Blog post update – January 2017

January 2017 Blog Update

This is a personal section of the website and is essentially our diary, thoughts and any other updates or nuggets we wanted to share.

blog update

Who are the people behind “10 warriors”?

The site is wholly owned by one person, however a number of people are invited to help test items throughout the year to help provide a balanced report on each item we test.

The site owner Shaun has a fascination for all things tech, geeky or nerdy as well as a passion for seeing how good things are.  This site came about as a result of this fascination.

To date we have tested and reviewed:

  • Shavers(read here)
  • Gaming chairs (read here)
  • SAD lamps built into alarm clocks (aka wake up lights) (read here)
  • Healthy oil free fryers (read here)

On average we’ve produced between 3000 and 8000 words of content for each review.

Our next step is to return and update each posts with the current “best” of each item.  With a marketplace that is always evolving it is important to us to ensure we are providing you with the best information we can!

Once this has been done then our next test will conclude and we can then begin the lengthy writeup.

Site issues

Even though the site is 3 months old, we have enjoyed a fair bit of growth thanks to the thousands of visitors who came to our site during this time.

In general the site has run quite stable, but we are seeing parts of the site which will need to be improved upon to help with site speed and load times.  This will be addressed in the coming weeks.

What’s it like at 10 Warriors?

It’s hard work, but it’s also fun.  Wanting to put out the very best information requires me to check everything twice.

As well as being a new startup I’ve also had Christmas to contend with, as well as the inevitable pull of spending more quality time with family (which is wonderful by the way).

In to 2017, I plan to continue with more of the same intensive reviews to help people reach informed decisions.

Thought’s For The Month

get fit smallIt’s January the 1st as I’m writing this.  A year of new starts and new beginnings.  A perfect way to get into a new healthier eating mindset perhaps?  The healthy air fryers are a great way to take that brave new step into a healthier way of eating.

Frying food without actually drenching the food in oil (at the very most we are talking a tablespoon of oil) and still getting a gorgeous taste is making people more and more excited about these gadgets.

Want to help?

If you’d like to be considered as a tester for our site then feel free to get in touch.  In particular if you have recently purchased something from Amazon and are willing to share your experiences we may be willing to pay for your opinion.


Feedback welcome

If you have any questions please contact us or comment below.


Shaun Baird

By: Shaun Baird If you ever wanted someone to help you, Shaun would be your man. He has spent most of his life helping others, often without realising, and used this passion to drive the 10 Warriors brand forward. This unnerving dedication to always help people has become the seamless channel for Shaun to dedicate his efforts to helping a wider community. "On a personal basis, family come first - happiness and knowing you've done a good job bringing up your kids is my main priority!"

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