Best Mitre Saw

Mitring is the process of joining two boards together at an angle. 

Whether you are a professional or a DIY enthusiast. A mitre saw makes achieving this a lot easier than attempting to do it by hand.

Modern mitre saws are an invaluable tool for producing all kinds of cross cuts quickly and accurately and can be used on a wide variety of projects from flooring to roofing.

We have collected together the best mitre saws on the market and made our recommendations based on their blade and cutting quality, power, weight, and overall value.

We have also included a handy buyers guide and FAQ, to help you choose the best mitre saw for your needs. 

In a hurry? Here’s our top pick so you can get back to completing that DIY project safe in the knowledge you have the best saw available. 

Best Mitre Saw


Bosch Professional GCM 8 SJL sliding mitre...

Our top pick is the BOSH Professional GCM 8 SJL.

Offering an enticing combination of precision, power, and exceptional build quality the Bosch GCM 8 SJL is the ideal saw for both tradesmen and the serious DIY enthusiast.

Successfully bridging the gap between trade and domestic use the GCM8SJL can produce clean, professional-grade cuts to tough timbers all day long.

With a powerful 1600 watt motor, the included 216mm blade can cut through large pieces of timber like a hot knife through butter and can handle tougher materials with power to spare. 

It has a cutting depth of 7cm and width of 31.2cm and can cut at a 52-degree angle on the left and a 60-degree angle on the right, and once the angle is set and locked in place the included laser makes sure it does so with pinpoint precision.

It can also cut accurate grooves into materials with its depth lock feature, which comes in handy when you need an accurate cut every time. 

The blade is protected while running and all the controls are easy to see and use making the working environment very safe. 

It also features a two-point dust extraction system, with optional collection bag, with one of the outlets following the blade ensuring the dust is collected even during sustained use. This ensures the work area remains dust-free.

Powerful, precise and robust the GCM8SJL is a feature-rich saw, at a great price and easy to recommend.


  • Incredibly accurate
  • Two-point dust removal system
  • Wide cutting angle
  • Capable of handling even tough materials
  • Great value


  •     Dust bag sold separately


Einhell TC-MS 2112 Compound Mitre Saw |...

Einhell is a German power tool making behemoth. From power drills to sanders Einhell are known for making great products at a great price, and their mitre saws are no different. 

A great multi-purpose mitre saw aimed at DIY enthusiasts, the Einhell offers a flexible range of cutting features at a very attractive price.

Its cross-cut mechanism allows for wide cuts of up to 310mm which is ideal for cutting larger pieces of flooring or panels. 

While its double bevel action allows the saw to be tilted up to 45 degrees in either direction, This makes it ideal for quickly cutting coving or knocking together window frames.

Meanwhile, its 1600 watt motor offers plenty of power for the home user and small projects. However, if you need a saw for more heavy-duty projects or extended use, you would be better off with a professional-grade model.

It comes with a 210mm laser-guided saw blade, with a cover which protects the blade while it is spinning but not cutting. It is capable of easily slicing through wood and plastics with a great deal of accuracy but is not designed to cut through metal. 

While its attached dust bag collects most sawdust and particles though you may want to attach a hoover for larger jobs as it is quite small.

Though the Einhell is fairly light at around 13kg, it is also quite bulky so it would be worth making sure you had a shelf large enough to properly store it before purchasing.

On the whole, the Einhell is a great value every day saw, with a wide variety of features and accurate cutting at a reasonable price. It might not be the most powerful on the market, and professionals may want to look at a more heavy-duty saw, but for home use, it's a no-brainer.


  • Good value for money
  • Wide range of features
  • 45 degree double bevel action
  • Cuts through wood and plastic with ease
  • Can cut through wide boards and panels


  • Bulky
  • The blade doesn’t cut through metal


Evolution Power Tools R210SMS+ Sliding Mitre...

The Evolution R210 SMS+ is a versatile yet elegant mitre saw at a great price which often sits on top of the bestseller lists and it’s easy to see why. 

The R210SMS+ comes with a 210mm TCT tipped blade which can cut through wood, metal and plastic. While its 1500 watt motor can help the blade power through most materials if you want a mitre saw for every day, or professional use you may be better off with something a little more powerful.        

Its single bevel saw has a cutting angle of 45 degrees, and the mitre angle can be set to 50 degrees on both the left and right side, with a maximum cut size of 65mm deep and 230mm wide. It also includes a laser guidance system which helps your cuts remain accurate even in low light or dusty environments.

It also includes a dust bag but it is no replacement for a hoover or a proper dust remover.

The one downside to the R210 SMS+ is that the instructions included in the box are not very clear. Thankfully, Evolution’s website includes several video tutorials which are much more straightforward.

Evolution also offers peace of mind to those who take the plunge on their products with a comprehensive three-year warranty.

A popular saw wherever it is sold, the Evolution R210 SMS+ is a brilliant mid-range saw, which is great value for money, with power to spare, and the rare ability to be able to cut boards without removing nails.


  • Good value 
  • The blade can cut through wood and metal at the same time
  • Three-year warranty
  •    Laser-guided blade


  • Included instructions not clear.


DEWALT DCS365N-XJ XR 184 mm Mitre Saw with...

Easy to use, hard-wearing, and incredibly mobile, this battery-powered mitre saw is ideal for any on the job carpenter or for sites where power is an issue.

The Dewalt DCS365N is designed to make your life easier, this 18v saw allows you to set it up where you need it and get right to work without having to worry about finding a power supply. 

Dewalt claims the DCS365N can do approximately 250 cuts per charge. But in the unlikely event, it runs out of charge while you are on the job and have any other battery-powered Dewalt tools the batteries are interchangeable. so you can always slap in the battery from your drill; or jigsaw.

It is worth bearing in mind though that the DCS365N does not come with a battery and you will need to purchase a compatible Dewalt li-ion battery pack and charger separately for it to work.

It is an incredibly light saw, weighing only 9kgs while being as powerful as many heavier saws on the market. It’s also incredibly easy to transport thanks to its chunky carry handle and easy to secure cutting deck. 

Where the Dewalt shines is its 3,750RPM motor. It is very quiet, fan-cooled, and packs a surprising amount of punch, especially when tackling tougher materials like hardwood. The motor brushes can also be replaced so with regular maintenance should keep running for years to come.

Though the saw is not capable of cutting wider planks it can still perform large cuts on planks up to 250mm x 50 mm, with a mitre cut of up to 60 degrees on the right and 50 degrees on the left. 

It is also incredibly accurate thanks to its unique shadow line system which uses LEDs to cast a light on the blade which then casts a shadow in the cutting surface showing precisely where the cut will be.

Portable, powerful, and very accurate, the Dewalt DCS365N is easy to recommend to anyone who has any other Dewalt battery-powered tools. If not, if you need a cordless saw you probably won’t find a finer saw. but you will need some batteries.


  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Battery-powered
  • Incredibly accurate
  • Powerful, yet quiet motor.


  • Battery sold separately


Makita MLS100 240 V 255 mm Electric Saw

This robust and compact compound mitre saw is very accurate, easy to store and has plenty of great features.

The MLS100 features a 1,500 watt motor with plenty of power and a 255mm TCT blade which can cut through aluminium, plastic, wood, and other non-ferrous materials with ease, and as such is a great choice for heavier jobs and everyday use.

The blade is covered when not cutting and a series of clamps helps to hold the material you are cutting firmly in place.

Dust is also collected via the included bag, although it is pretty small, or it can be connected to a Makita vacuum if you are using it indoors.  

The maximum cutting capacity at 90 degrees is 75mm or 48mm, and a left-hand bevel range up to 45 degrees. But it is worth bearing in mind that this is not a sliding mitre saw and so is not able to cut wider planks. However, the included laser sight does help make accurate cuts, especially in low light.

The Makita is also easy to transport as it is quite compact at 75cm x 45cm, and can easily be tossed into the back of a car or van, although it is still fairly heavy at just over 14kgs    

The MLS100 is a great value compound mitre saw which gives accurate cuts to a wide range of materials straight out the box. Its robust construction makes it great for use both at home, but if you need to cut wider planks you may need to look elsewhere. 


  • The included blade can cut metal, plastic and wood
  • Robust build
  • Portable
  • Can be attached to a vacuum for easy dust collection
  • Great value


  • Not suitable for cutting wider planks.

Best Mitre Saw Buying Guide

Mitre saws are an easy way to make accurate cuts at an angle. But not all saws are created equal, and there are a myriad of options available depending on your needs 

Below is a glossary of terms and an FAQ to help you find the best mitre saw for your needs.    

Blades: The size of your blade is important when buying a mitre saw as its diameter determines the height and depth of the cuts it makes. 

A blade with fewer teeth will cut faster but the result will be rougher, while a blade with more teeth will result in a smoother cut, but will take longer to do so.

Some blades include TCT tips, these are generally more durable and greatly extend the life of the blade as well as the amount of time it can run for.

Blades are designed to cut different materials. Most mitre saws come with a 210mm blade for cutting wood as standard.

Bevel: The Bevel feature makes it easier to perform angled cuts. Most models come with either a single or double bevels which allow the blade to tilt left or right.

Dust bag: Many saws come with a sack to collect sawdust and other detritus which is created while cutting. More advanced saws can even be attached to vacuum cleaners or similar extraction systems to ensure your workspace remains clean and dust-free.

Laser: Some mitre saws include a  laser to help you better match the cutting line and therefore make a more accurate cut by showing the exact place on the wood where the blade will cut.

Motor Power: The higher the motor power, the more revolutions per minute (RPM) the saw can achieve, and the faster the blade will cut. Most basic mitre saws come with a 1,500-watt motor which runs at about 4,200 rpm. While more advanced models will often include a variable speed dial so you can set the speed of the motor based on the type of material you are cutting.

Safety features: Some models come with work lights to help illuminate your working area.

Other features such as adjustable rear fences, workpiece clamps and extension arms help to support what you are cutting and protect your hands from the blade.

Slide: The sliding mechanism in a mitre saw allows you to cut wider pieces of wood and panels. Depending on what you are cutting, a slide may be a useful feature. If you are likely to be cutting fence posts, a slide is a must to get the best results.

Weight: The weight of your mitre saw may be an issue If you need to move it from one site to another. In this case, the lighter the machine, the better and some even come with a handy carrying handle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mitre saw?

A mitre saw is a machine for quickly and accurately cutting boards with a high level of precision. Commonly used in woodworking, the saw allows you to easily make both angled and straight cuts with the minimum of effort.

They are great for regular crosscuts because they are stable and powerful. It's also incredibly easy to line up cut beforehand. And many include a laser sight to make even easier.

Angled cuts can also be achieved by turning the blade to one side or the other. Many models can cut up to 50 degrees to the right and left. If you have to mitre some boards together, this is the ideal tool.

Compound or sliding mitre saw?

Mitre saws come in several different varieties. Though the main two are Compound, sliding or some combination of the two.

A compound mitre saw has both a mitre and bevel that allows you to make bevel cuts as well as mitring and is ideal for cutting crown moulding and wall-installed trims.

Sliding mitre saws come with rails so the saw blade can move back and forth across the wood. This allows you to cut to a greater depth.

Compound sliding mitre saw combine both a left bevel and rails allowing you to make compound cuts while enhancing the machine’s cutting depth. As such these are a great choice as they can perform a wide range of woodworking tasks.

These can also come as a dual compound sliding mitre saw which also includes a right bevel so you don’t need to flip your material around when you want to make an opposite compound cut, saving you time.

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