Shaun Baird

By: Shaun Baird Owning a running a professional lawn care company offline, Shaun has brought his knowledge and tips to this website.. He lives and breathes lawns. He also likes to tackle anything related to DIY, power tools and other gadgets. While he admits that anything other than lawns is not his main "thing" he always approaches each topic an interest with the determination to do it right. If you ever wanted someone to help you, Shaun would be your man. He has spent most of his life helping others, often without realising, and used this passion to drive the 10 Warriors brand forward. His knowledge of lawn care and creating stunning lawns has been brought to the 10 Warriors brand. This unnerving dedication to always help people has become the focus for Shaun to dedicate his efforts to help a wider community. Please enjoy the work he has created.