How To Clean Cement Mixer Drum

The following steps have been outlined to give your the best results when you need to know how to clean cement mixer drum effectively.

Any cement mixer must be kept in superb condition if it is to last for a long time, and if you want to be able to use it properly.

If you simply ignore the build up of old cement the machine will quickly lose it’s performance.


For best results make sure you are thoroughly consistent at washing out the cement mixer drum as soon as you are finished with it.  This way it will be a lot more easier to clean.

If you do it straight away the materials won’t have dried onto the inside surface and will come off easier.


For the easiest way to keep a well loved cement mixer clean, follow the following steps:

  • Start out by making sure you are in a shaded area so any hot sun isn’t drying things out
  • Ensure you are not near to any drains or rivers etc where contaminants may spill
  • Turn on the mixer so the drum is rotating round
  • Place a wheelbarrow (with a bucket sat inside the wheelbarrow) directly under the drum
  • Use another bucket and throw some water into the drum while it is turning.
  • Ensure water is carried right around all of the inside surfaces, even at the back.
  • Let this spin until it seems the materials have been washed off
  • The next step is to tip the cement mixer out, and the water should run out and fall into the bucket underneath (the one inside the wheelbarrow).
  • One clean cement mixer
  • No mess on the floor
  • Stop the mixer and inspect the inside for cleanliness.
  • If there are any small remaining pieces of cement etc. stuck anywhere inside, you can use a stiff brush to scrub off any last bits of stuff, and then splash some water in again, rotating the drum before tipping out again.
  • Having concrete stuck in the mixer is not something you want to be drawn into.  It’s time intensive, annoying and simply makes life more difficult!

You can also use a Splash Stoppa (available here on Amazon) to seal the mixer drum opening for a totally clean working area around the cement mixer, or use an old dustbin lid for the same kind of results.

splashstoppa 1670N Cement Mixer Lid, Black and Yellow



How to clean a cement mixer that has a lot of dried on cement on the inside

Pretty much the same as the list above, but with a subtle difference

  • Start out by making sure you are in a shaded area so any hot sun isn’t drying things out
  • Ensure you are not near to any drains or rivers etc where contaminants may spill
  • Turn on the mixer so the drum is rotating round
  • Place a wheelbarrow (with a bucket sat inside the wheelbarrow) directly under the drum
  • Use another bucket and throw some water into the drum while it is turning.
  • Now get some gravel or small crushed rocks and throw them in.  The idea is that when these are spinning around they will be thrown around the drum scraping off any old materials
  • You can use an old dustbin lid placed over the mouth of the cement mixer to stop splashes of watery cement hitting you or dropping on the floor (or you can go for a splashstoppa that snugly fits most cement mixers where the mouth of the drum is between 385 and 420mm wide)
  • Tip out the mixture and inspect things again
  • If you managed to get your cement mixer clean then job done
  • Stop the mixer and inspect the inside for cleanliness.


How To Clean Cement Mixer Drums That Are Heavily Ground With Cement

If you have been through the above steps, trying to clean your cement mixer then the next step is to get a bit more hands on.

There are a few options to consider here.


1: A hammer and chisel.  Or you can choose powered hammer chisels.

Use these tools to simply chisel away at dried on cement for as long as it takes.  It will be messy and dusty, so you might want to wear a dust mask and eye protection at this stage.  Just keep chiselling away inside the drum to get as much of the stuff off as you can.  It might take an hour or two, but time served here will mean a better experience down the line.

If you own an SDS drill, then a hammer chisel set like this inexpensive one on Amazon will make life so much easier.


2: Chemicals

There are chemicals you can use that will help, but when using these you have to be aware of the damage and destruction that can be caused to both your own health, skin eyesight etc., but more to the environment.

Watered down brick acid will help, so pop some in, along with water and some small stones.  Bostik Cementone brick and mortar cleaner has a good strong concentration of acid.

This video will give you a few tips:


3: Using Bricks in cement mixer

One way that works to get rid of the bulk of died on compo is to simply turn on the mixer with some water in and (up to half brick sized bricks).  Let it run for at least half an hour and this should break off most of the bigger stuff.  You don’t want to be using anything much bigger than half bricks in case it causes damage to the drum or the paddles inside.

Once you’ve done this, take something long and heavy like a piece of scaffold tube and give the drum a few good whacks, but be sure to start out gently and watching to make sure no damage is done. So no Herculean efforts at this stage!


4: Using fire

The following video will give you an idea on how to go on using fire to help clean up your cement mixer drum.  The audio is very poor so you’ll have to watch it.  In essence the heat should make the drum expand and contract help some of the old dried on cement to crack and then should be easier to break off.

The downsides is you could cause damage to the drum, and paint could come off.  But might be worth it as a last resort.





Why do we have to keep it clean?

Well, your cement mixer will only keep performing at it’s best if it is kept in as best a condition as possible.  If you leave it to get crudded up with crap then pretty soon it’s going to get gunked up in all the wrong places and simply “grind to a halt”, so to speak.

Additionally, you might be performing different mixes using different materials at various times.  So you don;t want any cross contamination to happen.  So be sure to give it a good clean out each time you have finished a mix, or are switching to a new mix.


What is the safest way of keeping it clean?

The best way is to keep it clean regularly.  This means cleaning after every use thoroughly.  15 minutes at the end of each day will help it to last far longer.

The safest option is just water, while the next safest option is to use some gravel with water (casing the least amount of damage).  Just doing this and letting it run for 15 minutes at the end of the day should help keep it super clean.  It’s just a case of getting in the habit of making it a routine thing every day.


How can we restore it back to new?

With time, anyone can end up with a mixer that struggles to be kept clean.  If you have to resort to chemicals, bricks or even a fire you could end up damaging the drum with dints, paddle damage or paint work coming off.

If the damage isn’t too bad then you can just carry on using the mixer, but at some point you might need to repair it.  This might mean welding paddles, or getting some suitable paint to paint the drum again.  Acrylic paint like this one on Amazon is fashioned in Belle Orange colour and will give it a new freshness.


Finally, if you just can’t be bothered with any of these shenanigans, we also wrote a lengthy write up on some of the best cement mixers right here on our site.


The Best Cement Mixer For Sale 2019

best cement mixer for sale

best cement mixer for saleGet the job done right with the best cement mixer for sale that meets your needs AND your budget!

Thankfully there are a number of high quality cement mixers that will do a genuinely good job, and some can be bought at REALLY low price points.

Are you a tradesman?

The last thing you should ever think about is cutting corners and wind up getting a bad review all because the mixer you used wasn’t up to the job. 

A few extra minutes right now reading our top rated concrete mixer guide can help ensure you keep working week after week …

… and get that all important “thumbs up” once the job is complete.

In a hurry?  Here are our current BEST cement mixers:


Best Cheap Cement Mixer

Wido 63 Litre Cement Mixer

Wido 63L Litre Portable Electric Cement Mixer Plaster ConcreteCheck it out on Amazon


Best Electric Cement Mixer

Bentley 63 Litre Cement Mixer


Best Petrol Cement Mixer

The Belle Minimix 150

Belle Minimix 150 Cement Mixer and Stand Petrol GXH150Check it out on Amazon

When you are undertaking building work and need to mix up a large amount of cement, a cement mixer will come in invaluable .

These machines let you pop in the required amounts of sharp sand, cement and water to create the concrete you need.

They are a great time saver and labour saver too.

In list order, our top rated Cement Mixers are:

  1. The Belle Minimix 140 cement mixer – a high standards electric tip up mixer
  2. The Progen 63 Litre cement mixer – hard working and robust
  3. JTF electric cement mixer – Yellow is the new Orange
  4. Dirty Pro Tools 80 Litre cement mixer – solid workhorse
  5. Dirty Pro Tools 125 litre cement mixer – bigger and better
  6. JTF 120 litre cement mixer – backed by a UK brand
  7. Switzer 120 litre cement mixer – our favourite
  8. Belle Minimix 150 electric cement mixer – High end premium model
  9. Belle Minimix 150 petrol cement mixer – top class machine
  10. Baylola cement mixer – a powerful workhorse


So which is the best cement mixer for sale in the Uk?

The table below lists our current best rated units.  Read the features, and you can click the image or Amazon link to visit the mixer on the Amazon Uk website.


ImageLinkProductBrandLowest New Price
Belle Minimix 140 230v Tip Up Mixer Heavy Duty Semi-ProfessionalBelle£399.95
Wido 63L Litre Portable Electric Cement Mixer Plaster ConcreteWido
JTF Mega Discount Warehouse Cement Mixer 63LJTF Mega Discount Warehouse£199.99
Dirty Pro ToolsTM Professional Cement Mixer 80l Concrete litres Cement Mixer with Stand and Wheels 240V .350W PortableDirty Pro Tools
Charles Bentley 120 - 125L 230V 550W Portable Cement Concrete Mixer With WheelsCharles Bentley
JTF Mega Discount Warehouse Cement Mixer 63LJTF Mega Discount Warehouse£199.99
Switzer 240V Volt 550W Portable Electric Concrete Cement Mixer Mortar Plaster Machine Capacity 120L Litre Drum Mouth Diameter 340mmKMS£177.99
Mini Mix 150 230 voltBelle£419.89
Belle Minimix 150 Cement Mixer and Stand Petrol GXH150Belle£825.00
Baylola cement mixer cm46 240v powerful 300w 35rpm electric portable cement , mortar , concrete mixer. 46 litre capacity drum. portable , easy to load.Baylola



One of our overall top rated cement mixers overall has to be the 120 litre Switzer cement mixer.  ( Although Cement mixer perfectionists will state that a Belle cement mixer is one of the finest on the market.   And they would be right, but they are also one of the most expensive).


If it comes down to a budget then you can find plenty of brand new cement mixers for sale for around the £100 to £120 mark, and the prices increase for higher end machines such as a Belle cement mixer.

Belle are renowned for being “the cream of the crop”, and rightly so when it comes to having “the best”.

However you certainly don’t have to spend out £400 – £900+ on a Belle, although it would be a good investment.

If it is a cheap cement mixer you are after then read on, as we have tested, worked and found what we believe to be the top 10 best concrete mixers at the current time.


Electric ? Petrol?  Which would be the best option?

Consider whether you will need an electric cement mixer or a petrol mixer and you will then narrow down your best option based on needs and budget.


Our Best Cement Mixer Recommendation:

Every one in this top 10 list has made it here by being better than the hundreds of others out there on the market.

They are all “really” good however one of them edged out for us.

The Switzer Cement Mixer With 120 litre capacity

switzer cement mixer

View On Amazon

Why bother with a cement mixer?

This is probably fairly obvious, but if you’ve ever mixed together more than a few barrowloads of cement by hand on a board then you’ll quickly realize how slow, tiring and cumbersome it is.

As one of the most used construction tools it serves a very important role to help work flow easily and ensure cement is mixed properly.

It is far easier and more efficient to pop the materials into the mixer and leave it spinning.  This lets you get on with the real work in hand.

Which concrete mixer is best?

There isn’t any REAL best mixer.  Whichever cement mix you use, just make sure you follow the instructions and try to choose one that meets your budget and workload.

Concrete and cement mixers are the same thing.  They can be petrol or electric powered to serve your needs  whether close to a power supply or out on a bustling building site.  You can buy one and it will pay for itself within next to no time, or you could always use a plant hire company if it’s a one off small job.

The Belle range of mixers are time served, well made and trusted by thousands of builders, but the downside is that they are more expensive than other brands.  You get what you pay for though.  Complete this with superb customer service and you’ll be glad you chose Belle.

For the rest of the bunch, consider build quality and how often you’ll be using the mixer.  If you are a small business then of course get the best you can afford.  The 10 in this list are all GREAT.  We filtered out the stuff that is not worthy and found these to be the best of the bunch.  We particularly liked the Switzer models.


Belle Minimix 140 230v Tip Up Mixer

A mini cement mixer made to the best standards money can buy

Featuring the renowned Belle brand, superb construction in a semi-professional setup, your own DIY projects will be complemented perfectly by this electric powered Belle mini mix concrete mixer 230V.  A very professional small cement mixer for sale to those who demand only the very best.

Belle Minimix 140 230v Tip Up Mixer Heavy Duty Semi-Professional

If you need a full barrow load of mortar or concrete then this cement mixer will handle it perfectly well and help keep you working constantly without having to wait for more mix to be made.

The Belle Minimix 140 230v tip up small cement mixer features an extra thick mixers drum with quick mix paddles and a tough construction.  It comes supplied with Barrow height swivel stand however the mixer can be used on or off its stand and is the ideal portable solution for mixing concrete and cement.

Belle Minimix 140 230v Tip Up Mixer Heavy Duty Semi-Professional

Unboxing video of a Belle Minimix (similar model):

How big is it?

121.5 x 60 x 85.2 cm


Pro’s and Con’s:

  • A little pricey but you get what you pay for.
  • Brilliant portable concrete mixer for home use or out on construction sites
  • Premium ultra reliable quality.
  • Belle offer some of the best cement mixers known so you can rest assured that a Belle purchase will leave you with a smile on your face.

Click here to view it on Amazon




This 63 litre cement mixer is ideal for smaller jobs, but is equally effective at larger jobs. 


IF however you like the look of this, there is a larger sized 120 litre version for around £30 more here.

While other cement mixers may boast huge 140 litre capacities, these mixer is good enough for most applications.  It’s a tip up concrete mixer that works as hard as you do.


The progen cement mixer is ideal for concrete, mortar and plaster for most small to medium sized jobs.

The Progen 63 litre electric mixer features:

  • A rated voltage cement mixer 230 V electric powered
  • 50 Hz Motor
  • 220 W
  • The cement mixers drum mouth diameter: 267 mm
  • Drum speed: 27.5 RPM
  • Overall size: 110 x 55 x 93.5 cm ( L x W x H)
  • Material: Steel
  • Weight: 25 kg
  • A handy small electric cement mixer


Pro’s and Con’s:

  • Perfectly fine for most situations
  • Highly rated by us – a great workhorse.
  • Not ideal for large scale use where you need a lot of cement mixed up all of the time due to the smaller drum (be sure to check out the bigger brother here with a 120 litre capacity drum).


Click here to view it on Amazon



120L Litre Cement Mixer


Yellow seems to be the new Orange, and why not. 

This 120 litre electric powered cement mixer is powered by a 550 watt engine perfect for all your mixing needs.  It’s made by “JTF Mega Warehouse” and is typical of many similar generic products with lesser known brand names.  Essential Chinese Imported.  Thankfully you do get peace of mind with a UK supplier.

JTF Mega Discount Warehouse Cement Mixer 120L

This however does not detract from it’s build quality and reliability.  Remember that all 10 in this list had to fight their way out of the swamp of poor mixers to reign supreme.

Great for smaller building sites it features a 39cm opening to the drum and rotates at 33 rpm.

It can handle a 4 to 1 bucket mix just fine – just give it a little time to ensure the cement mix is right.

JTF Mega Discount Warehouse Cement Mixer 120L


Pro’s and con’s of this concrete mixer

  • It works well and reliably
  • It pours out into a bucket just fine.
  • The only downside is thast the instruction manual is awful and probably for an older model – we wasn’t sure.


Click here to view it on Amazon




Dirty Pro Tools(TM) Professional Cement Mixer 80 Litre


This is a nice looking machine that works and functions as good as most of the other 9 in this list.  However there “MAY” be an annoying let down with customer service, in so much as it might be hard to get a response.

Dirty Pro Tools™ Professional Cement Mixer 80l Concrete Litres Cement Mixer With Stand And Wheels 240V .350W Portable

When we emailed, we actually got a response in under 10 minutes.

In our research we found several people who have had shocking customer service and some people have gone so far as to blog about their experiences.  You can read that here.

I wanted to be clear and honest.

Nice machine (and that is why it is in this list) BUT you may not get the help you want if you buy from them, although we are left thinking it may have been a temporary blip in their business growth where their customer service was poor, because more recent testimonials have come in showing customer service to be just fine (and highly recommended in some instances).


So that out of the way, let’s explain why we included this:

  • Good build quality.
  • Spins at 33rpm
  • Big enough to make a complete barrow load at a time.
  • It’s Black (flying in the face of Orange traditionalists!)


Our verdict is that it is actually a cracking little mixer that is brilliant for the DIY’er.


Pro’s and con’s

  • Honestly, the pros of this machine definitely outweigh the con’s.
  • It really is a great cement mixer and works tirelessly.
  • There was at one point a momentary lapse in customer service skills (as far as we can tell) which doesn’t appear to be the case now though.

Click here to view it on Amazon


5: Dirty Pro Tools 125L Cement Mixer

This hard working electric cement mixer is backed up by a 550 watt motor to help it work hard as long as you do.

Dirty Pro ToolsTM Large Professional Cement Mixer 125 Liter 240V 550W Portable Concrete Cement Mixer 125l


Upon opening we were very impressed by this large cement mixer!

Let’s look at it’s specifications:

  • 550w motor
  • Capacity: 125L drum capacity
  • Can be disassembled in 1 minute for fast transportation
  • Electric with UK mains plug
  • Motor speed 2800rpm
  • Drum speed 30rpm

What’s it like in use?

It does what you expect, and thanks to the larger drum size you can get more cement mixed at the same time.

We used ours to lay the foundations for a concrete shed base and it worked tirelessly.

Recommended great builders equipment.

Pro’s and con’s:

  • Reliable and hard working.
  • Instructions could always be a bit clearer to follow but once it’s done then that’s it.

Click here to view it on Amazon



JTF Mega Warehouse 120 Litre Cement Mixer

This JTF cement mixer represents a good solid 120 litre cement mixer backed up by a trusted Uk brand.


jtf 120 l cement mixer


This 120 litre version concrete mixer is plenty big enough for the vast majority of jobs.  The opening is 34cm (others in this top 10 are slightly bigger).

It’s a doddle to use and operate, and the wheels make it easy to maneuvre too.

Here are the specifications (taken directly from Amazon):

* High performance cement mixer suitable for small projects at home

  • Power Output: 550w / Voltage: 230v with 33rpm Drum Speed
  • Capacity: 140L / 126L Mix Capacity. 33cm Drum Opening
  • Some assembly required: Instruction manual included



Pro’s and con’s

  • None.

Click here to view it on Amazon



Switzer cement mixer


The Switzer Cement Mixer Gets A Lot Done


With it’s 120 litre capacity, the Switzer cement mixer boasts an uprated motor, and a wide opening, so you can throw in large amounts of cement or plaster etc for mixing.  It is one of our most popular products for a reason.

SwitZer 240V Volt 550W Portable Electric Concrete Cement Mixer Mortar Plaster Machine Capacity 120L Litre Drum Mouth Diameter 340mm

Still with the same great strong construction and powder coating, it’s tough and reliable and half the price of more well known branded “Belle Cement Mixers” (although Belle cement mixers are some of the very very best).

It is certainly very well made and will easily make light work of many projects.

This is one of the recommended best cement mixers for sale.

SwitZer 240V Volt 550W Portable Electric Concrete Cement Mixer Mortar Plaster Machine Capacity 120L Litre Drum Mouth Diameter 340mm


Pro’s and con’s

  • Cannot fault this at all!

Click here to view it on Amazon



Mini Mix 150 Cement Mixer


Here is the Belle minimix 150 electric cement mixer (without the stand).  Lower in price than the model with stand, yet offers the same superb premium grade quality that can only come with a Belle mixer.

No fluff, no hype, just one of the best work horses there is on the market.

Powered by a 230v electric motor it is one of the toughest out.

Mini Mix 150 230 volt

It’s an electric cement mixer with 150 litre capacity.  Click to see if it’s available for delivery right away.

It measures: 121.1 x 59.7 x 89 cm

If the best is needed without any hesitation then choose a Belle cement mixer and you’ll enjoy incredible and lightning fast customer service, brilliant high end perfectly formed machinery, and total peace of mind that your cement mixer will probably outlive you.

Pro’s and con’s

  • Featuring the Belle brand name
  • A standard quality Belle cement mixer

Click here to view it on Amazon



Belle Minimix 150 Cement Mixer and Stand Petrol GXH150

Looking for a petrol cement mixer?


Belle Minimix 150 Cement Mixer and Stand Petrol GXH150

Here is the Belle Minimix 150 petrol cement mixer that offers you the chance to work anywhere even if there is no electric power supply.  It might not be the cheapest petrol cement mixer but it is without a doubt one of the very best.

Being a Belle cement mixer, you get nothing but the very best.

This is the full set up.  Mixer, stand and petrol power source powered by a Honda gxh 4Hp engine.

Belle Minimix 150 Cement Mixer and Stand Petrol GXH150

Here’s what you get:

  • Belle Minimix 150 Cement Mixer and Stand Petrol GXH150
  • A Portable and Compact machine making transportation easy
  • Extra Thick Cement Mixer Drum
  • Quick Mix Paddles
  • Full Thermal Overload Protection

Pro’s and con’s

  • Petrol concrete mixer variant of their brilliant cement mixers
  • Expect to pay premium prices
  • Ultra reliable work horse

Click here to view it on Amazon



Baylola Cement Mixer 

A superb cheap cement mixer!

A cement mixer that fits any budget!  Priced just over £100 it’s superb value and just perfect for pretty much any job, however for large scale jobs such as house builds you might want a larger sized drum capacity.  This one is 46 litres.  Works well for laying patios, pathways and so much more!  One of the cheapest cement mixers around!

Baylola Cement Mixer cm46 240v Powerful 300w 35rpm Electric Portable Cement, Mortar, Concrete Mixer. 46 Litre Capacity Drum. Portable, Easy to Load.

Our best cheap cement mixer

It makes no sense whatsoever now to hire out a cement mixer at £50 a time.  Buy one of these and you will have made your money back with just 2 days of use!

This cheap cement mixer for sale can be easily transported in the back of most cars!

It’s great tipping handle makes it a doddle to pour out your mix where it’s needed or into a barrow.


Model CM46
Voltage 230V ~ 50Hz

Pro’s and Con’s

  • Very low cost entry cement mixer
  • 46 litre capacity
  • Assemble in under 60 minutes

Click here to view it on Amazon

Wrapping up this cement mixer review:

When looking for any kind of mixer you need to remember to choose the best cement mixer for your needs.  Do you want something that is designed for heavy use 8 hours a day 6 days a week, or something more for occasional use – projects around the home?

Remember, there are many cement mixers for sale..

All 10 of these in our list are “great” cement mixers.

We have weeded out the poor performing cement mixers to leave this list of what is in our opinion the ones that are the most reliable, and good value for money.

Finally… the top 3 cement mixer machines in our list as defined by us:

2nd place
Charles Bentley Cement Mixer
Charles Bentley Cement Mixer
3rd Place
Belle Mini mix 150 Petrol
Belle Minimix 150 With Stand

Any questions on the best cement mixers for sale?

Have your seen our top 10 best wacker plates?

Please comment below for our feedback!

Cement Mixer Assembly Instructions

Because there are a wide range of cement mixers available to buy, we cannot possibly show the exact assembly instructions for every last mixer, but we can show a good few and then offer some further helpful advice.

Cement mixer assembly – easy when you know how.

In a nutshell,

  • The drum typically screws onto a threaded bar.
  • The legs will all bolt together
  • The handles bolt onto the engine unit
  • You will then need to check for any missed bolts before powering things up.

When someone shows you how, it is often easier to do yourself, so for this write up we have decided to show as many videos as we can.

Let’s get started.

Belle Minimix 150 assembly instructions

Foxhunter Cement Mixer Assembly Instructions

foxhunter 120 litre electric cement mixerThis machine is not quite as well known as some of the more established brands.

It does have great reviews but it can be hard to gain GOOD helpful advice.

So here is a link to a person who purchased one, and was kind enough to write up his own “how to” guide.


How To Assemble MOST Cement Mixers

The video below is over 30 minutes long but very detailed.   If you are struggling to find an answer for your cement mixer then this video may help provide some insight.

The video goes over the typical setup where the motor is to the right, and the mixer is on a stand.


Helpful links:


If you are struggling even after these video’s then the next step is to contact the manufacturer, or failing that to contact a local machinery sales shop.  These shops typically fix machines like this day in day out and would likely have no issues, but this would come at a cost unfortunately.


If you can update us with any correct information it would be greatly received so we can maintain an up to date list.