Best Pressure Washer For Snow Foam

Wanting to give your car that extra love with some snow foam?  It’s a great way to get that detergent right into every nook and cranny.  Getting the best pressure washer for snow foam application can be a bit daunting.

So, here’s a few pointers.

Hint.. it’s not so much about the pressure washer.. more about the snow foam lance… but we will get to that… please read on.. 

It’s a White foamy substance sprayed onto your car or bike, usually using a pressure washer foam lance attachment and sticks to the surface long enough to let the detergent do it’s magic for longer, and really help clean up the surface for that extra special gleaming finish.

If you are a car detailer you’ll already know this.

Spray it all over and your car turns into a White almost surreal looking thing.  It’s always good to stop and admire it at this point if that’s your thing.

Pressure Washer For Snow Foam

Benefits of snow foam

  • It makes a breeze of deep cleaning.  Used on the exterior of your car, a good spray all around the car and wheels enables the detergent get right into all the tiny places you just can’t get to yourself.
  • It helps clean for longer.  The foam also stays stuck to the surface for a few moments allowing the detergent to keep on working at cleaning.

This means your car gets a thoroughly good clean.

Once you’ve applied the snow foam, all you then need to do is switch back to the regular spray lance on your pressure washer and rinse off.  A good chamois leather wipe round will help keep the paintwork looking at it’s best.  

What is the best pressure washer for snow foam?  

So now we come to the main question for this post.

The truth is, the actual pressure washer itself is not actually that important.  The main thing you need to be thinking about is the choice of snow foam lance itself.

Go for the best lance you can afford and you will be rewarded handsomely.

So the first consideration really is to look at the various snow foam lances out there first, pick the ones you like and see if they will fit your pressure washer. 

The lances will list which models or brands they are compatible with, so if you’ve not yet chosen a pressure washer you need to choose one that works with your choice of lance.  

Here are a selection of top rated snow foam lances as well as a list of pressure washers they are compatible with

So start out with the right lance and then you can choose any of the compatible pressure washers to suit your needs and budget really.  

Top 5 Best Pressure Washer For Snow Foam


Pro-Kleen Snow Foam pH Neutral Lance Gun Kit...

This kit is a brilliant starter kit that you can get at the cheapest price on Amazon and best of all it costs well under £40 (be aware that on the main Karcher results page it is almost £5 more for the same thing!).  


It is compatible with the Karcher K Series pressure washers : K2, K3, K4, K5, K6 and K7

(find the Karcher K series pressure washers all here on Amazon in one easy to look at location)


Pro-Kleen Snow Foam pH Neutral Lance for Use...

Here is the Pro Kleen combo for the Nilfisk range.  Works with up to 160 bar Nilfisk pressure washers  


It is compatible with Nilfisk pressure washers up to 160 bar pressure.

(Here are the Nilfisk pressure washers on Amazon in one easy to look at location)


1L Snow Foam Lance Adjustable Spray Bottle...

Key Features

  • Max Pressure: 200 bar..
  • Max Temp: 60°C
  • Chemical Resistant fittings
  • Adjustable Spray Nozzle to alter foam
  • Pattern Dial for adjustable dilution


This straightforward lance has an adapter to suite Kew, Alto or Nilfisk

(Here are the Nilfisk pressure washers on Amazon in one easy to look at location – choose one you like UNDER 200 BAR pressure). 

Alto are a brand of NIlfisk (you can see the Nilfisk brands here on their website).

The Kew brand is an Irish brand that is also a part of the Nilfisk group.  So you will see all 3 names together most of the time.


Snow Foam Lance Nilfisk Connector with 500ml...

(Nilfisk Compatible – but they can confidently supply you with an adapter for almost any pressure washer – just ask!)

Autobrite Direct Ltd have a good name in the car detailing world.  They know their stuff.

This is a slightly more expensive model at just over £40, but you know you are getting a premium lance. 

Key Features

  • Max Pressure: 200 bar
  • Max Temp: 60°C

Variable spray nozzle from wide to pencil thin

  • Solid Brass manifold construction


This one is compatible with Nilfisk Washers, BUT they can supply an adapter for pretty much any pressure washer out there so just ask them.

(Here are the Nilfisk pressure washers on Amazon in one easy to look at location – choose one you like UNDER 200 BAR pressure).


Snow Foam Lance Gun Kit + 5L Sub Zero Snow...

(Compatible With Bosch, Karcher, Nilfisk, Kranzle, Lavor)

You’ll like this one a lot.  We do.  It’s a great starter kit at a good competitive price (well under £40)  

On this listing on Amazon uk, they claim the following:

Fittings available for the following pressure washers… Just message with your order if you need a specific fitting:

  • Karcher K Series
  • Karcher HDS Series
  • Nilfisk Straight Lug Fitting Also Fits – SilverLine, Stihl
  • Nilfisk Rounded Lug Fitting
  • Bosch Long Fitting Also Fits – AQT,Makita, Black & Decker, Titan, RAC
  • Bosch Short
  • Lavor Also fits – Qualcast, Vax, Lidl, Aldi, Parkside, Workzone
  • Kranzle Male 22mm
  • Bosch / RAC Alternate
  • Nilfisk QR  
  • Sub Zero Snow Foam 5L

Overall, a fantastic kit not to be missed!

Best Pressure Washer For Snow Foam Buying Guide 

Compatibility issues?

If your parts just don’t work together then this link to Amazon UK has a range of adapters and connectors that will solve most problems going. Sorts out most brands such as Bosch, Karcher, Black and Decker etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use snow foam in your car engine bay?

Yes you can.. but with this point you do have to exercise a lot of caution!

Every car is different.  Many Japanese cars have plastic-covered components but some other cars, older cars etc  may well have electrical places that could be influenced by the detergent and subsequent water when cleaning off.

Many people have used a pressure washer with snow foam to clean their engine bays.  The key is to simply put a bag over electric fuse boxes etc first.

To clean engine bays you might want to go with a weak de-greaser solution (1 to 2% ratio) first to get rid of some of the gunk.  Clean that off, then apply the snow foam before doing a final rinse off with the pressure washer.

Just take it steady.  However thankfully with pressure washers its more of a mist that comes out so you won’t actually be forcing a huge volume of water into the engine area.  Just dont get to close or spay heavily on to one area for too long.  

Will a snow foam lance gun fit my pressure washer?

You need to check the descriptions of the snow lance kits to see which ones they are compatible with.  Many good quality foam lances are compatible with the major pressure washer brands like Nilfisk, Karcher, Bosch etc.  

Why use snow foam?

It simply helps you to achieve a better more detailed level of finish when cleaning your car.  Better than pressure washing alone, and gives a deeper clean thanks to the foam holding the detergent on to the surface for longer.  

Will a pressure washer damage my car using snow foam – is it too powerful?

Like with any pressure washer, the key is to learn how powerful your washer is and not stand too close to the car until you get to feel comfortable using it.  

Just for reference, when looking into using snow foam, the main consideration is not so much the pressure washer itself, but the actual snow foam lance that will make all the difference.

Many standard or not so standard well-known pressure washers are catered for with the various snow lance kits.  

Does snow foam wash away easily?

Yes.  It’s actually designed for this very purpose.  A simple spraying with the normal pressure washer attachment after snow foaming will wash off the foam nicely and easily.  

Does snow foam damage a pressure washer?

No.  The foam is made by using a special snow foam lance that fits on to your existing pressure washer (only specific washers can be used for each lance so check before buying).

A detergent bottle is screwed on under the foam lance.  Water from the washer pushes through the lance and sucks up the detergent as it goes. 

The mixture passes through a series of meshes that makes it turn foamy.  So the actual foam and detergent are completely separate from the main pressure washer. 

Is snow foam bad for the environment?

Snow foam contains chemicals.  There are warnings on the foam bottles stating that they can cause serious harm to aquatic environments, so the key pointers here are to exercise common sense.  

Do not spray within a good 5 or 6 metres of any rivers or ponds.  The best place would be somewhere with hard standing (without drains nearby), such as your driveway or a car park.  

Is it safe to wash snow foam down the drain?

There is no law currently stating what you can do with drains, unless you use snow foam commercially as a business, but just for the argument of doing the right thing, either use a specialized spraying booth where chemicals are caught in drip trays and disposed of safely, or choose somewhere that won’t impact the environment too much.  

Neighbours may not be too happy either.  So an open area of concrete or road would make the most sense.

What if I want a more prfessional business type setup?

You are in luck, as there are some more powerful snow foam options more suited for business use that I have written about.

Click here to read my post reviewing a number of top rated pressure washers. I put this review together in various price ranges so you can chose based on your own budget – enjoy!

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