Best log splitter for camping

Planning a camping holiday and sitting by a warm fire ?  You're going to need a few bits of kindling to get things going along with some chunky wood to lasts the evening. These days there are lots of really great portable tools that can chop wood.  

So here's my write up on the best log splitter for camping.  These kindling splitters are portable and easy to use and perfect for packing alongside your camping gear.

best log splitter for camping

The key with choosing is to see if there is there are options that are the holy grail of log splitters.  For camping purposes they really need to be a manual option that are also compact and lightweight.  

Can't exactly lug round a 7 tonne log splitter to the woods.

Read on to find out our favourite camping log splitters, in addition to a handy buyer’s guide that should answer all of your questions.

Top 5 Best Log Splitters For Camping



If you've watched the video above you will now see just how easy this is to use.  It's great for chopping small kindling wood as well as splitting big pieces and huge pieces!  It's versatility is what has given it our top rated pick.

So no matter what size of wood you need to attack, this will soon cut it down to size.  If you took this, and also took the Fiskars axe shown above, you will have a complete system for removing branches / tree limbs and sorting them fast into much needed wood supplies ready for the camp fire.

When using it, you simply lift up the hammer and top chisel and then slide them down resting on top of a piece of wood.  lift the hammer and force it down.  This forces the top chisel / wedge into the wood.

Then the next step is to pick up the hammer and chisel / wedge, and the wood, and place on top of the bottom wedge.  Now strike the hammer down again with force and this is usually enough to make a good clean split.

With a maximum working length of wood being 450mm you just need to chop smaller pieces before using this


  • Comes with a 2 year warranty
  • One of the easiest and SAFEST ways to chop wood
  • very powerful yet simple
  • Only 12kg total weight


  • One more thing to carry with you, but, fire is important when camping and so this should really form part of your kit.

The Swedish smart splitter is a great portable tool and conveniently available on Amazon which you can see here.


Kindling Cracker Firewood Kindling Splitter

If the kindling firewood splitter excites you enough to pack one in your camping bags, then take asecond to look at the XL version.  It's bigger tougher stance means it can go a step further and chop pieces of wood that are considerably bigger.

Both of these firewood splitters are made from tough cast iron in Australia.  These splitters are pretty much maintenance free!

The smaller kindling splitter has an inside ring diameter of 6.5 inches, so you can insert pieces of wood to that diameter to chop into kindling sticks to get fires going.

The larger XL version takes this space into a much more usbale 9 inch diameter space to handle bigger pieces of wood.

The standard kindling splitter is 12 inches in height, while the XL splitter is 17 inches in height.

Both models are made from a sikngle piece of cast iron.  No welded seams, no moving parts and are a tool that you will use for generations to come.  The only maintenance you will ever have to complete is a bit of brushing off when cleaning and a bit of paint from time to time.


  • Reduce risk of injury from using an axe.
  • Your hands are protected from the blade
  • Swing the hammer not the axe and split firewood with ease


  • It's still an extra "thing" you have to take with you.

This design was created a by a school age student for a science fair project as away to reduce chance of injury.  Check these fantastic long term tools in time for your next camping trip.  These are both available on Amazon.  You can get the standard kindling splitter here and the XL version here.


Fiskars Chopping Axe XS X7, Includes Storage...

With supremely low cost to entry, a Fiskars chopping axe can be the perfect tool for a number of reasons.  Very sharp and takes very little extra room in your camping gear.

With an axe like this one, the video above shows you how to use it effectively, which way to chop the wood and how to get your own shavings and kindling relatively easy.

Fiskars are well known for their solid long term reliability (having personally owned 2 Fiskars products myself as well I can confirm this).

So this unit is the 35.5 cm version but you can also see the other sizes available (here on Amazon) which are a smaller 22cm model and a larger 44cm model.

They are made using hardened steel, and a fiverglass reinforced plastic material for the handle.

They do recommend occasional sharpening so be sure to keep a blade sharpener tool in your kit as well.


  • The X7 has to be the PERFECT size for carrying
  • Solid all in one design where the handle is moulded directly on to the head
  • very inexpensive to buy


  • Limited in uses to chopping small pieces of wood for camping / kindling creation / bushcraft and survival situations.  For bigger pieces of wood you should look at the firewood splitters on this page.

Best Log Splitter for Camping Buying Guide

As with buying any product, it’s always a good idea to know as much as you can about the type of product and what things you should be looking for when you are looking to buy it.

Here are a couple of things that you should think about when you’re buying a camping wood splitter.

Size matters

This has to be the main consideration to think about.  The notion of camping is that anything you take with you must be portable.  As said earlier you probaly don't want to lug round a huge 7 tonne petrol log splitter.

You will often be carry a few hand held holdalls, or a backpack or two.  This means that you really want to choose somethign that will fit into one of these.  Thankfully the above kindling makers fit with ease.


So it goes without saying that you probably don't want to face a situation when camping where your firewood needs cannot be met.  You want something with as few moving parts as possible.  You also want something that is sharp and safe.  You also want something that stays sharp for years to come.  The above items easily meet this need.  With a simple blade sharpener you can keep an axe at it's best.  The kindling splitters are a step above and designed to last many lifetimes.

Safety is important

Naturally, if you are away from any hospitals, you need to be as prepared as you can.  This means choosing kindling splitters that safely split wood.  It also means you should keep a first aid kit to hand as well.

Which one is best for you?

Sadly I cannot be there to talk to you, but you should think about your own needs.  If you are just enjoying short family camping holidays then these log splitting tools will probably be ok.  They will be fine enough to get fires going and running as long as you prepare enough firewood to last your evening.

If you are venturing out into more extreme conditions you may want some larger peices of wood.  The swedish log splitter tool will help get those lsrger biyts sorted ready for use, while the kindling splitter or axe will then help you prepare smaller bits of kindling.  The common sense answer really is to have one of each type.  

You could get away with just the swedish splitter as it performs well with both larger and small pieces of wood.

Ease of Use

All of the above items are as easy as it is ever going to be.  With an axe there is a small learning curve to becoming proficient.  The risk of injury from a swinging axe is greater especially when just starting out, although the video above will help you learn the basic safer skills for effective wood processing.

So really it all comes down to your own personal judgment.  The axe is by far the cheapest option at a third of the cost of a Kindling splitter, whereas the Swedish smart splitter is priced in between the two (and offers great multi use features)

Best Log Splitters For Camping FAQ's

What is a log splitter?

Quite simply some sort of tool that helps you to process larger pieces of wood into smaller usable pieces of wood.  You cannot put a whole tree trunk on your camp fire. You also cannot use a tree branch to get a fire started.  You need smaller finer pieces of wood, and even smaller wood shavings to get a fire started, and then usable manageable pieces of wood to keep a fire burning for hours to come.

Are electric log splitters wirth the money?

They are, in the right situation. For example if you are clearing a space for a long term camp, and you have a power source close by.  Plus you also need to have good access form your vehicle to wheel the electric log splitter into the best location.  For most camping situations, a manual log splitter is really the only sensible option.

How do you sharpen a kindling splitter?

The models above shouldn't need any sharpening for a while but you can purchase an inexpensive sharpening tool (conveniently here on Amazon) for your axe to help keep a good keen edge.  You simply rub the sharpening tool or stone at the same angle of the blade carefully along the edge, angled in to the edge of the blade.

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