Best Laser Tape Measure

We all know what a tape measure is. That said, as the tech developed, and competing tape measure manufacturers tried to get the most accurate designs, it was predictable that we’d see models that use hyper-accurate lasers to measure instead.

There’s no fiddly tape involved with these, giving them an edge over traditional tape measures. You need to pay for this tech though, so it’s important to make sure you’re getting a quality product.

That’s where we come in. Below we’ve gathered five laser measures, many of them popular and accessible and others that were our personal favourites. You’ll find them ranked below, along with a descriptive entry about each model and a handy pro and con list to gauge the measures at a glance.

There’s also a short buyers’ guide at the bottom of the page so you can learn which features make a good laser measure.

In a hurry?

If you’ve got some measurements that need taking right away, why not see if our number one product is for you? If it is, you can call your search off and get on with the rest of your day.

That number one product would be the Leica Disto D510 Laser Distance Meter, a sturdy and robust model that’s both powerful and versatile. See what we mean below:

  • It’s a higher-end laser measure option that can throw its laser across 200 feet, and it’s accurate to just one millimetre. It’s not just powerful, it also has a long list of measuring functionalities that you can find on the product listing page.
  • The laser measure casing is waterproof and dustproof to about IP65. That means it can be exposed to more dust and water than other pieces of tech, and it can even survive most commanders. There’s also a coloured 2.4-inch digital viewfinder built into the laser measures, so you can always see what you’re doing.
  • This laser measure model plays nice with other added functionalities that these products have. For example, it can use Bluetooth Smart and the Leica Disto Sketch app to plan and transfer measurements. It also comes with the required batteries and a safety wrist strap to keep the measure operational for longer.

Top 5 Best Laser Tape Measure


Leica Disto D510 Laser Distance Meter

There is a laser distance meter that consistently rises above the competition when you’re looking for the best, and that’s the Leica Disto D510 Laser Distance Meter.

Unfortunately, this means that it has the price tag to match, so you may find this option too rich for your blood if you’re on a budget. Don’t worry though, there are still capable laser measures further down this page.

As for the Leica Disto D510, however, it’s a hardy laser measure that was designed with rough conditions in mind.

It casts its laser far, about 200 metres to be exact, and whilst it’s doing this it’ll maintain a staggering accuracy of just one measly millimetre. 

When measuring at those distances, this is practically spot on, so we’d defy you to find a distance meter that’s accurate to less than one millimetre.

It's not just an accurate laser measure model but it’s also capable of many sophisticated measurements and calculations. There’s too many to explain in-depth, so we’ll just list them here.

There are standard addition, subtraction, and area and volume functions as well as an in-built calculator and a min/max measurements. It also has the unique ability to calculate the total wall areas of rooms, find the area of triangular shapes, and it has a timer for when the measuring process is delayed.

Oh, and it can display in both metric and imperial, so it should have you covered.

The laser measure’s casing is something to behold too, with its integrated 2.4-inch high-resolution digital viewfinder usually being the first thing people notice when they look at the product.

This provides a sharp image in unfavourable conditions, ensuring you can use your laser measure where and when you want. The casing itself is also rated to IP65, meaning that it’s suitably waterproof and dustproof to come into contact with them for short periods of time without completely breaking.

When you’ve done your measurements and want to share them with other devices, you have a few options. The Leica D510 has a native app, the Leica Disto Sketch app, that allows you to create your own plans on handheld devices.

This also incorporates Bluetooth Smart, which can be used to transfer measurement data across all of your phones and tablets seamlessly.

What’s more, the Leica D510 linked arrives with a protective pouch to keep it safe and functional for a long time and a wrist strap to ensure you don’t drop it. It also comes with two AA batteries, the required type to get this model running.


  • A high-end option that casts its laser out 200 metres and to 1mm of accuracy.
  • Comprehensive list of measuring functionalities.
  • Rated to an IP65 dustproof and waterproof rating.
  • Integrated digital viewfinder with a high-resolution 2.4-inch display.
  • Can use Bluetooth Smart tech to transfer data wirelessly to phones or tablets.
  • Comes with a protective pouch, securing wrist strap, and a pair of AA batteries.


  • On the expensive side.


Now that we’ve shown you the best laser tape measure at our number one spot, here is a great option for those who are on a tighter budget.

That’d be the TACKLIFE HD40 Laser Distance Meter, a product that doesn’t sacrifice a competent performance in its attempts at being a laser distance meter that everyone can afford.

It'll measure up to 131 feet with startling accuracy to 1/16th of an inch. This competes with a lot of laser distance meters out there that can cost twice as much as the HD40, so you know that the primary function of these laser models wasn’t skimped on when these products were being manufactured.

What’s more, it’ll then automatically calculate the area and volume of whatever you’re pointing at, providing invaluable measurements in a timely manner.

Its measurements are also reported in as many as six units, so you should find some that you’re comfortable with no matter if you’re a metric or imperial person.

For a budget product, it’s quite versatile in that it has five measurement modes. These range from direct distance to sophisticated Pythagorean theorem measurements, as well as area and volume measurements.

With all of these measurement options available to you, the HD40 is also capable of storing them all in its robust measurement record that can keep as many as 30 separate datasets contained in its memory.

This is handy if you’re expecting to get a lot of use out of your product.

The budgeted price doesn’t show in its display either, an LCD backlight screen that’s visible in low-light settings so that you can keep taking measurements when the sun goes down or you lose your ambient light.

It’s also easy to keep intact thanks to a protective portable bag and a hand strap that retail with the laser distance meter.


  • A budget-friendly alternative is capable of 131 feet measurements at 1/16th of an inch accuracy.
  • Five measurement modes add versatility and efficiency to your measuring work.
  • Can store 30 sets of data in its memory, giving you a robust measurement record.
  • The LCD backlight is visible in low-light conditions and allows for operation all day long.
  • Retails with a portable bag and hand strap to keep the laser measure safe.


  • Integrated spirit bubbles can be slightly off.


Bosch Professional 601072570 Laser Measure...

At the midpoint of our list is a reliable option that’s popular with the crowds, being so reputable as to earn the Amazon’s Choice recommendation for the nicely vague search term “laser measuring.”

This is the Bosch GLM 30 Professional Laser Measure, though there are many potential models you can switch to when on the product listing page.

This particular one, however, is capable of measuring distances as far as 98 feet away. Reliability is the watchword of this option, and this is even expressed through their ISO certification.

Along with the expected functions that these products have, what really stands out with the Bosch GLM 30 is that it has an easy-to-use AutoSum mode that, as you take measurements, adds and calculates them in real-time. This is great for those in a hurry or who are otherwise preoccupied whilst measuring distances.

The casing for these laser measures is satisfactory too, being rated IP54. This means that they’re resistant to both water and dust, as well as drop shock to some extent.

The takeaway is that these measures can take some punishment without breaking, but we’d still advise you to keep them away from water and excessive dust. It’s also a very compact model, fitting into any pocket or storage space.

As is common with the laser measures on this list, the Bosch GLM 30 also comes with two 1.5V LR03 AAA batteries to use when you first receive this product at your door. It also comes with a wrist strap, though this is prone to certain issues such as being too weak to properly secure your laser measure unit.


  • An ISO-certified alternative that measures up to 98 feet.
  • AutoSum function automatically adds measures values as you measure them.
  • Rated to IP54 in water and dust resistance.
  • Compact dimensions mean it can fit anywhere on the body.
  • Comes with the required 1.5V AAA batteries.


  • The accompanying wrist strap can be weak.


Makita LD050P 50 Metre Laser Distance Measure

Next up we have the Makita LD050P Laser Distance Meter, a humbler laser measure that was manufactured with indoor use in mind. This is best evidenced by the fact that its range only extends up to 50 feet at an accuracy of two millimetres.

The Makita LD050P is capable of an impressive array of functions, from a Pythagoras theorem calculator to addition, subtraction, and area and volume settings.

These are all even more impressive when considered in the context that the Makita LD050P is one of the cheaper laser measures available on this list. Once you’ve used this model enough, you’ll find that it stores the last five measurements so that you can make easier reference by looking back at them.

As for the casing that surrounds the tech that makes the Makita LD050P work, it’s another standard IP54 rated exterior. This is better than nothing and will keep the model safe from both water and dust as long as the laser measure isn’t left in those environments for an extended period of time.

Speaking of the environment in which this product works best, you may want to be aware that there’s no backlighting on the display screen. This can mean the display is hard to read if there’s too much or too little light.


  • An interior-focused laser measure that can calculate ranges up to 50 feet away.
  • Uses a variety of mathematical techniques to determine area and volume.
  • Stores the last five measurements for easy reference.
  • IP54 water and dust resistance rating.


  • Lack of backlighting makes use in low-light areas difficult.


LOMVUM Multimeter, Digital Multi Tester...

The last laser measure we have is something a bit different, the Lomvum Multimeter. What makes this so different is that its primary use is to gauge the electronic power running through water, such as the volts, amps, and ohms.

That said, it has a measuring function too, which can be enough if you need a dedicated laser measure in a pinch.

It's simple enough to use and isn’t that remarkable at distance measurements, but it could be what you need if you want a product that acts as an all-in-one unit. Whatever you’re scanning with this model, you’ll find that it uses an LCD backlight that’s easy to read no matter where you are.

A detailed user manual retails with this multimeter that’s handy for explaining all of the things it can do. If you might have considered getting a multimeter but wasn’t sure what the ohmmeter function was for, for example, then the users' guide will educate you on how to use this unit for anything and everything, including distance measurements.

The small bundle you get upon purchase is also more generous than usual, featuring three 1.5V AAA batteries to provide your first charges.


  • A multimeter that can gauge both electronic and distance-based measurements.
  • LCD backlight displays are easy to read.
  • A detailed user manual explains all of this multimeter’s functions.
  • Retails with 3 1.5V AAA batteries.


  • Not a dedicated distance measurement tool.

Best Laser Tape Measure Buying Guide

Getting a bog-standard tape measure is usually simple enough but looking for a “laser tape measure,” or just a laser measure, can be much more difficult.

Not everyone knows what to look for when buying them, and unlike a physical tape measure, a poor-quality laser measurement tool will report false measurements no matter what you do with it.

We’ve written this buyers’ guide to explain some of the considerations you should have when buying these gadgets. We’ve done this by splitting them up into certain specs and features you’ll commonly find on the market.

By learning which ones to look for, you can usually find the product with the best features in every category, and this is often the best one for you.

Measurement Distance and Accuracy

This is a simple one that relies on how you plan to use your measurement tool. It may be tempting to get the tools capable of measuring over longer distances, and that will often be the better choice for many customers that have medium to long-range ambitions for their tape measures.

However, if you only have limited range use planned, like for interior DIY, for instance, then you don’t need to spend the extra pounds getting a long-ranged laser measurement tool.

Accuracy, on the other hand, is just a matter of how precise you need to be. For the overwhelming majority of us, however, more accuracy is only a good thing. There’s a reason you’re upgrading from a tape measure to a laser measure, after all.

If you want the best, you should grab a laser that’s within one to three millimetres of the target it’s pointed at. This is so small a difference that it’s mostly negligible when put into practice, but the presence of these numbers on a product’s listing page can be an indicator of quality in other areas.

Measurement Modes

These vary tremendously depending on the individual laser measures being discussed, so it’s hard to go into great detail. Just know that your ideal laser tape measure should have a built-in calculator capable of addition, subtraction, volume and area calculation, and the ability to tackle triangular measurements with help from Pythagoras’s theorem.

Other, not-strictly measurement type modes would include an automatic function that limits the manual input needed, like AutoSum, an app that adds together distance measurement calculations in real-time.

Measurement Records

This is when, or if, your chosen product can store previously scanned and calculated measurements to look at later. This can be invaluable to someone who needs to go back and study the numbers, like divers for instance.

We’ve seen these backup centres house as little as five and as many as thirty in our travels online, so the better option for you depends on how much space you want.


As with all tech, you need to have a competent construction design otherwise all of the greatest and newest innovations in handheld technology will become glorified paperweights.

The interiors of electronic gadgets are fragile, particularly to water and knocks, so grab a measure that’s above or between IP54 and IP65 in how they’re rated. These ratings describe how the product will perform when exposed to dust and water, and generally, the higher ratings are better against knocks too.

If you foresee a lot of accidental drops or hostile working environments in your measure’s future, you should futureproof your purchase by getting a more durable model.

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