Air Fryer Troubleshooting – Problems Sorted – 2019 Update

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This write up was produced (and will be kept updated) with ways to troubleshoot air fryer problems.

You spend good money on your air fryer, and you give it a nice spot in your kitchen.

You tell your friends and family that you have an air fryer and are eating healthier.

You are feeling good and happy… things couldn’t be any better.

Then.. after a while you may hit an issue.

Something has gone wrong with the air fryer.

Something isn’t quite right

Not good.

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How do you deal with it?

How do you get your “lovely Air Fryer” back again?

Well we have tried to collect as many problems as we can and produce solutions to them.

It’s never going to be a “perfect fit” for everyone but if it helps just a few, we’ve done a good job 😉

See if your problem is below (and hopefully a solution). If not please post your problem in the comments and hopefully a solution can be found.

Air Fryer Won’t Switch on or Switches Off

Problem: The Air Fryer won’t even switch on at the wall

Problem: The Air Fryer sometimes switches off halfway through cooking


Many electrical issues would be covered by a manufacturers warranty however there are some home based things you can try first.

Check to make sure that the most obvious things have been checked off.  Is the plug loose in the wall socket?  (push it back in if so).  Is there a bad connection near the plug?  This can sometimes happen when the wires are moved day after day.  Unplug the plug and check for any loose wires.  If you are not sure then ask an electrician to take a look.  Finally try another device in the same socket to rule out there being a socket issue.

If you don’t get any luck then see if it can be repaired under warranty.  Other than that you might want to look for a new air fryer.

The Air Fryer Has A Smell Of Old Food

Problem:  The air fryer has a lingering smell of older food that was cooked before.

Problem:  The food I cook smells like other food previously cooked.


A more thorough cleaning regime must be used to remove any lingering smells.  Make sure to follow the instructions that came with your air fryer.  Many parts can be popped in the dishwasher.  Some can’t, so these will need a good hot clean in some hot soapy water.

Repeated thorough cleaning will ensure that the air fryer soon returns to a nice fresh clean odour-free machine.

The Air Fryer Has White smoke coming out of it

Problem: White smoke seems to be coming out of the air fryer


in almost all cases White smoke is not in fact smoke but steam.  This naturally occurs when cooking foods that have a percentage of water inside them and is completely harmless.  If the “steam” has a smell of smoke about it then of course unplug the fryer right away and get it looked at by an expert or hopefully the manufacturer.  If the smell is simply of food then all is fine.

The Air Fryer has Blue smoke coming out of it

Problem:  Blue smoke is coming out of the air fryer


Unplug the fryer straight away for your own safety.  This is almost always a sign of a serious electrical fault.  Contact the manufacturer to arrange inspection.  If you are out of warranty period though you might want to opt for a brand new air fryer instead.

The Air Fryer has Black smoke coming out of it

Problem: Black smoke is coming out of the air fryer


Usually this happens when you are cooking highly fatty foods.  The oil within the fat is starting to burn.  You can pop in some water to the bottom of the tray and this helps to cool things down.

The food is coming out soft and not crispy

Problem: Food is not coming out of the air fryer crispy and tasty.


This is because it’s cooking with air and not oil.  If you cannot get the desired texture on the outside try spraying with a little fry light spray oil or a thin layer of oil being brushed on.

I can not open or close the pull out tray

Problem: The tray can not be pulled out fully.

Problem: Can not put the tray back in properly.


There may be a couple of things here, firstly, if the unit was a cheaper model, or a not so well known brand, there “may” (or may not) be a design issue where parts of the unit expand with the heat causing this issue.  However with many laws designed to protect consumers this is fairly unlikely.

The second thing that might be of use here is that some air fryers require you to slightly lift the tray when pulling out or pushing back in, before completing the sliding movement in or out.  However please do refer to the manufacturers instructions.

The third thing to check is to see if there may be some food or grease that has gotten pushed into the opening were the tray physically meets the air fryer, and is causing an obstruction.

The air fryer is not blowing hot air

Problem:  After just a few uses, the air fryer now only blows cold air


This is a problem that needs to be addressed by the manufacturer.  Contact whoever you bought the air fryer from in the first instance, or the manufacturer.  If you have a warranty then be sure to use this service to get a repair.

Please comment below with any of your own issues or remedies.  While I am not a qualified expert, I will do my best to help find you a solution.


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14 thoughts on “Air Fryer Troubleshooting – Problems Sorted – 2019 Update”

    • Hi Jayne, It doesn’t sound right. Im not sure which air fryer you own, or how long you have had it, but I would definitely try to capture the noise on a video on your phone and send it to the manufacturer -I often try to send it to their facebook page if they have one.. easy to send videos that way. Good luck with it – might not be wise to use it till its been sorted..

  1. hi shaun its an egl 2.6l black mechanical air fryer model 24005614/L0940
    no idea who the manufacturer is as i bought it out of a catalogue less than 12 months ago

  2. When using the air fryer it works fine until I pull out the pan, after that I’m not able to push the pan in and when I’m able to the menu window goes blank for about 5 minutes. How can this remedied.

  3. My Air Fryer was off and not being used, suddenly it started beeping and all the numbers were flashing as if short circuited, what happened? It is a Power Air Fryer XL (as seen on TV)

    • Hi Dina, let me start with a disclaimer. Im not in any way a qualified electrician or otherwise. Just someone enthusiastic about air frying. So, back to your question. To me, it sounds like an electrical fault due to a power surge. Was there any power surge at your home just before, or possibly something in the home that had tripped the main fuse box? if it had been switched on and in use then possibly a fault with the machine, but if off, as you say, then it can only be due to a surge in electricity (in my opinion). I’d certainly consider checking this first – make sure everything in the house is working as it should and check the fuse box (RCD) to see if all is in order. Finally, if nothing i wrong in the house then please get in touch with the company. I researched the company behind them and found but it redirects to the link below, and seems the company might not be in business any more… however you may be able to return it.. see here:

    • Hi Linda, this sounds like it could possibly be the heating element. There can be a few reasons for things not heating up properly such as no timer set or a lower temperature set… but.. my first thoughts would be to see if you have warranty remaining on the air fryer and take it from there. If you know the retailer who sold you the air fryer I can try and find the relevant contact details. That’s always my advice for any technical issues. If you are able to find this information and you feel confident, you might consider replacing the heater element yourself (if that is the suspected cause), elements are often under £20 on amazon or ebay, but with anything electrical it’s best to get it done by a safe, qualified and competent electrician, hence why I advise warranty first. here is a link to heater element replacement on youtube – please note I am not a qualified technician.

  4. Hi I have a morphy Richards air fryer I plugged it in today and it doesn’t work nor does the digital display light up.ive changed fuse and even changed the cable with no joy.any idea what it may be please

    • Hi Dean, in mnost situations like this, when it’s electrical, I’d start by asking the manufacturer. If you’ve had it under 2 years there is a warranty included – more details can be found in this PDF file on their website: A quick search online has found others having issues, which may be caused by a faulty door latch, but seeing as Im assuming yours doesnt haver a door and only has the pull out drawer, this wouldnt be the case. The only other things I can think to check are if any food debris has perhaps entered any crevices where the drawer is supposed to sit snugly. Anyway here are the contact details for Morphy Richards: The After Sales Division, Registered address: Morphy Richards Ltd, Mexborough,South Yorkshire, England, S64 8AJ – Helpline (office hours)UK (local rate) 0870 060 2610 – Republic of Ireland 1800 409119

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