Best socks for work boots in hot weather

Summer time, and the weather makes for great long happy days relaxing or chilling with friends.  However it also means work for most people, and so we are here to look at some of the best socks for work boots in hot weather.

best socks for work boots in hot weather

I’ll try to let you get back to Summer fun as soon as possible!

To sweat or not to sweat – that is the question.

There’s no doubt about it, your feet will usually sweat a lot more during summer than during winter.

If you don’t take a little extra care then what you’ll be left with are sore feet with Red marks, and possibly fungal infections too.

sore feet

So tell me Shaun, what do I need?

Well let me let you into a little secret.  There are 3 things to look out for:

  1. Good wicking ability – to help soak away sweat from your feet
  2. Great quality – you want them to survive more than one or two fittings
  3. The right sort for your own boots / safety footwear – knee high socks just aren’t ideal for safety trainers!  Walking or hiking socks are almost always more comfortable with additional padding, and are an absolute godsend.

Now, those 3 points won’t be found in “6 pairs of mens Black work socks for £5” commonly found in the aisles in the supermarkets.

You’re going to have to shell out for something that is more money (but not too much), and you’ll suddenly step into a better type of sock.

(Like what I did there?  “step into”.. ?  Oh well.. I’ll carry on…)

Price wise you’d be looking at as little as around £20 for 5 pairs – that’s still pretty good if you ask me for a weeks worth of soothed feet!

Alright so, first up I want to show you some socks.

(tip:  The very best socks are at the end)

1: These ones are made by Yuedge, and are quite colourful (There are different colour options too, not just the ones below). 

They are marketed as Women’s safety boot socks, but I wouldn’t let that stop any man from wearing these, it’s up to you really 🙂  The men’s versions (thank goodness!) can be found here.

I’d have to save the Yellow one’s for a Friday, for that “Crunchie kind of feeling” (anyone over 35 would understand this!), and start on Blue or Grey.


Anyway.. you can click here to check ’em out on Amazon

What I like about these socks:

  • They cost around £4 a pair.  If one pair is worn once a week, and it lasts 3 months, you’ve got pretty good value right there.  Worn 12 times means the cost per wear is 33p, although Im sure they’ll last way longer.
  • They have extra support around the heel (a Y shape design) with elasticated support areas to keep it in shape.
  • They are not overly thick, which is the last thing anybody wants when you are working hard.
  • These really are some of the best socks for work boots in summer!
  • If you are in fact also into hiking then these socks will work brilliantly for that  (I also compiled a list of boots that double up for both hiking and work here (opens in a new tab)).

What I don’t like about these socks

  • As a man, I’m not too keen on the colours, but thankfully the mens versions are much more in keeping with what a man should wear.
  • Seeing some of the reviews, it seems they simply cannot stop blisters (even though they make a claim to that effect!), but blisters are usually down to ill-fitting boots.
  • Like any socks, they won’t last forever.  When you fork out more for socks you hope and pray they will last a hundred times longer, seeing as you’ve paid “over the odds”, but sadly this isn’t always the case.  Socks can fail, and it is often down to a number of things like the way you walk, new boots and so on.  Better socks will give you better comfort. New online casino sites are extremely common now. These gambling websites have a wide variety of important features, good-looking interface, and great game selection. If you will to know more about new online casino sites, look at the post prepared by experts.

2: Nike socks – 6 pairs in the pack

So, everybody know’s the Nike brand (“just do it” hey).  Like any brand, new or old, it’s material at the end of the day. 

You should expect good quality from trusted brands, and in general these Nike Black sweat resistant socks seem to fit the bill.


Go on do it, just do it…  check them out by clicking here

What I like about these socks:

  • Designed for sports, they are made to deal with sweat, unless you are a poor sportsman anyway who doesnt sweat too much.
  • They are Black – seems to be the best colour for a lot of folks who wear work boots and don’t really care too much what colour they are.
  • Roughly in the region of £18 for 6 pairs, so only £3 a pair which is cheaper than the Yuedge ones, although remember that those also double up for hiking.  These ones mean you can play badminton while you are walking at work.. if you want to.


What I don’t like about these socks:

  • Their sizes are stated as Medium or Large – how does that help us out?  Well I estimate that large would cover a size 10 upwards, and for everyone else choose medium.  One guy on the reviews bought a large size set of socks (as he usually does) and it was about 4cm bigger than his usual expectations.  However tread with caution and remember there is a returns policy if they don’t feel right.


3: Merino wool socks.  Prepare to be blown away.

I thought I would save the best till last.

Really?  Yep really.

Forget about money, forget about getting good value, think about getting a team of cavalry carrying you through every one of the working days of the week.  Think about them soothing and gently looking after your feet.

Now take a GOOD LONG HARD LOOK at Merino wool.

It’s a sustainable wool taken from Merino sheep and is outstanding both in hot and cold weather.  Making these the perfect year round socks that should last many years with proper care.

Run, run as fast as you can, go get some Merino wool socks right here on Amazon – you won’t be disappointed.

Available in 4 colours too!

What I like about these socks:

  • They are made using Merino wool.  Need I say more?
  • Merino wool is breathable, anti-microbial, moisture wicking, temperature regulating, durable, lightweight and so much more.  Yes really.
  • Because it’s taken from sheep, it has all these funky features.  The sheep are sheared once per year and so it is a very much eco friendly product.
  • It won’t stretch or sag.  The fibres within the wool have natural elasticity so they really work in harmony with socks for the flexible yet comfortable fit.
  • Their natural properties help them absorb as much as 30% of their own weight in water without feeling wet.
  • Great for Summer AND great for Winter too!  We are talking about a product that comes from Sheep.  Animals who have adapted over the centuries to live in all climates.  So feel warmer in Winter and cooler in Summer.  These really are a “win-win!”
  • Designed to last a lifetime.  HUH?  Merino wool, if you look after it should last a lifetime.  It won’t trap odours, and won’t need washing quite as much as normal socks.  Honestly. 
  • HOW TO CARE FOR THEM: Turn them inside out and wash gently on a cooler or cold wash. Lay them flat in your drawer instead of rolling into a ball.  Avoid high heat when washing and drying.  Washing daily is not needed (honestly!).
  • Soft and tender.  Forget about Wool being like those awful itchy and irritating Christmas jumpers your grandma would nit, get a load of Merino wool and have your world improved.
  • These socks were worn and tested by a Danish mountaineer, Rasmus Kragh – the first Dane to scale mount Everest without oxygen in May 2019, so now you can climb Everest in these socks and feel like a super hero.

On a serious note, overall  I cannot recommend these socks enough.  They aren’t cheap at around £15 a pair but the long term value will more than make up for it.

Go right now without thinking and buy some.  You will be genuinely impressed.

If you take good care, they should last you almost indefinitely.



To accompany your socks, make sure you have some top notch boots as well.  Thankfully I’ve got that covered in my mammoth guide, so please click here and check out the best safety boots for sale in the Uk.



Did you like this guide to socks for summer time work boots?  Hope so!  Let me know in the comments below if you bought some and how they performed.


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