Best Cement Mixer For Sale 2018 – Here’s The Best 10 For The Money

Cement Mixer – A Buyers Guide – 2018

When you are undertaking building work and need to mix up a large amount of cement, a cement mixer will come in invaluable.

These machines let you pop in the required amounts of sharp sand, cement and water to create the concrete you need.

They are a great time saver and labour saver too.

So which is the best cement mixer for sale in the Uk?

If you are short on time, I’ll let you in on our number one favourite cement mixer overall.  It is the 120 litre Switzer cement mixer.  (Although Cement mixer perfectionists will state that a Belle cement mixer is one of the finest on the market.  And they would be right, but they are also one of the most expensive).


The 10 best rated cement mixersIf it comes down to a budget then you can find plenty of brand new cement mixers for sale for around the £100 mark, and the prices increase for higher end machines such as a Belle cement mixer.

Belle are renowned for being “the cream of the crop”, however you certainly don’t have to spend out £400+ on a Belle, although it would be a good investment.

If it is a cheap cement mixer you are after then read on, as we have tested, worked and found what we believe to be the top 10 best concrete mixers at the current time.

In the news:

A St Albans company raises money for a local Hospice by doing a charity rugby ball game that involves throwing a ball into a turning cement mixer.  Read about it here.

Consider whether you will need an electric cement mixer or a petrol mixer and you will then narrow down your best option based on needs and budget.

Plus, thankfully, with our review, you can rest assured that these 10 are “top notch”.

Our Best Cement Mixer Recommendation:

Every one in this top 10 list has made it here by being better than the hundreds of others out there on the market.

They are all “really” good however one of them edged out for us.

The Switzer Cement Mixer With 120 litre capacity

switzer 180 litre cement mixer

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Why bother with a cement mixer?

This is probably fairly obvious, but if you’ve ever mixed together more than a few barrowloads of cement by hand on a board then you’ll quickly realize how slow, tiring and cumbersome it is.

As one of the most used construction tools it serves a very important role to help work flow easily and ensure cement is mixed properly.

It is far easier and more efficient to pop the materials into the mixer and leave it spinning.  This lets you get on with the real work in hand.

Which concrete mixer is best?

There isn’t any REAL best mixer.  Whichever cement mix you use, just make sure you follow the instructions and try to choose one that meets your budget and workload.

Concrete and cement mixers are the same thing.  They can be petrol or electric powered to serve your needs  whether close to a power supply or out on a bustling building site.  You can buy obe abd it will pay for itself within next to no time, or you could always use a plant hire company if it’s a one off small job.

The Belle range of mixers are time served, well made and trusted by thousands of builders, but the downside is that they are more expensive than other brands.  You get what you pay for though.  Complete this with superb customer service and you’ll be glad you chose Belle.

For the rest of the bunch, consider build quality and how often you’ll be using the mixer.  If you are a small business then of course get the best you can afford.  The 10 in this list are all GREAT.  We filtered out the stuff that is not worthy and fouind these to be the best of the bunch.  We particularly liked the Foxchunter models.

See below our comparision table of the top 10 best cement mixers.

Our top cement mixer for sale – summary table

 Cement MixerCommentsClick To View Current Best Price
1: Belle Minimix 140
Electric cement mixer. Premium brand, total reliability, but expect higher pricesprice-check
2: Progen 63 Litre Cement MixerFantastic value for money. Sturdy, ideal for small to medium sized jobsprice-check
3: DIY Essentials 120 Litre Electric cement mixer550 Watts, Yellow, great build qualityprice-check
4: Dirty Pro Tools Black Cement MixerWell made, reliable, cautionary advisory with regards to previous customers having a poor customer service experience (although ours was fine)price-check
5: Charles Bentley 125 Litre 550w Cement Mixer
Our 2nd Choice!
Nice tough powder coated drum. large capacityprice-check
6: JTF 120 Litre concrete mixerBrilliant brand, very robust and tough and great pricesprice-check
7: Switzer 120 litre Cement Mixer
Our Choice!
Fantastic all round cement mixer that is well made.price-check
8: Belle Minimix 150 (without stand)Belle complete reliability, thick tough paddles and great customer serviceprice-check
9: PETROL Belle Minimix With Stand
Our 3rd Choice!
PETROL version for use anywhere any time. Easy start, amazing build quality and total reliabilityprice-check
10: Megamix 70 Litre Cement MixerSUPERB cement mixer priced around £100!price-check

1: Belle Minimix 140 230v Tip Up Mixer Heavy Duty Semi-Professional review

A mini cement mixer made to the best standards money can buy

Featuring the renowned Belle brand, superb construction in a semi-professional setup, your own DIY projects will be complemented perfectly by this electric powered Belle mini mix concrete mixer 230V.  A very professional small cement mixer for sale to those who demand only the very best.

Belle Minimix140

If you need a full barrow load of mortar or concrete then this cement mixer will handle it perfectly well and help keep you working constantly without having to wait for more mix to be made.

The Belle Minimix 140 230v tip up small cement mixer features an extra thick mixers drum with quick mix paddles and a tough construction.  It comes supplied with Barrow height swivel stand however the mixer can be used on or off its stand and is the ideal portable solution for mixing concrete and cement.

Unboxing video of a Belle Minimix (similar model):

How big is it?

121.5 x 60 x 85.2 cm


Pro’s and Con’s:

  • A little pricey but you get what you pay for.
  • Brilliant portable concrete mixer for home use or out on construction sites
  • Premium ultra reliable quality.
  • Belle offer some of the best cement mixers known so you can rest assured that a Belle purchase will leave you with a smile on your face.

Click here to view it on Amazon



This 63 litre cement mixer is ideal for smaller jobs, but is equally effective at larger jobs. 

IF however you like the look of this, there is a larger sized 120 litre version for around £30 more here.  While other cement mixers may boast huge 140 litre capacities, these mixer is good enough for most applications.  It’s a tip up concrete mixer that works as hard as you do.

progen 63l electric cement mixer

The progen cement mixer is ideal for concrete, mortar and plaster for most small to medium sized jobs.

The Progen 63 litre electric mixer features:

  • A rated voltage cement mixer 230 V electric powered
  • 50 Hz Motor
  • 220 W
  • The cement mixers drum mouth diameter: 267 mm
  • Drum speed: 27.5 RPM
  • Overall size: 110 x 55 x 93.5 cm ( L x W x H)
  • Material: Steel
  • Weight: 25 kg
  • A handy small electric cement mixer

Pro’s and Con’s:

  • Perfectly fine for most situations
  • Highly rated by us – a great workhorse.
  • Not ideal for large scale use where you need a lot of cement mixed up all of the time due to the smaller drum (be sure to check out the bigger brother here with a 120 litre capacity drum).

Click here to view it on Amazon


3: 120L Litre PRO 230V Volt 550W Portable Electric Concrete Cement Mixer Mortar Plaster review

Yellow seems to be the new Orange, and why not.  This 120 litre electric powered cement mixer is powered by a 550 watt engine perfect for all your mixing needs.  It’s made by “DIY essentials” and is typical of many similar generic products with lesser known brand names.

diy essentials JTF electric cement mixer 120 litre

This however does not detract from it’s build quality and reliability.  Remember that all 10 in this list had to fight their way out of the swamp of poor mixers to reign supreme.

Great for smaller building sites it features a 39cm opening to the drum and rotates at 33 rpm.

It can handle a 4 to 1 bucket mix just fine – just give it a little time to ensure the cement mix is right.

Pro’s and con’s of this concrete mixer

  • It works well and reliably
  • It pours out into a bucket just fine.
  • The only downside is thast the instruction manual is awful and probably for an older model – we wasn’t sure.

Click here to view it on Amazon


4: Dirty Pro Tools(TM) Professional Cement Mixer 80l Cement Mixer With Stand And Wheels 240V .350W review

This is a nice looking machine that works and functions as good as most of the other 9 in this list.  However there “MAY” be an annoying let down with customer service, in so much as it might be hard to get a response.

dirty pro tools black electric cement mixer 80 litre capacity

When we emailed, we actually got a response in under 10 minutes.

In our research we found several people who have had shocking customer service and some people have gone so far as to blog about their experiences.  You can read that here.

I wanted to be clear and honest.

Nice machine (and that is why it is in this list) BUT you may not get the help you want if you buy from them, although we are left thinking it may have been a temporary blip in their business growth where their customer service was poor, because more recent testimonials have come in showing customer service to be just fine (and highly recommended in some instances).

So that out of the way, let’s explain why we included this:

Good build quality.

Spins at 33rpm

Big enough to make a complete barrow load at a time.

It’s Black (flying in the face of Orange traditionalists!)

Our verdict is that it is actually a cracking little mixer that is brilliant for the DIY’er.

Pro’s and con’s

  • Honestly, the pros of this machine definitely outweigh the con’s.
  • It really is a great cement mixer and works tirelessly.
  • There was at one point a momentary lapse in customer service skills (as far as we can tell) which doesn’t appear to be the case now though.

Click here to view it on Amazon


5: Charles Bentley 125L 230V 550W Portable Cement Concrete Mixer With Wheels 12 MONTH WARRANTY Review

This brilliant electric cement mixer is backed up by a 550 watt motor to help it work hard as long as you do.

charles bentley portable cement mixer

When we got ours it took around 50 minutes to assemble (although it did encourage fellow reviewers to claim how they could have done it in half the time (yadda yadda!)).

We were initally very impressed by this large cement mixer!

Let’s look at it’s specifications:

  • 550w motor, 230v/50hz, UK 3 pin plug, tipping wheel and meets European Standard IP45 & Double Insulation.
  • Capacity: 125L drum capacity, 113L mix capacity
  • Dimensions: H125 x D71 x W116cm Drum mouth – 36cm, Drum diameter – 57cm
  • Materials: Powder coated steel Weight: 45.5kg
  • Assembly Required: Some self-assembly required Warranty: A 12 month warranty is offered with this product.

What’s it like in use?

It does what you expect, and thanks to the larger drum size you can get more cement mixed at the same time.

We used ours to lay the foundations for a concrete shed base and it worked tirelessly.

Recommended great builders equipment.

Pro’s and con’s:

  • Reliable and hard working.
  • Instructions could always be a bit clearer to follow but once it’s done then that’s it.

Click here to view it on Amazon


6: JTF Mega Warehouse 120 Litre Cement Mixer

JTF cement mixer – a good solid 120 litre cement mixer brought to you by JTF (the wholesaler company)

jtf 120 l cement mixer


This 120 litre version concrete mixer is plenty big enough for the vast majority of jobs.  The opening is 34cm (others in this top 10 are slightly bigger).

It’s a doddle to use and operate, and the wheels make it easy to maneuvre too.

Here are the specifications (taken directly from Amazon):

* High performance cement mixer suitable for small projects at home

  • Power Output: 550w / Voltage: 230v with 33rpm Drum Speed
  • Capacity: 140L / 126L Mix Capacity. 33cm Drum Opening
  • Some assembly required: Instruction manual included



Pro’s and con’s

  • None.

Click here to view it on Amazon


7: FoxHunter 240V Volt 650W Portable Electric Concrete Cement Mixer Mortar Plaster Machine Capacity 180L Litre Drum Mouth Diameter 400mm review


The Fox Hunter Cement Mixer Gets A Lot Done

With it’s HUGE 180 litre capacity, the FoxHunter CM180L cement mixer boasts an uprated motor, a larger drum and a wider 40cm opening, so you can throw in large amounts of cement or plaster etc for mixing.  It is one of our most popular products for a reason.

foxhunter 180 litre cement mixer

This is the bigger brother to our other featured Foxhunter on here with it’s 120l capacity.

Still with the same great strong construction and powder coating, it’s tough and reliable and half the price of more well known branded “Belle Cement Mixers” (although Belle cement mixers are some of the very very best).

It is certainly very well made and will easily make light work of many projects.

This is one of the recommended best cement mixers for sale.

Pro’s and con’s

  • Priced just about £30 more than the 120 litre model, and yet you get a larger capacity, larger opening and uprated motor!
  • Cannot fault this at all!

Click here to view it on Amazon

8: Mini Mix 150 230 volt review

Here is the Belle minimix 150 electric cement mixer (without the stand).  Lower in price than the model with stand, yet offers the same superb premium grade quality that can only come with a Belle mixer.  No fluff, no hype, just one of the best work horses there is on the market.  Powered by a 230v electric motor it is one of the toughest out.

belle minimix 150 no stand

It’s an electric cement mixer with 150 litre capacity.  Click to see if it’s available for delivery right away.

It measures: 121.1 x 59.7 x 89 cm

If the best is needed without any hesitation then choose a Belle cement mixer and you’ll enjoy incredible and lightning fast customer service, brilliant high end perfectly formed machinery, and total peace of mind that your cement mixer will probably outlive you.

Pro’s and con’s

  • Featuring the Belle brand name
  • A standard quality Belle cement mixer

Click here to view it on Amazon


9: Belle Minimix 150 Cement Mixer and Stand Petrol GXH150 review

Looking for a petrol cement mixer?

Belle Minimix 150 petrol cement mixer with stand

Here is the Belle Minimix 150 petrol cement mixer that offers you the chance to work anywhere even if there is no electric power supply.  It might not be the cheapest petrol cement mixer but it is without a doubt one of the very best.

Being a Belle cement mixer, you get nothing but the very best.

This is the full set up.  Mixer, stand and petrol power source powered by a Honda gxh 4Hp engine.

Here’s what you get:

  • Belle Minimix 150 Cement Mixer and Stand Petrol GXH150
  • A Portable and Compact machine making transportation easy
  • Extra Thick Cement Mixer Drum
  • Quick Mix Paddles
  • Full Thermal Overload Protection

Pro’s and con’s

  • Petrol concrete mixer variant of their brilliant cement mixers
  • Expect to pay premium prices
  • Ultra reliable work horse

Click here to view it on Amazon

10: Cement Mixer Megamix CM70 240v Electric portable concrete, mortar & cement mixer. 70L capacity Drum. Portable & Easy to Load. 

A superb cheap cement mixer!

A cement mixer that fits any budget!  Priced around £100 it’s superb value and just perfect for pretty much any job, however for large scale jobs such as house builds you might wamnt a larger sized drum capacity.  This one is 70 litres but you won’t be disappointed.  Works well for laying patios, pathways and so much more!  One of the cheapest cement mixers around!

megamix 70 litre cheap cement mixer

Our best cheap cement mixer

It makes no sense whatsoever now to hire out a cement mixer at £50 a time.  Buy one of these and you will have made your money back with just 2 days of use!

This cheap cement mixer for sale can be easily transported in the back of most cars!

It’s great tipping handle makes it a doddle to pour out your mix where it’s needed or into a barrow.


Model CM70
Voltage 230V ~ 50Hz
Wheel size (in): 10 x 2.75
Motor: 250W, Dimensions: 1070mm x 510mm x 885mm
Drum Speed 30/min
Drum Dimensions: 420mm, Drum Height: 406mm, Drum diameter: 240mm Drum Capacity 70 litre

Pro’s and Con’s

  • Very low cost entry cement mixer
  • 70 litre capacity

Click here to view it on Amazon

Wrapping up this cement mixer review:

When looking for any kind of mixer you need to remember to choose the best cement mixer for your needs.  Do you want something that is designed for heavy use 8 hours a day 6 days a week, or something more for occasional use – projects around the home?

Remember, there are many cement mixers for sale..

All 10 of these in our list are “great” cement mixers.

We have weeded out the poor performing cement mixers to leave this list of what is in our opinion the ones that are the most reliable, and good value for money.

Finally… the top 3 cement mixer machines in our list as defined by us:

2nd place
Charles Bentley Cement Mixer
Charles Bentley Portable cement mixer
3rd Place
Belle Mini mix 150 Petrol
Belle Minimix 150 Petrol with stand

Any questions on the best cement mixers for sale?

Have your seen our top 10 best wacker plates?

Please comment below for our feedback!

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    • Depends which model you’re looking at but the switzer is a 650w motor while the foxhunter has a 550w motor. They look very similar though. UPDATE: I meant to add that they are both sold by the same owner company “KMS Distribution”. On their eBay store currently they don’t stock foxhunter, only the Switzer

  1. Thank you for the tutorial,i have a cement mixer ME,but now I am seventy I will have to buy one,i am still capable to mixing concrete but I am much slower now.when I get my mixer I will keep you posted re its performance.
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