookie recipe with our own Orange twist.

Air Fried Oreos with an orange twist

If you’ve ever been to a fairground or carnival recently you may well have come across stalls offering you deep fried Oreos.  Essentially it’s the same as a deep fried doughnut but using Oreo’s as the middle piece.  Not only that but our Air fried Oreo cookie recipe makes it ever so slightly healthier.

I have seen a few of these online, and wanted to re-create the recipe, but adding in a bit of a twist.  The twist is quite literally Orange.

By mixing in some Orange essence, and sprinkling on some Orange pieces on top, we get something quite unlike anything you’ve seen before.

In brief, how to make our Air fried Orange infused Oreo cookies

  1. Prepare pancake batter according to mix, or make from fresh
  2. Mix into this some Orange extract flavouring
  3. Pre-heat the Air Fryer for 3 minutes at 200 degrees
  4. Dip your Oreo’s in the batter mix and lay in the air fryer
  5. Sprinkle the Orange chunks on top then pop them into the air fryer
  6. Cook for 8 to 9 minutes
  7. Remove and enjoy straight away.


Air Fryer Oreo Cookie Recipe

Oreo’s.  Air fried?  Really?  Well yes, actually.  People are discovering the mouth watering taste sensation that comes from “frying” Oreo cookies, but using an Air Fryer to make it a healthy eating version.  Fancy a go?  Enjoy instant memories of funfairs and carnivals where you can buy a bag of fried battered Oreo’s and put a smile on someone’s face!

  • 1 Packet Pancake Mix (Every packet is different so choose according to how many you’d like to make)
  • 1 Serving Icing Sugar (or any other topping!) (To gently sift over the top of the cookies once they have been cooked)
  • 1 Each Egg (For the pancake mix)
  • 1 Unit Milk (if the mix requests this) (For the pancake mix)
  • 1 tsp Orange flavouring (To mix into the pancake mix)
  1. The first step is to create your batter.  You can sometimes find pre-made batter mixes, or part-made batter mixes that contain only flour and milk.  If the mix is read to go then great!  If it says on the packet just add an egg and water then add in the water and 1 egg as mentioned on your batter mix packet.  This is usually the case in pancake mixes pre-made.

  2. Open the pancake mix, pour it into a bowl.  Add 1 egg and water (as per pack instructions).  Then add in around a teaspon or two of Orange essence or flavouring.

  3. Mix all the ingredients together until it is a gloopy mixture, using a whisk.

  4. Pre-heat your air fryer to around 200 degrees.

  5. Take an Oreo biscuit, and push a fork into the filling.  Dip the Oreo into the batter mix, then pop straight into the air fryer.  Alternatively you can do it with a spoon or your fingers!

  6. If you are using Orange chunks as per this recipe, sprinkle some on top of the Oreos, then close the Air Fryer drawer and start cooking for 8 minutes.  If you are using icing sugar on top to dust the Oreo’s, then sift the icing sugar over the top once the Oreos are cooked.

Watch the video for this recipe below:

So, first up, take out an hour to pop to your local Supermarket.

It’s a very inexpensive recipe costing under £5 for the ingredients.

You are going to need some sort of batter to dip the Oreo’s into.  There are a few options – firstly you can buy strips of dough already made.  These are a bit less messy and can simply be wrapped around each Oreo, but these tend to turn into pastry as opposed to a batter.

Here’s our ingredients (we also used an egg in our mix as well):

air fryer oreo cookie with orange twist ingredients

So first of all, we decided to use half a bag of pancake mix, and made the mix up according to half of each choice.

So we mixed in 75ml of water, 1 egg and 3 capfuls of Orange flavouring extract.


ingredients preparation for orange infused oreo cookies air fried


Once all the ingredients were mixed it was time to dip the Oreo’s.

I tried to push a fork into the soft bit of the Oreo at first, but it forced the Oreo to fall apart, so soon gave that idea up and just used my fingers.

At this point I had switched on the Air fryer for about 14 minutes.  It needs about 3 minutes of warm up time before any cooking should begin.

The Air fryer we use is a Duronic air fryer (I wrote a long review about it here if you want to know more about it, it’s actually our favourite air fryer at the minute!)

Once dipped, I placed the sticky gloopy Oreo’s into the Air fryer drawer, then sprinkled some of the Orange chunks on top.

air fryer oreo cookie with orange twist ready to cook

I then closed the drawer and left it to cook which was around 8 or 9 minutes.

A metal spatula makes it easy to remove.

One thing I should note is that it may be better to cook them in the bottom of the drawer and not in the wire mesh inner tray as the batter ran through the mesh into the tray below, leaving the underside of each Oreo uncovered.

air fryer oreo cookie with orange twist ready to eat
yum yum! A kids favourite!


So, if you ever fancy making a kids favourite treat – Oreo’s with an Orange flavoured sweet tasting batter around it then please give this a go – and let me know what you thought in the comments below!



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