Best Work Boots for Wide Feet 2021

If you have wider than normal feet you know the pain of trying to find comfortable work boots!

The struggle is real. This is one thing that people (male or female) who have wide feet can definitely agree with. While it is true that there are a lot of options on shoes out on the market these days, which is supposed to make shopping a whole lot easier, having wide feet can make everything else harder.

Not to mention more painful!

Best Work Boots For Wide Feet

For a quick run down of the best work boots for wide feet for the Uk market, this will help if you are in a hurry

Our top rated list for Uk boot wearers!

  1. Grafter Mens Wide EEE Fit Water Repellent Safety Dealer Chelsea Ankle Work Boots
  2. Caterpillar Men’s Pelton Industrial and Construction Shoe
  3. Men’s Caterpillar Safety Boots Wide Fit Pelton Rigger Dealer Boots

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People with wide feet often have to purchase from a shoe specialist just to find one that best fit their needs and preferences. They often have to order one that will fit them comfortably. If you have wide feet, you can definitely relate to this.

Thankfully, however, these days, there are some options on shoes and work boots particularly designed for those with wide feet. This means that there is no need for you to go through the usual hassle because there are options now – perfectly designed for you.

What do you need to look out for when choosing ?


Of course, you certainly would not want to wear an uncomfortable pair of work boots, right? You would definitely want to wear a pair that will last you for hours each day you go out to work. This means that as much as possible, you would want to stay comfortable, fully supported by your chosen boots. Among the features that could guarantee comfort include having breathable linings, lightweight features, supportive and soft footbeds, as well as other comfort features.

Wide Feet Fit

Most of the time, it is very challenging to find work boots from local stores. In fact, most customers who need these types of shoes have to shop online to find the best fit for their feet. Still, when shopping online, you are only actually getting the size of the shoes, but not the actual measurements of the width of the shoes around your feet.

This means that it is often not enough to just trust the word of any seller claiming that they are selling a wide fit work boot. It is very important to check on the exact features that give an evidence of the shoes being a wide fit in design. At the same time, it would also help to read reviews from actual customers as well.

For most wide feet fit of work boots, you will notice the size options “D” or “E”. The latter option comes with the wider fit. In fact, there are even other options that offer larger options, ranging from 2E to 4E work boot sizes. In certain situations, the options on wide fit sizes are classified as wide, narrow, medium, X wide, and XX wide. There is usually a 1/8-inch gap in every size.


If there is one feature that is very important when it comes to working boots, it is durability. After all, you cannot just keep on purchasing a pair whenever one gets damaged. That would prove to be very costly on your part. You may agree that it is extremely frustrating if you find the sole of your work boots dragging behind you while still doing a very important task. Any work boot should be highly durable. With this, the highest quality materials, together with exceptional workmanship should be taken into consideration.

Extra Features

Most importantly, it is important to note that every work boot comes with their own set of features. This means that you can take into consideration both the pros and cons for every boot. There may also be certain features that may be found on one boot but not available necessarily on others. This may include having an extra durable leather type, waterproofing features, skid-resistance, oil-resistance, and several others. You can also search for more of these extra features as you look into the detailed list of the work boots guide below.

(pssst… want to see our full list of the best safety boots (our top 10 favourites?) – check them out here).

How to find out the perfect width for you when buying online?

Well, let’s start with a way of measuring your feet first and then go from there.


  • Start off by measuring your feet


  • Then check the sizes against the Clarks shoe size guide.  You can read this here:
  • Make sure that you take the longest part of your foot (usually your big toes, but not always!
  • For the width, choose from the two joints of the little and big toe and draw a line across.


  • Choose an E fitting shoe if you’ve always had a bit of a pinch, or an EE if you’ve often felt a tight pinch, and EEE for extremely wide feet.  (Hint: Most people will only ever need a “E” or an “EE”)


  • Online buying these days is geared to help you buy the right products, and returns polices are a “must”, so don’t be afraid to return the work boots if they aren’t a great fit.

But this doesn’t help me know if my feet are wide!

Unfortunately nobody but yourself can determine this.  Everybody has different shaped feet.  A 5 inch wide foot in a size 6 might be classed as wide (for example only), while as a size 8 it might not be classed as a wide foot.

The general rule is that most people who think they have wide feet generally don’t.  We believe around 80% of people who think they have a wider foot usually don’t.

So the main thing is to get the right shoe size, and choose an E or an EE rating width fitting, and try them on in your home.  If the fit is not good, return them and try a wider or narrower fitting.

You may have a wider heel or a wide forefoot.  Every body’s feet are different.  This is why you need to try them out first.

NOTE:  Annoyingly, every manufacturers idea of a wider foot is also different, so an “EE” from one manufacturer may only be an “E” from another manufacturer.

Let’s see what is on offer for wider work boots.

1: Grafter Mens Wide EEE Fit Water Repellent Safety Dealer Chelsea Ankle Work Boots Shoes Size 6-13

Great budget work boots, that fit wide feet like a glove!

These are classed as “Super wide” (EEEE width rating).  With them being work boots, you can always wear thicker socks if they feel too wide, but in general most people who have bought these say they are the best and most comfortable boots they have ever purchased, especially with them being so cheap!  We also recommend you try these ones, even though the fitting is classed as EEEE, and you may be pleasantly surprised.


  • Safety toe
  • Steel midsoles
  • Wide feet comfort
  • Water resistant upper
  • Handy for that quick “off and on” moment when going indoors


  • None

Check them out here on Amazon


Honestly, these are simply boots you can buy without thinking.  Non slip safety boots with waterproof upper.  What more could you want?

2: Caterpillar Men’s Pelton Industrial and Construction Shoe

Caterpillar pelton
We LOVE these work boots.  With multiple sizes available and multiple widths there is plenty on offer for everyone.  Plus being a CATERPILLAR work boot you know the name can be trusted.

Certainly not a budget brand, but the longer term benefits will outweigh any cheaper safety boots.

These boots feature their EASE foam, a foam that is more shock absorbent and 30% lighter, and you get those savings in your feet at the end of the day – less impact on your feet and less weight to be carrying around!

Made with full grain leather, so go ahead and apply your own waterproofing as often as you’d like


  • Rock solid construction.
  • Lighter – easier on your feet
  • More comforting -EASE foam makes it a lighter boot
  • ERGO shock proofing, for a more stable walking experience.


Check them out here on Amazon

You are paying more, but this does come with a lot more for the money.  More technology, more comfort, a trusted brand, and superb construction.

Any questions?

Please let us know your thoughts below.  We also have a safety boots safety rating guide for work boots.  We update our content as often as needed whenever we spot new products that match the needs of our readers.

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