Best Hand Saw for Cutting Trees

As every gardener knows, at some point you need to cut back the overgrown branches of your trees.

This doesn’t only to keep them looking tidy but also helps prevent them from breaking under their own weight and becoming susceptible to certain pests and diseases.

It’s not a simple job though and you’ll require the help of a hand saw to make the super clean cuts you need in order to get your trees back to tip-top condition.

And, although you may be tempted to start hacking into the branches with an old tool that’s been passed down through the generations, the saw itself needs to be specific to the job.

Best Hand Saw for Cutting Trees

So, what is the best hand saw for cutting trees? Below, we’ve compiled a list of our favourites, each of which is guaranteed to make the job of pruning as quick, easy, and painless as possible. 

We’ve also put together a super useful buying guide that covers everything you need to know about what to look for in a hand saw for cutting trees before you make your final decision. 

Come with us as we delve into the intricacies of hand saws, of which there are more than you might think! Are you ready? Let’s begin with our top pick.

Top 5 Best Hand Saw for Cutting Trees


FLORA GUARD Folding Hand Saw, Camping/Pruning...

With super-sharp, serrated teeth constructed from carbon steel and a 15.4” length that will make quick work of cutting through even the thickest of branches, this Folding Hand Saw from FLORA GUARD is the gardening tool you’ll wonder how you ever lived without. 

It’s also super comfortable to use as well and features a TPR (thermoplastic rubber) constructed premium non-slip ergonomic handle that is designed to help reduce hand and wrist strain even when used for a longer period of time.

An extra safety feature is provided in the form of a 2-stage safety lock that ensures the blade won’t snap back or close shut when you’re sawing. And, once you’ve finished pruning your tree you can fold the saw’s blade directly back into the handle, which helps keep the blade safely tucked away and protected whilst it’s in storage.

This folding hand saw is available in three colours to suit anybody’s personal taste, and it even includes a handy eyelet hole at the bottom of the handle so you can easily attach it to your tool belt for safekeeping when you need to free up both of your hands.


  • Has a 15.4” carbon steel blade with serrated teeth that can easily saw through thick branches

  • Features a thermoplastic, non-slip ergonomic handle to reduce hand and wrist fatigue

  • A 2-stage safety lock prevents the blade from snapping shut whilst you’re sawing

  • Also features an eyelet hold in the handle that can be used to secure to a tool belt

  • Available in three different colours 


  • Some people found that the nut which secures the handle to the blade became a little loose after a lot of use, however, this is easy to fix with a screwdriver


Spear & Jackson B9822 Predator Universal Saw,...

The rigid, steel blade of the Predator Universal Wood Saw from Spear & Jackson has been specially designed to minimise whip and vibration whilst in use.

This, in turn, creates a smoother sawing motion and helps the saw effortlessly glide through thick branches with minimal effort.

This saw also features a Suregrip™ ergonomic handle which has a soft feel to it. This helps ensure that you’re as comfortable as possible, reduces the risk of hand or wrist strain, and allows you to continue cutting branches from a tree even in wet conditions. 

An incorporated finger guide on the handle gives you the opportunity to cut at precise angles as well, which is particularly for creating smooth cuts on a tree and preventing any disease from setting in.

The entire length of the blade measures just over 24” inches so you’ll be able to saw through really thick branches without needing to change your position, and the 450g weight makes it light enough to wield comfortably without needing to pause too often. 


  • The rigid, steel blade has been specially designed to reduce whip and vibration whilst sawing

  • Features an ergonomic Suregrip™ handle that offers a secure grip and minimises the risk of fatigue

  • Also features a finger guide on the handle that allows you to create precise cuts when needed

  • The blade is 24” long which is perfect for sawing through thicker branches 

  • Only weighs 450g and is lightweight enough to use comfortably for prolonged periods


  • Doesn’t have any extra safety features or offer any blade protection when in storage


Mossy Oak Pruning Saw, Folding Hand Saw with...

Tree branches grow in a variety of thicknesses and, depending on what sort of pruning you’re doing, you’ll need a saw that can easily glide through them with ease.

This is where the Pruning Saw from Mossy Oak comes to the rescue. Unlike some of its counterparts, this saw comes with three interchangeable blades, allowing you to create the perfect tool for the task at hand.

The first of these blades is a pruning blade which features 5 teeth per inch and is perfect for cutting back thinner tree branches.

The second blade is a hardwood blade with 11 teeth per inch, and this one is ideal for thicker branches and can even saw through some tree trunks. 

But what about the third blade? Well, this one can cut through thin metals! And, whilst this isn’t particularly necessary for tree pruning purposes, there’s no denying that it adds to this saw’s multipurpose abilities. Each of these blades is 7.5” long. 

The handle is designed ergonomically to ensure comfort and reduce the risk of fatigue, and the TPR construction prevents it from slipping out of your hand as you’re sawing. It also features a secure locking mechanism to prevent the blade from closing on your fingers during use and, when you’ve finished, it easily folds back into the handle for convenient storage.

There’s an included nylon pouch to safely store the other two blades when they aren’t in use as well.


  • An interchangeable saw that includes three different blades, each designed to help you easily carry out a specific task

  • The ergonomic handle is TPR coated for a comfortable, non-slip grip

  • Features a locking mechanism that prevents the blade from closing into the handle when you’re sawing

  • The handle also acts as a protective housing for one of the blades when it’s not in use

  • A nylon storage pouch is included to keep the two spare blades safe 


  • Switching between the blades can be a little fiddly at first


WISDOMLIFE Folding Pruning Saw, Premium...

This Folding Pruning Saw from WISDOMLIFE has been specially designed with a 7-inch curved blade constructed from carbon steel. This allows the blade to wrap itself around the natural curvature of a tree branch and create a smoother cut from start to finish. 

It has also been treated with an anti-rust coating so you won’t have to worry about using it in wet conditions or getting damaged if you accidentally forget to dry it off after use.

Meanwhile, the non-slip handle helps ensure you’ve got a firm grip on the saw at all times.

The integrated security lock serves two purposes. First of all, it locks the blade in place when the saw is in use and prevents it from snapping back and hitting your fingers, causing a potentially serious injury.

Secondly, it prevents inquisitive fingers from accessing the blade when it’s not in use, making it the perfect choice for a household with young children.

This also allows the handle to act as a sheath for the blade, protecting it from oxygen or water damage when it’s in storage.

The brightly coloured handle has been designed to make it easier to locate, which is ideal if you were to accidentally lose it amongst a pile of sawn-off green foliage, and there’s a handy eyelet hole in the handle for attaching to a tool belt or hanging in your shed. 


  • The 7-inch carbon steel blade features a curve that makes it easier to saw through tree branches and thinner trunks

  • An anti-rust coating has also been added to the blade to help prolong its life

  • Features an integrated security lock that prevents the blade from snapping shut during use, and makes it harder for children to access it when stored away in the handle

  • Brightly coloured to make locating it easier if you were to lose it in your garden

  • Also features an eyelet hole for attaching to a tool belt or hanging from a wall 


  • The screw that connects the blade to the handle will need tightening occasionally to help keep it securely fixed in place


Barbarossa 20” 500mm Pro Hand Saw,Perfect...

With a super long 22-inch blade, and with 8 sharp teeth per single inch, the Pro Hand Saw from Barbarossa is an ideal tool for anybody looking to cut back and prune a particularly troublesome tree.

The premium carbon-steel construction makes the blade extremely strong and durable too, and it is equally as effective on both the push and pull of the saw. This, matched with the hard-point teeth, makes sawing through branches quicker than ever before.

This saw’s handle is built using pure ABS plastic for an improved grip without sacrificing comfort, and it also features a slip-resistant, contoured finger grip that allows you to get a more precise alignment against your branch before you start sawing.

It only weighs 400g as well, so it’s pretty lightweight for such a durable saw. This means you won’t need to worry about getting overly fatigued or weighed down as you work. The quality of this hand saw is also backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.


  • Has a 22-inch long blade made from carbon steel with 8 teeth per inch
  • The super-sharp teeth work equally well on both the push and the pull of the saw
  • A pure ABS handle helps ensure comfort and slip-resistance as you work
  • Weighs just 400g and is lightweight enough to operate comfortably without causing fatigue
  • Includes a 100% money-back guarantee 


  • Hasn’t been designed to prevent vibration or whip during use

Best Hand Saw for Cutting Trees Buying Guide

Overhanging branches and wildly out of shape trees can be easily tidied up with the help of a hand saw. In fact, by removing certain branches that might be rubbing against each other or that have snapped in a heavy gale, you can prevent the trees in your garden from becoming susceptible to disease and potentially dying completely.

It’s not as simple as picking up any old saw and starting to cut away though. There are certain things you need to look for in a hand saw to help you do the job properly, and that will also help you make it a less laborious task. 

We’ve highlighted some of the features you need to pay attention to when you’re looking for a hand saw for cutting trees below, each of which will guide you towards finding the perfect saw the first time around.


First of all, take a look at the material that your potential new hand saw is made of. Cutting through thick tree branches is tough work, so it’ll need to be strong enough to do the job without bending or snapping under the pressure. 

Carbon steel is the best option to go for here. This is because it’s incredibly strong and will be able to work its way through even the thickest of tree branches without the blade getting damaged. 

It isn’t just super-strong though. Carbon steel is also quite lightweight, which means that you’ll be able to wield your hand saw easily without sacrificing any of its durability.

Basically, you’ll be getting the best of both worlds, and will be able to continue sawing for a long time without feeling weighed down, whilst still knowing that the blade is unlikely to suffer any damage. 


The length of your hand saw’s blade is another important factor to consider. The shorter it is, the longer it will take to work its way through thicker branches, so it is usually a good idea to go for one that is at least 7 inches in length. 

This can depend on the size of the tree that you’re battling with though. For instance, if you’re cutting through fairly thin branches that are no bigger than 8 inches in circumference, a shorter hand saw will be fine.

However, if you’re removing huge, thick branches or sawing through a trunk, look for a hand saw that has a blade 20 inches or more in length.

A hand saw’s blade will also feature a set amount of teeth per inch, and the general rule here is that the more teeth per inch it has, the quicker it will be at cutting through each branch.


Hours of sawing can lead to hand and wrist fatigue, so it’s important that the handle of your saw is as comfortable to use as possible as well. Luckily, many brands have considered this and there are few things you can look out for to help ensure your comfort. 

Ergonomically designed handles are a fantastic feature and these will have been designed to follow the natural shape and contour of a hand. This means that you won’t find yourself needing to hold the saw in an awkward position, and will seriously help to reduce the risk of any strains.

The material the handle is made of can play a big role in both comfort and safety as well. Materials such as ABS plastic and TPR (thermoplastic rubber) will improve your grip on the saw and help to prevent it from sliding out of your hand when it’s in use. 

These non-slip materials also allow you to continue working if the weather turns bad, helping you keep a secure grip on the saw even when it’s raining. Although it’s probably best to head back indoors if the heavens do decide to open!

Safety Features

Sawing through tree branches can be a dangerous job, so it’s also a good idea to look at what safety features the hand saw you’re thinking of purchasing comes with. 

One safety feature that a lot of folding hand saws have is a special locking mechanism, and this is useful for a couple of reasons.

First of all, it keeps the blade locked firmly in place whilst it’s in use, which prevents it from snapping shut and closing your fingers in between the blade and the handle.

The second reason it’s a great safety feature is that, once you’ve folded the blade back inside the handle, it becomes a lot more difficult for a child to access the blade as it will be locked in place. 


Some hand saws also have special design features that will help you cut through tree branches and trunks with greater ease.

One of these is a curved blade, which follows the natural curvature of a tree branch and covers more of its surface area at once. This makes it much easier to saw through it and allows you to cut the branch free in a much quicker time.

Folding hand saws are a great design to go for too. Not only do they help keep the blade safely tucked away when it’s not in use, but they can also prevent any environmental damage occurring on the blade.

Not to mention, folding the blade back inside the handle halves the overall size of the saw, and makes it much easier to store away compactly.

Eyelet holes are good design feature to look out for as well. These will allow you to safely attach your saw to a tool belt, freeing up both your arms whilst you’re working, and also give you the opportunity to hang your saw from a shed or garage wall out of harm’s way when it’s not in use.

Finally, the colour of your saw is another design feature to consider. It may not seem that important, but trying to locate a dark green or black handsaw that you’ve accidentally lost underneath a large pile of sawn-off branches is a tricky game to play.

By choosing something brightly coloured, your saw will leap out at you and be much easier to find. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best saw for pruning a tree?

Depending on the size of the tree your pruning, you’ll need a hand saw that is between 7”-22” in length.

It also needs to be made of a strong material, such as carbon steel, and have a handle that’s comfortable to hold over a prolonged period of time. Take a look above for some awesome hand saws that will make short and easy work of pruning a tree. 

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