The Best Cement Mixer For Sale 2019

best cement mixer for sale

best cement mixer for sale

If you want to ensure the job is done right then it pays to get the very best cement mixer you can afford within your budget.  Thankfully there are a number of cement mixers now available that will do a genuinely good job, and some can be bought at low price points.

If you are a tradesman, the last thing you should ever think about is cutting corners and wind up getting a bad review all because the mixer you used wasn’t up to the job.  A few extra minutes right now  reading our top rated concrete mixer guide can help ensure you keep working week after week, and get that all important “thumbs up” once the job is complete.

In a hurry?  here are our current BEST cement mixers:


Best Cheap Cement Mixer

Wido 63 Litre Cement Mixer

Wido 63L Litre Portable Electric Cement Mixer Plaster ConcreteCheck it out on Amazon


Best Electric Cement Mixer

Bentley 63 Litre Cement Mixer


Best Petrol Cement Mixer

The Belle Minimix 150

Belle Minimix 150 Cement Mixer and Stand Petrol GXH150Check it out on Amazon

When you are undertaking building work and need to mix up a large amount of cement, a cement mixer will come in invaluable.

These machines let you pop in the required amounts of sharp sand, cement and water to create the concrete you need.

They are a great time saver and labour saver too.

In list order, our top rated Cement Mixers are:

  1. The Belle Minimix 140 cement mixer – a high standards electric tip up mixer
  2. The Progen 63 Litre cement mixer – hard working and robust
  3. JTF electric cement mixer – Yellow is the new Orange
  4. Dirty Pro Tools 80 Litre cement mixer – solid workhorse
  5. Dirty Pro Tools 125 litre cement mixer – bigger and better
  6. JTF 120 litre cement mixer – backed by a UK brand
  7. Switzer 120 litre cement mixer – our favourite
  8. Belle Minimix 150 electric cement mixer – High end premium model
  9. Belle Minimix 150 petrol cement mixer – top class machine
  10. Baylola cement mixer – a powerful workhorse


So which is the best cement mixer for sale in the Uk?


ImageLinkProductBrandLowest New Price
Belle Minimix 140 230v Tip Up Mixer Heavy Duty Semi-ProfessionalBelle£389.94
Wido 63L Litre Portable Electric Cement Mixer Plaster ConcreteWido
JTF Mega Discount Warehouse Cement Mixer 63LJTF Mega Discount Warehouse£199.99
Dirty Pro Tools™ Professional Cement Mixer 80l Concrete litres Cement Mixer with Stand and Wheels 240V .350W PortableDirty Pro Tools£148.99
Charles Bentley 125L 230V 550W Portable Cement Concrete Mixer With Wheels 12 MONTH WARRANTYCharles Bentley
JTF Mega Discount Warehouse Cement Mixer 63LJTF Mega Discount Warehouse£199.99
Switzer 240V Volt 550W Portable Electric Concrete Cement Mixer Mortar Plaster Machine Capacity 120L Litre Drum Mouth Diameter 340mmKMS£179.99
Mini Mix 150 230 voltBelle£399.00
Belle Minimix 150 Cement Mixer and Stand Petrol GXH150Belle£770.95
Baylola cement mixer cm46 240v powerful 300w 35rpm electric portable cement , mortar , concrete mixer. 46 litre capacity drum. portable , easy to load.Baylola



One of our overall top rated cement mixers overall has to be the 120 litre Switzer cement mixer.  (Although Cement mixer perfectionists will state that a Belle cement mixer is one of the finest on the market.  And they would be right, but they are also one of the most expensive).


If it comes down to a budget then you can find plenty of brand new cement mixers for sale for around the £100 mark, and the prices increase for higher end machines such as a Belle cement mixer.

Belle are renowned for being “the cream of the crop”, however you certainly don’t have to spend out £400+ on a Belle, although it would be a good investment.

If it is a cheap cement mixer you are after then read on, as we have tested, worked and found what we believe to be the top 10 best concrete mixers at the current time.


Consider whether you will need an electric cement mixer or a petrol mixer and you will then narrow down your best option based on needs and budget.


Our Best Cement Mixer Recommendation:

Every one in this top 10 list has made it here by being better than the hundreds of others out there on the market.

They are all “really” good however one of them edged out for us.

The Switzer Cement Mixer With 120 litre capacity

switzer cement mixer

View On Amazon

Why bother with a cement mixer?

This is probably fairly obvious, but if you’ve ever mixed together more than a few barrowloads of cement by hand on a board then you’ll quickly realize how slow, tiring and cumbersome it is.

As one of the most used construction tools it serves a very important role to help work flow easily and ensure cement is mixed properly.

It is far easier and more efficient to pop the materials into the mixer and leave it spinning.  This lets you get on with the real work in hand.

Which concrete mixer is best?

There isn’t any REAL best mixer.  Whichever cement mix you use, just make sure you follow the instructions and try to choose one that meets your budget and workload.

Concrete and cement mixers are the same thing.  They can be petrol or electric powered to serve your needs  whether close to a power supply or out on a bustling building site.  You can buy one and it will pay for itself within next to no time, or you could always use a plant hire company if it’s a one off small job.

The Belle range of mixers are time served, well made and trusted by thousands of builders, but the downside is that they are more expensive than other brands.  You get what you pay for though.  Complete this with superb customer service and you’ll be glad you chose Belle.

For the rest of the bunch, consider build quality and how often you’ll be using the mixer.  If you are a small business then of course get the best you can afford.  The 10 in this list are all GREAT.  We filtered out the stuff that is not worthy and found these to be the best of the bunch.  We particularly liked the Switzer models.


Belle Minimix 140 230v Tip Up Mixer

A mini cement mixer made to the best standards money can buy

Featuring the renowned Belle brand, superb construction in a semi-professional setup, your own DIY projects will be complemented perfectly by this electric powered Belle mini mix concrete mixer 230V.  A very professional small cement mixer for sale to those who demand only the very best.

Belle Minimix 140 230v Tip Up Mixer Heavy Duty Semi-Professional

If you need a full barrow load of mortar or concrete then this cement mixer will handle it perfectly well and help keep you working constantly without having to wait for more mix to be made.

The Belle Minimix 140 230v tip up small cement mixer features an extra thick mixers drum with quick mix paddles and a tough construction.  It comes supplied with Barrow height swivel stand however the mixer can be used on or off its stand and is the ideal portable solution for mixing concrete and cement.

Belle Minimix 140 230v Tip Up Mixer Heavy Duty Semi-Professional

Unboxing video of a Belle Minimix (similar model):

How big is it?

121.5 x 60 x 85.2 cm


Pro’s and Con’s:

  • A little pricey but you get what you pay for.
  • Brilliant portable concrete mixer for home use or out on construction sites
  • Premium ultra reliable quality.
  • Belle offer some of the best cement mixers known so you can rest assured that a Belle purchase will leave you with a smile on your face.

Click here to view it on Amazon




This 63 litre cement mixer is ideal for smaller jobs, but is equally effective at larger jobs. 


IF however you like the look of this, there is a larger sized 120 litre version for around £30 more here.

While other cement mixers may boast huge 140 litre capacities, these mixer is good enough for most applications.  It’s a tip up concrete mixer that works as hard as you do.


The progen cement mixer is ideal for concrete, mortar and plaster for most small to medium sized jobs.

The Progen 63 litre electric mixer features:

  • A rated voltage cement mixer 230 V electric powered
  • 50 Hz Motor
  • 220 W
  • The cement mixers drum mouth diameter: 267 mm
  • Drum speed: 27.5 RPM
  • Overall size: 110 x 55 x 93.5 cm ( L x W x H)
  • Material: Steel
  • Weight: 25 kg
  • A handy small electric cement mixer


Pro’s and Con’s:

  • Perfectly fine for most situations
  • Highly rated by us – a great workhorse.
  • Not ideal for large scale use where you need a lot of cement mixed up all of the time due to the smaller drum (be sure to check out the bigger brother here with a 120 litre capacity drum).


Click here to view it on Amazon



120L Litre Cement Mixer


Yellow seems to be the new Orange, and why not. 

This 120 litre electric powered cement mixer is powered by a 550 watt engine perfect for all your mixing needs.  It’s made by “JTF Mega Warehouse” and is typical of many similar generic products with lesser known brand names.  Essential Chinese Imported.  Thankfully you do get peace of mind with a UK supplier.

JTF Mega Discount Warehouse Cement Mixer 120L

This however does not detract from it’s build quality and reliability.  Remember that all 10 in this list had to fight their way out of the swamp of poor mixers to reign supreme.

Great for smaller building sites it features a 39cm opening to the drum and rotates at 33 rpm.

It can handle a 4 to 1 bucket mix just fine – just give it a little time to ensure the cement mix is right.

JTF Mega Discount Warehouse Cement Mixer 120L


Pro’s and con’s of this concrete mixer

  • It works well and reliably
  • It pours out into a bucket just fine.
  • The only downside is thast the instruction manual is awful and probably for an older model – we wasn’t sure.


Click here to view it on Amazon




Dirty Pro Tools(TM) Professional Cement Mixer 80 Litre


This is a nice looking machine that works and functions as good as most of the other 9 in this list.  However there “MAY” be an annoying let down with customer service, in so much as it might be hard to get a response.

Dirty Pro Tools™ Professional Cement Mixer 80l Concrete Litres Cement Mixer With Stand And Wheels 240V .350W Portable

When we emailed, we actually got a response in under 10 minutes.

In our research we found several people who have had shocking customer service and some people have gone so far as to blog about their experiences.  You can read that here.

I wanted to be clear and honest.

Nice machine (and that is why it is in this list) BUT you may not get the help you want if you buy from them, although we are left thinking it may have been a temporary blip in their business growth where their customer service was poor, because more recent testimonials have come in showing customer service to be just fine (and highly recommended in some instances).


So that out of the way, let’s explain why we included this:

  • Good build quality.
  • Spins at 33rpm
  • Big enough to make a complete barrow load at a time.
  • It’s Black (flying in the face of Orange traditionalists!)


Our verdict is that it is actually a cracking little mixer that is brilliant for the DIY’er.


Pro’s and con’s

  • Honestly, the pros of this machine definitely outweigh the con’s.
  • It really is a great cement mixer and works tirelessly.
  • There was at one point a momentary lapse in customer service skills (as far as we can tell) which doesn’t appear to be the case now though.

Click here to view it on Amazon


5: Dirty Pro Tools 125L Cement Mixer

This hard working electric cement mixer is backed up by a 550 watt motor to help it work hard as long as you do.

Dirty Pro ToolsTM Large Professional Cement Mixer 125 Liter 240V 550W Portable Concrete Cement Mixer 125l


Upon opening we were very impressed by this large cement mixer!

Let’s look at it’s specifications:

  • 550w motor
  • Capacity: 125L drum capacity
  • Can be disassembled in 1 minute for fast transportation
  • Electric with UK mains plug
  • Motor speed 2800rpm
  • Drum speed 30rpm

What’s it like in use?

It does what you expect, and thanks to the larger drum size you can get more cement mixed at the same time.

We used ours to lay the foundations for a concrete shed base and it worked tirelessly.

Recommended great builders equipment.

Pro’s and con’s:

  • Reliable and hard working.
  • Instructions could always be a bit clearer to follow but once it’s done then that’s it.

Click here to view it on Amazon



JTF Mega Warehouse 120 Litre Cement Mixer

This JTF cement mixer represents a good solid 120 litre cement mixer backed up by a trusted Uk brand.


jtf 120 l cement mixer


This 120 litre version concrete mixer is plenty big enough for the vast majority of jobs.  The opening is 34cm (others in this top 10 are slightly bigger).

It’s a doddle to use and operate, and the wheels make it easy to maneuvre too.

Here are the specifications (taken directly from Amazon):

* High performance cement mixer suitable for small projects at home

  • Power Output: 550w / Voltage: 230v with 33rpm Drum Speed
  • Capacity: 140L / 126L Mix Capacity. 33cm Drum Opening
  • Some assembly required: Instruction manual included



Pro’s and con’s

  • None.

Click here to view it on Amazon



Switzer cement mixer


The Switzer Cement Mixer Gets A Lot Done


With it’s 120 litre capacity, the Switzer cement mixer boasts an uprated motor, and a wide opening, so you can throw in large amounts of cement or plaster etc for mixing.  It is one of our most popular products for a reason.

SwitZer 240V Volt 550W Portable Electric Concrete Cement Mixer Mortar Plaster Machine Capacity 120L Litre Drum Mouth Diameter 340mm

Still with the same great strong construction and powder coating, it’s tough and reliable and half the price of more well known branded “Belle Cement Mixers” (although Belle cement mixers are some of the very very best).

It is certainly very well made and will easily make light work of many projects.

This is one of the recommended best cement mixers for sale.

SwitZer 240V Volt 550W Portable Electric Concrete Cement Mixer Mortar Plaster Machine Capacity 120L Litre Drum Mouth Diameter 340mm


Pro’s and con’s

  • Cannot fault this at all!

Click here to view it on Amazon



Mini Mix 150 Cement Mixer


Here is the Belle minimix 150 electric cement mixer (without the stand).  Lower in price than the model with stand, yet offers the same superb premium grade quality that can only come with a Belle mixer.

No fluff, no hype, just one of the best work horses there is on the market.

Powered by a 230v electric motor it is one of the toughest out.

Mini Mix 150 230 volt

It’s an electric cement mixer with 150 litre capacity.  Click to see if it’s available for delivery right away.

It measures: 121.1 x 59.7 x 89 cm

If the best is needed without any hesitation then choose a Belle cement mixer and you’ll enjoy incredible and lightning fast customer service, brilliant high end perfectly formed machinery, and total peace of mind that your cement mixer will probably outlive you.

Pro’s and con’s

  • Featuring the Belle brand name
  • A standard quality Belle cement mixer

Click here to view it on Amazon



Belle Minimix 150 Cement Mixer and Stand Petrol GXH150

Looking for a petrol cement mixer?


Belle Minimix 150 Cement Mixer and Stand Petrol GXH150

Here is the Belle Minimix 150 petrol cement mixer that offers you the chance to work anywhere even if there is no electric power supply.  It might not be the cheapest petrol cement mixer but it is without a doubt one of the very best.

Being a Belle cement mixer, you get nothing but the very best.

This is the full set up.  Mixer, stand and petrol power source powered by a Honda gxh 4Hp engine.

Belle Minimix 150 Cement Mixer and Stand Petrol GXH150

Here’s what you get:

  • Belle Minimix 150 Cement Mixer and Stand Petrol GXH150
  • A Portable and Compact machine making transportation easy
  • Extra Thick Cement Mixer Drum
  • Quick Mix Paddles
  • Full Thermal Overload Protection

Pro’s and con’s

  • Petrol concrete mixer variant of their brilliant cement mixers
  • Expect to pay premium prices
  • Ultra reliable work horse

Click here to view it on Amazon



Baylola Cement Mixer 

A superb cheap cement mixer!

A cement mixer that fits any budget!  Priced just over £100 it’s superb value and just perfect for pretty much any job, however for large scale jobs such as house builds you might want a larger sized drum capacity.  This one is 46 litres.  Works well for laying patios, pathways and so much more!  One of the cheapest cement mixers around!

Baylola Cement Mixer cm46 240v Powerful 300w 35rpm Electric Portable Cement, Mortar, Concrete Mixer. 46 Litre Capacity Drum. Portable, Easy to Load.

Our best cheap cement mixer

It makes no sense whatsoever now to hire out a cement mixer at £50 a time.  Buy one of these and you will have made your money back with just 2 days of use!

This cheap cement mixer for sale can be easily transported in the back of most cars!

It’s great tipping handle makes it a doddle to pour out your mix where it’s needed or into a barrow.


Model CM46
Voltage 230V ~ 50Hz

Pro’s and Con’s

  • Very low cost entry cement mixer
  • 46 litre capacity
  • Assemble in under 60 minutes

Click here to view it on Amazon

Wrapping up this cement mixer review:

When looking for any kind of mixer you need to remember to choose the best cement mixer for your needs.  Do you want something that is designed for heavy use 8 hours a day 6 days a week, or something more for occasional use – projects around the home?

Remember, there are many cement mixers for sale..

All 10 of these in our list are “great” cement mixers.

We have weeded out the poor performing cement mixers to leave this list of what is in our opinion the ones that are the most reliable, and good value for money.

Finally… the top 3 cement mixer machines in our list as defined by us:

2nd place
Charles Bentley Cement Mixer
Charles Bentley Cement Mixer
3rd Place
Belle Mini mix 150 Petrol
Belle Minimix 150 With Stand

Any questions on the best cement mixers for sale?

Have your seen our top 10 best wacker plates?

Please comment below for our feedback!

The 10 Best Air Fryer Models For 2019

air fryer for chicken


Which Air Fryer Is BEST ?

Here we work through a list to find out the top 10 best air fryer models currently available.

When choosing an air-fryer, you have to consider it’s performance, it’s reliability, and how good it can cook food.

Risks of eating unhealthy deep fried foods:


Heart disease, strokes and diabetes aren’t just an imaginary thing.  Over 100,000 people each year in the Uk suffer from a stroke from heart disease.

That’s one person every 5 minutes.

It’s really quite a daunting thing to think about.  Your life on hold, held up and having to take things far slower, if you survive, that is.

If you want to continue putting deep fried unhealthy food inside you then you are most certainly on a direct road to destination ill.

Make a conscious decision today to just change some of these habits.

An air fryer cooks food with air (and sometimes a tiny bit of oil) and represents a far healthier way of deep frying food – and it tastes pretty good too.


Before the in-depth reviews, here are our favourite top air fryer picks


Best Budget Air Fryer

Dihl KA-AFD02 Red or Black

Dihl KA-AFD02-RED Air Fryer Rapid Healthy Frying Hot Grill Roast Low Fat Oil Cooker Oven Food, 4 Litre, 1300 W, Red Dihl KA-AFD02-BLK Air Fryer Rapid Healthy Frying Hot Grill Roast Low Fat Oil Cooker Oven Food, 4 Litre, 1300 W, Black

Best Overall Air Fryer

Tefal Traditional 1400 Watt Air Fryer

Tefal Actifry Traditional, Air Fryer, 1400W, 1Kg Capacity, Black

Best Large Capacity Family Air Fryer

VonShef 5 Litre Family Air Fryer

VonShef 5L Air Fryer for Healthy Low Fat Cooking with Adjustable Temperature Control and Timer – 2000W – Black and Copper

Ready for the in-depth stuff?  let’s dive in with our top 10 best air fryer reviews





The Dihl KA-AFD02-RED Air Fryer

Our Dihl Air Fryer Review – definitely one of the cheapest air fryers to buy right now.


It’s currently available in either Red or Black.


Dihl KA-AFD02-RED Air Fryer Rapid Healthy Frying Hot Grill Roast Low Fat Oil Cooker Oven Food, 4 Litre, 1300 W, RedDihl KA-AFD02-BLK Air Fryer Rapid Healthy Frying Hot Grill Roast Low Fat Oil Cooker Oven Food, 4 Litre, 1300 W, Black

What’s NOT to love about the Dihl air fryer?

  • For a start it’s a gorgeous rich red air fryer!
  • (It might just be the best chip fryer around (and healthy too!)
  • It enjoys a whopping 4 litre cooking capacity – enough for more generous portions or for a bigger family.
  • It even has a dishwasher safe tray so cleaning up is a simple as 1,2, 3 !
  • Join the Dihl recipes community and share recipes online!

It measures 33cm high, 30cm long and 28cm wide.

Features 1300 Watts of power making it a good performing machine that can stand well among more expensive air fryers.

If you are looking for super low cost, brilliant looking and great capacity then this has to be one of the best budget air fryers currently available.

Click here to find the current best price for this on Amazon.





The Duronic AF1 /B Healthy Oil Free 1500W Air Fryer


It’s hard to put this as a second favourite budget air fryer because for over a year it was our number one favourite low cost air fryer.  However even the best have to step aside sometimes.

We are still madly in love with this air fryer (and use it day in day out, and it does really well), but the pricing is now not one of the cheapest, and secondly it’s capacity is only 2.2 litres whereas the Dihl is 4 litres.

So it’s our number 2 for cheapest air fryer choices.

Since we first created this article a year ago, we have updated it a few times, and time after time this air fryer has proven itself to be an exceptionally good budget air fryer.  Sure it’s not perfect but for the money (under £70 typically) it does a really good job.

How do we know this?  We bought this, and tested it (see here) and still use day in day out (it’s a keeper!)

Some manufacturers don’t really have to try and wow you with their sales patter because their products speak for themselves. This is the case with the Duronic AF1 air fryer.

Offering a great first foray into air frying, the AF1 is available in both Black and White.

How big is it?

  • 34 x 29 x 31cm

How much can it cook?

  • It has a 2.2 litre capacity which is enough for 2 to 3 people however with most air fryers you’re never going to squeeze in meat, veg, potatoes etc for 3 to 4 people. Remember it needs very little oil  (If you need to go LARGE then look at the Dihl air fryer, or for super large look for the Vonshef 5 litre).
  • With our own personal real testing we found we could make enough chips for 4 children in about 15 to 18 minutes.

What can it cook?

Pretty much most things that can be cooked in a conventional cooker, as well as things that are cooked in a deep fat fryer, but the likes of:

  • Chips
  • Chicken Wings
  • Lamb Chops
  • Sweat corns
  • Spring Rolls
  • Samosas
  • Spring Rolls
  • Prawns
  • Fried Cod
  • Roasted Vegetables
  • Roasted Soups
  • And even desserts!

The main features of the Duronic AF1 (taken from Amazon)

  • The Duronic AF1 uses air circulating technology on your food with little or no oil making food healthier without compromising on the taste.
  • Adjustable temperature control ensures food is cooked to the appropriate temperature
  • Closed cooking system provides a safe odour and splatter free cooking experience with a cool touch exterior
  • Dishwasher safe fry bowl and air fryer basket. Comes in Black and White
  • Compact size – easily fits on a kitchen counter and blends in with existing appliances
  • A small air fryer in size, but not in features or capacity – be prepared to be blown away!
  • As far as air fryer offers goes, there is little need to look out for the best deals when this air fryer really does do a splendid job.


Watch this Video we made cooking frozen chips to get a feel for the Duronic AF1

Pro’s and Con’s of the Duronic AF1 Jet air fryer / multicooker

Our thoughts on the Duronic AF1 air fryer / multicooker

For well under half the price of the premium branded models and with all the same great features you cannot go wrong.

The AF1 has all the style charm and cooking capabilities you’ll need for most things.

The only drawback is it is limited to 200 degrees so certain foods that require much higher temperatures may not be suited. The vast majority of foods are fine however.

We love it’s hyper drive temperature display dial – it just makes you think you’re the captain of your own spaceship setting warp factor 10!

The only real downside we consider (and it’s very minor) is that the basket may release from the tray IF you are carrying it from the unit over to a new counter top, AND you somehow managed to lift up the safety guard and press the basket release.. but it’s extremely unlikely so just take care where your fingers go.

If this is your first time with an air fryer then this is definitely worthy of attention, as is the Salter air fryer (read our own review on the Ek2205 by Salter) and the Berg air fryer mainly for the price points and the larger capacities.

Of course, a good air fryer wouldn’t be a good air fryer unless it had an “auto off” function and a sound timer to let you know when the food is done. This has both, so in pretty much every way you just have to decide if this is the style that would suit your kitchen the best.

Click here to find the current best price for the Duronic air fryer on Amazon.





The Tefal ActiFry Low Fat Air Fryer

Tefal Air Fryer Review – a rotating air fryer that has been used and trusted by millions.


Did you know? – Over 7 million actifry air fryers have been produced… !  Read about it here..

(Click here if you’d like to see our “full” review for this fryer (opens in a new window)


Available is this, the 1.2kg capacity model, or you can change it to the traditional 1kg model when on the Amazon page for it.  The traditional model is also a fair bit cheaper too.


This Tefal Actifry is the latest version of what is arguably the best healthy fryer on the market – although everyone will have their favourite and own opinion, it is hard to beat the Actifry machine.  This particular model is the latest and replaces an earlier traditional model.

It’s a 1.2kg capacity electric air fryer.  This means it can feed a family of four with ease.

The best Actifry bar none.

Feeds generously, looks superb and works very well.

Tefal Actifry plus 1.2kg air fryer
The handsome Tefal Actifry Plus 1.2kg


It’s not “oil free” – although frozen foods do not need any added oil.  With this Tefal fryer you simply add a teaspoon of oil and that’s it – fried food without 99% of the fat!

How big is it?

  • The tfal actifry measures about 9.5 inches high, 12 inches wide and 16 inches long

Does it smell? Air fryer vs deep fryer

  • To be honest it is pretty much virtually odourless.  With a teaspoon of oil you are not going to be bombarded with the smell of oil, so throw out any notions of traditional deep fat fryers and embrace the new!
  • Traditional deep fryers cook the food in hot oil and the smell is instantly recognizable as “deep fried” whereas a hot air fryer circulates very hot air in a very clever way so that the food cooks evenly from all angles.

Any more recipes for this?

What can you cook with the Tefal Actifry?

  • Pretty much anything – as is the case for most air fryers.  We are not just talking about fluffy crisp tasty chips cooked with 100 times less oil, we are talking curries, chilli con carne’s, frozen meats, roast meats, vegetables and so much more.  Remember it’s also way more healthier than deep fryers!

Here’s the link to those tefal recipes to look at (from an independent website), or direct from Tefal here.  Although do remember that some of the best air fryer recipes are usually found on mom and pop websites or places like youtube.  You might be interested to know that we are creating a resources for air fryer recipes here on 10 Warriors.

(Psst.. want to know what the best air fryer for chips is?  Click here)

If you fall in love with an air fryer you might just find yourself using it more and more and ultimately replacing your other cooking appliances when it comes to meal ideas.

In the box you get of course:

  • The Tefal Actifry 1.2kg unit
  • x1 Actifry oil spoon – for popping oil in (I’m sure any spoon would do though!)
  • 1 Recipe book – so plenty of meal ideas to explore such as Chicken Tikka Masala, a vegetable stir fry and even Mediterranean style calamari recipes.
  • 1 Instruction book to help guide you round it and how to use it.

Cooking with the Actifry is a breeze

Pop your food in and add a spoon of your chosen oil then simply close the lid.  The Actifry will cook at a constant 170 degrees C approx.  All you need to do is set the timer – and the timer can be set up to 99 minutes.

When done, you’ll hear an audible timer to let you know everything is done.

Besides this 4 person version there is also a larger “family version Actifry that will feed up to 6 people (up to 1.5kg of food) – you can see that one here.

Also, if you want to throw in some extra food halfway through (such as vegetables) you can do.  Simply open the lid and the Actifry will pause the cooking to allow you access, and then simply resume where it left off right after you close the lid again.

When you’ve finished, cleaning is just as simple – you can pop the removable ceramic coated pan, plus paddle and also lid straight into the dishwasher – so guess what?  No hand washing needed.

Images of the Tefal Actifry:

The Tefal Actifry is a tried, trusted and tested clear winner when it comes to healthy airfry cooking.  The vast majority of people who own one of these have indicated they are extremely happy with it.

What’s not to love about tasty healthier food with 100 times less oil, no smells and easy to clean?

Our thoughts on the Tefal Actifry 1.2kg cooker

Really and truly these are hard to beat.  This air fryer review showcases one of the most successful air fryers to ever hit the market.  The Actifry range uses a paddle that slowly moves the food round for even cooking whereas most others have the food in a pull out tray/basket or lift up tray/basket with an area below to catch drips.

Nobody can argue about the benefits of healthier eating.  After all if you could eat food that tastes stunning yet is immeasurably better for you – then it really serves up as a no brainer.

Couple in the fact you can cook a mouth watering array of different foods and really there isn’t anything stopping you!

If you need something a bit bigger then splash out a bit more and opt for the 1.5kg model (known as XL) as this will feed up to 6 average people instead of 4.

There is also an Express model to consider.

Want to find out more?  You can by clicking here to see why this is one great air fryer machine!




The impeccable Philips HD9621/91 Viva Collection Airfryer


This Philips digital airfryer (model number HD9621/91) makes cooking easier than ever.

Switch on, food in, half a tablespoon of oil if desired and set the timer.

AIR FRY.. GRILL.. BAKE   cook whatever you want.. the options are endless with this VERY versatile machine.

A Philip air fryer like this one represents  a trusted and reliable device with a good warranty backup typically of 2 years.

 So let’s look at some facts:

  • Cook with 80% less oil
  • Philips legendary quality for peace of mind.
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Cook crispy Chicken in as little as 13 minutes!

How big is this?

  • 26.6 x 29.2 x 27.6 cm


Pro’s and Con’s


Our thoughts on the Philips HD9261 90 healthier oil free airfryer

Overall we really loved testing this machine.  It is a beautiful machine that will happily grace the counter top of many a kitchen up and down the UK.

Grill, bake, roast or fry – it’s your choice what you decide to do with this but the versatility is there at your disposal.

We did have a little hesitation when we first opened the box.  Instead of saying 100 times less oil (like the Actifry) they focus on the fact it enables you to cook in a healthier way that gives you 23% fewer calories when compared to a regular deep fat fryer.

Yes, while a reduction is good, still 23% less calories is hardly groundbreaking (is it?).  However we were initially looking at it wrong.  We believe their marketing might have missed the point or benefits, although I’m sure someone from Philips would be keen to put us right!

At the end of the day it is an air fryer and you can (if you want) pop in a tiny bit of oil.  To ease our minds we wanted to know about oil use – namely how much oil is needed.  For machines that are supposed to be far healthier than regular deep fat fryers we thought this was important to know.  Actifry machines are touted as using “just a small amount of oil” whereas the marketing for this Philips hot air fryer is a little different.

Philips focus on telling you other facts.  Facts such as: 23% less calories.

Their marketing suggests “oil free” as with most air fryers, however many recipes still suggest some oil can be added to change the taste to something more akin to what we “enjoy” (seemingly).

Well, we decided to give this machine a go without any oil.  In fact some of us gave the food a light spray with frylight and came to the conclusion that the food was still very nice.  Kind of crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.  A little like oven chips.

So our conclusion of this machine is that for a start it is one of the best looking air fryers around.  It cooks wonderfully.  The timer let’s you know when cooking time is done and importantly the air fryer stops, meaning that your food won’t be overcooked if you are out out the room.  Thumbs up from us!

You can cook as healthy as you want.  Removing all the oil is one of the best things you can do for your health however a small touch of oil or spray oil can be added to suit your taste, and you will still be cooking in a far healthier way.

Click here to find the current best price for the Philips HD9261 90



Philips HD9240/90 Avance Collection Airfryer

A third bigger than it’s baby brother at number 2 in our list, this Philips Airfryer XL HD9240/90 Avance collection airfryer.

Bigger and chunkier enough to feed a family of up to 5 (claimed).  When there’s more mouths to feed this is the obvious choice.  In fact it is one of our best low fat fryer models in this test… but…

As for capacity, it is in fact 3 litres.  This is big, but it’s certainly not the biggest around.

Sure it’s bigger.  It needs to be for the extra work it’s got to do.

Size wise the footprint it will take up on your worktop is 42.3 x 31.5 x 30.2 cm – a nice corner would suit it.  Compared to it’s baby brother though there is hardly anything in it size wise, just 3 or so cm on most sides so the additional counter top space taken up is hardly noticeable at all.

Like it’s baby brother the 9220, this large air fryer has all the benefits of healthy eating but in a larger size to cook for more people or hungrier mouths (if you’ve got kids you’ll know more is always better!)

Feel free to check out some of the amazing philips air fryer reviews over on Amazon.  They speak for themselves.


Pro’s and Con’s

Our thoughts on the Philips HD9240/90 airfryer


If you expect this machine to the the total chef for all the food for all the family you will be disappointed:

It’s a beautiful machine and the larger size is definitely more welcoming but just bear in mind that if you are seeking to feed a family of 4 to 5 with say chicken and chips there won’t be enough room in this.  In realistic terms you could probably cram in about 800g chips maximum but not a deal more.

Otherwise maybe 7 to 8 chicken drumsticks or thighs in around 20 to 25 minutes.

It DOES make for a great machine if you’re doing chicken and chips for 2 to 3 people – plenty of food, and you can mix your own home made chicken drumsticks with the chips in the same basket.

HOWEVER in realistic terms, as long as you are aware this isn’t a total replacement for “all your cooking methods” you’ll be fine.  Use it to cook maybe the most fattening foods in it, to keep the fat content low, and do the rest in the oven, in a saucepan or in the microwave.

On the plus side, all of the above seems irrelevant when you actually get to grips with what you can cook with an air fryer.  There are now thousands of recipes around for virtually any meal.  Ever tried spring rolls or Moussaka cooked in one?  Start experimenting and you’ll soon be cooking up an array of tasty treats and meals in next to no time.  French fries?  Why not.  Add some Paprika to spice things up too!

Click here to find the current best pricing on Amazon for this.  One of our favourite oil-less air fryers on the market.



The Good Looking Tower T14004 Low Fat Rapid Air Fryer with Digital Timer

Our mid priced “air fryer” in this list by a long mile and despite this it still passes many of our tests.  We wanted to include this Tower T14004 air fryer because of it’s affordability and the fact that it looks just the part of a “proper” air fryer”.

(Here is a fuller deeper review on the T14004 Tower air fryer)


Let’s explore this.

So, first of all, it’s surprisingly good looking (just as good looking as some of the more well known brands like Philips etc.).  It does the job.

Benefits of the Tower T14004 “air fryer”:

  • Eliminates the need for oil for delicious sin free meals with up to 80% less fat than a conventional fryer
  • A power air fryer that is extremely robust and hard working.
  • Uses significantly less energy and cooks three times faster
  • Generous 3.2 litre capacity makes it ideal for up to 5 servings – great for large families and household guests

Set and forget with the Tower air fryer.  It features a timer that extends up to 30 minutes with a bell sound to let you know when the time has passed.


Pro’s and Con’s

Our thoughts on the Tower T14004 “air fryer”

It’s never going to be a high end Philips or Tefal, BUT for a mid priced air fryer its really good looking and it cooks food nicely as long as you follow the instructions carefully.

Click here to find the current best price for this.




Jet Hot Air Fryer: Non-Oil/Fat Deep Fried, Grill, Bake & Roast in A Healthy Way

The JML Air Fryer – heard of it?

Next up we have the JML Jet hot air fryer.

Perfect as an oil free air fryer for people on a budget.

Ever heard of JML?  Well they are the mastermind of “High Street TV”, and they are behind the hundreds of products you seen advertised on TV and in thousands of stores up and down the UK.  They were established in 2008, and are based in Harrogate, Yorkshire.  You can check them out here.


The JML Jet hot air fryer has the following features and benefits:

  • Hot, rapid air vortex technology; 360 degree rotating inner base for perfect, even cooking
  • No oil or fat, just clean, hot air; get deep fried results without the frying
  • It’s a dry air fryer with it’s own unique style – and that’s good to know!
  • Food is crispy and delicious
  • Grill, bake and roast
  • Basket and frying rack allows fat to leave your food and be discarded


Approximate measurements 30cm x 38cm x 28cm height
Bowl diameter 22.5cm
Capacity 2 litres
Weight out of box 4kg

Fairly similar footprint to many other hot air fryers – large enough for the needed use, and small enough to fit in a nice place on your counter top.

Let’s take a look at the JML Jet:

Is this the perfect air fryer?

Well, from a cost perspective it’s certainly competitive.  The capacity of this device is 2.5 litres, which is fairly standard for an air fryer (the capacities cannot be huge as they need to be kept in a tight space for the air frying to be totally effective).

We do have some minor reservations about the build quality, as in how long the lid will last.  Pretty sure with a lot of careful use it will be fine but I wouldn’t like to be too heavy handed.

Watch this video to see the benefits for yourself.  It’s from an American infomercial however you can see the benefits in the first 5 minutes.

Pro’s and Con’s of the JML Jet air fryer

Our thoughts on the JML Jet oil free airfryer

For what it is, it’s a good unit.  The unit is no longer listed on the manufacturers website, however it is actively sold in the United States.  The customer services department do answer you when asking for replacement parts (i.e. lids) so for half the cost of other sleeker designs it’s certainly the unit to gain entry into the air fryer market.

As long as you take care with the JML jet there is no reason why it cannot live happily in your home for a long time – as long as you like Lime Green.  The handle colour is not available in any other colours.

Click here to find the current best price for this air fryer.




VonShef 5 Litre Air Fryer With Adjustable Temperature Control and Timer



The Vonshef 5 litre air fryer is now LOW COST and fabulous to boot!

What is NOT to love about that?  family sized, stylish and great at what it does.


  • An 80 to 200 “degrees C” temperature range.
  • A 0 to 60 minute timer (perfect for just about everything)
  • 2 year warranty
  • Superb reviews from existing customers who have bought it already

Using a fryer without oil may seem strange, unconventional and yet a bit liberating at the same time.  Suddenly you’re not just soaking everything in deep hot oil, but heating it using hot air that recirculates super efficiently.

Pretty darned good we think.

Click below to find the current best price for this.




Klarstein Vitair Hot Air Fryer


Just before we “dive in”, I wanted to add that this is technically not an air fryer – as in it’s not “frying” the food.  Manufacturers are now releasing their Halogen ovens with convection units and infrared capabilities and calling them air fryers when technically they are not.  At the end of this top 10 review list I will explain the differences between convection ovens, turbo broilers (which this is), and an air fryer.

This is actually a Turbo broiler.  Also known as an oven with infrared aided heat and a convection fan.

So, that said, this machine is one one the funkiest looking units we’ve ever had the chance to review.  It looks like a motorcyle helmet or some sort of futuristic spaceship perhaps?

As well as Purple, you can also view it in 3 other colours:

What’s it like?

It is extremely handsome and would look incredibly cool in any kitchen.  It also makes delicious healthy food.

Even though it’s no “air fryer” it’s not to be dismissed as a healthy way to cook food, however you do need to be aware the food will not have that fried taste that true air fryers attempt to recreate (through “rapid air circulation”).

These machines are merely heat with a convection fan moving the heat round – however a rotating spit with this model enables for a more even cooking experience compared to other “turbo broilers” like the Tower T14001.

Let’s look at it in pictures

Pro’s and Con’s of the Klarstein Vitair

Our thoughts on the Klarstein Vitair “air fryer”

We ummed and arred for a long time, wondering whether or not to include this unit in this top 10 list of best air fryers as obviously it isn’t one.

Turbo broilers (i.e. Halogen ovens with added infrared) are basically compact Halogen convection ovens with the added benefit of infrared.

The downside is it simply isn’t ever going to fully attempt to recreate that fried food taste – which is kind of the whole reason for this review.

I wanted to include two of these types of machine within this list so that you are aware of the differences between the two types of machine (there is a more thorough explanation towards the end of this top 10 list that explains the distinct differences). 

Sure, they are both healthier options and great machines, but a true air fryer will aim for that fried taste through rapid air circulation whereas these take their heat from a Halogen bulb and a fan that assists the flow.

The rotating spit on this model takes it that step further in an attempt to remove the issues with Halogen ovens in that you do need to turn food making this model a very positive one.

Click here to find the current best price for this.




Salter EK2205 Healthy Digital Hot Air Fryer

Here is the Salter air fryer, the EK2205.

Let’s see what the benefits and features of this unit are (taken direct from the Salter website).  With over 20 years experience, the Salter brand is well established and known.

  • A versatile alternative to deep fat frying, the Salter digital airfryer enables you to cook using little or no oil without losing any flavour.
  • Featuring 1400 W power, the fryer can heat up to 200° and uses a heat circulation method in order to cook your food incredibly quickly.
  • Ideal for home-made chips or wedges as well as meat, spring rolls, stuffed vegetables and quiche, it can cook a huge variety of meals.
  • Brilliantly simple to use, it has a 30 minute timer with automatic switch-off, digital touch sensitive controls and an LCD display.
  • It contains an easy to clean, removable 4.5 litre non-stick cooking basket which enables you to quickly serve the food after cooking.
  • This air fryer cooks just about anything you can imagine.  You are only limited by your imagination


How big is it?

35.8 x 31.8 x 31.6 cm

How much power does it have?

1400 watts of power

Why should I have this?

It’s relatively cheaper than the high end Philips dry fryer and T-fal air fryer models, yet it looks every bit as good, AND it comes with the larger more generous capacity.  What’s NOT to love about it?


Pro’s and Con’s of the Salter EK2205 Air Fryer

Our thoughts on the Salter EK2205 air fryer

One of our favourites.  The price point gives this air fryer a thumbs up, as does the extra large 4.5 litre capacity.  It does what it’s supposed to and looks every bit as good as other main branded oil free air fryers so you can enjoy family portions of delicious healthy food (and a wide variety at that!) at a lower cost.

After you’ve used it, it’s literally just the one pan to remove for cleaning which makes perfect sense when it’s your turn to do the dishes, or you can pop it in the dishwasher too, so it’s a win-win all round situation.

Size wise it’s just about right so can be left out all the time, and it’s good looks contribute to it’s likeability.

Click below to find the current best price for this.


When 10 just aren’t enough, here are some additional air fryers that we wanted to give an honourable mention to.



VonShef Low Fat Digital Air Fryer

Enter the Vonshef air fryer 13/351 with a 3.5 litre capacity and 1300 watts of power


vonshef 13 351 air fryer digital display

So it’s a good looking unit and seems to do all the things you’d want and the price is pretty spectacular as well (half the cost of mainstream branded products).  It has an extra divider you can pop in to keep certain foods apart if you want.

Featuring a 60 minute timer and temperature options ranging from 150 to 200 degrees – perfect for most foods.  Features non slip feet and a cool touch handle.

‘Forbidden’ foods previously off the menu can make a welcome re-appearance; fries, fried chicken, burgers, steak, spring rolls, sausage rolls, cakes – the list goes on! Thanks to its superb versatility, the VonShef Air Fryer will come in handy for meals throughout the day, whether you’re frying, grilling, baking, roasting or just reheating. (source amazon)

Pro’s and Con’s of the Vonshef 13/262 healthy digital air fryer

Our thoughts on the Vonshef 13 351 air fryer

Overall an excellent machine and does what is intended.  We couldn’t find any real genuine issues.  Pop in the desired food, set the timer and wait for it to cook.  Nothing could be simpler.  Like most, it is recommended to shake once or twice throughout the cooking (especially when a lot is in, such as chips).

As an affordable good looking air fryer  it is hard to find any faults with this and you won’t go too far wrong if this becomes your next purchase.

Click below to find the current best price for this.




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10 Of The Best Safety Boots 2019 [Tried & Tested]

best work boots

best safety boots

Why should you bother wearing ANY sort of safety boots?

After all, what’s wrong with wearing regular trainers to work?

Ok, so common sense first, it may be a boring topic, but well, while working in hazardous conditions like in a factory, you can easily hurt your feet if you are not being careful.  A momentary lapse in concentration can spell disaster!  Honestly, the truth is that you really should invest in the very best safety boots you can afford.

Doing this just makes perfect sense. Give your feet the required level of protection they deserve.

It only takes a moment for something heavy to fall on your feet, or a fork lift truck to go off course and run over your feet.

Not a nice thing.  Feet are incredibly complex with intricate bone structures and ligaments.  Makes sense to look after them as much as you can.


Before we get deep into the nitty gritty, here’s our top 3 rated safety boots

Best budget safety boots:

JCB Mens WorkMax

JCB Mens Workmax B Safety Boots Grey/Black 11 UK, 45 EU

Best light weight safety boots:

Magnum Unisex

  Magnum Unisex Adults Mid Work Boots

Best waterproof work boots:

DeWalt Mens Titanium

DeWALT Mens Titanium Safety Boots 11 UK, 45 EU Regular


ImageLinkProductBrandLowest New Price
Haix Airpower XR3 S3 – Boot with no compromises: Maximum in Comfort and Protection. 38Haix£139.90
Blackrock SF01 Fur Lined Safety Rigger Boot (Tan) S1-P SRCBlackrock£21.41
Dunlop Protective Footwear Unisex Adults’ Dunlop Blizzard Wellington Boots, Black, 9 UKDunlop Protective Footwear£29.99
Magnum Unisex Elite Spider 8-inch Boot, Beige, 6 UKMagnum
Grafters Mens Grinder Safety Twin Gusset Leather Dealer Boots (9 UK) (Honey Nubuck)Grafters£33.62
Haix Airpower X21 High S3-Boot, Extra high for Secure Hold. 37 BlackHaix
Cat Men's Supremacy Sbp P710571 Safety Boots Black), 9 UK 43 EUCaterpillar
DeWALT Mens Titanium Safety Boots Honey 10 UK, 44 EU RegularDEWALT£62.49
Groundwork Mens GR96 Steel Toe Cap Saftey Ultra Light Weight LACE Work Trainer Shoes BLK/BLK 10Groundwork£28.00


Nobody want’s something big and heavy crushing their feet!

best work boots

So, which safety boots should you go for?

Well, there are “many” cheap work boots easily available in the market that you can choose but you should not risk your life by compromising on the price.  They all look “really nice” and the price seems really attractive but bear in mind that your health comes first.

Depending on your specific needs, getting steel toe capped boots should be the first priority.

Then choose what other things are important.  Things such as reinforced steel soles (if working outdoors and there is a risk of standing on a sharp object), or chemical protection.  Last but not least, comfort is also very important especially as you are likely to be wearing boots for hours on end.

So let’s take a longer look now at this best safety boots UK review.  Yep based on the UK market.

The CAT supremacy have steel toes and comfort and waterproof capabilities – we like these and think they are some of the best waterproof safety boots around:

Cat Men's Supremacy Sbp P710571 Safety Boots, (Black), 8 UK 42 EU

If you are looking for specifically boots for wide feet then go here, otherwise please continue reading.

The very best work boots are the ones that are made with the best quality of material and are able to withstand any accidental situation.  We are talking crushes from falling objects, bangs or impact injuries.

If they are also comfortable that’s the icing on the cake really.

When your feet are under consideration, price is not usually the factor you should be thinking about.

Instead, focus on the design, comfort level, and strength of the boots.


Our Best Rated (overall) Work Boots Are These One's :

The DeWalt Mens Titanium Work Boots.  


  • Waterproof

  • Comfortable

  • Steel toe caps

  • Steel mid sole

  • Constantly TOP RATED by independent purchasers.

  • Quality safety boots

DeWALT Mens Titanium Safety Boots 11 UK, 45 EU Regular

Even with a years worth of daily use, you will find them incredibly comfortable and pleasing each and every day.  Click here to see all the features (there are many!)  These are comfotable safety boots uk contractors should seriously consider.

View On Amazon

There are many styles of boots that you can choose including steel cap safety boots.  These protect you from small crushes, machinery etc, and help to keep your toes attached to your foot!


So, if you’re ready, let’s get started with our round up of the best work boots uk buyers can grab


1. Haix Airpower XR3 New Gore-Tex Waterproof Metal Free Safety Toe Cap Work Boot

“Are These The BEST Safety Boots ?”

Haix Airpower XR3 New Gore-Tex Waterproof Metal Free Safety Toe Cap Work Boot Haix Airpower XR3 boots are very trendy and some of the best quality work boots available in the market today. This pair of boots are actually some of the comfiest safety boots we’ve ever tested!  In fact they are our current best rated safety boots.

Check out some of their “countless” features that are hard to find in other safety boots!

The leather is waterproof (nice!) and has a sun reflective coating that reduces the effect of heating on the upper side of the boots, making them highly comfortable to wear in the summer season.

“Without a doubt, these are our best waterproof work boots”

On the inner side of the boots, there is a highly absorbent cushioning wedge that keeps your feet dry.

Haix Airpower XR3 604102 Sz Haix Airpower XR3 604102 Sz 08 One of the finest features of these safety boots is the breathable material.

The toe of the boot is also very strong.  It absorbs impact shocks completely and does not make you feel any discomfort.  If looking for the best safety boots and some lovely comfy safety boots uk, then look no further.. these could be just what the doctor ordered!

Moreover, the leather is reinforced over the heel rounding to add maximum stability to the boots. And not to forget the tread design that provides increased grip to your feet and prevents slipping even on the greasy floor.

Overall, one of our most favourite pair of work boots tested.


2. B-Click Traders PU/Rubber S3 Rigger Safety Boots

B-Click Traders PU Rubber S3 Rigger Safety Boots

Some of the best s3 safety boots currently available

“Our best lightweight safety boots”

If you are looking only for simplicity packed in the shoes at the least price possible, the Rubber S3 Rigger Safety Boots are definitely for you. (Some of the best cheap safety boots around!)

Made with pure leather, these are one of the best safety boots you can own at very affordable prices.

On the bottom of the shoes lies a rubber sole of 0.5 centimetres thick that can prevent any damage from dropped nails and other sharp objects.

Certainly a comfort to know.  If you are a gardener you will be well aware of the pitfalls of walking through thick bramble growth.

B-Click Traders PU/Rubber S3 Rigger Safety Boots The upper leather may not be waterproof but it is very comfortable to wear.  These are very lightweight and makes mobility easier.

The Brown colour of the leather material is also very pleasing to the eyes and does not look dirty when used week in week out.

The slip-on design of the boots allows you to easily wear and remove the boots without the hassle of tying and untying the laces.

The leather upper makes it very easy to clean and maintain the boots without using any fancy products.

Simple yet elegant truly fits these boots!  Click here to see the quality for yourself.


3. Dunlop Blizzard Warm Black Fleece Lined Padded Collar Wellington Boots

Dunlop Blizzard Warm Black Fleece Lined Padded Collar Wellington BootsDunlop Blizzard Boots are the name of quality. These are some of the best top quality Wellington work boots you can get.

Ideal for damp wet areas, these safety wellies provide a high level of protection and comfort to your feet.

If you have to work in wet conditions, these are ideal for you because of the fact that these boots are 100% waterproof winter wellingtons. The slip-on design of these boots makes them very easy to wear.

In a nutshell these represent some of the best winter work boots for the uk (but no steel toe caps!)

There is a padded collar with a drawstring which you can use to tighten the boots from the above and make them kind of air tight to prevent water seeping in.

Using state of art technology, the manufacturers have given a very fine easy to clean finish to the boots.

Dunlop Blizzard Warm Black Fleece Linned Padded Collar Wellington Boots Dunlop Blizzard Warm Black Fleece Linned Padded Collar Wellington Boots Available in two colour variants: Black & Blue.

The outer part of the shoes is made with synthetic material but the inner side is padded with textile and absorbent cushion to prevent sweating and keeping the feet dry.

Don’t forget that there is also a great tread that gives stability and increased grip to your feet! Click here to look closer at these.


4. Magnum Unisex Elite Spider 8-inch Boot

Magnum Unisex Elite Spider 8-inch Boot


Have you always admired those boots worn by the soldiers? If yes, Magnum Unisex Elite Spider 8-inch boots are the ones you are looking for. These are top quality safety boots with a really attractive design.

The outer part of the boots is made with manmade leather and the inner part of the boot is made using manmade fabric.

These are stylish work boots that provide safety to your feet without compromising on your style statement.

The thick comfy heel keeps you safe from potential cuts from nails and other sharp objects. It also absorbs any shock you might feel from some hard objects.

Magnum Unisex Elite Spider 8-inch Boot These are some of the comfiest safety boots you can find that also come in a tough durable design.

There is no steel cap in these boots even then they provide your feet the desired level of protection.  Good for general levels of protection but not for crush or heavy object injuries.

The beautiful looking lace-up design adds a lot of value to your personality and makes it easy to wear and remove the shoes.  Could these be the best safety shoes right now?  You decide.  We love them!

For colour options, you will find three choices: Black, Beige, & Sand. All the three colours have their own grace and charm, however, Black tends to be the most popular one in terms of sales.

Lack of steel toe is a downside but overall these are very comfortable boots.



5. Grafters Safety Chelsea Dealer Boots Size UK 3 – 16 Work Honey Nubuck M808N

GRAFTERS SAFETY CHELSEA DEALER BOOTS SIZE UK 3 - 16 WORK HONEY NUBUCK M808NIt is a common fact that no two humans are the same and one thing that a person may find comfortable, the other can have opposite views.

These boots may look decidedly simple and understated, yet they boast a plethora of top-notch features behind the scenes.

The sole of the boots has a very strong tread design that provides you with great stability and grip.

These boots are made with Nubuck which is a rarely used material but is not less than leather in every aspect. This material provides strength to the boots and makes them very long lasting.

The two loops at each end of the shoes make it easy to wear and remove the boots and compliments the slip-on design of the shoes.

Mens Industrial Grafters Grinder Work Safety Boots There are three colours available in these shoes including Black, Honey and  Brown/Black leather.

What more can you ask for in work boots?  Both stylish and protective.


6. Airpower S3 Safety X21 Gore Tex Waterproof Work Boot By HAIX

airpower x21 gore tex waterproof work boot haix

“Are these the best work boots Uk wide ?”

Let’s see…

When it comes to HAIX boots, these are some of the best S3 safety boots Uk buyers can enjoy, and with these top quality boots the expectations run higher and for all the right reasons.

These top quality work boots are designed to withstand the work environment with you and keep you safe from all the potential threats that come your way.

It is not only the design of the boots that make them a popular option for work boots but the amount of protection they offer to your feet. These boots make walking easier and absorb all the shocks.

Having a large sole, these are some of the best safety boots to keep your feet safe from nails and other sharp objects that can cause damage to your feet. Moreover, the upper layer of the boots is waterproof but does not prevent the air from circulating.

These are good safety boots that you can rely upon.

Haix Airpower X21 High S3-Boot, Extra high Secure Hold Black

On the inside of the safety boots, there is a padded cushion that absorbs all the sweat and keeps your feet dry.

The boots have a lace-up design like all the HAIX boots that makes it very easy to wear and remove.

The sole of the boots is joined with the boot by keeping in consideration the durability factor. What’s the point of buying a pair of work boots that cannot last long?

By purchasing these boots, you get good value for your money. It is also worth mentioning that the tread design is top-notch which enables you to maintain a proper grip on the ground.

Discover these boots for yourself by clicking here to see how they can keep you safe.


7. Cat Supremacy SBP, MCat Supremacy Sbp Men Chelsea Bootsen Chelsea Boots

Even if you are at your workplace, you should not compromise your style. This is where you need to find the comfiest work boots that can add value to your personality. Cat Supremacy Sbp Mens Chelsea Boots are exactly the safety boots you are looking for.

Cat, as we all know, is the name of quality and from these boots, you can expect the level of comfort, quality, and durability. These are supreme quality safety boots with a Poliyou sock liner.

The solid construction gives enough strength to these boots.

Made with genuine leather, these boots are ideal for both seasons. However, you have to use thick socks in the winter season to keep your feet warm. On the inside of the boots, the mesh helps keeps your feet dry.

The sole of these boots is made with rubber and phylon.

These shoes are available in two attractive colours: Black & Yellow (Honey Reset).

Cat Supremacy SBP, Men Chelsea Boots,

Be prepared because these boots are a bit heavy as compared to other safety boots (but not that heavy that would disrupt your mobility).

The lace-up design allows you to tighten the shoes to the appropriate level which is not the case with pull-on design shoes.

The sole has a different tread design that gives you the stability you want. These are best steel toe boots you can find. The steel toe keeps you safe from potential shocks and sharp objects.

These are good value for the money and you should consider these work boots if you are brand conscious.


8. DeWALT Mens Titanium Safety Boots 9 UK, 43 EU Regular

DeWALT Mens Titanium Safety BootsSafety shoes are all about getting protection from potential threats that can hurt your feet. One of the best safety boots you can find for you are the DeWALT Mens Titanium Safety Boots. These are a combination of both a tall and a short safety boot, so just above your ankle.

One of the best aspects of these boots is their antibacterial foot bed that prevents odour and allergies.

Made with genuine leather, you can bank on the quality of these safety boots.

These top quality work boots are designed for providing increased care and protection to your feet.

The sole has a strong tread design that resists any slipping.

There are two colours available in these shoes: Tan and Honey. Both these colours have their own grace. The steel toe of these shoes keep your fingers safe from bumps and painful hits.  In fact these are some of the best steel toe cap boots around at the moment.  The sole also is quite thick and does not let you feel if any sharp object comes under your foot. And not to forget the lace-up design that gives you the liberty to easily wear and remove the shoes.

Some of the best steel toe cap boots around!

DeWALT Mens Titanium Safety Boots 9 UK, 43 EU Regular


The composition of the boots is very strong that make these boots a durable option. The leather gives them the required flexibility that makes you easily move around wearing the boots.  Some of the most comfortable work boots in the uk.


9. Wood World mens NuBucky HyDRY Safety Boots


“High quality safety boots”

Affordable work boots with a steel toe cap and steel midsole.

  • Water Resistant Leather Upper with Padded Collar
  • HyDry Waterproof Breathable Lining- some of the best breathable work boots uk wide
  • Outer Material: Leather
  • Sole: Gum Rubber
  • Some of the top safety boots available!
  • Shoe Width: Regular
  • Steel Toe Cap (200 Joules) and Steel Midsole
  • Slip Resistant Cemented Outsole
  • Sole Resistant to Oils and Many Chemicals – Conforms to EN20345 SBP

Tough boots.




Some of the best safety shoes currently on the market

There are some people who like to use safety boots in their regular life as well. It is not that they want to keep their feet safe around the clock, but the level of comfort that the safety boots offer. This is the reason why they choose supportive work boots.

For those looking for such type of supportive work boots, the Groundwork GR96 are the ideal deal.

The tread design provides increased surface grip and makes it a perfect fit for people working in factories. The sole is also oil resistant to aid with grip in slippier conditions

The lace-up closure on these steel toe shoes also has a padded collar that prevents dust and other particles seeping inside the shoes.

Groundwork Mens Work Boots, Mens Steel Toe Cap Safety Boot, GR96

The inside part of the shoes are padded with the best breathable fabric and cotton that provides increased comfort to your feet.

A great all round boot that can be worn in every day life.

Buyers Guide


As mentioned earlier, there are many cheap work boots you can easily find in the market, you can easily fall into the trap by purchasing them due to the price factor. However, there are certain things that you need to consider in safety boots.  These are discussed below:

Comfort Level

There should be no compromise on the level of comfort especially when it comes to shoes. Before buying a pair of work boots, make sure that the ones you are choosing are easy to wear and you are feeling comfortable with them.

If you are not comfortable in the few moments of wearing the shoes, how can you be so sure that you can keep wearing them for at least 8 hours on a job?

Always check if the inside of the shoes is padded with cotton and fabric.  Be sure to study our review to ensure you get the most comfortable safety boots uk wide, barring no others.  We test, we try and we advise.


No matter how low the price of the shoes are, you would not want to purchase them again and again. This is where you have to consider the durability factor of the shoes. The shoes should be able to last at least one year if not more. In order to ascertain the durability, you can check what the material of the shoes is. Ideally, the safety boots made with leather are more long lasting.

Non-slippery Design

Even though the design of a safety boot is to keep the feet safe from any bumps and sharp objects, you also need to consider slips, so choose some with a great tread design that also have oil resistant soles.

Waterproof capabilities (not essential)

Scotchgard Water Repellent Shoe Protector - 2 Cans - 400 mlMost work boots will withstand a bit of moisture just down to fact that they are made from half decent materials.

It’s not like they are going to be made of paper that just crunches up at the mere sight of water.  They are going to be as good as regular shoes for little bits of moisture, but if you are likely to be outdoors a lot then you will definitely need extra protection.

So look out for work boots that are waterproof.  As a cheap option you could simply purchase some spray waterproofer and give the boots a spray every now and then


Easy to Use

Work shoes are not the shoes you wear for fashion but you wear them as a necessity. That is the reason why these boots should be easy to wear. People mostly prefer the ones with slip-on design, however, some people still like the old-school lace-up designs. If there is a network of laces, they would become a matter of concern for the users. That is why you should choose the one you can use easily.

These are some factors that you should consider in work safety boots. By taking these factors into consideration, you can get the finest pair of boots for yourself. With the advancements in technology, each year we observe new products in the market claiming to have the best features. This might not be true in most cases, but it is valid in some cases especially the shoes.

The Safety Footwear Standards can allow you to choose the best pair of shoes for the best price and they would allow you to know every single detail about the shoes.

The above mentioned safety boots pass all the safety footwear standards and this is the reason why they are the ideal deal. If you are still uncertain about the quality of these shoes, there are three questions that you might have.

The questions you would be asking are:

  • Are these work boots durable?
  • Are these easy to wear?
  • Do I need a steel toe cap?
  • Do I need a steel sole?
  • Do I need them to protcet just my feet or further up my legs too?

As it is mentioned with each specific product, the boots are made with the supreme quality of material available in the market, there is no question on the durability. All the shoes are tested under extreme conditions and each of these have passed the test. The shoes maintain their life without compromising on the level of comfort.

Talking about being easy to wear, it depends on the product design and the person wearing them. We have discussed both the shoes with laces and slip-on design. Each person can have their own preferences and it is difficult to comment on it.

However, each of the 10 products discussed in this article are very easy to wear and remove. According to the manufacturers, it takes less than 10 seconds to properly “wear” these shoes.

Lastly, the dimensions of these shoes. Each design of the shoes has different dimensions. There is no specific dimension except the height of some of the designs that are either 8 inches long or longer. The dimensions depend on the size and design of the shoes.

By the end of this post, you might have made your mind that these boots are the best safety boots you can find today. All of these have very affordable prices and would not put a hole in your pocket. Be smart and make the right choice.

Resources – places we found helpful when conducting this review:

SHP Safety footwear – lists what each of the various safety meanings are.

The history of work safety boots – an interesting read.

Tasty Chicken Ideas For Your Air Fryer

Chicken is one of the mainstays of many a home in the Uk, and with the rise of the air fryer more and more people are wondering how best to marry the two for some wonderful meals.  Well never fear, using your air fryer for chicken snacks or meals is ever so simple.

air fryer for chicken

Sometimes you want to go all out and create something worth looking forward to, and other times you want to be able to just “shove some chicken in” and eat it as soon as possible.

Here then is a round up of some of the best chicken recipes we’ve come across.

I wanted to show recipes that could be done fast and others that took longer.  Trouble is most chicken if cooked from fresh will take at least 30 minutes so you need to factor this into your cooking schedule.

Crispy air fried chicken – 70 minutes total cook & prep time


This recipe looks utterly DELICIOUS!  It’s a case of mixing together some flour, egg, cajun seasoning etc.

Cooking time including prep: 70 minutes (10 minutes prep, then 30 minutes on one side, turn the chicken and cook for a further 30 minutes).

How to do this:

  • (Please refer to the above link for specific step by step instructions), but in a nutshell you will be mixing 1½ Tablespoons of Old Bay Seasoning, a cup flour, and 1 teaspoon seasoning salt.  Then whisking an egg separately in another bowl.
  • The next step is to drop a chicken piece into the flour, then into the egg then back into the flour.  Repeat for a few pieces of chicken and finally give them a spray all over with some spray oil.
  • Then you can pop them in the air fryer.  Looking at about an hour cooking, and you can turn them over after 30 minutes.

A definite one to try out.


KFC Chicken recipe for your air fryer – omg…! – 40 minute cook and prep time

If you can demolish a KFC time after time, it’s no wonder.  Their secret recipe for the Chicken coating is what has entertained people for many years.

Cooking time including prep: 40 minutes approximately

So I’m just going to let the video below do the talking.  If you’re a fan of KFC then give this a whirl!

In the video she outlines a list of all the ingredients that go into it – and they are all easy to find ingredients that are stocked at most supermarkets.

She cooked the KFC copycat chicken for 18 minutes however it did look a bit raw when finished, so I’d personally look to add an extra 10 minutes on, and see for yourself if you are happy.  As long as it’s steaming hot and White you can adjust to suit your own personal taste.  Some chicken might be bigger too, so this is one recipe that comes with an approximate cooking time depending on the size.


Chicken strips – 15-20 minutes total cook & prep time


FAST recipe, great for hungry kids!

Cooking time including prep: 15 to 20 minutes (5 minutes prep, then 3 minutes on one side, turn the chicken and cook for a further 3 minutes – an optional 2 extra minutes right at the end for reheating if you are cooking a large number of chicken strips).

How to do this:

(Please do refer to the link above for this excellent fast recipe).

The recipe simply involves preheating your air fryer as usual.  Then creating a breadcrumb based mixture you will use for coating the strips and finally cooking.

The mixture uses a “seasoning salt” (1 to 1/2 teaspoons), 1/2 cup of plain breadcrumbs and 1/4 teaspoon of freshly ground black pepper.

  • You essentially mix the ingredients, turn your chicken strips in  the mix (aim to do 4 to 5 pieces at a time in the air fryer –  It’s best not to cook too many at once as you really don’t want each piece to be touching the next one, so that a good all round finish can be achieved when cooking).
  • Spray the wire tray in the air fryer with a spray oil and pop in the chicken, cooking for about 3 minutes each side.

Serve and enjoy!


Orange chicken –  minutes total cook & prep time

Not the fastest of meals but utterly delicious!

Cooking time including prep: 30 to 40 minutes

How to do this:

(Please do watch the video to the link above for this recipe).

  • The recipe essentially involves the mixing of flour, corn starch, salt and black pepper into a food bag and popping this to one side.  You will be using this to coat the chicken pieces in a moment.
  • Whisking an egg in a bowl, then popping in some cut up pieces of chicken in the bowl to coat them, before popping the chicken into the coating you mixed together previously in the bag.  Don’t forget to season the chicken at every stage with salt and black pepper.
  • Once the chicken is coated in the flour mix, pop it out of the bag onto a plate or tray and a quick spray of oil will help at this stage to give it a nice crispy coating.
  • Pop the chicken in the air fryer at 370 degrees for about 10 minutes… turn it over, another spray of oil then cook again for a further 12 to 15 minutes.

At this stage it should be nicely cooked.

For the Orange sauce you can get the ingredients list from her website at

Add the sauce ingredients as per the video and when it’s all thickened up , add in the chicken and serve!


Cooking frozen chicken  – 10 to 15 minutes defrost time, then 20 to 30 minutes cook time depending on size of chicken



Cooking time including prep: 30 to 45 minutes.

How to do this:

(Defrosting meat PROPERLY is really important, and needs to be done thoroughly.  If you are at all unsure then defrost the meat overnight in your fridge.

The main takeaway here is that you should check that the meat is soft right n the middle (after the defrosting part of your meal has been done).. If it feels firm and hard then it’s probably still frozen in the centre.

In the video above the guy is seen cooking the chicken on both sides for between 6 and 12 minutes per side.  That will give you some sort of idea on how long to cook each piece for.


If you’ve enjoyed these chicken air fryer ideas then you might feel compelled to go get an actual air fryer?  We’ve got you covered with our list of some great models.  Take a look.

Henchman tripod ladder review 2019

Why use tripod ladders ? – a Henchman tripod ladder review

Tripod ladders are used where ordinary ladders will not be safe. Like a milking stool, the tripod ladders have three legs to ensure their stability. With three legs, it is impossible for a tripod ladder not stay in contact with the ground.

Basic tripod ladders usually have one adjustable leg but the more professional ones have three adjustable legs. This makes them much more suited for uneven ground or for use on a sloping surface.

  • Unlike a normal ladder, Henchman tripod platform ladders have a special 7 inch (18cm) wide platform step to stand on. This step supports both feet leaving the remaining three feet above the step to lean on. There is room in the top part of the ladder to tuck your legs in so improving your stability.

The triangular footprint, which gives you much more stability than a standard ladder, is almost certain not to wobble. Having just three legs also allows for greater access in difficult areas which is why tripod ladders can be used for hedge trimming, pruning, topiary work as well as fruit picking.

They are often used by house painters and the shorter versions are ideal for maintenance in and around the house for little jobs like changing a light bulb.


Henchman Basic 1.8m (6ft) Tripod Ladder with built-in platform
This basic tripod ladder is made from lightweight aluminium, has one adjustable
leg and is ideal for hedge and fruit tree maintenance around the small to
medium size garden. It only weighs 7.1kg so it is easy to move around the

The feet have gripping claws built in. A rubber foot kit (pack of 3) is available
as an extra.

The Henchman ladders are designed with your safety in mind. There is a handy
top rail you can use to support yourself which you can also use to lean on if you
are working with both hands and a handy platform to stand your tools on.

There is also a safety chain to stop the legs from spreading too far.

The waist working height is 1.8m and the shoulder working height is 2.2m.

This Henchman tripod ladder is very stable, even on sloping ground. The adjustable leg, with a wide footprint, means that the tripod ladder can be used on the roughest ground or the steepest slope (without wobbling) in complete

You will be completely safe and comfortable working at the top of this tripod ladder even if you are afraid of normal ladders.


Henchman Professional Tripod Platform Ladders
All of the Henchman professional tripod ladders have three fully adjustable legs with an 18 inch variation in height. This means they will be ideal for use on sloping ground and different levels like stairs.

The Henchman tripod ladders are made from quality aluminium and are fully
welded to the appropriate British Standards. Henchman tripod ladders are made with your safety in mind.

The three adjustable legs (46cm (18” adjustment) enable the tripod ladder to be set so the top is level and remain stable. The single leg allows you to work in tight spaces and could even be placed inside the edge of a hedge to give you more reach on wider hedges.

The tripod ladders come in four different heights: 1.8m (6Ft), 2.4m (8ft), 3m (10ft) and 3.7m (12ft), and are suitable for many different jobs around the house and garden.

The tripod ladders are weight tested and will support a 150kg (23 stone) load safely.

The extra wide 7 inch platform rung enables the user to stand safely and comfortably while working. This allows you to lean against the top rail leaving both hands free to work.

All Henchman tripod ladders have a safety chain to stop the legs spreading too
far apart and claw feet to stop the tripod ladder from sinking into the ground or
slipping on the soil.

Sets of rubber feet (in packs of 3) are available for use on smooth surfaces and to protect carpet and wood flooring if the tripod ladders are used indoors.

The Henchman tripod ladder is very stable, even on sloping ground. The adjustable legs, with a wide footprint, means that the tripod ladder can be used on the roughest ground or the steepest slope (without wobbling) in complete safety.

You will be completely safe and comfortable working at the top of this tripod ladder even if you are afraid of normal ladders.

Protective Rubber Feet for Henchman Tripod Ladders

Although Henchman tripod ladders have non-slip claw feet there will be occasions where you want to use the tripod ladder on a smooth surface or indoors.

Henchman sells sets of rubber feet (in packs of three) for their professional range of tripod ladders. They will stop the built in claws from slipping and protect surfaces such as carpets and wood flooring.