10 Of The Best Safety Boots 2019 [Tried And Tested]

best safety boots

Why should you bother wearing ANY sort of safety footwear?

After all, what’s wrong with wearing regular trainers to work?

Ok, so common sense first, it may be a boring topic, but well, while going about your working day often in hazardous conditions like in a factory, you can easily hurt your feet if you are not being careful.  A momentary lapse in concentration can spell disaster!  Honestly, the truth is that you really should invest in the best and safest workboots you can afford.

Do you really want to risk your feet?

Doing this just makes perfect sense. Give your feet the required amount of protection they deserve.

It only takes a moment for something heavy to fall on your feet, or a forklift truck to go off course and run over your feet.

Not a nice thing.  Feet are incredibly complex with intricate bone structures and ligaments.  Makes sense to look after them as much as you can.

Before we get deep into the nitty-gritty, here are our top 3 rated safety boots

The VERY Best waterproof work boots:

DeWalt Men’s Titanium

DeWALT Mens Titanium Safety Boots 11 UK, 45 EU Regular

  • Waterproof, comfortable and breathable!
  • Steel toe cap, protection also built into the resistant sole!


Best light-weight safety boots:

Magnum Unisex

  Magnum Unisex Adults Mid Work Boots

  • Good solid footwear
  • Not too heavy
  • Water-resistant

Some Of The VERY Best budget safety boots:

JCB Mens WorkMax

JCB Mens Workmax B Safety Boots 11 UK, 45 EU

  • Fantastic price!
  • Made from tough materials
  • Non-slip oil resistant soles
  • Steel midsoles are a tough lining that gives you penetration resistance from anything sharp you might stand on
  • Offers great ankle support

Gains our full feedback!

  • Full grain tan leather upper
  • Waterproof and breathable Sympatex membrane inner lining
  • Padded tongue
  • Padded collar
  • Steel toe cap protection. Steel midsole protection.
  • Wide Fit. 90% leather upper with ankle support. Padded collar and tongue. 180°C Heat-Resistant Sole
  • PU Comfort insole
  • TPU dual density outsole
DeWalt Mens Titanium Safety Boot, Black, Size 11 Uk, 45 EU Regular
  • Leather boot, dual density phylon and rubber sole.
  • Oil and slip resistant outsole, steel midsole, antistatic.
JCB Mens Workmax B Safety Boots Grey/Black 11 UK, 45 EU
    Haix Airpower XR3 S3 – Boot with no compromises: Maximum in Comfort and Protection. 38 Black
    • Steel toe cap and protective midsole
    • Water resistant uppers with triple stitch for extra strength
    • Fur lined for added warmth with kick plate heel for easy removal
    • Double density PU shock absorbent, anti-static, fuel oil resistant sole
    • Safety rating EN20345:2011 S1-P SRC
    Blackrock SF01 Fur Lined Safety Rigger Boot (Tan) S1-P SRC, Size 8
    • Lined boots.
    • Dunlop, blizzard lined PVC boots, black, 43, K400061 
    Dunlop Protective Footwear Dunlop Blizzard K400061, Wellington Boots Unisex Adults, Black (Black), 9 (43 EU)
      Magnum Unisex Elite Spider 8-inch Boot, Beige, 6 UK
        Grafters Mens Grinder Safety Twin Gusset Leather Dealer Boots (9 UK) (Honey Nubuck)
        • Anti Bacterial removable fast drying footbed and it has lightweight outsole and midsole
        CAT Footwear Men's Supremacy Sbp P710571 Safety Boots, Black (Black), 9 UK 43 EU
          • SLIP ON WITH LACES
          Groundwork Mens GR96 Steel Toe Cap Saftey Ultra Light Weight LACE Work Trainer Shoes BLK/BLK 10

          Nobody want’s something big and heavy crushing their feet!

          best work boots

          So, which ones should you go for?

          Well, there are “many” cheap workboots easily available in the market that you can choose but you should not risk your life by compromising on the price.  They all look “really nice” and the price seems really attractive but bear in mind that your health comes first.  Think about ankle support, think about sole protection too.

          Depending on your specific needs, getting steel toe capped boots should be the first priority.

          Then choose what other things are important.  Things such as reinforced steel soles (if working outdoors and there is a risk of standing on a sharp object), or chemical protection.  Last but not least, comfort is also very important especially as you are likely to be wearing boots for hours on end.

          So let’s take a longer look now at this “Uk only” workboots review.  Yep based on the UK market.

          The CAT supremacy have steel toes and comfort and waterproof capabilities – we like these and think they are some of the best waterproof safety boots around:

          Cat Men's Supremacy Sbp P710571 Safety Boots, Size 8 UK 42 EU

          If you are looking for specifically boots for wide feet then go here, otherwise please continue reading.

          The very best workboots are the ones that are made with the best quality of material and can withstand any accidental situation.  We are talking crushes from falling objects, bangs or impact injuries.  Ankles and toes suffer the most.

          Day in day out, people fall foul of accidents and it’s only then that they wish they had taken more care of their safety shoes.

          If they are also comfortable that’s the icing on the cake really.

          When your feet are under consideration, price is not usually the factor you should be thinking about.

          Instead, focus on the design, comfort level, and strength of them.
          Our Best Rated (overall) Work Shoes Are These One's :

          The DeWalt Mens Titanium WorkBoots.  

          • Waterproof
          • Comfortable
          • Steel toe caps
          • Good ankle support
          • Steel midsole
          • Constantly TOP RATED by independent purchasers.
          • Quality boots

          DeWALT Mens Titanium Boots 11 UK, 45 EU Regular

          Even with a years worth of use day in day out, you will find them incredibly comfortable and pleasing each and every day.  Click here to see all the features (there are many!)  These are comfortable boots that Uk contractors should seriously consider.

          View On Amazon

          There are many styles of boots that you can choose including steel cap safety boots.  These protect you from small crushes, machinery etc, and help to keep your toes attached to your foot!

          Just bear in mind what you actually need.  For a start are normal protective work shoes ok or would you be better with boots that come up above the ankle?  Ankle protection is taken seriously nowadays.

          Ankle issues are no fun.  According to webMD if you break your ankle you are looking at 4 to 8 weeks for a bone to heal and several months more for things to feel right and get back to normal after

          So, if you’re ready, let’s get started with our round-up of the best work boots Uk buyers can grab


          1. Haix Airpower XR3 New Gore-Tex Waterproof Metal Free Protective Work Boot

          Are These The BEST?

          Haix Airpower XR3 New Gore-Tex Waterproof Metal Free Safety Toe Cap Work Boot Haix Airpower XR3 boots are very trendy and some of the best work boots available in the market today. This pair of boots are actually some of the comfiest ones we’ve ever tested!  In fact, they are our current best-rated boots.

          They feature a unique Carbon HX composite toe cap that provides excellent levels of ankle support and foot protection.

          The composite design of the toe offers solid S3 class protection.

          Even though it may be a composite design, it is just as tough as steel and offers the same 200-joule impact protection as steel toes – so just as strong and lighter! The modern-day materials help ensure total comfort at the same time as confidence-inspiring protection.

          Also, it also enjoys antistatic protection, oil slip resistance and midsole protection.  The high sides help keep the ankle safer.

          And last but not least, the s3 level of the composite design enjoys water penetration resistance protection as well as absorption protection of the uppers.

          Check out some of their “countless” features that are hard to find in other work boots!

          The leather is waterproof (nice!) and has a solar reflective coating that reduces the effect of heating on the leather upper side of the boots, making them highly comfortable to wear in the summer season.

          “Without a doubt, these are our best waterproof leather work boots – perfect for construction sites” – a real thing of beauty!

          On the inner side of them, there is a highly absorbent cushioning wedge that keeps your feet dry.

          Haix Airpower XR3 604102 Sz

          One of the finest features of these boots is the breathable material.

          The shock absorbent toe of the boot is also very strong.  It absorbs impact shocks completely and does not make you feel any discomfort.  If looking for top-rated and comfortable work boots, then look no further.. these could be just what the doctor ordered!

          Moreover, the leather is reinforced over the heel rounding to add maximum stability to the boots. And not to forget the tread design that provides increased grip to your feet and prevents slipping even on the greasy floor. You can step in confidence when working.

          Be foot happy! Be safe, and be protected! These enjoy a top rating time and time again.

          Overall, one of our most favourite pair of comfortable safety work boots tested.

          2. B-Click Traders PU/Rubber S3 Rigger WorkBoots

          B-Click Traders PU Rubber S3 Rigger Safety Boots

          Some of the best s3 safety boots currently available

          “Our best lightweight safety boots”

          If you are looking only for simplicity packed in the shoes at the least price possible, the Rubber S3 Rigger Boots are definitely for you. (Some of the best cheap safety boots around!)

          Made with pure leather, these are one of the best work boots you can own at very affordable prices.

          On the bottom of the shoes lies a rubber sole of 0.5 centimetres thick that can prevent any damage from dropped nails and other sharp objects.

          Certainly, a comfort to know.  If you are a gardener you will be well aware of the pitfalls of walking through thick bramble growth.

          B-Click Traders PU/Rubber S3 Rigger Safety Boots The upper leather may not be waterproof but it is very comfortable to use.  These are very lightweight and makes mobility easier.

          The Brown colour of the leather material is also very pleasing to the eyes and does not look dirty when used week in week out.

          The slip-on design of the boots allows you to easily wear and remove the boots without the hassle of tying and untying the laces.

          Offering good all-round support, you can simply get on with work and forget about your feet.

          The leather upper makes it very easy to clean and maintain the boots without using any fancy products.

          “Simple yet elegant” is the perfect description for these boots!

          With a top rating, you can get these without hesitating.

          The high sides help to give good ankle support.  That extra protection makes a big difference.

          Click here to see the quality for yourself (affiliate link – we may earn a small commission from Amazon without affecting your price).

          Rigger boots always inspire confidence to step into the daily grind of life. I think it is the tough, “all in 1 design” that just makes you feel like you belong.

          3. Dunlop Blizzard Warm Fleece Lined Padded Collar Wellington Boots

          Dunlop Blizzard Warm Fleece Lined Padded Collar Wellington Boots Dunlop Blizzard Boots are the name of quality. These are some of the best top quality Wellington work boots you can get.

          Ideal for damp wet areas, these safety wellies provide a high amount of protection and comfort to your feet.

          If you have to work in wet conditions, these are ideal for you because of the fact that these boots are 100% waterproof winter wellingtons. The slip-on design of these boots makes them very easy to own and use. So don’t hesitate to step out into cold dreary and wet days – and fear not!

          In a nutshell, these represent some of the best winter work boots for the Uk (but no steel toes!).

          There is a padded collar with a drawstring which you can use to tighten the boots from the above and make them kind of airtight to prevent water seeping in.

          Using state of the art technology, the manufacturers have given a very fine easy to clean finish to the boots.

          Dunlop Blizzard Warm Black Fleece Linned Padded Collar Wellington Boots Dunlop Blizzard Warm Fleece Linned Padded Collar Wellington Boots waterproofing Available in two colour variants: Black & Blue.

          The outer part of the shoes is made with synthetic material but the inner side is padded with textile and absorbent cushion to prevent sweating and keeping the feet dry.

          Don’t forget that there is also a great tread that gives stability and increased grip to your feet! The tread helps each step move water away as fast as possible.

          Click here to look closer at these.

          4. Magnum Unisex Elite Spider 8-inch Boot

          Magnum Unisex Elite Spider 8-inch Boot

          A great boot with full-on protection and foot support.

          Have you always admired those boots worn by the soldiers? If yes, Magnum Unisex Elite Spider 8-inch boots are the ones you are looking for. These are top quality boots with a really attractive design.

          The outer part of these workboots is made with manmade leather and the inner part of the boot is made using manmade fabric.

          The high sided boot offers brilliant total foot support like no other.

          These are stylish work boots that provide safe and confidence-inspiring protection to your feet without compromising on your style statement. The composite design of the toe area helps keep weight down, and comfort levels high.

          The thick comfy heel keeps you safe from potential cuts from nails and other sharp objects. It also absorbs any shock you might feel from some hard objects.

          Magnum Unisex Elite Spider 8-inch work Boot These are some of the comfiest boots you can find that also come in a tough durable design.

          There is no steel cap in these boots – even then they provide your feet with the desired level of protection.  Good for general levels of protection but not for crush or heavy object injuries.

          The composite design of the toe area is enough to withstand heavy falls of 200 joules

          The beautiful looking lace-up design adds a lot of value to your personality and makes it easy to wear and remove the shoes.

          Could these be the best safety shoes right now? 

          You decide.  We love them!

          For colour options, you will find three choices: Black, Beige, & Sand. All the three colours have their own grace and charm, however, Beige and Sand never seem to be as popular as the darker coloured ones (in terms of sales any way).

          Lack of steel toe is not a downside that’s to the “just as tough” composite design of the toe protection area but overall these are very comfortable boots.

          5. Grafters Chelsea Dealer Shoe Size UK 3 – 16 Work Honey Nubuck M808N

          GRAFTERS SAFETY CHELSEA DEALER BOOTS SIZE UK 3 - 16 WORK HONEY NUBUCK M808N It is a common fact that no two humans are the same and one thing that a person may find comfortable, the other can have opposite views.

          These boots may look decidedly simple and understated, yet they boast a plethora of top-notch features behind the scenes.

          The sole of the shoe has a very strong tread design that provides you with great stability and grip.  This provides a good surefooted feeling of support while walking.

          The ankle height boot gives good support to the whole foot and ankle area, further enhancing your safety.

          These boots are made with Nubuck which is a rarely used material but is not less than leather in every aspect. This material provides strength to the boots and makes them very long-lasting.

          The two loops at each end of the shoes make it easy to own and remove the boots and compliments the slip-on design of the shoes.

          Mens Industrial Grafters Grinder Work Safety Boots 3 colours There are three colours available in these shoes including Black, Honey and  Brown/Black leather.

          What more can you ask for in work boots?

          Both stylish and protective with good all-round foot support.

          6. Airpower S3 X21 Gore-Tex Waterproof Work Boot By HAIX

          airpower x21 gore tex waterproof work boot haix

          “Are these the best work boots Uk wide ?”

          Let’s see…

          When it comes to HAIX, these are some of the best S3 safety boots that Uk buyers can enjoy, and with these top-quality boots, the expectations run higher and for all the right reasons.

          These top-quality (and a high-end rating on them!) work boots are designed to withstand the work environment with you and keep you safe from all the potential threats that come your way.  Solid foot support and brilliant safety aspects come as standard.

          It is not only the design of the boots that make them a popular option for work boots but the amount of protection they offer to your feet. These boots make walking easier and absorb all the shocks.  These make your working day so much better.

          Having a large sole, these are some of the best around to keep your feet safe from nails and other sharp objects that can cause damage to your feet. Moreover, the upper layer of the boots is waterproof but does not prevent the air from circulating.

          Good traction comes as standard – Have no fear when you step into the unknown with these powerful workboots.

          Some fantastic comfortable work boots best for all kinds of industries

          These are good protective boots that you can rely upon.

          Haix Airpower X21 High S3-Boot, Extra high Secure Hold Black front

          On the inside of these boots, there is a padded cushion that absorbs all the sweat and keeps your feet dry.

          The waterproof leather boots have a lace-up design like all the HAIX boots that makes it very easy to wear and remove.

          Almost like moc toe boots with the extra seam around the toe and down the sides of the foot, but these are just toe moc stitching.

          The soles on these boots are joined with the boot by taking into consideration the durability factor. What’s the point of buying a pair of work boots that cannot last long?

          By purchasing these boots, you get good value for your money. It is also worth mentioning that the top notch soles offer a top-rated tread design which enables you to maintain a proper grip on the ground.  Good foot support is everything and can be the difference between life and death.

          Discover these boots for yourself by clicking here to see how they can keep you safe.

          7. Cat Supremacy SBP, Men’s Chelsea Boots Cat Supremacy Sbp Men Chelsea Boots

          Offering superb overall support, you will instantly enjoy wearing the CAT.

          Even if you are at your workplace, you should not compromise your style. This is where you need to find the comfiest work boots that can add value to your personality.

          Cat (as in caterpillar), as we all know, is the name of quality and from these boots, you can expect high-end comfort, quality, and durability. These are supreme quality safety boots with a Poliyou sock liner. Rubber soles and true solid protection

          The solid construction gives enough strength to these boots. One of the longest-standing brands around with a lot of heritage behind them.

          Made with genuine leather, these boots are ideal for both seasons. However, you have to use thick socks in the winter season to keep your feet warm. On the inside of the boots, the mesh helps keeps your feet dry.

          The soles on these boots are made with rubber and phylon.

          Cat Supremacy SBP, Men Chelsea Boots options

          Be prepared because these boots are a bit heavy as compared to other work boots (but not that heavy that would disrupt your mobility).

          The lace-up design allows you to tighten the shoes to the appropriate level which is not the case with pull-on design shoes.

          The sole has a different tread design that gives you the stability you want. These are the best steel toe boots for men you can find. The steel toes area keeps you safe from potential shocks and sharp objects.

          Some of the most comfortable work boots around right now.

          These are superb value for the money and you should consider these if you are brand conscious.

          8. DeWALT Men’s Titanium Safety Boots 9 UK, 43 EU Regular

          DeWALT Mens Titanium Work Boots Safety shoes are all about getting protection from potential threats that can hurt your feet. One of the best-rated boots you can find for you are these, the DeWALT Mens Titanium Safety Boots. These are a combination of both a tall and a short safety boot, so just above your ankle.

          One of the best aspects of these is the soles come with an antibacterial footbed that prevents odour and allergies. Couple this with great ankle support for a durable and comfortable boot.

          Made with genuine leather, you can bank on the quality of these protective boots.

          These top-rated work boots are designed for providing increased care and protection to your feet.

          The soles have a strong tread design that resists any slipping.

          There are two colours available in these shoes: Tan and Honey.

          Both these colours have their own grace. The steel toe of these shoes keeps your fingers safe from bumps and painful hits.  In fact, these are some of the best steel toe cap boots around at the moment.

          The sole also is quite thick and does not let you feel if any sharp object comes under your foot. And not to forget the lace-up design that gives you the liberty to easily wear and remove the shoes.

          Some of the best steel toe cap boots around!  Fantastic rugged soles make this a winner!

          DeWALT Mens Titanium Safety Boots 9 UK, 43 EU Regular sole

          The composition of the boots is very strong that make these boots a durable option.

          We particularly like the great safety features that come as standard (offering peace of mind!). The leather gives them the required flexibility that makes you easily move around wearing the boots.  Some of the most comfortable work boots in the Uk.

          9. Wood World men’s NuBucky HyDRY Protective Boots

          High quality work boots

          Wood World mens NuBucky HyDRY Protective BootsAffordable work boots with a steel toe cap and steel midsole lining.

          • Water Resistant Leather Upper with Padded Collar
          • HyDry Waterproof Breathable Lining- some of the best breathable work boots Uk wide
          • Outer Material: Leather
          • Shoe soles: Gum Rubber
          • Some of the top work boots available!
          • Shoe Width: Regular
          • Good ankle support
          • Steel Toe Cap (200 Joules) and Steel protective resistant sole
          • Slip Resistant Cemented Outsole
          • Sole Resistant to Oils and Many Chemicals – Conforms to EN20345 SBP

          Go grab some of these super tough boots. (on Amazon – we may earn a small commission if you buy through our links).  A good level of support is given for these boots.  Your ankle will get good solid support and your feet will also be well cared for.




          Some of the best safety shoes currently on the market

          Some people enjoy wearing boots in their regular life too. It is not that they want to keep their feet safe around the clock, but the amount of comfort that the boots offer. This is the reason why they choose supportive work boots.

          For those looking for such type of supportive work boots, the Groundwork GR96 boots are the ideal deal.  They offer good overall foot support and safety but they do lack ankle support.  For general walking duties, they are perfect.

          The soles have a tread design that provides increased surface grip and makes it a perfect fit for people working in factories. The soles are also oil-resistant to aid with grip in slippier conditions

          The lace-up closure on the steel toe shoe also has a padded collar that prevents dust and other particles seeping inside the shoes.

          Groundwork Mens Work Boots, Mens Steel Toe Cap Safety Boot, GR96 side view

          The inside part of these are padded with the best breathable fabric and cotton that provides increased comfort to your feet.

          A great all-round boot that can be worn in everyday life.

          Buyers Guide

          I like to offer these reviews to help. I take great pleasure in seeing somebody actually find something right for them as opposed to getting the wrong ones.

          As mentioned earlier, there are many cheap work boots you can easily find in the market, you can easily fall into the trap by purchasing them due to the price factor. However, there are certain things that you need to consider in safety boots.  These are discussed below:

          Comfort Levels

          There should be no compromise on the amount of comfort especially when it comes to buying safe footwear.  If you are wearing safety boots every day then your comfort needs to be a priority.

          Your arch:

          Before buying a pair of work boots, make sure that the ones you are choosing are easy to use in daily life and you are feeling comfortable with them. You need to think about what your feet need – arch support for example? If this is the case then choosing a slightly bigger size and a proper arch supported insole would be the way to go. Having a fallen arch can cause feet and knee pains when walking or standing.

          If you are not comfortable in the few moments of wearing them, how can you be so sure that you can keep wearing them for at least 8 hours on a job?

          Always check if the inside of the shoes is padded with cotton and fabric.  Be sure to study our review to ensure you get the most comfortable boots Uk wide, barring no others.  We test, we try and we advise.


          No matter how low the price of the workboots are, you would not want to purchase them again and again. This is where you have to consider the durability factor of the shoes.  Solid soles and tough rugged workable uppers are a must.   They should be able to last at least one year if not more.

          To ascertain the durability, you can check what material they are made from. Ideally, the safety boots made with leather are more long-lasting.

          Non-slippery Design

          Even though the design of a safety boot is to keep the feet safe from any bumps and sharp objects, you also need to consider slips, so choose some with a great tread design that also has oil-resistant soles.

          The last thing you want is to send each day like your walking on eggshells!  So be sure to see what type of sole is made.

          Support for your feet needs to be given the highest level of priority.

          Waterproof capabilities (not essential)

          Scotchgard Water Repellent Shoe Protector - 2 Cans - 400 mlMost work boots will withstand a bit of moisture just down to the fact that they are made from half-decent materials.

          It’s not like they are going to be made of paper that just crunches up at the mere sight of water.  They are going to be as good as regular shoes for little bits of moisture, but if you are likely to be outdoors a lot then you will definitely need extra protection.

          So look out for waterproof work boots.  As a cheap option, you could simply purchase some spray waterproofer and give the boots a spray every now and then

          Easy to Use

          Work shoes are not ones you wear for fashion but you wear them as a necessity. That is the reason why these boots should be easy to wear. People mostly prefer the ones with a slip-on design, however, some people still like the old-school lace-up designs. If there is a network of laces, they would become a matter of concern for the users. That is why you should choose the one you can use easily.

          These are some factors that you should consider in work safety boots. By taking these factors into consideration, you can get the finest pair of boots for yourself. With the advancements in technology, each year we observe new products in the market claiming to have the best features. This might not be true in most cases, but it is valid in some cases especially the shoes.

          The Safety Footwear Standards can allow you to choose the best pair of workboots for the best price and they would allow you to know every single detail about the shoes.

          The above-mentioned safety boots pass all the safety footwear standards and this is the reason why they are the ideal deal. If you are still uncertain about the quality of these, there are three questions that you might have.

          The questions you would be asking are:

          • Are these work boots durable?
          • Are these easy to wear?
          • Do I need a steel toe cap?
          • Do I need ankle support (a must really for most places unless a shoe type is more preferable)
          • Do I need steel soles?
          • Do I need them to protect just my feet or further up my legs too?
          • Do I need arch support?

          Breaking in period

          Not just boots, but any kind of footwear may need a breaking in period. Why do we have to endure a breaking in period? Well, every foot is different, everyone walks in their own unique way, and not every person conforms to pure rigid foot sizing, so for many people you sometimes have to take things steady for a week or so.

          This might mean your breaking in period is endured while at work, while out on site, and that can’t be helped, but just be assured that once the leather has adjusted a bit and your feet and gotten used to things you’ll find things far more comfortable.

          As it is mentioned with each specific product, the boots are made with the supreme quality of material available in the market, there is no question on the durability.

          All workboots are tested under extreme conditions and each of these have passed the test. They maintain their life without compromising on the level of comfort.

          Talking about being easy to wear, it depends on the product design and the person wearing them. We have discussed both the shoes with laces and slip-on design. Each person can have their own preferences and it is difficult to comment on it.

          However, each of the 10 products discussed in this article are very easy to wear and remove. According to the manufacturers, it takes less than 10 seconds to properly “wear” these shoes.

          Lastly, the dimensions of these shoes. Each design of the shoes has different dimensions. There is no specific dimension except the height of some of the designs that are either 8 inches long or longer. The dimensions depend on the size and design of the shoes.

          Why Bother?

          The human foot is one of the most complex parts of the body. Nearly a quarter of all the bones in the body are to be found in the feet! And with 250,000 sweat glands, it’s no wonder there are so many complex things going on in there!

          This is why foot care must be taken seriously.

          Workwear was developed over many years due to accidents that happen, and the long term aim is to reduce figures to zero. Having any sort of accident is likely to be very traumatic and potentially life-altering.

          What is Nubuck leather?

          Nubuck leather is somewhere in between full-grain leather and suede. Full-grain leather boots are generally boots that the finished leather has not been buffed to remove any imperfections.

          Nubuck leather has a look of Suede but is a lot more hardwearing that Suede, making it better in the workplace, especially on construction sites.

          Resources – places we found helpful when conducting this workwear review:

          SHP Safety footwear – lists what each of the various safety meanings are.  Explains about soles, protection levels and so much more.

          The history of work safety boots – an interesting read.

          Explaining Nubuck and grain leather types – helpful leather website

          All about the feet – fab site full of foot-tastic facts!

          Understanding safety codes – thanks to Wynsors shoes

          Finally, I am a participant in the Amazon Uk affiliate program. I may get compensation which won’t affect the price you pay, as way of thanks for the work I do finding the best deals for you guys. If you buy any workwear or items through any links on this website, Amazon pays me a small “thank you” fee.

          Shaun Baird

          By: Shaun Baird If you ever wanted someone to help you, Shaun would be your man. He has spent most of his life helping others, often without realising, and used this passion to drive the 10 Warriors brand forward. This unnerving dedication to always help people has become the seamless channel for Shaun to dedicate his efforts to helping a wider community. "On a personal basis, family come first - happiness and knowing you've done a good job bringing up your kids is my main priority!"

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