Best Copper Pipe Cutters

Best Copper Pipe Cutters

But there is a way that you can save on the cost of having a plumber come out and do a simple job such as cutting the pipe under your sink: and that’s with a copper pipe cutter.

These tools are indispensable if you’re planning on renovating your bathroom or repairing underneath your kitchen sink.

These tools are incredibly useful, giving you a clean cut on the pipes, requiring you to use minimal strength and allowing you to get the job done with a high degree of accuracy.

They will allow you to perform angled and rotary cuts, giving you that versatility if you find yourself up against an awkward corner.

They are also very lightweight and durable, most of them being big enough to fit in the pockets of your overalls.

They also won’t take up a massive amount of room in your toolbox, all you’ll need are a few items to completely transform the underneath of your cluttered sink.

But where can you find the best copper pipe cutters? What features does a copper pipe cutter need to have to give you the optimum performance and a clean cut?

What materials does it need to be made from last you for years? How much can you be expected to fork out for a decent copper pipe cutter?

Well, if you do need to perform some necessary surgery on your kitchen sink, then look no further, as we’ve got answers to all of the above questions and more, with our list of some of the best copper pipe cutters currently available on the market.

We’ve also got a buyer’s guide that will help you determine the good cutters from the bad, as well as some frequently asked questions that might assuage some of your plumbing anxieties.

Top 5 Best Copper Pipe Cutters


Rolson 22406 Copper Pipe Cutter, 15 mm

Our first copper pipe cutter is designed as an all-in-one solution to any pipe crushing or cutting challenges that you might have.

It is designed with ease of use and storage in mind, coming in a circular design that promotes quick and efficient cutting.

This is the perfect model for DIY projects such as home renovation - introducing the Rolson 22406 Copper Pipe Cutter.

The first thing you’ll notice is the unique shape, the circular design that allows for rotary cutting.

By fitting your cutter over the pipe like a clamp, you can quickly slice through 15mm copper piping, giving you a seamless finish that will leave no jagged edges. The shape of this cutter will also help you if you have to cut against tight corners.

That’s right, you can tuck this one very flush to the wall to make those awkward incisions.

You’ll need no more than a few seconds to slice off sections of your copper pipe. This will be important if you are trying to complete a housing project by a deadline.


  • The shape - this is a very handy pocket-sized pipe cutter that you won’t have to lug around in your toolbox. This is great for quick cutting jobs where you don’t want to carry a whole bunch of tools with you.
  • This gives you quick and seamless cuts, ideal for a professional standard of work. This will be especially important if you have exposed piping in your bathroom and want to avoid jagged edges.
  • The rotary cutting will help you get those corner cuts that a normal wrench or cutter simply won’t be able to reach.
  • This is made from durable steel materials, you can leave it in your toolbox for years on end without use and it will still be ready to go as soon as you get it out again.


  • It might take you a few goes to learn how to apply the right amount of pressure to your cutter to get that clean and professional style of incision.


Silverline 633915 Quick Cut Pipe Cutter 22 mm

Our next pipe cutter is a very similar shape and design as the previous one, coming in a very handy spherical design that will make it easy to carry around in your pocket.

The rounded shape will be sure that you’ll be able to clamp tightly around the entire copper pipe, made from heavy-duty zinc, your kitchen pipes won’t stand a chance - introducing the Silverline 633915 Quick Cut Pipe Cutter.

You can cut through lengths of piping in seconds with this cutter, which will be great if you’re up against a deadline.

It will give you a consistency of use, even if you haven’t taken it out of your toolbox in years. The solid zinc composition means that it will not succumb to rust or water damage as quickly as some other models.

Again, because of the shape, you can perform angled cuts a lot easier. It is easy to handle and will operate well when flush to the wall.

You can store this one well in your pocket too, which will appeal to plumbers who prefer a lightweight toolbox.


  • Made from thick zinc - this is perfect for durability, enabling you to sear through copper pipes like a hot knife through butter. It will also last you for many years, which will be an important attribute for most tools.
  • You can use this cutter quickly and efficiently, perfect for home renovation projects where time is of the essence.
  • This is a great unit for tackling tight corners, giving you the ability to get right up against the wall in a way that a lot of wrenches simply can’t.
  • The results from this pipe cutter will be very consistent, the cuts themselves will be seamless and won’t result in your having to call a plumber out to fix a botched job.


  • This pipe cutter does not come with many instructions, so you might have to make a few practice cuts to gauge the amount of pressure you’ll have to use.


Bahco 302-35 BH302-35 3mm-35mm Tube Cutter

Our next pipe cutter looks a little different than the ones that we’ve listed above, it can be adjusted to work for thick or thin piping, giving you that seamless cut for a professional-looking finish.

One of the best attributes of this cutter is its versatility, you can change it to cut pipe of a thickness of 3mm to 35mm - introducing the Bahco 302-35 3mm-35mm Tube Cutter.

You can have plenty of different cutting angles on this device, allowing you to get in close for those tighter cuts, although it might be difficult to reach behind piping that is flush to the wall, as it has a long handle that comes out the side.

You can quickly adjust this pipe cutter to cut pipes of different thicknesses and materials.

This is the feature that will appeal to professional plumbers and more amateur DIY enthusiasts, giving them the option of cutting pipes of various materials, not just copper.

You can use this pipe cutter to slice through bronze, copper, steel and aluminum, which will come in handy if you’re attempting much larger scale home renovation projects.


  • Different cutting angles - you can achieve a wide variety of cutting angles with this pipe cutter, which is perfect if you’re attempting a large-scale renovation project that requires things to be held at different angles.
  • You can cut many different materials with this pipe cutter, which also makes it an invaluable asset when it comes to renovation projects that handle multiple types of material.
  • This cutter gives you very clean cuts, ideal for plumbers who want that nicely-rounded professional finish.
  • This pipe cutter is so versatile that it will cut down on space in your toolbox, it is a one-stop-shop and you certainly won’t have to have more than one.


  • This can cause the metal to have an unwanted spiral effect when you apply too much pressure to the handle.


Rothenberger 88801 Pipeslice Tube Cutter 15mm

The next pipe cutter on this list is renowned for its quick-cutting abilities, as well as featuring a good design and solid construction that will result in a device that will last you for many years.

Its unique circular design makes it not only very easy to use but is also very portable, you can stash it in your pocket for quick use - introducing Rothenberger 88801 15mm Pipeslice Tube Cutter.

This copper pipe cutter gives you the ultimate in precision, making it great for use by professionals who want that neat finish for their clients, which will ultimately give them repeated business.

It has a single-handed use, making it the perfect model for amateurs who have no great technical skill when it comes to DIY.

The results will be consistent, as this device is made from a durable construction that will give you the same quality of cut with every single use.

Again, this will be important for independent plumbers who want to have that superior quality of craftsmanship over their work.


  • This device is known for its precision, which is very important if you want piping that will fit within an inch of a specific measurement.
  • If you need to cut some pipe at odd angles, then you definitely won’t be let down by this device. The circular shape will allow you to get it flush to the wall, which will help for cutting those tight corners.
  • You can use this one single-handed, requiring very little pressure and therefore less exertion from you overall. This will be appealing to plumbers or builders who expect to be working long hours.
  • This consistency that you have with this cutter is unparalleled, with a circular shape will be able to wrap entirely around the pipe to deliver a clean cut right the way through.


  • Some users have described that this cutter has difficulting slicing through smaller pipes and it not highly adjustable.


Monument MON1715 1715C Autocut Copper Pipe...

Our final copper pipe cutter is probably the most stylish looking, with a one-piece silver circular design, ideal for cutting copper pipes that are around 15mm in length.

This is a one-directional cutting tool, one that can help you out with shaving off uneven joints or sealing that leak perfectly - introducing the Monument MON1715 Autocut Copper Pipe Cutter.

With the rounded design, you can easily negotiate those awkward corners where there isn’t much space between the wall and the copper pipe.

This cutter is changeable to handle many different lengths and materials of pipe, making it one of the more versatile pipe cutters on this list.

This model gives you quality results time and time again, which is very important if you’re a professional plumber looking to leave a good impression on your clients.

When it comes to piping, precision and quality of cutting are crucial to avoid future issues that might require you to spend more money to repair.


  • This is ideal for cutting straight edges, as it has a one-directional mode. You can access even the most awkward under sink areas with this device.
  • You can easily rectify uneven or badly soldered joints by simply lopping off the end of the pipe to affix a new joint.
  • This pipe cutter will give you consistent results with every use, the design of the cutter itself is great for amateur DIY enthusiasts.
  • You can change the width of the cutting area for this pipe cutter, meaning you can cut both thick and thin pipes. However, this might require a little bit of in-depth knowledge of plumbing measurements.


  • Changing the blade of this tool can get very tricky. You might want to get familiar with the initial factory settings before trying to adapt it for more elaborate types of piping.
  • This tool doesn’t do well will cutting stainless steel pipes.

Best Copper Pipe Cutters Buying Guide

Having a pipe cutter in your home will help if you ever want to sort out your plumbing issues by yourself.

They are very easy to use and can save you hundreds of pounds in plumber fees, as calling out a specialist can often be very expensive.

However, there are some basic features that every pipe cutting device will need to provide. Below are just a few of them:

Is Your Pipe Cutter A Thumb Type?

Thumb types are the best design of pipe cutter for working in awkward corner situations, giving you plenty of manoeuvrability in a tight position.

You can easily cut through pipes that are up to 1-inches in diameter, requiring minimal pressure to get through copper, aluminium or bronze piping.

What Is The Handle And Body Shape?

If you want to sear through larger and thicker pipes, then you’ll probably need a heavier duty pipe cutter that comes with a handle and a durable steel composition.

A handle will help you negotiate around the whole diameter of the pipe itself.

If you have a larger handle, then you’ll be able to apply more pressure to the clamp, which will help for cutting through thicker material.

A single-handed cutter is more useful for storage, but might not give you the leverage you need for heavy-duty pipe cutting.

Auto Cutters

Auto cutters are the perfect type of pipe cutter that can be used in tighter situations, such as if your piping is flush to the wall.

You won’t have to tighten after each use and the inner mechanism largely does everything for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Use A Copper Pipe Cutter?

First off, measure the length of the pipe that you’ll need to cut.

These can be to very intricate specifications, so make sure you double-check that the measurement is correct.

Once you have marked the area that needs to be cut, then make sure that the blade is aligned properly before cutting.

Make sure that the blade is aligned as accurately as possible, then use the dial to tighten the mechanism until it is firmly attached to the copper pipe.

Rotate the cutter around the mark so that it scores a line around it. This will remove the need to thread the pipe before slicing through it.

Tighten the cutter around the mark again, making deeper incisions every time. With each turn of the blade, tighten the cutter to get faster and more effective results. The tension should remain solid throughout the cutting procedure.

Once you feel the blade cutting through the copper, slow down the rate of incision, as this will ensure a clean cut, giving you that smooth and professional finish.

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