Best Jigsaw Blade For Laminate Flooring

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When Sir Edward Coke said “For a man’s house is his castle and each man’s home is his safest refuge”, the idea that this would become a central founding tenet of common law and remain so for half a millennia, would have been unthinkable.

The notion that, for five hundred years, it would give people the freedom and security to design, alter, engineer, and shape their homes in whatever way they saw fit, was at that time, inconceivable.

But that one simple statement that became known as Semayne’s Case, would shape the way that people thought about their homes and their futures and the role that the former would play in the latter.

That ruling, while opening more doors than it could ever hope to close, also paved the way for self-builds and the healthy obsession with DIY that has kept a nation busy, active, and involved in shaping its own destiny for more than a century.

But our fascination with tools and how to use them go far further back. Empires were built on the back of our innate understanding, and love, of tools and how to use them. They were the backbone that enabled a small island to stake its claims to and assume a longheld position, on the global stage.

Tools transformed that way we saw, and see, ourselves and everything that we were, are, and always will be. And it’s all thanks to Sir Edward Coke.

Best Jigsaw Blade For Laminate Flooring

That said, the one tool that, arguably, altered the course of our collective fate more than any other, was the saw. It cut the wood that was used to build the navy that enabled us to sally forth and explore and discover the world and forge bonds of friendship that have fared well and allowed us to prosper.

It’s the saw, and it’s many iterations, that lies at the heart of all things DIY that we’re fascinated by, and with. And in particular, the multi-purpose and ever adaptable jigsaw which has granted us the power to literally shape the floors, cabinets, cupboards, and more that adorn our home.

When it comes to fitting modern floors though, it’s all too easy to be caught out by the vagaries and tempestuous nature of laminate flooring, which is why, in order to make sure it cuts and fits, the way you want it too, you’re going to need the correct blade for your jigsaw.

A purpose-made blade that’ll happily cut, and shape, laminate floor without splintering, cracking, or ruining it. That’s why we’ve gone out and found five of the best jigsaw blades that’ll let you cut through as much, or as little, laminate flooring as you desire without having to worry about damaging the laminite.

All you have to do is pick a blade from our list and then you can get right back to laying your new floor. So, let’s get started, shall we? After all, that floor isn’t going to lay itself, is it?

Top 5 Best Jigsaw Blade For Laminate Flooring


Bosch T128BHM3 3 Pc. 3.62 In. 14 TPI Carbide...

If you’re going to fit a blade on your jigsaw that that’s going to hold the fate of your laminate flooring in its teeth, then you’re going to want a name you can trust. That’s why the first blade on our list is Bosch’s Carbide Teeth Special.

Because you want a clean, smooth cut every single time you switch your jigsaw on.

The most important thing when it comes to laying any laminate floor is that its free from chips and damage on the top and bottom sides.

This purpose-built laminate blade cuts freely and easily and won’t leave any unwanted marks, it’ll just cut through the laminate like a knife through butter.

It’s fourteen teeth per inch (TPI) design means that you’ll have to cut slowly, and carefully, but as that’s the golden rule when it comes to cutting laminate anyway, that won’t be a problem.

It doesn’t need to be fast, it just needs to be right. And the Bosch Carbide Teeth Special will make sure that it is. 


  • This blade has been made to cut laminate flooring. It’s is its sole purpose, it’s what it was made to do and it’s incredibly good at what it does. It’ll probably cut through other things too, as most jigsaw blades will, but as far as laminate flooring goes, this is the premiere league blade that won’t steer you, or your flooring, wrong. 
  • Fourteen teeth per inch might not sound like a lot, but it’s more than enough as this blade will cut cleanly, and precisely, every time you use it. 
  • The carbide brazing technology that Bosh have used to forge this blade means that it’s stronger and will last longer than almost all of its competitors. It isn’t a one-use blade that you’ll throw away after you’ve laid the first few blades. Like the Duracell bunny, it’ll just keep on going. Or, in this particular case cutting,  
  • Thanks to the unique design of the teeth, it won’t matter how brittle your laminite is. The Carbide Special will cut it and won’t leave a mark.


  • An old uncle of ours used to say that you get what you pay for, and if you want the best, which this blade almost certainly is, you’ll most definitely pay for it. It’ll leave a bigger hole in your wallet than almost any other jigsaw blade, but it’s worth it.


DeWalt DT2165QZ Jigsaw Blades for Wood...

Known as the brand that professionals trust, DeWalt began by making saws and saw blades, which makes them long-standing experts in the field.

And if you want a job done well, and properly, there’s nobody better to put your faith in than an expert in said field.

Another slow cutting blade, the lower teeth per inch count on this DeWalt blade will help you to cut evenly and slowly and prevent your laminate flooring from chipping and suffering any damage.

It’s a clean cutting blade that, thanks to DeWalt’s ground-teeth technology, won’t lose its edge before you finish the job. It’ll stay sharp until long after you’ve made your final cut.

Made to fit just about any Bosch or DeWalt T-Shank jigsaw, this blade will serve you well, and if it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to, DeWalt’s one year guarantee means that you can send it back to them and they’ll either replace it or refund you. 


  • The ground teeth technology that DeWalt fashions its jigsaw blades form? It’s a jigsaw miracle, as the blade will be just as sharp a the end of the job, as it was when you started it. 
  • DeWalt are an all-inclusive blade maker and as such, these blades will easily fit on just about any T-Shank jigsaw you can lay your hands on. It’s kind of nice, and more than a little refreshing to know that a company like DeWalt isn’t brand exclusive. 
  • The lower TPI and blade technology that this DeWalt jigsaw special uses makes sure that as long as you take it slowly and don’t put your foot to the floor and squeeze every last little bit of power out of your jigsaw, your laminate flooring will cut cleanly and evenly. 
  • Then there’s that year-long warranty. Who doesn’t love a deal like that? If it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to, you’ll get your money back, no questions asked. Not that these blades cost a lot, they don’t, but it’s the principle that matters. And DeWalt believe in that principle as strongly as you, and we, do.


  • It would seem, that despite DeWalt’s reassurances to the contrary, that these blades, according to numerous reviews, don’t last anywhere near as long as they’re supposed to and lose their edge far faster than DeWalt say they will.


BOSCH T503 3-Piece Hardwood/Laminate Flooring...

And we’re back with Bosch again, because, when it comes to jigsaw blades., they’re as reliable as a faithful old hound and more dependable and comforting than a pint of Old Peculiar.

They get the job done and they get it done well.

This three-piece set throws a little variety into the mix, as the chances are that as well as laying laminate flooring, you’re also going to be cutting and shaping skirting boards and you’re so you’re going to need all the jigsaw power that you can get.

In this case, one blade to cut the laminate flooring and two blades to shape the skirting boards. 

The laminite blade shares all of the same properties as the previously mentioned Bosch option, which essentially means that as long as you cut slowly, your flooring won’t chip, crack, or splinter and will fit exactly as you want it too.

And when your flooring is laid, you can pop the blade out, fit one of the others and jump straight into cutting your skirting boards. 


  • According to Bosch, this is the ideal blade set for floorers. So, if they’re recommending them for professionals, then it stands to reason that this is the blade set that you’re going to want to use to lay your laminate floors with. 
  • Bosch have crafted these blades using their patented Bi-Metal construction technology. No, we don’t know what it is either, but it sounds like something out of a ‘Conan’ film, which is more than alright in our book. What we do know is that Bi-Metal construction means that the blades are made to be hardy and durable and stay sharper for far longer.
  • It’s all in the name, Bosch. They’re a tried, trusted, and true tool brand that makes blades that are designed to make your life easier. Who can argue with that? We could all do with a little more easy in our lives.


  • We looked, we really did. We search far and wide, and high and low but we couldn’t find a single bad review of this blade set. Bosch weren’t lying when they said floorers love them, they really do. And it turns out that it isn’t just floorers who love them either. Everyone else who’s used them to fit their laminate flooring is just as smitten with them. 


Faithfull JBT101BR Jigsaw Blades - Laminate /...

Faithfull have worked hard to get where they are. After starting out as a small contractor based tool firm just over thirty years ago, they slowly ascended the hardware ladder to become of the most beloved tool manufacturers in the UK.

Innovation and development are the core values that they hold dear, and it’s those values that are key to everything that they make, including these laminate friendly jigsaw blades. 

Made from high carbon steel, these ten teeth per inch blades will slowly, and surely cut through any laminate flooring with ease and won’t even leave a scratch on the top or bottom sides of your flooring.

Their seventy-five-millimeter cutting surface means that they’re able to cope with the thickest flooring, so size isn’t a problem that the Faithfull blades can’t deal with.

Their lightweight, stronger than Geoff Capes construction makes them the ideal blade for either amateur, home enthusiasts, or long-serving tradesmen who know what it takes to get the job done properly.

Faithfull by name, faithfull by nature these blades won’t let you down when you need them the most 


  • Their high carbon steel manufacture ensures that these blades are not only designed to last, but they’re also made to stay the sharpness course too. 
  • Ten teeth per inch makes them perfect for the slow and precise cutting that laminate requires. They’re not a blade that likes to be rushed, they like to do what they do at a speed that’s comfortable for you.


  • Not everyone is a fan. Despite the double thumbs up tradesman guarantee of quality, there are more than a few disgruntled reviews that take umbrage with Faithfull’s idea of quality. If the reviews are to be believed, these blades don’t seem to last as long as their maker thinks they will, or would like them too.


25 x Saxton Jigsaw Blades Wood T101BR fit...

So you’ve never heard of Saxton Blades? Don’t worry, you’re not alone, they’re not exactly a household name. But that doesn’t mean they won’t be, just give them time. Founded less than a decade ago, Saxton was set up with one goal.

To provide tradesmen and anyone who finds solace in creating something from nothing with all of the tools they need to do their job at a competitive, and appealing price.

These blades may not have a name that you recognize plastered all over them, but don’t let that dissuade you from giving them a chance. Every Saxton blade is made using the same exciting methods that all of the bigger brands use, which means that these blades from this underdog have all of the bite and power that you’ll need to cut through your laminate flooring without leaving a mark. 

They’re a low speed, all-steel blade that has more than enough teeth per inch to finely cut and shape your laminate flooring, so you can shape it and fit it however you want.

Names aren’t everything and sometimes it pays to take a chance on a relatively unknown newcomer like Saxton. 


  • Built to the same exacting standards as the same blades from the industry giants are, Saxton might not be a name you know now, but after using their blades, they’ll soon become a name that you’ll never forget. 
  • Let’s talk numbers - the Bosch and DeWalt packs? They come with between three and five blades, Even Faithfull only supply five blades in their pack. But Saxton? They give you twenty-five blades. That’s the sort of number that’ll not put a smile on your face, it’ll also put a little extra zip in your jigsaw step.


  • For the most part, the people that have used Saxton blades in their jigsaws seem to be perfectly happy with them, but there are a few dissatisfied souls who have complained that they’re not quite as good as the same, more expensive, blades from the leading manufacturers and recognized name brands are.  

Best Jigsaw Blade For Laminate Flooring Buying Guide

Before you decide on which jigsaw blades you’re going to use to help you cut, and lay your laminate flooring, it might be useful to remember, and take into account, some of the following points. 

What Is Laminate Flooring? 

Laminate flooring is a synthetic floor tile made up of multiple layers of fibreboard and hard resin that are combined using a process of lamination.

Designed to look like wood, and significantly less expensive than real wood floors, laminate flooring not only looks like the real thing, it’s also tough, durable, hardwearing, and incredibly easy to clean.  

What Is A Jigsaw? 

Foot pedal operated jigsaws were first used during the nineteenth century but didn’t become commonplace until the late nineteen forties when Bosch made the electrically powered jigsaw widely available.

An electric saw that uses a replaceable, reciprocal blade to cut wood, metal, and other material, jigsaws are usually used, primarily to shape and easily reduce the size of whatever it is they’re being used to cut.

While they are often difficult to precisely control, the multiple advantages that being able to change their blades in order to work on different surfaces offers means that jigsaws have become an indispensable part of the modern tradesman’s tool arsenal. 

Why Do I Need A Jigsaw To Help Me Fit My Laminate Flooring? 

Every floor is different, but laminate flooring is made to a uniform size. If you want to lay your laminate flooring yourself, and want to make sure that it fits comfortably, and snugly into every corner and crevice of the room you’re laying it in, you’re going to need to cut it.  

And the best, and easiest way to cut laminate flooring, is with a jigsaw. But if you want to make sure that you follow the golden rule of laying any sort of flooring to the letter, which is measure thrice and cut once, you’re going to need the right blade for your jigsaw in order to do the job properly. 

What Sort Of Jigsaw Blade Do I Need For Laminate Flooring? 

There’s a reason why manufacturers make specialist laminate jigsaw blades and that’s because synthetic material can take the edge off saw blades and saw blades tend to chew synthetic material up.

That’s why you’ll want a blade that will stay sharp and cut through your laminate flooring without chipping, scratching, or damaging it. It’s also the main reason why manufacturers make those blades, so that laying laminate floor is, in turn, made as easy as possible.

Ideally, you’ll want a purpose made laminate jigsaw blade. They’re designed to cut on the downstroke instead of the upstroke so that they’ll provide as clean a cut as possible, which in turn is made possible by the teeth they use to cut. In conjunction with the downcut, a laminate friendly jigsaw blade will also be made to cut more slowly, and as such will have significantly fewer teeth than a normal saw blade.

As a general rule of thumb, a good laminate blade should have between ten and eighteen teeth per inch (TPI), which ensures that it will provide a slower and more precise cut. 

Can I Use a Wood Friendly Jigsaw Blade To Cut Laminate Flooring? 

While it isn’t a perfect substitute, you can use a wood blade to cut laminate flooring. If you are going to do that though, try to make sure that the blade you’re using has a lower TPI (teeth per inch) than an average wood friendly blade and keep the speed at which you cut as low as you possibly can. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Laminate Jigsaw Blade Is The Right One For Me? 

That’s where you’re on your own, and its a decision that you’re going to have to make for yourself. You know what type of jigsaw you have, you know what your budget is for the blades and you know how much laminate flooring you have to cut and lay.

However, if it was our laminate flooring and we were looking for a jigsaw blade to help us cut it and lay it? We’d always, without hesitation, go for the Bosch Carbide Special. It is, after all, a purpose-made laminate blade. And that’s exactly what you’ll need to cut, and lay, laminate flooring.  

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