Blog Post Update – May 2017

Summer is here!

Warmer weather, holiday plans and a happier feeling all help us to look forward to what lies ahead for the next few months.  Daydreaming about sunkissed beaches, lazing around in the garden and having a fitter slimmer body all become more important at this time of the year.

What have we been up to?

moving housePhew what a whirlwind of a few weeks it’s been!  Here at 10 Warriors we have moved house after many months of deliberating and choosing.

Only a few miles away but we’ve done the whole thing ourselves and this has meant weeks of packing things up, moving and unpacking.

We’ve officially been in for a week now and have most things in their right places.

The house is older than our last house but the garden is huge.  It’s in 4 sections with a main garden (summer house and shed), veg growing area, play area, and a large garage at the far end.  We had to get a trolley to help move stuff up there!

We’ve also been without internet for a week – eek!  How did we ever survive in years gone by?

I have been wanting to get the latest review complete and wanted to write an in depth roundup.  Well this is the summary of things to date.  A few weeks later than planned but here goes anyway!

“In the summer time when the weather is fine..”

Tis the season for being outdoors in the garden.  People are turning to making the outdoors a nicer area.  Take a look at our pressure washer reviews to clean away all the grime and gunk that’s accumulated over the last 12 months.

Some pressure washers are little better than hiring out a squad of nuns on a Saturday to do a charity car wash.  They’re good, but after a short time that’s it.  Makes sure to take a look and get the best for the money.

Looking forward to your next holiday?

Many people look for ways to lose some weight and tone up in preparation for their annual summer holiday.  We have the fitness covered with our cross trainer reviews write up.  We also have the healthy eating options sorted too with our write up of the top 10 best air fryers 2017 can offer.

The NHS website has a few tips that are helpful if you want to stay motivated to lose weight this year.  Take a look for yourself.

One thing that works well for many people is to simply switch to healthy choices.

We’ve been trying out a diet of recent (“eat good feel good Kayleighs way“) and although we slipped the last 3 weeks (due to a wedding and house move stress) when we started we did really well.  I personally lost 13 pounds in 2 weeks!

Now we are moved in we are getting back to it this week.


What are your plans this summer?  Let us know in the comments below!

Blog Post Update – February 2017

Behind the scenes at 10 Warriors…

The last few weeks have been, shall we say “eventful”.

First of all, our household gained a new family member – a wonderful puppy who we named Betsy:


Along with the inevitable “toilet training” (and yes, imagine the worst!), and crying every night for the first week, we eventually have gotten her into a better routine.

She is so adorable, and her addition prompted the write up of our latest review – the best dog beds.

In addition to having her in our family, it seems every one of us has fallen ill with a virus including myself, and so everything all together has been quite a handful to deal with.  This put a slight delay in the latest review.

About this write up:

We wanted to consider the best dog beds, and was confronted with literally thousands of offerings.

Immediately you find a huge number of super cheap beds from as little as £2.60, but there are the obvious quality issues, and short lifespan associated with these.

We decided that the super cheap beds didn’t fit in with what we feel are “the best”, for the above reasons.

Therefore in our research and testing we opted for dog beds that were slightly more expensive but which also had far greater benefits.

We discovered memory foam dog beds and quickly realized the are one of the most popular going.

We also discovered many dog beds that look just like real household furniture.  While it may seem like a novelty, it was interesting to know that they actually work to keep your own dog off your own sofa!

Price wise, the prices ranged from around £30 for some fabulous beds up to an eye watering £230 for premium executive dog beds / sofas.  Something in there for everyone, and every bed in the top 10 is highly recommended.

Check it out and see which one takes your fancy – we would love to hear what dog bed experiences you’ve had – let us know with a comment and photos are always welcome!

Dog accessories

While the theme for the latest review is dog beds it makes sense to discuss dog accessories.

If you’ve ever wanted a dog umbrella or car seat belt for your dog then click above to see the full range of offerings.

The last time I owned a dog was more than 20 years ago, and I am constantly surprised on a daily basis at the wide array of things you can buy for your pooch!

We LOVE these dog ID tags.. cute as anything.. under £3 and come with personalisation!

pet dog id tags

This dog car seat cover is non-slip (something to think about)

dog car seat cover

Don’t forget the dog car seat belt too (around £1 (usually around £5))


Blog post update – January 2017

blog update

January 2017 Blog Update

This is a personal section of the website and is essentially our diary, thoughts and any other updates or nuggets we wanted to share.

blog update

Who are the people behind “10 warriors”?

The site is wholly owned by one person, however a number of people are invited to help test items throughout the year to help provide a balanced report on each item we test.

The site owner Shaun has a fascination for all things tech, geeky or nerdy as well as a passion for seeing how good things are.  This site came about as a result of this fascination.

To date we have tested and reviewed:

  • Shavers(read here)
  • Gaming chairs (read here)
  • SAD lamps built into alarm clocks (aka wake up lights) (read here)
  • Healthy oil free fryers (read here)

On average we’ve produced between 3000 and 8000 words of content for each review.

Our next step is to return and update each posts with the current “best” of each item.  With a marketplace that is always evolving it is important to us to ensure we are providing you with the best information we can!

Once this has been done then our next test will conclude and we can then begin the lengthy writeup.

Site issues

Even though the site is 3 months old, we have enjoyed a fair bit of growth thanks to the thousands of visitors who came to our site during this time.

In general the site has run quite stable, but we are seeing parts of the site which will need to be improved upon to help with site speed and load times.  This will be addressed in the coming weeks.

What’s it like at 10 Warriors?

It’s hard work, but it’s also fun.  Wanting to put out the very best information requires me to check everything twice.

As well as being a new startup I’ve also had Christmas to contend with, as well as the inevitable pull of spending more quality time with family (which is wonderful by the way).

In to 2017, I plan to continue with more of the same intensive reviews to help people reach informed decisions.

Thought’s For The Month

get fit smallIt’s January the 1st as I’m writing this.  A year of new starts and new beginnings.  A perfect way to get into a new healthier eating mindset perhaps?  The healthy air fryers are a great way to take that brave new step into a healthier way of eating.

Frying food without actually drenching the food in oil (at the very most we are talking a tablespoon of oil) and still getting a gorgeous taste is making people more and more excited about these gadgets.

Want to help?

If you’d like to be considered as a tester for our site then feel free to get in touch.  In particular if you have recently purchased something from Amazon and are willing to share your experiences we may be willing to pay for your opinion.


Feedback welcome

If you have any questions please contact us or comment below.