Best Skateboards for Beginners 2019

The best Skateboards for beginners

When you’re looking for the best skateboards for beginners, you can wing it with a cheap board online..

.. or take an extra 15 minutes to see what really matters.

Our skateboard reviews cut out the fluff and give the facts.

So being a beginner, things can seem a bit confusing.  Sure you can just go out and buy any old board.  Something not too expensive for starters.

The “no fear” beginners board below is both REALLY cheap and suitable for first timers.  You can see how cheap it is here on the Amazon Uk website, or just click the mage to go there as well.

P.s. there are a few different options too!

No Fear Kids Skateboard Blue Eyes One Size


The purpose of this blog post is to gently ease you into knowing everything you will ever need to know. Whether you want to know what deck, which wheels, or what kind of trucks to get, this article will talk you through your options.

I’ve taken a look at 10 of the best boards on the market, and thrown in a handy beginner’s guide.

That way you’ll have everything you need, neatly stored in one place. Perfect if you want to spend your money on a board that will make learning nice and smooth.

So which are the best skateboards to buy then?


Just quickly, before the reviews, you might want to watch an explainer video.



Here’s a table showing our current favourites.  All of these are top rated and worthy of a further look.  You can click the image in the table, or the Amazon link, and this will take you straight to the Amazon Uk website.

ImageLinkProductBrandLowest New Price
ENKEEO Complete Mini Cruiser Penny Skateboard 22 inch with Sturdy Old School Deck and 4 Clear PU Wheels for Adult Kids Beginners Girls BoysENKEEO
Batman Kids Skateboard - Black/Yellow, 79x20cmBatman£19.97
Penny Complete Skateboard - RastaPenny£79.95
Shaun White Supply Co. Street Hand Complete Skateboard - White, 31.5 x 8 InchShaun White Supply Co.£59.99
Osprey Complete Maple Deck Cruiser Skateboard, Multicolour, 28.75, InchOsprey
Penny Unisex's Pastel Lilac Skateboard, Pink, 22-InchPenny£116.04
Skatro - Mini Cruiser Skateboard. 22x6inch Retro Style Plastic board Comes Complete. Model: Blue Oceanskatro£39.97
Smarthlon Electric Skateboard with Remote Control, 36'' Electric Longboard with Multi-Layer Maple Fiber, 1000W Motor Electric Skateboard, 10KM Range 25km/h Top SpeedSmarthlon






Enkeeo Complete Mini Cruiser Penny Board

Enkeeo Penny Skateboard
Capture the spirit of fun with the Enkeeo Penny Skateboard!

No resource that addresses the best skateboards for beginners would be complete without an entry from Enkeeo. Here’s what I thought of one of the best penny boards on the market today…

A solid option for kids for their first Board

ENKEEO Complete Mini Cruiser Penny Skateboard 22 inch with Sturdy Old School Deck and 4 Clear PU Wheels for Adult Kids Beginners Girls Boys

The thing with skating is that you need to be confident before you can get going, and that’s where this Enkeeo comes in, as it’s a perfect starting skateboard to let kids get used to staying upright. If you want something that will allow you to keep plenty of money spare for a more advanced board later on, then this would make an outstanding choice.

Colourful design will undoubtedly make it stand out

If you want your child to be proud of their board, something he/she can show to friends, this could be it. The cosmic colour scheme is sure to catch the eye, which is perfect if it leads to more exercise. You have the choice of four schemes, plain black, Ocean, Galaxy, and Joker. However, as should be suggested for every board, please be sure to read the safety gear section below!

Kick tail allows new riding positions to be practised

ENKEEO Complete Mini Cruiser Penny Skateboard 22 inch with Sturdy Old School Deck and 4 Clear PU Wheels for Adult Kids Beginners Girls Boys

The kicktail is a nice addition, and not just because it looks cool. If you want your child to grow up with a well rounded skating skillset, then this is a great choice to start with. They’ll be able to try manuals which will further improve their balance. It will also keep them entertained so, they are motivated to move onto a more trick-based board later on. Perfect if you want them to get the most out of their new hobby.


  • Comes with a kick tail that can help you learn new riding positions
  • The deck is rigid and robust so you can get plenty of use out of it
  • Colourful design is sure to make you stand out at the skate park
  • Durable wheels allow you to ride over virtually any concrete surface
  • Comes fully assembled so you can use it right out of the box


  • Due to their size, Penny boards can be tricky to ride for adults and larger children
  • Some complaints of pulling to one side (Adjustments to wheels may help)

Check out the Enkeeo Penny Board here on Amazon




Children’s Batman Board

Batman M02151-01 Skateboard

Regardless of the ability of the child who will use this product, the Batman Children’s beginner Board is a good option to consider for many reasons. The thing about it is that it comes with a set of trucks that allow your son or daughter to get to grips with skating SAFELY in no time at all.

A Superhero design that stands out

The look of a Batman design is a superb, as it will make your child stand out on the street. If that is what you want it to do, then this will make a great first board. It also has double kick tails at either end of the board if they’re going to learn to ollie which is excellent for his or her all-around skills.

Maple ply comes highly recommended if you want a deck that will last

The great thing about multi-layered plywood is that it provides plenty of pop. That is what will ensure the board serves a user well when graduating to more advanced tricks. A hollow deck is a guaranteed way to stay fixed to the ground, and if your child is skating, the chances are that’s the last thing you want to happen.

PVC wheels are not cutting-edge, but they get the job done

The wheels won’t necessarily win awards, but they do allow the user to get used to skating and have fun while doing so. The wheels will wear a little faster than urethane wheels, so be prepared for that. That said if you want to get up to speed affordably, and then move to something pricier, they’re more than worth a second look.

Batman M02151-01 Skateboard


  • The deck is 79 cm long which makes it a perfect size for kids
  • Crafted from durable maple ply to ensure plenty of long-lasting pop
  • Trucks offer a smooth ride even in wet conditions
  • PVC wheels provide excellent grip on concrete, as well as wooden ramps


  • Remember that this is a child’s board, so if you’re an adult then you’ll need something bigger and more durable


Click here to get the Batman board on Amazon



Penny Kids Complete Skateboard


Penny Complete Skateboard - Rasta  

If you want a more polished and respected board for your child, that still won’t break the bank, this penny should be considered. Manufactured by one of the leading lights of children’s skateboarding, it harks back to the original designs of the 1970s. So, if retro is your thing, continue to read…

A great starter option for kids looking to work on their balance

A fantastic thing about this penny is that it allows anyone to get accustomed to rolling around on the tarmac. The bearings are smooth, and the trucks rigid enough to ensure that you or your child can get to grips with it in no time at all. Perfect if you/they have aspirations of being the next Bob Burnquist.

Urethane wheels are hardwearing on any surface

Hardwearing 78A is one of the hardest wearing materials on the market right now. That means you will get many hours of use out of the board before having to replace the wheels. However, by the time that happens, you will be ready for a standard size skateboard if that’s what aspire toward!

The 22-inch deck is more than big enough for beginners

If you want to be able to give a little one something he/she can share, then this is a great choice. As penny boards go, the 22-inch deck is just what you need if you want to leave a little bit of growing space. This also means if your little brother/sister also wants to, he can have a go to see if he likes skating.


  • Multi-coloured trucks are a great way to see your little one’s eyes light up
  • Thick vinyl wheels provide plenty of grip in all weather conditions
  • The 22-inch deck is more than big enough for most to practice on
  • 78A urethane wheels are hardwearing and built to last
  • Easy to add a truck tool to your kit to adjust the trucks


  • Wheels are prone to seizing, so regular oiling is important


Click here to buy the  Penny complete skateboard for kids on Amazon



Shaun White Supply Co Board


Shaun White Supply Co. Street Hand Complete Skateboard
Wanna be the next Shaun White ?


Shaun White might hold nearly every boarding record going, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to stop there. With a new range of skateboards flying off the shelves, it was a no-brainer to add at least one of them to the list.

Ideal for adult beginners who want to turn on the style

Shaun White Supply Co. Shaun White Street Sketch Complete Skateboard

Fancy a Funky Green version?  It’s here on Amazon if you prefer this one over the White one.

For the adults among you, it won’t have escaped your attention that this is the first entry on my list that you can use! It’s a durable board that is endorsed by one of the biggest names the sport has ever seen.

This means that you can sleep easy knowing that the bearings won’t corrode, and the graphics won’t get scratched off too easily.

Aluminium trucks are rigid and lightweight in equal measure

The great thing about the trucks is that they’re the ideal balance of rigid and lightweight. This means that they’ll absorb plenty of the impact when you start catching some air. But they’ll also make it nice and easy for you to get off the ground in the first place. Ideal if you want the same riding experience as the man himself.

An iconic brand name if that’s what you’re looking for

If you always have half an eye on looking good, then this has to be worth a closer look. The branding is as good as it gets, and while the sharp graphics may not be for everyone, they could very well be for you.


  • Built with help from one of the biggest names in the sport
  • ACD-10 Aluminium trucks offer a smooth, reliable ride on any surface
  • 97A Urethan wheels provide more than enough grip
  • Bushings made from highly durable 92A urethane to provide plenty of cushioning
  • 7 ply maple deck should offer plenty of pop if you want to perfect your ollies


  • The design is quite distinctive, and the graphics may not be for everyone


Click here to view this on Amazon



Globe Fearon Pinner Cruiser Skateboard


 Globe Fearon Pinner Cruiser Skateboard
A well made skateboard with quality bearings – available in different sizes and colours as well!



Looking for a stylish cruiser? This could be worth a look as this is an excellent long board for someone who wishes to move on from a smaller Penny. Continue to read about what this product offers. What you learn may surprise you…

Cruiser Boarding is alive and well

Cruising on, a board is excellent fun, especially if you love the sun on your back. If you want to find a new way to view the world when riding, then look no further. By rolling down to the beach with one of these under your feet, you’ll get the same sense of freedom as if you were out on the water.

The throwback style is great if you want something that looks good

The thing you may like about this board is it looks fantastic when you prop it up at home. If you want something that looks presentable whether you’re on it or not, then this may well be your next board. Give it a little bit of thought, and you’re bound to think of clever ways to display it, making it your pride and joy.

The quality of the bearings does speak for itself

One thing which stands out on this board is that the ride is so quiet and smooth that it does have to be experienced to be believed. That is no exaggeration; you will hear the wheels gliding over the tarmac. Ideal if you love the smooth easy going feeling of a summer day riding. Not only that but because they’re cartridges, there’s virtually no chance of water getting in there and ruining your ride.


  • 65 mm wheels made come 83A urethane to provide plenty of grip when carving
  • 8ply sprung deck offers a smooth, stable ride on any concrete or tarmac surface
  • A timeless look that’s a throwback to the surface culture of California
  • ABEC 7 precision speed bearings are ideal when you’re going downhill fast


  • Because it’s a cruiser, there will only be a limited number of tricks you can do on it as there’s no kick tail
  • You may have to loosen wheels slightly before use


Click here to see this beginners long board on Amazon




Powell Golden Dragon Skateboard


Powell Paralta Golden Dragon Complete Skateboard
Drop forged trucks and smooth sealed bearings make this an exquisite ride!



If you want a board that rides as good as it looks, and are a risk taker at heart with no fear of scratching up your skateboard, then this durable and reliable board is most definitely worth more than just a moment of your attention.

Drop forged trucks ensure rigidity at all times

The trucks feel great beneath your feet, and that is mainly due to how they’re made. If you want a ride that feels smooth and in control at all times, then this could be just what you’re looking for. Just make sure that you start with smaller ramps the first time you take it to the skate park. That way you’ll get a much better feel for how it absorbs energy on landing.

Hardwearing urethane compound provides unrivalled grip

The urethane compound isn’t revealed which leaves something to be admired, but it unquestionably seems up to the job. Once you have found out what the urethane compound is, you could then certainly order additional colours if and when you fancy changing things up.

Smooth sealed bearings are excellent in all weathers

The bearings come in sealed cartridges which is a nice touch. The cartridges are precision engineered so that nothing can get inside, so there’s no use for additional lubricant, which means there’s one less thing to worry about as a beginner. Now all you have to think about is where you want to skate today!


  • Durable urethane wheels are built to last which is great if you like to skate every day
  • Sprung ply deck ensures you can get higher than ever before
  • Bushings are reliable and durable which provides you can turn as tight as you like
  • Precision engineered bearings offer a smooth silent ride — no more annoying rattling


  • The graphic will get scratched off quickly if you do a lot of tail and board slides. But that comes with the territory when you’re a skater!


Grab this skateboard here on Amazon





Osprey Cruiser Maple Deck Skateboard


Osprey Complete Cruiser Skateboard
Great for tight curves and Chrome bearings make it a Silky smooth ride.


As cruising on a skateboard is something you can get into at any age no matter how old you are, this mini cruiser is an excellent option for all.

At 26 inches long it makes for a great mini cruiser

The size is ideal for giving to your young kids so that they can get a feel for cruising and carving around on a skateboard from an early age. Skating isn’t all about tricks and flips, so why not show them that. If they get the board under control, then they’ll have the solid foundation they need to go on and do more adventurous things on four wheels.

ABEC 9 chrome bearings offer a silky smooth ride

The bearings are a great addition to this board, and they make it a really smooth ride. What you’re getting is a corrosion-resistant set of chrome bearings that will allow you to roll freely on virtually any tarmac or concrete surface. Ideal for a relaxing spot of cruising with the little ones.

The concave deck is comfortable when you’re turning tightly

The deck comes with that famous old cruiser shape. Which may make you think that it looks like something of a throwback, but that’s precisely the point! The way it arches up is what allows you to glide down the road, and it’s something your kids will love too. All you need to do now is find an adult-sized cruiser that you can treat yourself also!


  • 78A polyurethane wheels are designed to last the lifetime of the board
  • Concave deck offers a unique riding position which is excellent for carving
  • Griptape is firm underfoot and allows you to have confidence in your board
  • Liquid airbrush design is guaranteed to catch the eye


  • The kick on the back is more for show than it is for skating. Would be nice if it were a little bit steeper


Click here to get the Osprey skateboard over on Amazon




Penny Skateboard Pastel Colours – PINK OR BLUE



Penny Pink Skateboard
How Pink can you go? THIS Pink of course!


Penny Unisex's Pastel Mint Skateboard, Blue, 22-Inch
Penny boards are very popular right now and will be for a long time, perfect if you’re looking for a gift for the kids or teens. These come in a vast range of pastel colours which means there’s something for everyone.

Non-Slip Waffle Deck is a Classic Touch

The waffle deck is a throwback to the days when Vans skate shoes would come with nothing else. If you want to pass a bit of that style onto your kids, then what better way to do it? The deck doesn’t slip, and it looks great too. It also allows for a more consistent ride over time as there’s no grip tape to rub off when you ride every day.

Powder coated trucks look great

The look of the powder coating is unique as it brings a whole host of new colours to the mix. If you’re looking for something with some unusual colours, then this could be the board for you. Just make sure you don’t try any grinding on it. Otherwise, the finish will scratch off and be gone before you know it.


Penny Unisex's Pastel Mint Skateboard, Blue, 22-Inch


59 mm wheels offer more than enough grip

For a penny board to come with 59 mm wheels is quite something, so go for it, if an excellent grip is what you want? They feel great underfoot, and that’s just what you want when you’re developing your balance and trying to master something new.


  • ABEC 7 stainless steel bearings should last longer than the rest of the board
  • Tensile steel bolts hold everything together lovely and safely for peace of mind
  • 59 mm wheels are great for maintaining grip, even when it’s wet outside
  • Waffle deck looks great and doesn’t break up the eye-catching pastel colours


  • When it’s wet, there’s no substitute for grip tape. The waffle deck certainly looks the part though, so don’t be put off by this drawback


Check this out on Amazon here.


Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard


Skatro Mini Cruiser with T-tool
You can’t get much cooler than when you are flying high on this awesome skateboard


This is a skateboard which has a similar style to a Penny. However, fortunately, it also comes with a big reputation, as this board is quite an innovative one due to its flex technology. Making this ride one which people love when they put it through its paces.

Flexible Technology makes for a Unique Ride

Skatro - Mini Cruiser Skateboard. 22x6inch Retro Style Plastic board Comes Complete. Model: Blue Ocean

You want the deck to return a lot of the energy you impart with your legs. That way you can turn faster and quicker, and weave your way around evermore tighter obstacles. Ideal for creating a great video on your phone to put on Facebook. The Flex technology on display here will allow you to do precisely that.

A vast choice of colours should please everyone


If you’re trying to buy for someone who has a unique taste, then this is a great option. Every board comes in a monochrome finish which is ideal for adorning with stickers. All you need to do then is find the right colour for your friend, and then you’re all sorted. Just make sure you pick the right coloured wheels while you’re at it!

Comes with a matching T-tool so you can customise your setup


Skatro - Mini Cruiser Skateboard. 22x6inch Retro Style Plastic board Comes Complete. Model: Blue OceanThis is really great if you want to be able to fine-tune your setup with minimal fuss. Ideal if you’re going to be able to learn about your board without having to take it around your friend’s house.


  • Thick wheels offer more than enough grip
  • A dozen different deck colours to choose from
  • Unique flex technology ensures you recover loads of energy when turning
  • T-tool in matching colour is a nice touch for the novice who may not have one


  • The tail is not the easiest to use when you’re a beginner, due to its how short it is


View this skateboard on Amazon here.




Smarthlon Electric Skateboard

Electric Skateboard with Remote Control
Wanna get smart? Try out this fantastic electric skateboard!


Electric skateboards are still something of a novelty. However, they’re proving to be somewhat popular these days, as the freedom to roam comes with the learning hassle. Gone are the days practising on a traditional skateboard, if boarding on automatic appeals to you continue reading.

The Electric Motor is quiet even with Power

If you want to be able to try something new, then an electric skateboard could be just what you’re looking for. The great thing about this model is that the motor is nice and quiet. This means you still get that relaxing feeling of an old-style cruiser, but you don’t have to work hard to get up some speed.

Stylish Red Wheels are a Classic Touch no Board Should be Without

The red wheels on this board are so elegant that they certainly deserve their own subsection. It’s no use putting a motor on a board and hoping people like the rest of it, and that’s not what the designers have done. The classic red wheels make it stand out for all the right reasons, and are a feature I really like.

A Top Speed of 25 kph is Impressive

If you want to hit high speeds when you’re going downhill, then this is the board for you. The great thing about it being electric is that you can also go uphill and on the flat without tiring out your legs anywhere near as much. Ideal if you want to zip round to your friend’s house!


  • Top speed is a rather impressive 25 kph
  • It can travel a distance of up to 10 km in between charges which is amazing
  • Classic look that will catch the eye as you cruise down the street
  • Griptape is hardwearing and won’t need replacing any time soon


  • Doesn’t provide the same long-term gain and satisfaction as learning to ride a regular skateboard or longboard


Click here to go all out electric, on the Amazon website




Skateboarding – A Beginners Guide

Now that I have explained what I think the best skateboards for beginners are, it is time to move on. Below I have provided some useful tips; please read before getting on a board or allowing your child too. Furthermore, there is detailed information about safety, as in what equipment will protect from injury. Plus, answers to some common skateboarding questions.

New to boarding, here are some tips

Tips for Beginners

1. Know your limits when you step on your board
When you start skating it can be too easy to get carried away. While it’s all about pushing yourself with a spot of extreme sports, you don’t want to run before you can walk. Take the time to build up your skills, and you’ll reap the rewards before long

2. Wear the right safety equipment at all times
Staying safe is the most important thing in skating, as so much of what you do will be on concrete and tarmac. Of course, when you watch the X Games, you see the pros landing some fantastic tricks, but they’re also wearing helmets, kneepads, and elbow guards. If you’ve ever heard an interview about how many bones Tony Hawk has broken, just imagine how many more it would have been if he wasn’t properly equipped.

Stay safe, and you’ll be able to keep on skating. It really is as simple as that. Don’t give in to peer pressure and leave your helmet on the sidelines. Keep it on, and you’ll be much better off for it.

3. Practice with a friend so that you can learn from each other
The great thing about skating is that you can get outside and enjoy yourself, and hang out with your friends while doing so. Finding a few friends to skate with is an excellent way of making sure you stick to your new hobby. If you’re all of similar ability, then you’ll be able to learn plenty from each other as you perfect some tricks.

4. Stick with the basics rather than trying to do everything at once
Manuals, carving, ollies; they’re the basics, but they can take some time to master. If you’ve only just started to get some air off the ground, then why would you try to do a hard side heelflip? It might sound like a good idea, but you’ll just get annoyed with yourself as you have a long way to go.

Keep practising the basics and having fun with them until you’ve really got them sorted. You’ll naturally get the urge to try a 50-50 grind, or heel flips a little later on. And because you’ve put the work into fine tune the basics, you’ll learn advanced tricks a lot faster.

5. Remember when you’re struggling with a trick, it’s supposed to be fun
It’s natural to get a little bit frustrated as you try and land a new trick. The most important thing to remember, however, is that you skate to have a good time. If you find that you’re getting stressed and wound up, take a 5-minute breather. This could be in the form of a chat with your friends on the side or doing a few easier tricks.

Kumugo protective Helmet, Knee pads, Wrist and Elbow pads

What Safety Equipment is a Must Have?

Skateboarding is a tricky sport to master, and there’ll be plenty of spills and thrills along the way. Especially, when skating on concrete surfaces or wooden ramps, there’ll be zero give when you come off. It’s for this reason that it’s vital to invest in high-quality protection before you even set foot on your board. That is something to think about if you’re a parent buying a skateboard or a teenager.

Did you know? On average around half of all skateboarding injuries involve children under age 15.

1. A Helmet
If you want to combine safety with style, then a classic bowl style helmet like the ones by Punisher or Triple Eight is the way to go. They come with an adjustable chin strap and plenty of air vents to keep you safe and comfortable. You can also add your personal stamp on things by adorning your helmet with plenty of stickers. Ideal if you want to standout down at the skate park.

2. Wrist Guards
When looking for wrist guards, it is essential that you find something which is of high performance, quality and a comfortable piece of protective skate gear. There is an array of products that you can buy for this.

A lot of skateboarding injuries occur when a child loses control of their balance, then falls off the skateboard and lands on their arm or head. However, most skateboarding injuries involve the wrist so guards are worth considering for yourself or your child.

3. Knee Pads
If you want yours or your child’s knees safe when skateboarding. Then your best option is to go for knee pads that come with ultra-soft EVA padded material and robust polypropylene plastic as it does a great job maintaining its shape after impact. Also looking for padded Velcro straps which can be adjusted so it feels comfortable for the user, whether that be for you or a child.

4. Elbow Pads
When it comes to elbow pads, the criteria are exactly the same as for knee pads, because they do similar jobs. That means that both would ideally have EVA padded material, robust polypropylene plastic, as well as padded Velcro straps.

Best product to buy for protection
To get skateboarding protection quickly, and at a low cost, it is worth looking into purchasing a triple set of Knee Pads, Elbow Pads and Wrist Guards. You should look out for a product which is the right size for whoever you are going to be buying the product for, whether that is you, an adult or a child.

What size skateboard is best for beginners?

What size skateboard should I get?

This very much depends on your age. If you’re an adult, then obviously you’ll want to go for an adult board. There is minimal variation in the size of the deck depending on your height, so you can effortlessly shop for a standard size adult board.

If on the other hand, you’re buying for your child, you’ll need to consider their height as this will determine the length of the board. The simplest way to do this is to look into junior sized boards and refer to size charts for the specific brand you want to buy. That way you’ll be able to get the best fit, and you won’t end up with a board which is too large.

Is it easier to ride a skateboard or a longboard?

In general, it’s considerably easier to learn to ride a longboard if you have a large flat area. The turning circle will be larger due to the larger wheelbase. They are however much better if you want to practice carving. There are some tricks you can learn on them, but they are far less flamboyant and advanced than on a standard skateboard.

Skateboards can be harder to mount because of the raised ends. The shorter wheelbase means turning circles are much tighter so you might want to tighten your trucks to lengthen this when you start. Doing so will ensure you don’t turn too abruptly and lose balance.

How much does a good skateboard cost?

When weighing up the price of a board, bear in mind the other accessories that you will need to buy. A truck tool, helmet, elbow and knee pads, and some additional grip tape would all be wise additions. Factor these into your budgeting so that you have plenty of leftover when it comes to keeping yourself safe. It might be tempting to cut corners so that you can get a more expensive board, but you’ll regret it sooner rather than later.

What is a good skateboard brand?

What is a good skateboard brand?

There are many great brands out there, and the choice is really up to you. If you want something that comes endorsed by skating royalty, then look no further than Birdhouse. Ridden for years by Tony Hawk himself, you know what you’re getting with these kinds of boards, but really as I said above, the choice is yours.

What you might want to think about, is what you’re going to use your board for. Do you like street, park, or vert? Once you know that, you’ll be able to see what the pros in each discipline use, and then choose your new board accordingly.

The above is an excellent way of getting a feel for how different brands products will perform when you try them. In general, any board will work well when you’re a beginner. Of course, if you want to do tricks, then get a standard skateboard rather than a mini board or a longboard. They’re good too, but as a beginner, you might not realise just how different they perform until you start trying to learn with one of them.

Best skateboard for your beginner child

When you’re buying for your child, you need to be able to measure them up accordingly. Do not buy an adult-sized board for your child as it will be too heavy to get any air off the ground, and your little one won’t have enough weight to turn them properly.

The most important thing to do is measure your child so that you know how tall they are. Once you know that, you’ll be able to see how they fit on the sliding scale, and you’ll be able to find the right sized board for them.

Choose the right trucks for your child

There are a few specifics that you will want to put some thought into. First of all, you have the bushings on the trucks. Slack trucks are great if you’ve mastered your balance and want to carve fast.

But for a beginner, and especially a child, they’re a sure-fire to fall off far more often than you otherwise would. Go for stiffer bushings that you would if you were skating yourself. That way you’ll be able to have plenty of control over the larger turning circle. This will allow them to stay in a straight line a lot easier as they get used to honing their balance.

If you invest in a truck tool at the same time, then you can always slacken things off later on. This will allow you to get a bit more use out of the board before they grow out of it.

Finding the right wheel diameter

Next, the difference in wheel sizes is a matter of millimetres. The smaller the wheels, the more likely a rogue pebble, or a crack in the pavement, will be to throw them off. I would suggest going for adult sized wheels wherever possible. This will provide more stability due to the larger contact area, resulting in fewer falls. You will also see far fewer scrapes and bumps that occur from the wheels getting caught in cracked concrete.

Deck sizes for children

The recommended size will depend on your child’s height and will vary somewhat between manufacturers. Take the time to check the relevant size charts, and then measure up accordingly. That way you’ll have something that fits them straight out of the box, and won’t stop them from practising.

How to find the right trucks for your child’s penny board

Penny boards are really built for going in a straight line and doing the odd bit of gentle carving on a level surface. One thing that is often the case is that budget models will often come with plastic or resin trucks.

That may sound like a safe corner to cut, but always opt for metal when you can. That way you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing the trucks will still be growing strong when the deck is too small.

The secret to finding the right wheel diameter for a penny board

You’ll struggle to find a penny board with adult sized wheels, so you’ll need to put some thought into where they use it. Ideally, you want smooth tarmac that’s free of debris. That way there’ll be minimal risk of tears caused by a bump and a scrape.

Deck sizes are essential for kids, but penny boards are fairly standardly sized

Penny boards are a good budget alternative to a skateboard, and they can come in a whole host of fresh colours. What you need to be aware of, however, is that they may not come in quite as many sizes as you would expect. If you’re struggling to find a penny board large enough for your child, then it might be worth upgrading to a cruiser or a standard skateboard.

Final Thoughts

You began reading this article because you had a simple question in mind: ‘What are the best skateboards for beginners?’ Hopefully, you’ve found your own answers in this article, along with more useful information about how to stay safe.

When you’re looking into beginner’s boards, you need to have a budget in mind. There’s no reason to opt for something top of the line because as a beginner you won’t fully appreciate how well it performs. Choose something reliable, with adjustable trucks, and hardwearing wheels. That way you’ll be able to skate safely in the knowledge that your board will keep working fine until you’re ready to swap it out.

If you want a smooth, rattle-free ride, then you’ll also want sealed cartridge bearings. This should prevent corrosion and allow you to get a few more sessions out of your favourite new board. Ideal if you’re going to be able to perfect that new combo of tricks you’ve been working on.

10 Best Stove Fans In 2019

best stove fan for wood burning stoves
Andy Rogers [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
So, you want to increase the heating efficiency of your home and are interested in finding the best stove fan on the market. These ingenious devices recirculate up to 80% of the hot air that would otherwise be lost up your chimney. If that sounds interesting, then I have a selection of products you should take a look at.


ImageLinkProductBrandLowest New Price
4-Blade Heat Powered Stove Fan for Wood / Log Burner/Fireplace increases 80% more warm air than 2 blade fan- Eco FriendlyVODA£28.56
Valiant (FIR361) Premium IV 4-Blade Heat Powered Log Burner & Stove Fan, BlackValiant£60.24
VonHaus 3 Blade Stove Fan - Silent, Heat Powered Wood/Log Burner Fan - Eco Friendly Heat Circulation for FireplacesVonHaus£29.99
VonHaus 4 Blade Stove Fan - Quiet, Heat Powered Wood/Log Burner Fan - Eco Friendly Heat Circulation for Fireplaces - 150-190 CFMVonHaus£27.99
TOMERSUN 3 Blades Heat Powered Stove Fan for Wood/Log Burner/FireplaceTomersun£17.89
12.5cm Height Heat Powered Stove Fan Special for Small Space Wood / Log Burner - Eco Friendly (Black)VODA£26.59
Fluesystems Eco 4 Heat Powered Stove FanFluesystems£34.99
Silent Operation 4-Blade Heat Powered Stove Fan for Wood/Log Burner/Fireplace - Eco Friendly JKsmartJKsmart£32.99
2018 Upgrade 4-Blade Heat Powered Fan for Wood Burning Stove Log Burner Fireplace - Eco Friendly and Efficient Fan (Nickel)LUCKYDA£20.45
Galleon Fireplaces Stove Fan 8 Blade Heat Powered for Fireplace, Wood / Log Burner - Black - 138mm HighGalleon fireplaces£49.99

Let’s dive into the nitty gritty with all of these fans and see whats what for your stove heater!


1: VODA 4-Blade Heat Powered Stove Fan

VODA is a well-known name in its niche, one that has been around forever. So who better to kick things off with one of its wares. Let’s take a look at a few of the pros and cons that you need to know all about.

Heat powered means no annoying battery changes or spikes in your electricity bill

The great thing about this device is that you don’t have to rely on a battery to power the motor. That means no nasty surprises in your electricity bill and your, living room can be nice and snug this winter. In fact, this piece of kit is a perfect companion for a log burner, as increases its reach.

Do you need a professional to fit it?

The answer to this question depends on your confidence. However, for some, it’s just a case of sitting it on top of a stove or log burner. After which it’s a matter of just sit back and enjoy the extra warmth.

However, never place this device on a none flat surface. Additionally, its normal operating temperature is 85C – 350C. So, If you expect things to get a bit hotter as in +350C, remove the fan.

VODA 4-Blade Final Thoughts

A big thanks to VODA for crafting a solution for inefficient heat distribution from log-burners. On first testing, you will notice that heat reaches parts of your home you never expected it would! Meaning that almost all of those cold spots you dared not tread will be gone!

The robust design is perfect for those of you looking for an extra option without the need to spend more on heating. Additionally, it’s the ideal start to a green/eco-revolution at home; you too can do your bit.


Valiant 4-blade Premium IV stove fan
Hard working and well made

2: Valiant FIR361 Premium IV 4-Blade Heat Powered Log Burner

Second on my list is the latest Valiant stove fan on the market. Again we have a name that’s known across the industry for quality, so continue reading to discover what I found out.

Ultra-low starting temperature means you never have to wait for it to kick into action

Able to fit into the tightest of spaces, this device at 199mm surprises many when it starts working. However, its biggest positive, (in my opinion,) is the low starting temperature. By kicking into action at only 50-degrees, it gets to work the moment the kindling catches fire.

Can push over 420 feet per second but can others do more?

As I mentioned above, yes, it’s small, but it’s certainly worth considering. This little hot air distributor features an innovative 4-fan design, which has been engineered to take advantage of advanced radiating. By that I mean it can push up to 70% more airflow around your home than its nearest competitors. And that means if you want to maximize airflow you can’t do any better at this size!

Valiant FIR361 Final Thoughts

The compact design means it can be fitted with ease by almost anyone – although I would advise you to read the instructions.  Additionally mainly take note of the operating temperature notes and installation details.

All-in-all the amount of air this fan can push is a real winner for me.

Yes there are bigger options, but you don’t have to purchase more than you need to get fantastic results, and save money!


VonHaus 3-Blade Stove Fan
Stylish and works like a charm

3: VonHaus 3-Blade Stove Fan – Silent, Heat Powered Wood/Log Burner Fan

Next up is a triple blade offering from VonHaus. If you want to be able to answer the question ‘how do stove fans work?’ then all you need to do is take a look at this clever piece of design.

Silent operation means you’ll never have to turn up the TV ever again!

Imagine reading a book with the constant hum of a fan in the background! Yes, that would be annoying, fortunately for this fan that will not happen, because it runs almost silently with only the faintest of sounds. Combine that with the thermally activated (50C,) running performance, and you’ll see a steady drop in your monthly heating bills as the winter months arrive.

Self-regulating operation: but how well does it work?

Self-regulation is all well and good, but is it as good as central heating? Yes, it is capable of pushing warm air around the entire home, but if want instant heat? I would suggest you have a thermostat fitted to control your radiators to help balance things out.

VonHaus 3-Blade Final Thoughts

If you’re a little sceptical about a device which won’t break the bank, don’t be. After research and testing, I can tell you it will do the job. Not only that, for what is a relatively low price, you get a sturdy, well-built tool, one that will make a difference to our home.

Additionally, if you’re looking to take a step in an eco-friendly direction, you couldn’t go wrong, as no electricity is required.


VonHaus 4-Blade
The prefectly formed VonHaus 4-Blade stove fan

4: Von Haus 4-Blade Stove Fan

Due to its sheer popularity, I have no choice but to again include a VonHaus product. Why so popular? It probably has something to do with the manufacturers interesting designs, innovation and proven reliability. Here’s what you need to know about this 4-blade offering …

Heat powered fan allows you to increase the efficiency of your log burner instantly

Energy efficiency is a well used ethical term these days, and what with global warming are you looking to reduce your footprint? Fortunately, with this 4-blade you can make a good start and heat your home without the need for batteries or the mains.

Why use a fan? Let’s be clear –  log burners are great, but most keep the immediate vicinity warm. And that means if you have a large room, in the winter you may have cold spots! So, what this VanHaus option does is push that static heat around your room.

Furthermore, some users have reported heat travelling up their stairs. Meaning, one little device can make a massive difference, so you may even be able to keep the heating off.

Silent operation and auto-operation are a big plus

Ok, so silent operation and auto-operation are seemingly pretty standard so far among the fans I have listed. But, don’t let that make you complacent about them, as different materials and build quality will ultimately make a difference.

Regarding auto-on, once your burner gets up to 50C, the fans will begin to operate. Although beware that its optimal temperature range is 50C to 350C. And like previous models, if it gets hotter than that top number, move it, let it cool down!

As for silent operation, it isn’t entirely silent, but you’re guaranteed not to hear it over the TV or a conversation. A slight irritation may occur when sitting in silence or taking a nap.,

VonHaus 4-Blade Final Thoughts

What can I say other than, it does what it says on the box? That it helps to improve the distribution of warm air, which it does well. Yes, there is some question as to whether VonHaus could have given it a little more power. Why? Because, its throughput (the amount of air it moves) doesn’t match some of those previously mentioned.

However, that is the only obvious niggle I could discover!


Tomersun 3-Blade
Straightforward and well made. A good example

5: TOMERSUN 3 Blades Heat Powered Stove Fan

Tomersun was a new name to me when I began this review. So, let’s take a look and see what it can offer compared to its competitors.

Precision engineered from Aluminium to ensure robust and reliable operation

The level of Aluminium engineering that is on offer here is impressed that impressed me. Meaning, by the looks of it, the device should provide hassle-free and dependable operation. Why? I think it’s all down to the quality of manufacture! As it appears that Tomersun, has left no stone is unturned when it comes to the shape and fit of all the moving parts.

For me, design and build quality are the first thoughts.

So, with that out of the way and this fan off to a good start lets move on.

Heat powered “auto-on” comes as standard

Ok, so it is clear that thermoelectric technology which converts a temperature difference into electricity is standard. So, as this device like the others features it, you know there’s no need for a plug socket.

However, what is different from the previous is the temperature at which this device kicks in. Unfortunately, it’s not 50C, like the others, no, you need to get your burner up to 85C for this device to start working. However, like its competitors has a maximum operating temp of 350C, and hotter and you get no benefit. In fact, it may irreparably damage the fan.

TOMERSUN 3-Blades Final Thoughts

Useful for log and coal burners this fan comes pre-built, so there’s no need for any setup. My advice is pre-heat your fire before placing the fan the first time around. That way you can instantly get to feel warm air being moved around the room.


Voda Heat Powered Stove Fan
The Voda Heat Powered Stove Fan does it so well!

6: VODA 12.5 cm Heat Powered Stove Fan

Now that we’re just past the halfway mark, we have the latest offering from VODA. Let me start off by saying if you’ve got a small room say, 7×10 may be a little bigger, take notice. As this fan, has been developed for you!

Silent operation means you should not hear it when operating

How quiet is silent? In my book, it means no noise at all! However, while this VODA does it’s best to keep fan noise to a minimum it has issues!

As in, it is susceptible to vibration noise via the fan hub and blades coming into contact. Why is this? Well, it could have something to do with material expansion at high temperatures.

My advice should you purchase this device and experience the above issue, is to move the hub away from the blades. Apparently, doing so is a pretty easy fix.

Innovative design enhances the performance of any stove or wood burner

Some people think these types of device are all about reinventing the wheel, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. When you want to get the most out of your log burner you need to stop the majority of the heat going out the chimney. In short, this is what this piece device does, and it does it as well as any item I’ve listed.

VODA 12.5 cm Stove Fan Final Thoughts

Apart from its innovative design and size, the sound niggle I mentioned does slightly take away from this fan. However, from my research, it is not a problem seen by the majority of owners. So, I say, maybe there was a faulty batch that did not get picked up. Maybe you could give it a try.

After all, it won’t break the bank to trial it.


Fluesystems Eco 4
The Fluesystems Eco 4 – does what it says on the tin!

7: Fluesystems Eco 4 Heat Powered Stove Fan

With a word like Eco in the name, you would not be questioned for thinking this could help you become somewhat environmentally friendly. So, now let’s take a look to see if the name lives up to that assertion.

Low starting temperature branded as Eco at 50 degrees!

50C is considered a low auto-starting temperature; however, it is not unique, nor is it all that Eco! As with previous models, a thermoelectric module acts as a small generator to power the fan’s motor. It kicks in once your log burner ramps up to 50C.

As for what is Eco, as in protecting the environment, that is the use of no battery or mains electricity. Yes, thermoelectric technology is magnificent; however, a fan in your home is about all it will help you with.

Compact design is robust and can be easily setup

The design is compact and rugged which ticks off two big boxes in my opinion. Depending on your aptitude with technology it should be plug-and-play, although there are resources for assistance.

Fluesystems Eco 4 Final Thoughts

Great name, even better product. Undoubtedly worth a closer look if you want something that will get the job done without any fuss. And no it is not particularly any more Eco-friendly than other models.

You should know that at 185mm High x 180mm, wide, this is a small fan which is intended for use in small rooms and with small to medium sized burners. One problem that many people report before buying this product is that their living room mantle heats up via the stove. Fortunately, this device moves just enough air to prevent that from happening.


JKsmart fan
A stove fan that fits the bill

8: JKsmart 4-Blade Heat Powered Stove Fan

As with the majority on this list, the JKsmart needs no mains or battery power, just raw heat from a log burner. And as you would expect after a few minutes it gets up to temperature and the fans begin to spin. But, does it stand out from the rest, or are they all practically the same?

A+++ energy class is a rating that will be hard to beat

Look at that energy rating, I’m assuming that this device has an amazing warm air throughput, meaning although small it can heat large rooms. You’ll notice that it comes with an inbuilt thermometer which will tell you if the temp is right. In fact, why not watch it reach 50C and see if the fans begin rotating!

While some fans which operate at the lower end are afflicted by slower fans speeds, the JKsmart is not one of them. Its blades are designed to rotate at a maximum of 1250rpm meaning it among the best.

Built-in heat protection prevents damage to the motor when flue temperature exceeds 250-degrees

This fan as with the others has a max operating temperature, as such, it has built-in heat protection. Fortunately, like some others, it doesn’t kick in too early or continue running without need. That means, you never experience the temperature spiking fast and then drifting aimlessly for the rest of the evening.

JKsmart 4-Blade Final Thoughts

What does it do that is different from the rest, the answer is, that’s inconclusive. Yes, it’s thermometer leads to a better reading of temperature, leading to improved protection. However, it’s max, temp is 100-degrees below the competition at 250. What does that mean in practical terms? Fortunately, nothing much, as it still runs silent, requires only heat to run and will save you money on your electricity bills. Click the link below to find out more …


LuckyDA Upgrade 4 Gold
try the low cost LuckyDA Upgrade 4 Gold stove fan

9: LUCKYDA 4-Blade (Gold) Heat Powered Fan

Stove Fan bling!! Yes, you read that correctly, someone somewhere cooked up this idea! Do you need a gold fan? Fortunately, looks aside, there’s more to this fan than meets the eye, here’s what you need to know.

Eco-friendly design will increase the efficiency of any stove

Every design that claims to be Eco-friendly always gets tested to the max in the end, and for good reason. When you want to be able to get the most out of your burner you need a fan that will cope with the huge temperature swings.

LUCKYDA 4-Blade Final Thoughts

Comes with all the mod-cons you would expect, heat-powered, eco-friendly, noiseless operation, auto-operation, and of course, those golden blades. Which, I may add seem to offer no improvement what so ever. Meaning, they are for the purposes of, standing out, from the crowd … Bling!!

A huge plus is, when you take it out of the box, it is set up for you. So, all you have to do is keeping stoking the fire, and it’ll do the rest. One small negative is the manufacturer’s size measurement, at 21cm it should fit into the smallest of places. However, in actual use with the fan blades attached it reaches 23cm, so keep that in mind.


Galleon 8-Blade Stove Fan
The hard working Galleon 8-Blade Stove Fan

10: Galleon 8-Blade Heat Powered Stove Fan

Last but not least on my list is something a little different, it’s not got 3-blades, 4-blades, no think double. That’s right 8-blades split into 2x four making this unique on my list. For one reason or another, it’s been making a lot of noise. So, I couldn’t bear to leave it out, here’s what you must know.

No batteries required

Yes, you guessed correctly, this fan benefits from having no power input requirements. Well, that is via conventional means. Instead, it relies on a heat sensitive spring. As a stove heats up so does a metal strip and the spring, and at the top, a metal strip remains cool.

When the spring reaches a specific temperature, it bends forward bringing two strips of metal together. And it is this connection which enables the flow of thermostatic electricity and the blades to turn.

A Possibility of cracked blades

According to some users, this fan can suffer from cracked blades when a fire heats up quicker than expected. That is due to impurities in the metal body expanding at different rates and causing excessive stress on the main structure. Will you experience this issue? Let’s be clear, I do not know, as the problem could have arisen due to a manufacturing fault which is fixed. Meaning that the product you purchase has no such frailties.

Galleon 8-Blade Final Thoughts

A product that’s as easy on the eye as it easy to use. Highly recommended for those of you who want a product which can be taken out of the box and used straight away. As for the fan itself, personally, I think, if it can push more warm around with those 8-blades you can’t lose, after-all it has all the features of the others!



So, there you have them, 10 of the best stove fans money can buy.  Have you decided which is for you? If so, congratulations, as during my research, I discovered that the majority are more similar than different. As such, if I were to give some purchasing advice, it would be to read more reviews. And most importantly, make sure you have accurate measurements. After all, you don’t want a shiny new fan delivered only to discover it’s too big or small!

10 Best Log Splitters For 2019

best log splitter

Looking for the best log splitter might not be something you do everyday because when you find one, you never change it. To make things nice and easy for you, I’ve taken a look at 10 of the best so that all you have to do is choose your favourite.

Beats standing in line at the store or returning something you’re not happy with!

ImageLinkProductBrandLowest New Price
Electric Log Splitter | 7 Ton Wood Cutter With Work Stand | Hydraulic Logsplitter Titan ProTitan-Pro£344.99
6 Tonne Hydraulic Electric Log Splitter Machine, Splits Green and Hard Wood Logs in Seconds with Stand, 2200W by LogmasterLogmaster
Logmaster 7 Ton Hydraulic Log Splitter Machine, Electric Powered with Stand, Cuts Timber Up to 520mm / 20.5", 2200WLogmaster£379.99
Petrol Log Splitter | 8 Ton Vertical Logsplitter from Titan ProTitan-Pro
Swedish Log SplitterAGMA£80.95
Charles Bentley 8 Ton Log Splitter Hydraulic Foot Operated Wood CutterCharles Bentley£119.99
Forest Master Electric Log Splitter 5 ton hydraulic wood timber cutter stand and duobladeForest Master£349.99
Forest Master Ltd Log Splitter, OrangeForest Master

Let’s now delve a little deeper into each of the above log splitter machines, for the facts.

Forest master 8 ton
Split those logs like an expert

1: Forest Master 8 Ton Splitter

This 8-ton splitter has been making a lot of noise for all the right reasons. Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to take it for a spin!

2-speed operation means you can get the job done the right way with little difficulty

The 2-speed operation is convenient because it allows you to change things up as and when you need to. By being able to adjust your speed when working with different sizes and types of wood, you can avoid sheering and ensure plenty of splitting. Ideal if you want a multi-purpose splitter that takes care of everything.

A 3-year warranty comes as standard, but is it long enough?

The warranty is long enough in my opinion. Most of what you find on the market will be 12-month or 2-year warranties, so to have something this long in place as standard seems like a real blessing. Great for those of you who really want peace of mind.

Forrest Master Final Thoughts

This is a robust and easy to use splitter that will show no signs of letting you down. The warranty period is also first class which will be music to the ears of those of you who make a living, splitting logs and selling firewood!


Titan pro vertical splitter
A real heavy duty professional log splitter

2: Titan Pro Vertical Splitter

With a name like this, how could I not put it on my list at the earliest opportunity? There’s been a lot of good things said about it, so I was excited to put it through its paces. Here’s how it got on…

10-ton splitter ensures you can power through the biggest pile of logs in time for winter

The great thing about having a splitter with such high tonnage is that it really can get the job done in all weathers. Even damp or green wood is no problem for this beast which was great news if you fit into that user profile.

9 HP petrol engine is excellent, but is it too loud to work with for extended periods of time?

The petrol engine does make this one of the louder pieces of kit to use on this list. If you’re somewhat sensitive to these types of things and don’t want to have to work wearing ear defenders, then this may not be for you. If you can work around it though, you’ll be amazed at what it can do when you put it to the test.

Titan Pro Final Thoughts

The design is indeed on the strong side what with the 9 BHP engine and 10 Tons of pushing power. In my opinion, it’s ideal when nothing but brute force will get the job done quickly.


Titan Pro 7-Ton
An affordable log splitter that won’t break the bank

3: Titan Pro 7 Ton electric log splitter

This 7 Ton electric model is next up on my list. I hadn’t heard all that much about it until I gave it a once over, here’s what you need to know.

Quiet operation means you can use it all day long and still hear your colleagues

The beauty of electric splitters like this one is that you can use them without feeling like your ear-drums are going to explode. Electric motors are so much quieter that, you’d be forgiven for thinking that they don’t pack the same amount of punch. Of course, you’d be very much mistaken…

At only 7 tons does it still pack a big enough punch to get the job done?

In my opinion, it more than does the job in this respect. Of course, if you want the strongest splitter on the market, then a 7-ton splitter isn’t the best choice. But if you want anything else, then I’d strongly recommend taking a closer look.

Titan Pro 7-Ton Final Thoughts

A well-made piece of kit that is smooth and quiet to use. Ideal for those of you who want to be able to talk easily while still working on a copious amount of wood.


Logmaster 6-Ton
Great low price log splitter

4: LogMaster 6 Ton hydraulic, electric log splitter

6 Tons may sound like a step in the wrong direction, but I was amazed at what I found.

Compact design means you can use it anywhere with minimal fuss

If you’re looking for a road towable log splitter, then this could be just what you need to get the job done. It is impressively designed to be easy to move and set up, and it provides adequate power to work its way through a mountain of logs. The assembly was easy to level and felt stable at all times. Job done in that sense!

Only comes with a 12-month guarantee: one of the shortest on this rundown

The 12-month guarantee is something of a drawback if you’re someone who puts a peace of mind above all else. There are a few splitters on this list with considerably extended warranties so you may want to bear that in mind for future reference. That said, I have seen no mention reliability or performance issues during my research on this particular product!

LogMaster 6 Final Thoughts

A highly compact splitter that you can take anywhere. It works virtually as well as the full strength static models on this list.



Logmaster 7-Ton
A brilliant mid range log splitter that works extremely hard.

5: LogMaster 7 Ton hydraulic splitter

LogMaster has been producing products for in this niche for a long time. So, it feels natural that they would be making multiple appearances on this list. As for the product itself, take a look below it’s a worthy piece of kit!

Can split green and hardwoods with little difficulty

The most impressive thing about this product is how it gets the job done with only 7 tonnes of splitting power. Its prowess comes via how efficiently it channels and delivers this force to just the right spot on the log.

Are 7 tons of pushing power enough when there are 10-ton splitters on the market?

I have to say that it is, which is more proof that precision beats power every single time!

If you want the kudos of having the splitter with the most grunt, then this won’t tick that box. But it will easily be one of the most accurate machines of its kind you’ve ever used. Ideal for when you want to get the job done with a minimum of fuss.

LogMaster 7 Final Thoughts

I found the loading system so reliable and stable that it’s no wonder this is one of the most accurate splitters I’ve ever used. And that’s saying something!



Titan Pro 8-Ton
Another masterpiece by Titan pro. Split logs easier than ever before.

6: 8 Ton petrol log splitter by Titan Pro

Back to petrol power and the eye-catching range from the team at Titan for my next entry. Here’s what I thought of it when I put it through its paces like never before.

Quiet operation ensures you can use it all day safely and comfortably

The operating sound levels were actually, impressive and frequently below 83 dB during impact. That means, you can work with it all day and still be able to converse with your colleagues. In my mind, that’s perfect if you want to ensure that everyone working nearby can get your attention safely.

Is the 2-way splitting head more hassle than it’s worth or a great piece of design?

I have to say that it’s, without a doubt, a great piece of product design! The innovation speaks for itself, and the additional functionality that it gives you is something that I think you’ll get an awful lot of use from. If you’re shopping for a multi-purpose tool, the Titan Pro is perfect and can tackle almost anything.

Titan Pro Final Thoughts

It’s a versatile splitter that may just have rewritten the rule book thanks to its smart 2-way splitting head. Seriously, if you want something that gives you an edge, this product is it!



manual log splitter
Low cost affordable manual action log splitter

7: Manual Smart Splitter

Manual splitters may sound like something from a bygone age, but there’s always a time and a place for hardware like this. Here’s what I thought…

An affordable option that will allow you to get things done without sizeable noisy machinery

If you want to keep your outlay low then clearly a manual tool will be a more attractive option than some giant motorised splitter. The only drawback is that you will, quite literally, have to put your back into it if you want to see a meaningful level of output.

Manual operation may be a nice throwback, but you may work up a serious sweat!

The manual side of things may be a nice touch, but if you want a motorised option, then I wouldn’t change your mind. Manual splitters are certainly capable of getting the job done and are a good source of exercise. However, unless you’re a strong man/women, you may only split enough wood to keep the living room fire going. Alternatively, you plan to earn money doing it you are best considering one of the larger alternatives.

Manual Option Final Thoughts

A nice alternative for those of you who want to do the occasional bit of heavy work in the back garden. But, I would not recommend it for those who want to get through large amounts of wood!


Charles Bentley 8 Ton
A great tool for making light work of heavy log splitting

8: Charles Bentley 8 Ton splitter

Hydraulically powered, and foot operated this domestic product requires no electricity at all! However, don’t let that put you off as it is more than capable!

Foot operated means you can save your back by not continually bending down

While some prefer big powerful petrol or electric devices, foot operation combined with hydraulics makes a difference. How? Being foot operated ensures that you’ll never experience backache or chronic inflammation from continually bending. If that sounds like just the kind of labour saving device that you need, then, by all means, give it a try!

A 12-month warranty period comes as standard

I’d liked to have seen a more extended warranty, but you can’t have everything. I saw no evidence of any systemic reliability issues during the lengthy research period which certainly helps me to give this splitter a big thumbs up.

Charles Bentley 8-Ton Final Thoughts

A well made and ergonomic piece of kit that could perhaps do with a better warranty period. Additionally, and somewhat more negative is the lack of a safety cage. Without one, logs can suddenly split and fly around. My advice to you if using this machine would be to do so away from children and pets. In fact, protect your face and legs.



Forest master 5 Ton
Tough and hard working

9: 5-ton electric splitter by Forest Master

Nothing impresses people more than the tonnage and horsepower of a device, so why choose this when it has neither? Well, this Forest Master although an entry level model is still more than capable. It can split logs up to 370mm in length, and unlike other small electric splitters, it has a 2200 watt motor giving it 5-tons of force.

Compact design, but does it pack enough power to do the job?

Yes, it’s small, but that isn’t a big drawback, no it doesn’t have the brute force splitter. It obviously can’t push as hard as some of the 10-ton petrol monsters I’ve talked about. But it more than makes up for it by delivering its full-force blows precisely where you want.

Forrest Master 5-Ton Final Thoughts

A classic example that shows you that you don’t have to rely solely on brute force when you want to get the job done.

Commonly referred to as the FM8, don’t be fooled into thinking this is just for beginners! Yes, if just starting out it’s perfect. But, if you have a small, medium, or even a large log burner, it can cut logs up to 37cm long and 25cm in diameter.



Forest master 10 Ton
With a little effort you can split logs easily and affordably

10: 10 Ton Forest master

Last but not least is a seriously heavy duty bit of kit again from Forest Master, think twice the force of the previous, and you know what to expect!

The hydraulic operation allows you to split anything, but how precise is it?

The hydraulic rams are well sealed and reportedly show no sign of leakage even when cranked up to full force. That is great for those who need to run at maximum power and capacity for an extended period. I was also really impressed with the simplicity of the loading system.

Often with hardware like this what you find is that the feed-in systems are so elaborate and over-complicated when you increase the power that they become more hassle than they’re worth. Certainly, something that doesn’t apply in this case.

Forest Master 10-Ton Final Thoughts

A classic brute-force splitter that could be just what you’re looking for if what you want is something that never compromises on the force of each log splitting blow.


Finding the best log splitter is a matter of considering your needs and comparing those that fall within your budget. Of course, there’s the choice of Manual, Petrol, and electric too, but don’t let that be your primary concern!

I hope that my list has given you plenty of food for thought and that by only showing you good quality products I’ve simplified your search somewhat. Enjoy the rest of your shopping experience, and I’m sure you’ll find the right tool for your needs.

The Best Orbital Sander List 2019

best orbital sander

Finding the best orbital sander available is all about keeping your options open and knowing what to look for. With experience with these tools, I am going to share my thoughts. Below are some of the best orbital sanders currently on the market and everything you need to know! Give it a read, and you will know what to look for and be happy with!

ImageLinkProductBrandLowest New Price
Bosch PEX 300 AE Random Orbit SanderBosch£49.99
TACKLIFE Orbital Sander, 350W 13000RPM 6 Variable Speeds, 125mm Random Orbital Sander with High Performance Dust Collector for Sanding Wood, 12Pcs Sanding Discs, 3 Meter Power Cord PRS01ATACKLIFE£29.99
DEWALT DEWDWE6423 Random Orbital Sanders, Yellow/BlackDEWALT£79.95
Makita BO5031/2 240V 125mm Random Orbit SanderMakita£83.99
VonHaus 430W 125mm Random Orbit Sander with 3 Polishing Pads & 9 Sanding PadsVonHaus£34.99
Makita M9204 Random Orbit Sander-Red/Black, 125 mmMakita£61.46
Makita BO3710 110 V 1/3-Inch Sheet Orbital SanderMakita£57.54
Bosch Professional 0601372771 GEX 150 AC Corded 240 V Random Orbit SanderBosch Professional£159.99
Bosch PEX 400 AE Random Orbit SanderBosch£75.00

So with that, let’s now go into each of the above Orbital Sanders and find out a bit more about each of them.

Bosch PEX 300 Sander
Trusted and tough.

1: Bosch PEX 300 AE

This Bosch random orbit sander is all about precision and power. Let’s see how it stood up to the ultimate field test!

Variable speed settings and ergonomic handle ensure smooth and easy operation

The first thing I noticed was an array of speed settings, which is great! They allow you to work with a load of different materials with no issues whatsoever. Another plus is the handle/grip; it’s effortless to get to grips with (see what I did there.) In fact, it makes the user experience a pleasure from start to finish.

If you’re in the trade and are going to be using it every day, then it’s a fantastic tool to consider!

Does the low weight design pack enough of a punch when working on rough surfaces

Yes, it’s light-weight, but because of motor efficiency and gearing ratios, it has enough power to get the job done. That’s music to the ears of those looking for a lightweight and powerful piece of kit.

Bosch PEX 300 Final Thoughts

A clever piece of design that allows you to get the job done without resorting to a big chunky unit. Highly recommended for those of you that want something that fits nicely in your hand and never stops working.


Tacklife 350w Sander
Hard working and reliable

2: Tacklife 350W

Next, we have the Tacklife 350 W. It may not be a well-known brand, but don’t let that stop you. A new name always brings new ideas so let’s see how it got on when I took a look.

13K RPM operation ensures you can smooth out even the very roughest of surfaces

The RPM is right up there with the very fastest sanders on this list. Fortunately, that’s good news for those of you who want something that will work on any surface. I’m pleased to say that it achieves such high-speeds without resorting to over-clocking the gear ratios. That means you should avoid the early burnouts that are a hallmark of lesser sanders.

Have velcro discs had their day, or is there a better way to go about things?

Velcro discs are all well and good provided you know how to handle them. You’re going to want to avoid pushing down with the edge of the sander during use! Why? Because that’s what ruins the pad! It’s a tricky habit to get out of because we all do it when one marker or dent doesn’t shift, However, it is a must if you’re to prolong the life of your latest purchase.

Tacklife 350 Final Thoughts

Possibly the best orbital sander you will find; provided you heed my advice about protecting the velcro pads. Do that, and you’re all set for a lifetime of reliable usage.


Dewalt 6423
The dewalt name, synonymous with strength

3: Dewalt 6423

This Dewalt random orbital sander is the next entry on my list, and for good reason! I’d heard a lot about it, so decided to share with you what I know!

The ergonomic and compact design has been shown to be highly reliable and robust

The design is very compact, but it doesn’t feel tiny when it’s in your hand. That is good news because as someone with big hands I often struggle with the smaller sanders. In fact, I know plenty of other people that do too. By designing something that can be used with ease and in comfort by many, Dewalt is on to a winner in my opinion!

At 280 W it’s not the most powerful sander on my list

I agree power is a little on the low side compared to some of the entries on my list. So let me give you two reasons why that’s not a big deal.

Firstly the efficiency with which that power is transferred through the moving parts is second to none. And secondly, you’re looking at a compact unit. If power is all you care about, get a belt sander. But that was an option; you would not be reading this orbital rundown!!

Dewalt 6423 Final Thoughts

In my opinion, it is a serious piece of hardware that should be your compact orbital tool of choice. Don’t just take my word for it, take a look at the reviews via the link below!


Makita BO5031
Works as hard as you do

4: Makita BO5031

This manufacturer knows a thing or two about making first-class hardware. So, I couldn’t wait to share my thoughts on this latest piece of kit…

Ensures a constant speed under load for when nothing but pushing down hard will do

The feature of most importance here is a unique motor!

It generates continuous speed irrespective of the load. Not sure if that is very important?

Imagine the type of finish you’d get if the speed changed every time you pressed-down on your sander, even a little. Unfortunately, the results and no doubt your work would be ruined! And that’s why this motor is such a big deal; it’s a first-class piece of engineering in my opinion!

Could do with a wider selection of tools and accessories

From a positive to a slight negative – I would have liked to have seen Makita provide more than just a dust bag and a disc. However, as I just shared you get the basic requirements.

In fact, I would like to see just one of the established players on the market include a few extra accessories.

Makita BO5031 Final Thoughts

A serious piece of hardware that should be a orbital tool of choice contender for the serious DIY user. Well.


VonHaus 430w
Vonhous orbital sander – made to last

5: VonHaus 430w

I hadn’t heard all that much about this brand, and its ergonomically designed sanders. However, as you know by now, I like to try new things, so here is what I discovered.

430 W motor makes this one of the most powerful sanders on the market today

The sheer power of this is something to behold! If you’ve never used an orbital that breaks the elusive 400W barrier before, give this one a try.

It comes with in-built mechanisms which provide astounding dampening making it comfortable to grip. For you, that means, despite the brute force of the motor your hand won’t numb and forearm not fatigue. Two things that are vital if you want to use it on a daily basis without developing repetitive strain.

At only 2m long the power chord isn’t the longest

This is such a minor niggle that I feel bad for even mentioning it, let along writing it down. But, to be fair, that is what this article is all about! The cord is too short which will be a downside for many. Especially, those of you who don’t want to trail an extension cable when working on a wooden floor.

VonHaus 430w Final Thoughts

A great piece of hardware that packs a serious punch. The only way that I can see it being improved is by increasing the length of the power chord.  Other than that, it’s a real winner in my opinion.


Makita M9204
Makita, excellence as standard


6: Makita M9204

150mm random orbital sander reviews just wouldn’t be complete without a look at some of the smaller 125mm varieties. Here’s one of the best on the market, and is definitely worthy of your consideration…

Rubberised soft grip allows you to control every inch of the 125mm sanding area with ease

The great thing about the grip is that it sits so naturally in the palm of your hand. By being able to accommodate all types of grips and hand sizes, it allows you to put it through its paces. But what’s more impressive is you can wave goodbye to cramping and fatigue. Perfect if you’re looking for a tool you can use all day long on that must finish project.

How often does the dust collection system need to be emptied to ensure optimal performance?

The dust collection system should be cleared at the end of a day of heavy sanding. If you forget, then you won’t damage your new Makita sander, but you will notice a distinct drop off in performance. Its ability to keep dust to a minimum will be greatly reduced. Which in turn means, more mess for you to clean up. Play it safe and clear it out at the end of each day, and you won’t have issues.

Makita M9204 Final Thoughts

A classic piece of design from one of the best known, and most trusted brands. As long as you look after it with the odd bit of routine maintenance it should last for years and years.


Makita BO3710
Makita, working as hard as you do

7: Makita BO3710

As one of the most well known professional and DIY tool brands you should not be surprised to see Makita, again! Like the previous, this too is an Ergonomic tool designed to be easy to use, comfortable and powerful.

11K orbits and 22k strokes per minute ensure powerful performance at all times

The above stroke and orbit numbers are more than enough to deliver uncompromising power and precision at all times. Great news for those of you who want to invest in a tool that you can use for years.

For me, I was most impressed with the B03710’s heat dissipation abilities. Why? Because, it’s an indicator of how hard the motor is working, and consequently how likely it is to burn out. Verdict: highly unlikely to die on you!

How reliable is the onboard dust collection system in the long term?

You will need to keep on top of it because once its full its full. There’s no way of getting around that one. It’s quick and easy to empty though so don’t worry! Oh, and don’t forget, as, if you do performance quickly deteriorates.

Makita B03710 Final Thoughts

Another fantastic option from one of the most reliable manufacturers. Along with its focus on comfort + power, you will be surprised by the lack of vibration and noise.


Bosch GEX 150
Bosch, you can trust the name

8: Bosch GEX 150

This model is part of Bosch’s professional range, meaning it comes with low vibration tech. Plus, best-in-class dust removal, which when combined leads to superior finishes. Here’s what else I discovered about this fantastic piece of hardware.

One of the more compact sanders on the list, but is there enough space for a comfortable grip?

We’re going to put the stats to one side with this one and talk about the grip. For me, it’s all about the way it fits in your hand and doesn’t fatigue your grip. It does such an excellent job of damping down the vibrations that you feel back off the floor; you’ll soon make it one of your go-to tools.

Yes, as a compact orbital it’s easily outgunned when it comes to speed and power by the full-size models on this rundown, but that’s beside the point really.

Bosch GEX 150 Final Thoughts

This Bosch feels like quality in hand: the speed selector, switch and cable, even the speed dial are all high-quality. In my opinion, if you’re looking for a comfortable, ergonomic, and compact orbital, consider it!


Bosch PEX 300 AE
Work hard and safe with Bosch

9: Bosch PEX 400 AE

Here we are then, the final entry on my list and what do we have, another Bosch. Just like Mikita, it is one of the best-known brands on the market, so no surprise there! What you’re probably wondering is, have I kept the best till last? You, be the judge…

Variable speed and comfortable in hand, but is the compact design powerful enough to get the job done?

I have to answer this with a resounding ‘Yes!’ It’s such an easy and lightweight piece of kit to use, in fact, it almost takes care of itself. Compact pieces of equipment can give the impression that they don’t pack a punch, but because of the precision with which the power is transferred to the surface, you have nothing to worry about.

Bosch PEX 400 AE Final Thoughts

A great option for those of you looking for a compact and affordable orbital that will last for years to come.



Finding the best orbital sander is all about considering what you want to use it for and then going out and finding it. By giving you nothing but knowledgeable thoughts and opinions of 10 of the best I hope I’ve set you off in the right direction.

Top 10 Best Fingerboards, Ramps & Finger Bikes 2019

best fingerboards
Matěj Baťha [GFDL, CC-BY-SA-3.0 or CC BY 2.5], from Wikimedia Commons

Not all boys and girls want to spend their time in front of a TV, or computer screen. No, some of them dream of the rush of the wind through their hair or the excitement that flipping an Ollie, Nollie, or Hardflip brings! What am I talking about? Yes, it could be skateboarding, but in this case, it’s fingerboards. Those no-nonsense, and child-friendly indoor skateboards that your son or daughter controls with their finger.


Pssst… if you are in a rush, here are our best rated finger boards.  The Tech Deck fingerboards are solid contenders!





Our top favourite fingerboards etc.

ImageLinkProductBrandLowest New Price
Tech Deck 96mm BoardTech Deck£20.37
Pizies Professional Wood Mini Fingerboards Assembly Skateboard Scooter Fans Toy Gift BlackPizies£6.29
SOUTHBOARDS Stainless Finger Skateboard Zebra/Go/Cultured Freshwater South Boards Hand Made Wood Fingerboard Real WoodSOUTHBOARDS£17.60
Full Finger Skateboard N/WS/Cultured Freshwater South Boards Hand Made Wood Fingerboard Real WoodSOUTHBOARDS Deutschland£14.90
Mini Finger Skateboard and Ramp Accessories Set (E)Fancyus£12.99
Fstoption Skate Park Kit Ramp Parts Finger Skateboard Ultimate Sport Training Props (8pcs Finger Skateboard)Fstoption
Tech Deck Skateshop Bonus Pack (colors and styles may vary)Spin Master£35.99
Grip and Tricks Extreme Rider Shop finger skate , ramp , BMX and scooter box setGrip&Tricks£39.99
Flick Trix Street Hits Assortment (Bizak 61922036)Flick Trix£17.96
Grip & Tricks - Finger SCOOTER - Skate - Pack1 - Dimensions: 22 X 13,5 X 2 cmGrip&Tricks£19.99

best fingerboards

Alexas_Fotos / Pixabay

Fingerboards and Accessories are all the Rage

Now that Skateboarding is mainstream, kids all over the world are following the likes of Lacey Baker, and Nyjah Huston. It’s likely they want to replicate the champions with his/her own set, so, if you’re in the position where your child is asking for these toys. I am going to show you the best fingerboards, plus ramps and bikes, that will not cost a fortune.

Meaning, that not only will your son/daughter be able to play with friends. But they will also have a fun activity to keep them occupied indoors. However, be warned that delving into the world of fingerboards is a tricky one. As to become good at manipulating a toy/miniature skateboard in the air, and over obstacle accessories takes skill.

So, expect your child to experience a steep learning curve, followed by wanting to expand his/her collection.


Best Fingerboards, ramps, and Finger Bikes

As a parent, or someone who is interested in taking learning about mini finger skateboards, you should know that the choice is vast. So, as far as my advice is concerned, I am going to show you enough to get started. Plus introduce you to a few brands popular with players, such as Tech Deck, Southboards,, and others.

Additionally, you will find that the number of accessories available is wide. With the likes of big ramps for halfpipes, miniature skate parks, finger scooters, and bikes, plus more.

So, now that were clear on what to expect, let’s take a look at, what is on offer.


Top 10 Best Fingerboards and Accessories

tech deck fingerboards

Are you looking for cheap fingerboards? Look no further.



Tech Deck Fingerboards – some of the best around at “superb value for money”

For many a fingerboarder, these Tech Deck fingerboards (available on Amazon) are at the pinnacle of miniature skateboarding. Why? Because they are one of the original brands from way back in the 1990’s, and they carry official real-world imagery.  For what you get they are good value and worth every penny!

Now, where this particular board is concerned, you will be sent a random one, of Amazon’s choice. Yes, it will be Tech Deck, and be approximately 96mm in length, but it could be from one of the following series. They are, FUNdamentals, DC Comics Two-Face, sticker series 2, Skate Co, Fun Shape series, or the Performance series.

Technical details

  • Board weight: 18 grams
  • Dimensions: 20.1 x 24.2 x 20.1 cm
  • Age Range: 5 years and up

pizies pro Wood Mini Fingerboards


Pizzies Profesional Wood Mini Skateboard

Looking to get started without spending too much money? The Pizzies professional mini skateboard (available on Amazon) is made from high-quality materials such as 5ply Maple wood, meaning its durable. Additionally, the inclusion of closed bearing wheels makes it suffer from the ravages of friction, less. So, you or your son/daughter can enjoy many happy times flipping and doing tricks.

Like many modern extreme sports toys, for the most part, fingerboards need self-assembly, and this board is no exception. In the box, you will find everything you need to get this cheapest of cheap fingerboards on the ramp. That includes the board itself, four wheels, two axles, eight screws, four nuts, and a none slip mat for the rider surface.

Technical details

  • Total package weight: 54 grams
  • Dimensions: 9.5 x 2.8 x 1.6 cm
  • Age Range: 3 years and up
  • Material: Wood,alloy,ABS
  • Gender: Boys & Girls
  • Theme: Maple Wood Finger Skateboard
  • Color: Light Blue/Black/White/Navy/Red/Yellow as you choose

southboards zebra fingerboard


Southboards Zebra Finger Skateboard

Now, if you’re looking to pay a bit more because quality and brand are important, take a look at this Zebra fingerboard over on Amazon. Made by the well-known manufacturer Southboards, this is where prices begin to rise a little. However, what you get for your money is a handcrafted fingerboard made from Canadian Maple wood.

In fact, this board was 100% handmade, hand polished, and coated with multiple layers of quality varnish. As a result, the deck looks gorgeous and has a deep concave and high kicks.

Furthermore, it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, been into fingerboards for a while, or a pro, it works for all! And what makes this mini skateboard even better is that for the quality it should cost three times the price. Instead, you get a quality product that comes with everything you need to get started.

What’s in the box? That’s the deck, two axles (trucks) plus silicone bushings, four wheels, grip tape, plus a tool to put it together.

Technical details

  • Total Package weight: 9 grams
  • 5 ply wooden deck
  • Finely polished and varnished
  • Manufactured by hand
  • 29 x 100 mm
  • Deep concave and high kicks

southboards freshwater fingerboards


Southboards Full Finger Freshwater Skateboard

No, this is not a bias towards the German made Southboards; instead, it’s a tribute to just how good their handmade fingerboards are. As for this one, the freshwater version, again, it has been 100% made by hand and coated with a superior varnish.

Made from genuine Canadian Maple wood, and drilled to allow multiple base plates, even those from Tech Deck, it’s quality. As for the colour, after a treatment of clear varnish, colour lacquer is applied to give it, its unique finish. Again, as before this southboards, finger skateboard is fit for the starter, intermediate, or pro trickster.

In the box, you will find the deck, four wheels, nuts, axels and screws, none stick mats for placing on the deck. Plus the tools to put this board together and enjoy a low-cost finger boarding experience.

Technical details

  • Total Package weight: 9 grams
  • 5 ply wooden deck
  • Medium-density fibreboard Finger Deck
  • Manufactured by hand
  • Adjustable Axles
  • 29 x 100 mm
  • Deep concave and high kicks

Fingerboard ramps

grips and tricks bikes scooters and fingerboards ramp


Grips & Tricks Ramp for Finger Bikes, Finger Scooters, and Boards

If you’ve managed to pick a deck from those above, how about something different? Next up, I’ve got a great starter fingerboard ramp to show you; however, it’s also good for bikes, and finger scooters. Meaning that this versatile little ramp, allows you to practice tricks with all your finger-based extreme sports toys.

Manufactured using strong PVC, with the added benefit of two metal sliders, it’s perfect for the HALFPIPE. Furthermore, there’s the surprise of a deck with this kit. It’s a customisable piece of kit, that can be used as an all-in-1 starter or an addition to what you have.

Additionally, this ramp comes ready made in the box, so should you already own a fingerboard, bike, or scooter, it’s ready to go! As for the deck, it will need some assembly; however, the tools to do that are included.

Technical details

  • Total Package weight: 32 grams
  • 4 x 2 x 3 cm
  • Age Range: 3 years and up
  • Made from strong PVC
  • Fingerboard included

Creation Skate park for fingerboards


Creation Skate Park Kit

If you are getting bored with the Halfpipe ramp, why not mix things up a little with a skate park kit? This one (on Amazon) by Creation comes with 8-pieces meaning that there’s a lot of tricks to be done on this miniature park.

Made from strong and durable plastic this kit will keep you, your son, or daughter challenged for hours at a time, why? Because it’s ultimately configurable into any shape you wish, meaning the number of trick combinations possible is endless.

With this kit, you will get the eight configurable pieces, plus the tools for assembly. Additionally, there are stickers to personalise the ramps and other parts, and three fingerboards to test your construction.

Technical details

  • Total Package weight: 1 Kg
  • Age Range: 5 years and up
  • Made from strong PVC
  • 3x Fingerboards included

Tech deck fingerboards display


Tech Deck Skateshop Bonus Pack

It may be difficult to see why when you’re new to fingerboards, but some players like to show off their collection. Imagine, you’re the best at Kickflips, Ollie’s, Bigspin’s, Gingersnap’s and more, but proud of it. Wouldn’t you want to show the world the boards you use?

Of course, you would, and that’s why Tech Deck have put together this Skate Shop bonus pack. It’s perfect for a pro fingerboarder who needs something or somewhere to put his/her pride and joys.

This pack includes everything you need, to customise and show off your skateboards. It comes with three 96mm fingerboards, and three spare decks, plus the most famous licenses to display on them. Of course, there’s also a display rack, something that you can hang your boards and associated accessories on.

Technical details

  • Product weight: 91 grams
  • Age Range: 9 years and up
  • Made from strong PVC
  • 3x Fingerboards included, and one display rack

big gift set fingerboards finger bike finger scooter


Big Gift Set – Finger Boards, Finger Bikes, Finger Scooters and More

If you’re one of those people, who jump into something new head first! Why not get yourself a complete Finger Board, Bike, and Scooter setup?

It comes with not only the means to get around but also one of the better fingerboard ramps I’ve seen. Similar to the lone ramp I talked about earlier, it’s made of strong PVC, and has metal sliders. However, this one is adorned with some great artwork to make it look authentic.

Additionally, there’s a rack to keep your boards safe, and what looks like a pair of roller skates, perfect for backwards speed skating. For the most part this set comes pre-assembled; however, as is common with fingerboards there are tools included for assembly. Oh, and best not forget, there are also two spare wheels for the finger bike.

Technical details

  • Product weight: 91 grams
  • Age Range: 9 years and up
  • Made from strong PVC
  • 3x Fingerboards, 1x display rack, 1x Bike + spare wheels, 1x scooter

flix trix finger bike


Flick Trix Street Hits Assortment

Ok, fingerboards, are not your cup of tea, but what about finger bikes? There are many tricks and stunts worth learning if you have two fingers, a ramp and a stunt bike. And that’s exactly what you get in this Flix Trix set.

Plus, if you’re feeling brave, you could also try out a trick or two with your scooter or board on this ramp. Yes, it wasn’t designed for them, but, never say, never!

This kit (available on Amazon) comes partially assembled, the ramp is ready to use, but the bike will need its handlebars attaching. The tools to do just that are included within the packaging.

Technical details

  • Product weight: 20 grams
  • Age Range: 5 years and up
  • Made from strong and durable PVC
  • 1x Finger bike, and 1x ramp included

finger scooter set


Finger Whips X3 Triple Pack

Last but not least, I have a pack of finger scooters to show you, this one contains three. Known as, finger whips, scooters enjoy a large following in the world of extreme finger sports. As such, no setup would be worth its salt without at least one. In fact, the number of ticks you can do with one is about as limited as is your imagination. So, this pack is perfect if you feel like a bit of trial and error extreme sports.

The scooters themselves, come packed with neat features, such as fully rotating handlebars, die-cast metal frame. Plus interchangeable parts enabling you to customise each one before setting out to amaze your friends.

Inside the pack, you will find the three scooters, and stickers for each, you choose which goes where. These stickers are a selection of quality real-world art which helps with authenticity. Also in the pack, are a pair of spare wheels, stands for each whip/scooter, and a tool for assembly.

Technical details

  • Product weight: 181 grams
  • Age Range: 6 years and up
  • Dimensions: 19.8 x 2.4 x 22.2 cm
  • Made from strong and durable PVC
  • 3x Finger scooters, 3x stand included



And there you have them, the top 10 best fingerboards, bikes, scooters, ramps, and accessories. They are the products I recommend you take a look at if you are starting out, or if you’re already a seasoned pro. All of the above, are quality products, you, your son, and daughter would be proud to own and show other players.

However, before you go off and decide which to buy, I’m going to share some extra information with you, it will be helpful.

how to use the best fingerboards

How To Use a Fingerboard

Now, when starting off with these mini skateboards, you may hear others say get “Tech Deck boards, they’re the best”. As with everything else in life, that is a matter of opinion; however, you don’t need the best fingerboards, to begin with. No, you just need to practice, so don’t overspend, just for the sake of buying a brand name.

Unfortunately, if you’re purchasing for your son or daughter this may not be an option, so look at the deals I have shown you. All of those above are currently below the RRP (recommended retail price), each offering significant savings.

As for how to use a fingerboard, first, you need to learn what the standard position is.

1. Start by placing your index finger in the centre of the board and your middle finger at its rear.

2. Now that you’re in the standard position, you’re ideally placed to do the trick called a Shove It. Using your middle finger, (the one at the back of the board) flip the skateboard towards you.

3. At the same time as completing step 2, put a slight bit of pressure on the centre of the board with your index finger, this will help you keep it under control. Continue to practice until you do a 180° spin.

Watch this Video Tutorial

The Manual and Nose Manual

As you can imagine, there are hundreds if not thousands of tricks that can be done. However, everyone has to start somewhere, so here’s a brief how-to do a Manual, and Nose manual.

1. With your fingers placed in the standard position, (see above) move one of your best fingerboards at a controllable pace.

2. Next, using your middle finger put some pressure on the rear of the board to bring up the front (it’s called half-popping). This should be done while the skateboard is moving, do not stop! That’s it; you have now completed a Manual.

The Nose Manual: To complete this trick, you just have to half-pop the board from the front, and your done. It’s the direct opposite of The Manual.

What other Beginner Tricks are there?

As a beginner, you will probably feel daunted, that’s normal, but don’t let that put you off. No, practice, practice, practice, and you will soon have the above tricks down perfect. After that, you’re probably going to want to mix your best fingerboards with some more complicated tricks.

When that happens, you have many different types of methods to choose from. Many of the most common use two fingers, as you discovered above, some use a flat surface, others ramps and rails. However, here are a few that you should search out, each is aimed at you the beginner.

  • The Air-Kick
  • Ollie
  • 360-degree flip
  • Kickflip
  • Heelflip
  • Tugflip
  • Rock to Fakie
  • The Blunt Stall
  • Feeble Stall
  • The 50-50

best fingerboards origin

Fingerboard Origin

Now that you’ve become fully immersed in the world of the best fingerboards, you’re probably wondering where they came from?

The answer to that is, Keychains, that is, after the likes of Jaken Felts, who in the mid-1980’s wrote about how to make one. However, it wasn’t until the 1990’s that first, the keychain, and then toy makers started manufacturing them.

Now, many decades on, their popularity continues to grow, with both sexes partaking in a bit of miniature skateboarding. If you were to search Google right now, you would find news of multiple competitions being held in many countries like Germany. In fact, in places like the U.S.A, players who are good enough can gain sponsorship from one of the big manufacturers. However, this does require the player to have a following on the likes of YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.