Blog Post Update – February 2017

Behind the scenes at 10 Warriors…

The last few weeks have been, shall we say “eventful”.

First of all, our household gained a new family member – a wonderful puppy who we named Betsy:


Along with the inevitable “toilet training” (and yes, imagine the worst!), and crying every night for the first week, we eventually have gotten her into a better routine.

She is so adorable, and her addition prompted the write up of our latest review – the best dog beds.

In addition to having her in our family, it seems every one of us has fallen ill with a virus including myself, and so everything all together has been quite a handful to deal with.  This put a slight delay in the latest review.

About this write up:

We wanted to consider the best dog beds, and was confronted with literally thousands of offerings.

Immediately you find a huge number of super cheap beds from as little as £2.60, but there are the obvious quality issues, and short lifespan associated with these.

We decided that the super cheap beds didn’t fit in with what we feel are “the best”, for the above reasons.

Therefore in our research and testing we opted for dog beds that were slightly more expensive but which also had far greater benefits.

We discovered memory foam dog beds and quickly realized the are one of the most popular going.

We also discovered many dog beds that look just like real household furniture.  While it may seem like a novelty, it was interesting to know that they actually work to keep your own dog off your own sofa!

Price wise, the prices ranged from around £30 for some fabulous beds up to an eye watering £230 for premium executive dog beds / sofas.  Something in there for everyone, and every bed in the top 10 is highly recommended.

Check it out and see which one takes your fancy – we would love to hear what dog bed experiences you’ve had – let us know with a comment and photos are always welcome!

Dog accessories

While the theme for the latest review is dog beds it makes sense to discuss dog accessories.

If you’ve ever wanted a dog umbrella or car seat belt for your dog then click above to see the full range of offerings.

The last time I owned a dog was more than 20 years ago, and I am constantly surprised on a daily basis at the wide array of things you can buy for your pooch!

We LOVE these dog ID tags.. cute as anything.. under £3 and come with personalisation!

pet dog id tags

This dog car seat cover is non-slip (something to think about)

dog car seat cover

Don’t forget the dog car seat belt too (around £1 (usually around £5))


Shaun Baird

By: Shaun Baird If you ever wanted someone to help you, Shaun would be your man. He has spent most of his life helping others, often without realising, and used this passion to drive the 10 Warriors brand forward. This unnerving dedication to always help people has become the seamless channel for Shaun to dedicate his efforts to helping a wider community. "On a personal basis, family come first - happiness and knowing you've done a good job bringing up your kids is my main priority!"

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