Best Tile Levelling Systems

Best Tile Levelling Systems

We have reviewed each of our picks below and you will also find a handy buyer guide containing all of our top tips for selecting the best tile levelling system. Adhering to this guide will ensure that you achieve the best and most accurate results in no time.

If you are in a hurry and don't have the time to continue reading, we have selected our top pick for you below.

Top 5 Best Tile Levelling Systems


OGORI Tile Leveling System DIY Tiles Leveler...

The OGORI Tile Leveling system accounts for guaranteed flatness between your tiles, minimizing the possibility of any disruptions or movement occurring whilst the mortar is setting.

Efficiency and accuracy are paramount when it comes to laying your tiles and this tile levelling system is a must have for DIY enthusiasts and professional tilers alike. You will be able to lay tiles with ease with an impressive lippage free finish.

This 300 piece set is available in different thicknesses ranging from 1mm to 3mm. A suitable choice when working with ceramic tiles that are 4-16mm thick. Using the spacer will create a grout line of  approximately 2mm. 

Included inside this kit alongside the 300 levelling spacer clips, are 100 reusable levelling wedges and a sturdy pair of steel pliers that provide greater efficiency when it comes to laying your tiles. 


  • The wedges prevent the clips from slipping or pushing out the grout of the tiles which causes inaccuracy with your current work. 

  • Contained inside this kit are all of the essential tools and pieces that you require to work efficiently.

  • Usefully, the levelling clips are reusable which saves you having to make any additional purchases.

  • The base of the clips are constructed using a polypropylene material which accounts for excellent strength and durability. 

  • You can work with precision and accuracy using this system whether this is tiling a floor or wall.


  • You are likely to require familiarisation with the tool before use as some users may find it a little difficult to use.


TOPWAY Tile Leveling System 100pcs Pack...

Constructed using semi-crystalline thermoplastic with a stainless steel tip that is 1.4mm thick, the TOPWAY tile levelling system is highly impact resistant and is sure to see you through many uses. 

This 50 piece set has been specifically designed to balance a horizontal position on the tiles for greater accuracy and reduced risk of the tiles moving during the curing process. 

Used alongside 1.5mm to 2.5mm plastic spacers, this set is reusable and can be used a number of times saving you having to make additional purchases in the future.

Using and removing the spacers is a relatively simple process. Simply twist, remove and gently hammer the main anchor and usefully, you don't require the use of any additional tools coinciding with the screws as they can simply be twisted into place. However, if the screws should require tightening, the set includes a wrench which can help in doing so and this also makes the installation process a lot smoother and quicker. 

Ideally, this levelling system should be used with tiles with a thickness of 3mm to 16mm but if necessary, it can be used with tiles up to 18mm thick. 


  • Retailing at an affordable price, this system is an excellent choice for individuals looking for value for money.

  • Unlike most other levelling systems you don't require the use of additional tools, although a special wrench is provided should you require a specific tightness. 

  • Usefully, this system is easy to use taking the confusion out of the initial use allowing you to work with ease and efficiency.

  • Working with great accuracy, this tile levelling system produces flat and accurate results.

  • Following use this kit can be cleaned easily for reuse in the future.


  • If you intend to use this system for glazed surface tiles it is necessary to be wary as it is prone to leaving slight scratches.


Kamtop Tile Leveling System with 100PCS...

If you are looking for a tool that is going to speed up the process of levelling and setting your tiles, look no further than the LiNKFOR Tile Leveling System. Containing 100 wedges, 100 clips and pliers it is fair to say that you have everything that is required to work with great ease and accuracy. 

Suitable for use with tiles that are 4-16mm thick you can achieve a tile gap of 1.5mm, with the outcome of perfectly levelled tiles that require little effort on your behalf.

Constructed using high quality plastic, this is a durable kit that is going to be suitable for reuse in future jobs. This is very cost efficient as it saves you from having to make additional purchases for more wedges in the future. Ensure that they are cleaned thoroughly following use and this will ensure that they are ready for the next time that they are needed. 


  • Included in this kit are 100 wedges, along with 100 clips and some pliers if needed. This ensures that you have everything that you require to work with ease and speed.

  • Constructed using high quality plastic, this is a durable kit that is likely to see you through many uses without deteriorating in quality.

  • Impressively, the installation and removal process is quick and easy which allows for smooth, hassle free operation.

  • This 201 piece kit retails at an affordable price making it excellent value for money.

  • If you are working with larger tiles, this tool is an excellent choice as it works with great precision and accuracy. 


  • The pliers are susceptible to bending after a few uses.


Tile Leveler Adjuster Flat Ceramic Floor Wall...

A great tool for setting wall and floor tiles, the MeiMei tile levelling system accounts for accurate flatness between the tiles without any unevenness or inequalities in the spacing. This system functions by securing the tiles in a horizontal position effectively preventing them from moving during the curing process.

Impressively, this tile levelling system is a great cost effective solution. As a reusable kit, they simply need to be cleaned thoroughly following use to ensure that they are ready for future uses.

Usefully, this 50 piece kit is easy to use and remove with a special wrench included if you find yourself needing to loosen or tighten the positioned screw or clip. A great tool for DIY enthusiasts and professional tilers alike, the MEIMEI kit provides improved work efficiency thanks to smoother and faster tile installation, which creates perfect lippage free results.


  • This kit is excellent value for money retailing within an affordable price range.

  • There are two piece options available. You can opt for 50 pieces or 100 pieces selecting the appropriate size for your needs.

  • As a reusable kit, it is a cost effective solution that is ideal if you are dealing with a job on a larger scale as you can reuse the pieces in the future. 

  • Impressively, this kit achieves accurate results eliminating any unevenness in your tiles.

  • An easy to use tool that makes the levelling process significantly easier and hassle free. 


  • They are tricky to remove once the adhesive begins to set, so it is recommended that you do not leave them in for too long.


UHAPEER 50Pcs Tile Leveler System with...

The UHAPEER tile levelling system provides a quick and easy way to secure your tiles and prevent them from moving while curing. As a reusable system, this is a cost effective option that is going to save you needing to purchase another system for each job that you tackle.Thanks to the special wrench that is provided with this system, the parts are easy to fix in place and remove following use.

Suitable for use with tiles that are 3mm to 17mm in thickness, the parts themselves create a tile gap of 2mm. 

The function of this levelling system is a relatively simple concept. For the most precise and accurate results, ensure that the tile is balanced in the same horizontal position as this will prevent the likeliness of them moving during the curing process.


  • When you purchase this tile levelling system you are equipped with all the essentials needed for an efficient tiling process.

  • You are provided with clear and easy to understand assembly and use instructions providing a user-friendly experience.

  • This levelling system is very good value for money retailing with an affordable price tag. 

  • The clips themselves are easy to use accounting for a smooth and efficient tiling experience.

  • Working with accuracy, this system will deliver results of a professional standard.


  • Some minor concerns surround the quality of this leveling system as some parts are susceptible to breaking following use.

Best Tile Levelling Systems Buying Guide

Below we have highlighted some useful criteria that will ensure that you invest in the best tile levelling system for your money. As the market develops, the majority tend to share some distinct similarities all working to achieve the same outcome. Considering the criteria outlined below will ensure that you select the best quality product that is going to achieve the best results.

The Contents of the Kit

There tend to be two popular options in regards to the pieces contained within the levelling system kits. This typically tends to be 50 pieces or 100 pieces, of course, this is dependent on the job that you are attempting to tackle. As expected a larger job may require the purchase of a 100 piece set while a 50 piece set is likely to work well with a smaller job. 

The contents of most kits tend to include the clips, the wedges and more often than not the pliers. The pliers aren't always necessary, however, they do come in handy when it comes to tougher screws that need to be removed and are too difficult to do so using your hands. The pliers can also be used to tighten the screws if necessary.

Precision and Accuracy

Of course, achieving precise and accurate results is paramount when it comes to using a tile levelling system. The purpose of a tile levelling system is to achieve accurate depths between your tiles with perfect lippage and smoothness. The quality of your kit is going to be largely influential upon how well they perform when they are in use and the accuracy of the  results that are created. 

Easy to Use

Although they may not appear this way, some tile levelling systems can be a little difficult to get to grips with. Clear instructions are of course a good starting point in gaining an understanding in regards to the function of your tool. However, most tend to be relatively simple to use once you have gained familiarity concerning how they are intended to function.

The installation process should ideally be a simple concept to follow as this makes you work with greater efficiency and consumes less time. This also applies to the removal of the clips as this should be a hassle free task that doesn't cause any disruptions to your work in the process. 


When it comes to an effective tiling system there isn't a set amount that we would recommend you spend. You are likely to find that the cheaper systems work just as effectively as those that are more expensive. As they are intended to do the same task, they tend to retail within a similar price range. If you are looking for an affordable tiling system you there are a range of products available that cater to this.

The Quality of the clips

The quality of the clips included in your kit is paramount in regards to the results that you are likely to achieve. Ideally, you should be able to install and remove the parts with ease without causing any disruptions to the mortar surrounding the tiles as this is going to provide you with a greater task in rectifying this issue. The clips and wedges should remain intact and easy to remove once the adhesive has dried. Many users would recommend removing them before this point as this reduces the possibility of the clips becoming stuck and breakages occurring. Those that get stuck and experience difficulties during removal are likely to create a more challenging task and may even cause a mess to your work once it has set. 

Durability and Reusable

Almost all tiling systems are reusable and this is cost effective in the long run saving you from having to purchase more in the future. The material construction is a huge influencer in how durable your system is going to be. High quality plastic is likely to last considerably longer than those made with cheaper and flimsier materials. 


If your kit is reusable, then ideally they should be relatively easy to clean after they have been used. Failure to clean each of the different parts thoroughly is likely to cause issues when you come to use them again in the future. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use a tile levelling system?

Whether you're a DIY enthusiast tackling the occasional tiling project or a professional tiler, you're going to benefit hugely from having a tile levelling system in your kit. Helping to prevent the occurrence of tile lippage is essential for all tiling jobs when dealing with large tile formats and intricate jobs in particular. They function by interlocking the tiles which ensures that the surface of the tile remains smooth and flat while the mortar dries. Ultimately you are going to achieve much more accurate and precise results. 

How many tile levellers do I require?

When working with 36" square tiles you will require 1 clip per square foot. All levelling systems will contain these clips in different capacities. Some will include 50 pieces and others may include 100 pieces. Once you have spread your tile adhesive you should then insert the levelling spacer beneath the tile along the four sides. If you are dealing with larger tiles then you may need to use double the amount of levelling spacers that you would use with jobs using smaller sized tiles. 

Do tile spacers remain in place once you have finished using them?

No, tile spacers are not intended to remain in place once your tiling job is complete. Their intended purpose is to maintain smooth and accurate results while the mortar is curing, however, they should be removed following this. Some will be more difficult to remove once the mortar has begun to set so you may benefit from removing them before this time as this will prevent them from snapping in the tiles or scratching your tiles when attempting to remove them at a later stage. 

How to Remove Tile Levelling System

Once the tiles have been laid and the thin-set or mortar set, it is time to remove the tile levelling system. Like installing them, each system will have its best-followed instructions to ensure the system is removed correctly. The following instructions can be used as a general guide to help you on your way!

Tile levelling clips can be removed by striking the plastic at the base where it meets the tiled surface. This avoids snapping the plastic and having to cut the plastic out of your grout lines. 

You can strike them with your foot, making sure you don’t hit the plastic high or where it meets the wedge or disk it’s placed on. Ensure that the kicking motion is short and sharp to ensure the top of the clip comes off and can be swept up easily. 

If you don’t want to use your foot, you can use a rubber mallet. Rubber mallets are better suited to removing a tile system used on walls, where you are unable to kick the clips out. 

To remove clips in a wall, strike the base of the clip with the rubber mallet. You will need to hit low and with considerable force to ensure it snaps cleanly. This avoids the clip breaking above the grout line, which makes the grouting process difficult and messy. 

How to Use a Tile Levelling System 

Every tiling levelling system you purchase will have slightly different instructions, and it is always best to follow those as closely as possible to achieve accurate results. However, as a general guideline, you can follow the below instructions to learn how to use a tile levelling system! 

First, spread your thin-set. Make sure you pay close attention to the trowel lines. It is best to keep these going in one direction only. Lay your tile on the thin-set as you usually would. 

Once laid, place a tile levelling clip or base underneath until the base is sitting flush with the tile. As a general rule, four clips per tile is best to ensure all four corners are flush with the adjacent tile. For larger tiles, you may need as many as six clips per tile! 

You can position the clips near the tile edges or in the centres; the choice is yours. When you have another tile laid next to your clipped tile, you can slide a wedge into the clip and use adjustable pliers to crimp the wedge tighter to the base. 

Repeat this procedure until you have laid all your tiles. Your wedge or base will push any high edges down to create a flat surface across the tiles. They will keep your tiles flush and smooth while the thin-set cures overnight. 

When it comes to grout your tiles, you can use a mallet to knock the clips out. This will allow you to grout without any obstructions. Be sure to clean any excessive thin-set or mortar from the levelling clips, as this can make their removal tricky. 

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