Best Pressure Washer For Snow Foam

Wanting to give your car that extra love with some snow foam?  It’s a great way to get that detergent right into every nook and cranny.  Getting the best pressure washer for snow foam application can be a bit daunting.

So, here’s a few pointers.

Hint.. it’s not so much about the pressure washer.. more about the snow foam lance… but we will get to that… please read on..


What is snow foam?

It’s a White foamy substance sprayed onto your car or bike, usually using a pressure washer foam lance attachment and sticks to the surface long enough to let the detergent do it’s magic for longer, and really help clean up the surface for that extra special gleaming finish.

If you are a car detailer you’ll already know this.

Spray it all over and your car turns into a White almost surreal looking thing.  It’s always good to stop and admire it at this point, if that’s your thing.

Benefits of snow foam

  • It makes a breeze of deep cleaning.  Used on the exterior of your car, a good spray all around the car and wheels enables the detergent get right into all the tiny places you just can’t get to yourself.
  • It helps clean for longer.  The foam also stays stuck to the surface for a few moments allowing the detergent to keep on working at cleaning.

This means your car gets a thoroughly good clean.

Once you’ve applied the snow foam, all you then need to do is switch back to the regular spray lance on your pressure washer and rinse off.  A good chamois leather wipe round will help keep the paintwork looking at it’s best.


What is the best pressure washer for snow foam?

So now we come to the main question for this post.

The truth is, the actual pressure washer itself is not actually that important.  The main thing you need to be thinking about is the choice of snow foam lance itself.

Go for the best lance you can afford and you will be rewarded handsomely.

So the first consideration really is to look at the various snow foam lances out there first, pick the ones you like and see if they will fit your pressure washer.  The lances will list which models or brands they are compatible with, so if you’ve not yet chosen a pressure washer you need to choose one that works with your choice of lance.


Here are a selection of top rated snow foam lances as well as a list of pressure washers they are compatible with.  So start out with the right lance and then you can choose any of the compatible pressure washers to suit your needs and budget really.


1: The Pro Kleen snow foam starter kit

(Karcher K series compatible).

This kit is a brilliant starter kit that you can get at the cheapest price here through this link on Amazon and best of all it costs well under £40 (be aware that on the main Karcher results page it is almost £5 more for the same thing!).

Pro-Kleen Snow Foam Lance Gun Kit + Lance For Use With Karcher K Series K2, K3, K4, K5, K6 and K7 + 5L Cherry Snow Foam Shampoo and Microfibre Wash Pad Mitt and Microfibre Cloths



It is compatible with the Karcher K Series pressure washers : K2, K3, K4, K5, K6 and K7

(find the Karcher K series pressure washers all here on Amazon in one easy to look at location)


2: The Pro Kleen snow foam lance and detergent

(Nilfisk compatible).

Here is the Pro Kleen combo for the Nilfisk range.  Works with up to 160 bar Nilfisk pressure washers


Pro-Kleen Snow Foam Lance for Use with Nilfisk Pressure Washers Includes 5 Litres Cherry Snow Foam




It is compatible with Nilfisk pressure washers up to 160 bar pressure.

(Here are the Nilfisk pressure washers on Amazon in one easy to look at location)


3: 1L Snow Foam Lance Adjustable Spray Bottle

(KEW – ALTO – NILFISK Compatible)

1L Snow Foam Lance Adjustable Spray Bottle WITH KEW/ALTO/NILFISK ADAPTOR

Key Features:

  • Max Pressure: 200 bar..
  • Max Temp: 60°C
  • Chemical Resistant fittings
  • Adjustable Spray Nozzle to alter foam
  • Pattern Dial for adjustable dilution


This straightforward lance has an adapter to suite Kew, Alto or Nilfisk

(Here are the Nilfisk pressure washers on Amazon in one easy to look at location – choose one you like UNDER 200 BAR pressure).  Alto are a brand of NIlfisk (you can see the Nilfisk brands here on their website).  The Kew brand is an Irish brand that is also a part of the Nilfisk group.  So you will see all 3 names together most of the time.


4: The Autobrite Snow Foam Lance – One Of The Best

(Nilfisk Compatible – but they can confidently supply you with an adapter for almost any pressure washer – just ask!)

Autobrite Direct Ltd have a good name in the car detailing world.  They know their stuff.

This is a slightly more expensive model at just over £40 (best price is here on Amazon), but you know you are getting a premium lance.

Snow Foam Lance Nilfisk Connector with 500ml of Magifoam - By Autobrite Direct

Key Features:

    • Max Pressure: 200 bar
    • Max Temp: 60°C

Variable spray nozzle from wide to pencil thin

  • Solid Brass manifold construction


This one is compatible with Nilfisk Washers, BUT they can supply an adapter for pretty much any pressure washer out there so just ask them.

(Here are the Nilfisk pressure washers on Amazon in one easy to look at location – choose one you like UNDER 200 BAR pressure).


5: Ez Car Car  Snow Lance – This One Is Highly Compatible!

(Compatible With Bosch, Karcher, Nilfisk, Kranzle, Lavor)

You’ll like this one a lot.  We do.  It’s a great starter kit at a good competitive price (well under £40)

Snow Foam Lance Gun Kit + 5L Sub Zero Snow Foam With Cherry Bomb Shampoo and Microfibre Wash Pad by EZ Car Care


On this listing on Amazon uk, they claim the following:

Fittings available for the following pressure washers… Just message with your order if you need a specific fitting:

  • Karcher K Series
  • Karcher HDS Series
  • Nilfisk Straight Lug Fitting Also Fits – SilverLine, Stihl
  • Nilfisk Rounded Lug Fitting
  • Bosch Long Fitting Also Fits – AQT,Makita, Black & Decker, Titan, RAC
  • Bosch Short
  • Lavor Also fits – Qualcast, Vax, Lidl, Aldi, Parkside, Workzone
  • Kranzle Male 22mm
  • Bosch / RAC Alternate
  • Nilfisk QR  
  • Sub Zero Snow Foam 5L

Overall, a fantastic kit not to be missed!

Compatibility issues?

If your parts just don’t work together then this link to Amazon UK has a range of adapters and connectors that will solve most problems going.  Sorts out most brands such as Bosch, Karcher, Black and Decker etc.

Detailers United Kranzle / M22 Snow Foam Lance Fitting FREE PTFE Fitting Tape & Lifetime Waranty.


Common questions surrounding snow foam, and using it with a pressure washer.

Can you use snow foam in your car engine bay?

Yes you can.. but with this point you do have to exercise a lot of caution!

Every car is different.  Many Japanese cars have plastic covered components but some other cars, older cars etc  may well have electrical places that could be influenced by the detergent and subsequent water when cleaning off.

Many people have used a pressure washer with snow foam to clean their engine bays.  The key is to simply put a bag over electric fuse boxes etc first.

To clean engine bays you might want to go with a weak de-greaser solution (1 to 2% ratio) first to get rid of some of the gunk.  Clean that off, then apply the snow foam before doing a final rinse off with the pressure washer.

Just take it steady.  However thankfully with pressure washers its more of a mist that comes out so you won’t actually be forcing a huge volume of water into the engine area.  Just don;t get to close or spay heavily on to one area for too long.


Will a snow foam lance gun fit my pressure washer?

You need to check the descriptions of the snow lance kits to see which ones they are compatible with.  Many good quality foam lances are compatible with the major pressure washer brands like Nilfisk, Karcher, Bosch etc.


Why use snow foam?

It simply helps you to achieve a better more detailed level of finish when cleaning your car.  Better than pressure washing alone, and gives a deeper clean thanks to the foam holding the detergent on to the surface for longer.


Will a pressure washer damage my car using snow foam – is it too powerful?

Like with any pressure washer, the key is to learn how powerful your washer is and not stand too close to the car until you get to feel comfortable using it.  Just for reference, when looking into using snow foam, the main consideration is not so much the pressure washer itself, but the actual snow foam lance that will make all the difference.

Many standard or not so standard well known pressure washers are catered for with the various snow lance kits.


Does snow foam wash away easily?

Yes.  It’s actually designed for this very purpose.  A simple spraying with the normal pressure washer attachment after snow foaming will wash off the foam nicely and easily.


Does snow foam damage a pressure washer?

No.  The foam is made by using a special snow foam lance that fits on to your existing pressure washer (only specific washers can be used for each lance so check before buying).

A detergent bottle is screwed on under the foam lance.  Water from the washer pushes through the lance and sucks up the detergent as it goes.  The mixture passes through a series of meshes that makes it turn foamy.  So the actual foam and detergent are completely separate from the main pressure washer.


Is snow foam bad for the environment?

Snow foam contains chemicals.  There are warnings on the foam bottles stating that they can cause serious harm to aquatic environments, so the key pointers here are to exercise common sense.  Do not spray within a good 5 or 6 metres of any rivers or ponds.  The best place would be somewhere with hard standing (without drains near by), such as your drive way or a car park.


Is it safe to wash snow foam down the drain?

There is no law currently stating what you can do with drains, unless you use snow foam commercially as a business, but just for the argument of doing the right thing, either use a specialized spraying booth where chemicals are caught in drip trays and disposed of safely, or choose somewhere that won’t impact the environment too much.  Neighbours may not be too happy either.  So an open area of concrete or road would make the most sense.


Click here to read my post reviewing a number of top rated pressure washers. I put this review together in various price ranges so you can chose based on your own budget – enjoy!

10 Best Pressure Washers 2019 – Uk List

top 10 best pressure washers featured

If you’ve got a budget in mind, then the best pressure washer can be found no matter what your budget is.

Our 2019 write up will get you cleaning and blasting faster than ever before.

Using a pressure washer aboard a US Navy war ship. Big btasks need big tools!

Pressure Washer reviews you can count upon

Pressure washers vary a LOT in price and specifications.

If like I did a few years ago, you REALLY want to spend “8 long gruelling and not so fun” hours trying to clean your patio then choose a super cheap, super low pressure washer and just smile when your neighbours keep looking at you (even when the sun starts to set and you’re wet and tired).


Been there, got the (wet) t-shirt… no thanks.. not again!



If you are looking for an electric OR petrol jet wash for sale at a good price then this review will effectively weed out the rubbish machines, saving you embarrassment and frustration.

Before you read on, if you’re in a rush, here is a quick summary of what we think are the VERY BEST.


What’s your budget?

up to £150 ?£150 to £350 ?£350 to £1000 ?£1000 to £20,000 ?

£50 to £150

Typically these pressure washers will clean between 10 square metres and 20 square metres an hour


  • Good solid basic machines – some with gadgets/extras
  • The ones we feature here are great for basic home use
  • Affordable cleaning power
  • With care, they should last several years


  • If you are in a rush these may not be the best option as the water flow rates are typically lower, so completing a job will take longer
  • May sometimes use cheaper components which may not last as long as more expensive models (not all are like this though, several are still EXCELLENT machines at a brilliant price).
  • Not every lower priced pressure washer is good, thankfully we’ve weeded those out already
  • Not ideal for small business use when being used regular

“We consider these as our favourite Top rated under £150″

£150 to £350

These pressure washers will typically clean between 25 square metres and 35 square metres an hour


  • Fairly powerful machines
  • May get gadgets
  • Great for home use and some bigger jobs
  • Can be used in a semi professional capacity


  • While some may have the power for big commercial jobs be aware that a lot of these state “only for DIY use”, so going against that would invalidate your warranty

“We chose these as our Top rated £150 to £350″

£350 to £1000

These pressure washers will typically clean between 40 square metres and 60 square metres an hour


  • High end powerful machines
  • Get the jobs done FAST
  • Choose only top rated machines that will last.
  • Take care and keep them in a warm place over winter


  • Some machines may simply be average machines but with “lot’s of frilly extra’s” that aren’t always necessary

“We chose these as our Top rated £350 to £1000″

£1000 to £20,000

Typically clean upward of 60 square metres an hour


  • Professional use machines for daily use without stopping.
  • Large scale company use


  • Can be incredibly expensive, but we are talking large use, large scale machinery here

“We chose these as our Top rated £1000 to £20,000″

Handy Tip!

How to pressure wash your whole house.  This interesting article over at Bobvila. com gives handy hints on how to take the right care washing your whole house using a pressure washer.   Some good pointers!

Before you continue…  a few things to consider:

  • Do you need petrol, or is electric just fine?
    Do you need the ability to suck from any water source (ie a large water butt) or is it just fine to work on a standard home “outside tap” ?

Does this sound like you?

Imagine you’ve just told your partner you’ll get the patio cleaned ready for summer…

You venture out into your local B&Q or Wickes and with a smug smile you buy what appears to be a “superb” pressure washer.

“Nice…  only £45 and it’s sure to impress the wife!”

Your partner looks and you and smiles as you say

i can handle it doris

“leave it to me Doris, I’ll have things cleaned up in no time”.

She smiles at you, happy to know the patio is going to be shipshape by the end of the day.

Back home you assemble your pressure washer, feeling confident and ready to blast dirt into oblivion.

Hosepipe connected check!

Power plugged in… check!

Lance connected (turbo nozzle of course)… check!

You look at your partner and shout out:

“Doris, please turn the tap!”

She turns on the tap and you begin to “do your thing”.

Adopting your tough and rugged pose… wellies on, and you fire up the start button.

A blast of water comes out and you point it towards your next victim (the dirtiest corner of your patio known to man).

10 minutes later you’ve managed to clean a size about the same as a baby’s arm, and you’re covered in moss and dirt.

Not so good.

£45 spent and you feel a bit disappointed.

You had hoped to have cleaned things up in a few hours but at this rate you’re looking at a full day.
Forget about watching the football, as you now have a lengthy cleaning regime to contend with.

So what is a pressure washer?

Simple. A machine that forces water from your tap, through a machine and out through a small narrow pipe in a lance that you hold. The water comes out at such a high pressure that it literally blasts dirt and grime away from chairs, decking, walls, floors etc.

If you want to clean faster you need a more powerful machine.

If you are happy with occasional use and aren’t in any rush then value for money budget models would be your best option.

If you have a large area to clean, or are hoping to use the pressure washer for a business then you will need something that is very powerful, very reliable and can clean large areas day in day out with no hints of getting tired.

 Pressure WasherFeaturesClick For Best Price
1: Nilfisk C105 6-5

  • Electric

  • 5 metre hose

  • Superb entry level machine

  • Metallic internal components

  • 440 litres/hour flow rate

2: Draper 31562

  • Electric

  • 3 metre hose

  • Automatic stop feature

3: Kärcher K2 Compact

Our Choice!

  • Electric

  • 4 metre hose

  • Cleans 20 sq metres/hour

4: Karcher K2 premium

  • FREE T150 patio cleaner attachment

  • Electric

  • 4 metre hose

  • Cleans 20 sq metres/hour

5: Karcher K5 Home Premium

Our Choice!

  • FREE "upgraded T350" patio cleaner attachment

  • Electric

  • 8 metre hose

  • Cleans 40 sq metres/hour

6: Nilfisk E 140.3-9 X-Tra

Our Choice!

  • Electric

  • 9 metre hose

  • 9 metre electric cable

  • Wind on hose wheel

  • 2100W power rating

7: Waspper W2100HA

Our Choice!

  • Petrol

  • 6.5 metre hose

  • Use anywhere

  • Axial pump

  • Long life expectancy

8: Vax P86-P3-T

  • Electric

  • 5 metre hose

  • Generally GOOD

  • Most units are fine, however some people had poor fitting parts

9: Kranzle Hochdruckreiniger 1152 TST

Our Choice!

  • Electric

  • German precision engineering

  • VERY high quality unit

  • 15 metre hose

  • 600 litres/hour flow rate

10: Hyundai HYW3000P

  • Petrol

  • 10 metre hose

  • 600 litres/hour flow rate


How much are we looking at for a pressure washer?

  • At the high end, for industrial pro machines anywhere from £1000 to £17,000 – clearly not the thing for once a year at home.
  • At the budget end of things, you can choose as little as about £60 to £150, most are from well known household names such as Karcher or Nilfisk
  • In the mid range there are a good number of very powerful machines in the £300 or so region, such as Karcher Nilfisk and then other names come in who usually cater to more professional pressure washers such as Kiam or Hyundai .

So, this write up has been extensively researched to find out the good from the bad, and where you should be putting your money.

This review is aimed at mainly the home user and smaller business user, so typically in the range of £80 to £500, although as a business user if you look at models around the £1000 mark (and up) you suddenly get greeted with a wide range of models like the Hyundai 14hp unit that can push as much as 15 litres a minute through the hose.


Best £150 to £350
nilfisk c105 6 pressure washer 200
Best £350 to £2000
kranzle hochdruckreiniger K 1152 TS T pressure washer amazon


Our Top 10 BEST Pressure Washers Overall

1:Nilfisk C105 6-5 Pressure Washer with 1400 W Motor Review


nilfisk c105 6 pressure washer 200Nilfisk are not as widely known as the Karcher brand which seems to dominate TV, magazines etc. however they are what many of us feel as being superior.

Tough metal internal components and superb build quality (not to mention they do a great job of shifting muck and built up grime.

Sure it’s not a £60 unit, but it is “superb”.

Powerful to shift muck.  Not powerful enough for some of those pesky dead flies off your car bodywork.

(yet comparably better than similar rated machines)

We feel this is the best electric pressure washer within our “budget” price range (and deservedly so, too).

Pro’s and con’s:


  • Metallic internal components
  • Trusted brand that’s been around since 1906


  • No wheels (but only a minor niggle)

2: Draper 31562 1500 W 230 V Pressure Washer Review


draper 31562 1500w pressure washerDraper are a long standing tool brand.  They started out in life in 1919 when the founder Bert Draper sold surplus government goods in and around London (Kingston Upon Thames).  Since they began over 9 decades ago, they have come a very long way and now import and brand some of the world’s finest home tools.

3 generations of investment and family values make Draper products “real genuine good value products”.

The 31562 pressure washer from Draper is super cheap at a touch under £70, and also very much a great machine.

While it’s never going to clear 3 car parks a day, for the price, you get a machine that will happily remove dirt and grime from your  garden area – patio’s decking, pavers etc.

Box Contains

  • 1x Pressure Washer
  • 1x 3M of hose and gun
  • 1x Turbo nozzle
  • 1x Fixed jet nozzle
  • 1x Detergent spray bottle
  • 1x Instruction Manual


  • Light weight
  • Very affordable
  • Draper trusted brand
  • Features an automatic total stop system when not being used.


  • We cannot find any faults with this machine.  Super value for money

3: Kärcher K2 Compact Pressure Washer Review

The best pressure washer under £100 – our opinion

karcher k2 compact pressure washerThe K2 from Karcher is one of their entry level machines that provides plenty of thrust.  Remember all the washers in this top 10 list are GOOD.  We have already weeded out the poor ones to leave the top 10 best pressure washers so much of what you buy boils down to budget and needs.

So let’s look at the Karcher K2 compact.


Features the following:

  • Power, beauty and everything you need to sort out your outside spaces.
  • Protection for the motor from devris and dirt coming in.
  • It also features storage for the lance, cable etc so it can be stored nice and neat when not in use.
  • You get a detergent suction tube, so you can mix in your favourite cleanser.
  • 2 year warranty comes as standard.
  • Dirtblaster lance cleans 50% better than standard lances!
  • Remember every single Karcher is individually tested before leaving the factory.
  • All Karcher K2 Pressure Washers can also be used from a gravity fed harvested water source such as a water butt tap
  • The pumps are their own design – a corrosion-free “N-COR” material which is a combination of polyamide and glass fibre.
  • This standalone unit measures 32.2 x 21.2 x 40 cm – compact is the name!
  • Weighs 4kg


4: Kärcher K2 Premium Home Air-Cooled Pressure Washer Review


We can’t decide if the modern X shape design resembles a womanly physique, or “X marks the spot” or even that it perhaps has the “X factor”.

Putting aside our initial talking points, we had to give this unit a good run for it’s money.  After all, Karcher products do have some of the best brand awareness currently.

With strong roots going back top 1935, Karcher has earned it’s reputation and indeed it’s crown as one of the best there is around for the average home user.

The DS 350 in 1950 was their first foray into pressure washer design, and this led the company into the cleaning market for professional and domestic use.

So what’s it like?

Good.  We really like it.  For under £160 it’s a SUPERB piece of kit.

Pressure wise, looking at 110 bar which isn’t too bad for a machine like this.

It looks good too.


  • German engineering
  • Air cooled 110 bar pressure washer with quality craftsmanship behind every single component.
  • Comes with the standard Vario lance, the T150 patio cleaner (rotary component), the dirtblaster lance and detergents for patios and decking.


  • Hose is a touch on the small size
  • Can fall over (not like it’s the end of the world, but just saying)


5: Kärcher K5 Compact Home High Pressure Washer with Home Kit Review

karcher k5 premium pressure washer amazonWith this improved “water cooled” model we have stepped up in price.  We have also stepped up in a number of areas.  The power is now 145 bar pressure (whereas the K2 is just 110 bar).

Blast through muck with the aid of 500 litres of water per hour and get the job done fast.

Use the included upgraded T350 and get the job done as much as 5 times faster.  The added cost of this improved machine means your cleaning jobs are accomplished in a far shorter time.

The video below introduces you to the power of Karcher pressure washing – well worth a minute of your time.

Measuring 46.8 x 39.7 x 59.1 cm it has a powerful 2100 Watt motor.

The water cooled patented motor ensures reliable performance that lasts longer than ever before.

This unit is one of oour favourites within this list.  price wise it sits at a fairly good price under £250, but the performance is what makes it stand out.

The patio cleaner makes it feel like you are hoovering the patio, so say goodbye to backache!

Highly rated!


  • Patented water-cooled motor for more power and longer life
  • Quick connect system for the high-pressure hose
  • Telescopic handle for comfortable use & compact storage
  • Detergent suction hose for chemical injection
  • Automatic motor stop


  • Our favourite by far.  If you can go the extra mile then this comes highly recommended
  • Everything you need to QUICKLY deal with dirt and grime


  • No anti-kink hose (just a minor niggle!)


6: Nilfisk E 140.3-9 X-Tra Pressure Washer with 2.1 KW Induction Motor Review

We feel this is close to being the best electric pressure washer.

nilfisk e140 pressure washer with 2100 watt induc tion motor amazonFeel the force of a rock solid pressure washer.  This Nilfisk pressure washer review will help clear the path right before your eyes.

This unit BLASTS muck away.  You can REALLY feel the extra pressure when using this.  Be aware when using near stones in case they flick upwards into eyes.

Before we used this, we had high expectations.

Nilfisk after all are a strong contender.  Plenty of power.  Good long heritage and solid reliability.

The E140.3-9 X-Tra pressure washer is powerful.

  • 2100 watt motor
  • Metal pump – for strong reliability
  • A simple “Click” of each lance to pop it into the hose and it locks into place.  A click on the quick release button then enables removal.
  • Motor-saving automatic stop-start feature (the motor turns off when you are not pressing the trigger)
  • Long 9 metre hose that will not twist or kink
  • Long 9 metre electric cable so you can reach 18+ metres away!
  • Hose that winds back onto it’s own built in wheel
  • Can be used with a water butt tap
  • Does not come with patio cleaner attachment unless you go for the “complete” package (below) for a little more money.

Get the complete package with all the extras and rotary patio cleaner here


  • Extremely powerful and reliable
  • Nilfisk trusted brand


  • Don’t use it on outside paint
  • Be wary standing close to anything precious such as car body paintwork



7: Waspper W2100HA Petrol Powered High Water Pressure Washer Portable Surface Washers Heavy Duty Pro Cleaner 2100 psi W2100HA Review


Wassper pressure washerFor a Slovakian company, we are mightily impressed.  The Waspper brand is ticking all the right boxes.  These petrol pressure washer reviews are based on testing and thorough research.

Petrol jet wash for sale:

  • Petrol power – oh yes!
  • Powerful – oh yes!
  • Great customer service!

Need we say more?

Our machine performed flawlessly.  Was easy to start and use and blasted away muck from a patio table and chairs in under 10 minutes.  Nice.

Here is the assembly video:

What’s good about ?

  • Wash and clean anywhere, no electrical supply is needed.
  • Light and portable.  4 feet keep it stable.  A carry handle lends itself to easy movement.
  • Weighs just over 19kg
  • The High Pressure and Great Flow is Created By a Full Aluminium Axial Pump Which Has a Much Greater Lifespan Than Electric Pressure Washers (4-5 years longer).
  • PERFECT for domestic use and for smaller business use.

What we didn’t like:

  • No immediate offerings in the way of circular patio cleaners however I’m sure they will do this at some point.  Although it is possible to use 3rd party rotary cleaners when you have the right 3/4 inch quick release couplings.


8: Vax P86-P3-T Pressure Washer Review

vax p86 p1 c pressure washer Like many people, I thought Vax were a hoover manufacturer.  Seems I was quite wrong.  They have products in a few different areas that also include irons and of course pressure washers.

As things turn out, VAX pressure washers are not bad… IF you are lucky

The P86-P3-T features a high power wattage and high water flow rate that helps you complete the job far quicker.

This washer come with:

  • A patio cleaning rotary cleaner
  • A car wash kit
  • A jet nozzle and a turbo nozzle

It will handle the cleaning of 28 square metres per hour with ease.


  • For an entry level product it delivers ok (but not excellent) power!
  • If you get one that doesn’t break it will do an adequate job.


  • Some units had poor fitting plastic casings.
  • The power dos not seem to be strong enough for seriously heavy duty work such as cleaning brickwork or moss removal
  • One of our units had a snapped inlet nozzle.  A replacement nozzle then snapped again
  • Sadly, it seems that cheap parts may be used, meaning it’s hit and miss if you get a good one or a poor one.



9: Kränzle Hochdruckreiniger K 1152 TS T Review

kranzle hochdruckreiniger K 1152 TS T pressure washer amazonThis is a commercial grade pressure washer so comes with plenty of punch, features and high end build quality.  It’s a mid to high 3 figure priced unit but you certainly get what you pay for.

If you need a quality unit for your own home or for a business then this is definitely very highly rated.

If a Karcher can be likened to a Toyota (reliable and well bult) then a Kranzle can be likened to a Bentley.  Premium, class, exemplorary build quality.  The Kränzle Hochdruckreiniger K 1152 TS T is quality through and through.

Let’s see what’s included:

  • 15 metre (HUGE!) hose length.
  • Dirtkiller spray wand
  • Turbo spray wand
  • 10 year pump manufacturer guarantee
  • 2 year jet washer guarantee


  • Outstanding capabilities
  • Long lifetime expectency
  • Blasts through 10 litres of water every minute so super powerful.


  • Comes with a German/European plug so will need a travel adaptor


10: Hyundai 3000 PSI 7 HP Portable Petrol Pressure Washer HYW3000P Review

hyundai hyw3000p portable petrol pressure washer amazonHigh end commercial grade petrol powered machine here.

Is this the best petrol pressure washer?

It’s a high “3 figure” priced pressure washer, but one that will work hard by your side, day in, day out.

It delivers a huge 3000psi and forces through 10 litres of water per minute.


  • Heavy-duty Annovi Reverberi (AR) pump for professional use
  • Powerful 7 0hp Hyundai 4-stroke engine helping to produce a maximum output of 3000psi
  • Turbo nozzle for high-powered cleaning and quality finish
  • Thermal relief valve to help regulate the temperature of the pump

With it’s variety of standard 3/4 inch threaded connectors, you can happily interchange a variety of nozzles you may already have, as well as rotary patio cleaners to enable far faster cleaning.

We like the power of this unit and would recommend it for business use, or for those who simply want “high end quality”.


  • Heavy duty construction with tough wheels for maneuverability
  • Hyundai quality


  • Does not come with a patio cleaner, although can can attach 3rd party cleaners to enable faster cleaning of larger areas.



Understanding pressure washer pumps –

– Helped with understanding of pumps

Vax company –

– Provided us additional research opportunities for the Vax pressure washer

The Best Cement Mixer For Sale 2019

best cement mixer for sale

best cement mixer for saleGet the job done right with the best cement mixer for sale that meets your needs AND your budget!

Thankfully there are a number of high quality cement mixers that will do a genuinely good job, and some can be bought at REALLY low price points.

Are you a tradesman?

The last thing you should ever think about is cutting corners and wind up getting a bad review all because the mixer you used wasn’t up to the job. 

A few extra minutes right now reading our top rated concrete mixer guide can help ensure you keep working week after week …

… and get that all important “thumbs up” once the job is complete.

In a hurry?  Here are our current BEST cement mixers:


Best Cheap Cement Mixer

Wido 63 Litre Cement Mixer

Wido 63L Litre Portable Electric Cement Mixer Plaster ConcreteCheck it out on Amazon


Best Electric Cement Mixer

Bentley 63 Litre Cement Mixer


Best Petrol Cement Mixer

The Belle Minimix 150

Belle Minimix 150 Cement Mixer and Stand Petrol GXH150Check it out on Amazon

When you are undertaking building work and need to mix up a large amount of cement, a cement mixer will come in invaluable .

These machines let you pop in the required amounts of sharp sand, cement and water to create the concrete you need.

They are a great time saver and labour saver too.

In list order, our top rated Cement Mixers are:

  1. The Belle Minimix 140 cement mixer – a high standards electric tip up mixer
  2. The Progen 63 Litre cement mixer – hard working and robust
  3. JTF electric cement mixer – Yellow is the new Orange
  4. Dirty Pro Tools 80 Litre cement mixer – solid workhorse
  5. Dirty Pro Tools 125 litre cement mixer – bigger and better
  6. JTF 120 litre cement mixer – backed by a UK brand
  7. Switzer 120 litre cement mixer – our favourite
  8. Belle Minimix 150 electric cement mixer – High end premium model
  9. Belle Minimix 150 petrol cement mixer – top class machine
  10. Baylola cement mixer – a powerful workhorse


So which is the best cement mixer for sale in the Uk?

The table below lists our current best rated units.  Read the features, and you can click the image or Amazon link to visit the mixer on the Amazon Uk website.


ImageLinkProductBrandLowest New Price
Belle Minimix 140 230v Tip Up Mixer Heavy Duty Semi-ProfessionalBelle£399.95
Wido 63L Litre Portable Electric Cement Mixer Plaster ConcreteWido
JTF Mega Discount Warehouse Cement Mixer 63LJTF Mega Discount Warehouse£199.99
Dirty Pro ToolsTM Professional Cement Mixer 80l Concrete litres Cement Mixer with Stand and Wheels 240V .350W PortableDirty Pro Tools
Charles Bentley 120 - 125L 230V 550W Portable Cement Concrete Mixer With WheelsCharles Bentley
JTF Mega Discount Warehouse Cement Mixer 63LJTF Mega Discount Warehouse£199.99
Switzer 240V Volt 550W Portable Electric Concrete Cement Mixer Mortar Plaster Machine Capacity 120L Litre Drum Mouth Diameter 340mmKMS£177.99
Mini Mix 150 230 voltBelle£419.89
Belle Minimix 150 Cement Mixer and Stand Petrol GXH150Belle£825.00
Baylola cement mixer cm46 240v powerful 300w 35rpm electric portable cement , mortar , concrete mixer. 46 litre capacity drum. portable , easy to load.Baylola



One of our overall top rated cement mixers overall has to be the 120 litre Switzer cement mixer.  ( Although Cement mixer perfectionists will state that a Belle cement mixer is one of the finest on the market.   And they would be right, but they are also one of the most expensive).


If it comes down to a budget then you can find plenty of brand new cement mixers for sale for around the £100 to £120 mark, and the prices increase for higher end machines such as a Belle cement mixer.

Belle are renowned for being “the cream of the crop”, and rightly so when it comes to having “the best”.

However you certainly don’t have to spend out £400 – £900+ on a Belle, although it would be a good investment.

If it is a cheap cement mixer you are after then read on, as we have tested, worked and found what we believe to be the top 10 best concrete mixers at the current time.


Electric ? Petrol?  Which would be the best option?

Consider whether you will need an electric cement mixer or a petrol mixer and you will then narrow down your best option based on needs and budget.


Our Best Cement Mixer Recommendation:

Every one in this top 10 list has made it here by being better than the hundreds of others out there on the market.

They are all “really” good however one of them edged out for us.

The Switzer Cement Mixer With 120 litre capacity

switzer cement mixer

View On Amazon

Why bother with a cement mixer?

This is probably fairly obvious, but if you’ve ever mixed together more than a few barrowloads of cement by hand on a board then you’ll quickly realize how slow, tiring and cumbersome it is.

As one of the most used construction tools it serves a very important role to help work flow easily and ensure cement is mixed properly.

It is far easier and more efficient to pop the materials into the mixer and leave it spinning.  This lets you get on with the real work in hand.

Which concrete mixer is best?

There isn’t any REAL best mixer.  Whichever cement mix you use, just make sure you follow the instructions and try to choose one that meets your budget and workload.

Concrete and cement mixers are the same thing.  They can be petrol or electric powered to serve your needs  whether close to a power supply or out on a bustling building site.  You can buy one and it will pay for itself within next to no time, or you could always use a plant hire company if it’s a one off small job.

The Belle range of mixers are time served, well made and trusted by thousands of builders, but the downside is that they are more expensive than other brands.  You get what you pay for though.  Complete this with superb customer service and you’ll be glad you chose Belle.

For the rest of the bunch, consider build quality and how often you’ll be using the mixer.  If you are a small business then of course get the best you can afford.  The 10 in this list are all GREAT.  We filtered out the stuff that is not worthy and found these to be the best of the bunch.  We particularly liked the Switzer models.


Belle Minimix 140 230v Tip Up Mixer

A mini cement mixer made to the best standards money can buy

Featuring the renowned Belle brand, superb construction in a semi-professional setup, your own DIY projects will be complemented perfectly by this electric powered Belle mini mix concrete mixer 230V.  A very professional small cement mixer for sale to those who demand only the very best.

Belle Minimix 140 230v Tip Up Mixer Heavy Duty Semi-Professional

If you need a full barrow load of mortar or concrete then this cement mixer will handle it perfectly well and help keep you working constantly without having to wait for more mix to be made.

The Belle Minimix 140 230v tip up small cement mixer features an extra thick mixers drum with quick mix paddles and a tough construction.  It comes supplied with Barrow height swivel stand however the mixer can be used on or off its stand and is the ideal portable solution for mixing concrete and cement.

Belle Minimix 140 230v Tip Up Mixer Heavy Duty Semi-Professional

Unboxing video of a Belle Minimix (similar model):

How big is it?

121.5 x 60 x 85.2 cm


Pro’s and Con’s:

  • A little pricey but you get what you pay for.
  • Brilliant portable concrete mixer for home use or out on construction sites
  • Premium ultra reliable quality.
  • Belle offer some of the best cement mixers known so you can rest assured that a Belle purchase will leave you with a smile on your face.

Click here to view it on Amazon




This 63 litre cement mixer is ideal for smaller jobs, but is equally effective at larger jobs. 


IF however you like the look of this, there is a larger sized 120 litre version for around £30 more here.

While other cement mixers may boast huge 140 litre capacities, these mixer is good enough for most applications.  It’s a tip up concrete mixer that works as hard as you do.


The progen cement mixer is ideal for concrete, mortar and plaster for most small to medium sized jobs.

The Progen 63 litre electric mixer features:

  • A rated voltage cement mixer 230 V electric powered
  • 50 Hz Motor
  • 220 W
  • The cement mixers drum mouth diameter: 267 mm
  • Drum speed: 27.5 RPM
  • Overall size: 110 x 55 x 93.5 cm ( L x W x H)
  • Material: Steel
  • Weight: 25 kg
  • A handy small electric cement mixer


Pro’s and Con’s:

  • Perfectly fine for most situations
  • Highly rated by us – a great workhorse.
  • Not ideal for large scale use where you need a lot of cement mixed up all of the time due to the smaller drum (be sure to check out the bigger brother here with a 120 litre capacity drum).


Click here to view it on Amazon



120L Litre Cement Mixer


Yellow seems to be the new Orange, and why not. 

This 120 litre electric powered cement mixer is powered by a 550 watt engine perfect for all your mixing needs.  It’s made by “JTF Mega Warehouse” and is typical of many similar generic products with lesser known brand names.  Essential Chinese Imported.  Thankfully you do get peace of mind with a UK supplier.

JTF Mega Discount Warehouse Cement Mixer 120L

This however does not detract from it’s build quality and reliability.  Remember that all 10 in this list had to fight their way out of the swamp of poor mixers to reign supreme.

Great for smaller building sites it features a 39cm opening to the drum and rotates at 33 rpm.

It can handle a 4 to 1 bucket mix just fine – just give it a little time to ensure the cement mix is right.

JTF Mega Discount Warehouse Cement Mixer 120L


Pro’s and con’s of this concrete mixer

  • It works well and reliably
  • It pours out into a bucket just fine.
  • The only downside is thast the instruction manual is awful and probably for an older model – we wasn’t sure.


Click here to view it on Amazon




Dirty Pro Tools(TM) Professional Cement Mixer 80 Litre


This is a nice looking machine that works and functions as good as most of the other 9 in this list.  However there “MAY” be an annoying let down with customer service, in so much as it might be hard to get a response.

Dirty Pro Tools™ Professional Cement Mixer 80l Concrete Litres Cement Mixer With Stand And Wheels 240V .350W Portable

When we emailed, we actually got a response in under 10 minutes.

In our research we found several people who have had shocking customer service and some people have gone so far as to blog about their experiences.  You can read that here.

I wanted to be clear and honest.

Nice machine (and that is why it is in this list) BUT you may not get the help you want if you buy from them, although we are left thinking it may have been a temporary blip in their business growth where their customer service was poor, because more recent testimonials have come in showing customer service to be just fine (and highly recommended in some instances).


So that out of the way, let’s explain why we included this:

  • Good build quality.
  • Spins at 33rpm
  • Big enough to make a complete barrow load at a time.
  • It’s Black (flying in the face of Orange traditionalists!)


Our verdict is that it is actually a cracking little mixer that is brilliant for the DIY’er.


Pro’s and con’s

  • Honestly, the pros of this machine definitely outweigh the con’s.
  • It really is a great cement mixer and works tirelessly.
  • There was at one point a momentary lapse in customer service skills (as far as we can tell) which doesn’t appear to be the case now though.

Click here to view it on Amazon


5: Dirty Pro Tools 125L Cement Mixer

This hard working electric cement mixer is backed up by a 550 watt motor to help it work hard as long as you do.

Dirty Pro ToolsTM Large Professional Cement Mixer 125 Liter 240V 550W Portable Concrete Cement Mixer 125l


Upon opening we were very impressed by this large cement mixer!

Let’s look at it’s specifications:

  • 550w motor
  • Capacity: 125L drum capacity
  • Can be disassembled in 1 minute for fast transportation
  • Electric with UK mains plug
  • Motor speed 2800rpm
  • Drum speed 30rpm

What’s it like in use?

It does what you expect, and thanks to the larger drum size you can get more cement mixed at the same time.

We used ours to lay the foundations for a concrete shed base and it worked tirelessly.

Recommended great builders equipment.

Pro’s and con’s:

  • Reliable and hard working.
  • Instructions could always be a bit clearer to follow but once it’s done then that’s it.

Click here to view it on Amazon



JTF Mega Warehouse 120 Litre Cement Mixer

This JTF cement mixer represents a good solid 120 litre cement mixer backed up by a trusted Uk brand.


jtf 120 l cement mixer


This 120 litre version concrete mixer is plenty big enough for the vast majority of jobs.  The opening is 34cm (others in this top 10 are slightly bigger).

It’s a doddle to use and operate, and the wheels make it easy to maneuvre too.

Here are the specifications (taken directly from Amazon):

* High performance cement mixer suitable for small projects at home

  • Power Output: 550w / Voltage: 230v with 33rpm Drum Speed
  • Capacity: 140L / 126L Mix Capacity. 33cm Drum Opening
  • Some assembly required: Instruction manual included



Pro’s and con’s

  • None.

Click here to view it on Amazon



Switzer cement mixer


The Switzer Cement Mixer Gets A Lot Done


With it’s 120 litre capacity, the Switzer cement mixer boasts an uprated motor, and a wide opening, so you can throw in large amounts of cement or plaster etc for mixing.  It is one of our most popular products for a reason.

SwitZer 240V Volt 550W Portable Electric Concrete Cement Mixer Mortar Plaster Machine Capacity 120L Litre Drum Mouth Diameter 340mm

Still with the same great strong construction and powder coating, it’s tough and reliable and half the price of more well known branded “Belle Cement Mixers” (although Belle cement mixers are some of the very very best).

It is certainly very well made and will easily make light work of many projects.

This is one of the recommended best cement mixers for sale.

SwitZer 240V Volt 550W Portable Electric Concrete Cement Mixer Mortar Plaster Machine Capacity 120L Litre Drum Mouth Diameter 340mm


Pro’s and con’s

  • Cannot fault this at all!

Click here to view it on Amazon



Mini Mix 150 Cement Mixer


Here is the Belle minimix 150 electric cement mixer (without the stand).  Lower in price than the model with stand, yet offers the same superb premium grade quality that can only come with a Belle mixer.

No fluff, no hype, just one of the best work horses there is on the market.

Powered by a 230v electric motor it is one of the toughest out.

Mini Mix 150 230 volt

It’s an electric cement mixer with 150 litre capacity.  Click to see if it’s available for delivery right away.

It measures: 121.1 x 59.7 x 89 cm

If the best is needed without any hesitation then choose a Belle cement mixer and you’ll enjoy incredible and lightning fast customer service, brilliant high end perfectly formed machinery, and total peace of mind that your cement mixer will probably outlive you.

Pro’s and con’s

  • Featuring the Belle brand name
  • A standard quality Belle cement mixer

Click here to view it on Amazon



Belle Minimix 150 Cement Mixer and Stand Petrol GXH150

Looking for a petrol cement mixer?


Belle Minimix 150 Cement Mixer and Stand Petrol GXH150

Here is the Belle Minimix 150 petrol cement mixer that offers you the chance to work anywhere even if there is no electric power supply.  It might not be the cheapest petrol cement mixer but it is without a doubt one of the very best.

Being a Belle cement mixer, you get nothing but the very best.

This is the full set up.  Mixer, stand and petrol power source powered by a Honda gxh 4Hp engine.

Belle Minimix 150 Cement Mixer and Stand Petrol GXH150

Here’s what you get:

  • Belle Minimix 150 Cement Mixer and Stand Petrol GXH150
  • A Portable and Compact machine making transportation easy
  • Extra Thick Cement Mixer Drum
  • Quick Mix Paddles
  • Full Thermal Overload Protection

Pro’s and con’s

  • Petrol concrete mixer variant of their brilliant cement mixers
  • Expect to pay premium prices
  • Ultra reliable work horse

Click here to view it on Amazon



Baylola Cement Mixer 

A superb cheap cement mixer!

A cement mixer that fits any budget!  Priced just over £100 it’s superb value and just perfect for pretty much any job, however for large scale jobs such as house builds you might want a larger sized drum capacity.  This one is 46 litres.  Works well for laying patios, pathways and so much more!  One of the cheapest cement mixers around!

Baylola Cement Mixer cm46 240v Powerful 300w 35rpm Electric Portable Cement, Mortar, Concrete Mixer. 46 Litre Capacity Drum. Portable, Easy to Load.

Our best cheap cement mixer

It makes no sense whatsoever now to hire out a cement mixer at £50 a time.  Buy one of these and you will have made your money back with just 2 days of use!

This cheap cement mixer for sale can be easily transported in the back of most cars!

It’s great tipping handle makes it a doddle to pour out your mix where it’s needed or into a barrow.


Model CM46
Voltage 230V ~ 50Hz

Pro’s and Con’s

  • Very low cost entry cement mixer
  • 46 litre capacity
  • Assemble in under 60 minutes

Click here to view it on Amazon

Wrapping up this cement mixer review:

When looking for any kind of mixer you need to remember to choose the best cement mixer for your needs.  Do you want something that is designed for heavy use 8 hours a day 6 days a week, or something more for occasional use – projects around the home?

Remember, there are many cement mixers for sale..

All 10 of these in our list are “great” cement mixers.

We have weeded out the poor performing cement mixers to leave this list of what is in our opinion the ones that are the most reliable, and good value for money.

Finally… the top 3 cement mixer machines in our list as defined by us:

2nd place
Charles Bentley Cement Mixer
Charles Bentley Cement Mixer
3rd Place
Belle Mini mix 150 Petrol
Belle Minimix 150 With Stand

Any questions on the best cement mixers for sale?

Have your seen our top 10 best wacker plates?

Please comment below for our feedback!

Henchman tripod ladder review 2019

Why use tripod ladders ? – a Henchman tripod ladder review

Tripod ladders are used where ordinary ladders will not be safe. Like a milking stool, the tripod ladders have three legs to ensure their stability. With three legs, it is impossible for a tripod ladder not stay in contact with the ground.

Basic tripod ladders usually have one adjustable leg but the more professional ones have three adjustable legs. This makes them much more suited for uneven ground or for use on a sloping surface.

  • Unlike a normal ladder, Henchman tripod platform ladders have a special 7 inch (18cm) wide platform step to stand on. This step supports both feet leaving the remaining three feet above the step to lean on. There is room in the top part of the ladder to tuck your legs in so improving your stability.

The triangular footprint, which gives you much more stability than a standard ladder, is almost certain not to wobble. Having just three legs also allows for greater access in difficult areas which is why tripod ladders can be used for hedge trimming, pruning, topiary work as well as fruit picking.

They are often used by house painters and the shorter versions are ideal for maintenance in and around the house for little jobs like changing a light bulb.


Henchman Basic 1.8m (6ft) Tripod Ladder with built-in platform
This basic tripod ladder is made from lightweight aluminium, has one adjustable
leg and is ideal for hedge and fruit tree maintenance around the small to
medium size garden. It only weighs 7.1kg so it is easy to move around the

The feet have gripping claws built in. A rubber foot kit (pack of 3) is available
as an extra.

The Henchman ladders are designed with your safety in mind. There is a handy
top rail you can use to support yourself which you can also use to lean on if you
are working with both hands and a handy platform to stand your tools on.

There is also a safety chain to stop the legs from spreading too far.

The waist working height is 1.8m and the shoulder working height is 2.2m.

This Henchman tripod ladder is very stable, even on sloping ground. The adjustable leg, with a wide footprint, means that the tripod ladder can be used on the roughest ground or the steepest slope (without wobbling) in complete

You will be completely safe and comfortable working at the top of this tripod ladder even if you are afraid of normal ladders.


Henchman Professional Tripod Platform Ladders
All of the Henchman professional tripod ladders have three fully adjustable legs with an 18 inch variation in height. This means they will be ideal for use on sloping ground and different levels like stairs.

The Henchman tripod ladders are made from quality aluminium and are fully
welded to the appropriate British Standards. Henchman tripod ladders are made with your safety in mind.

The three adjustable legs (46cm (18” adjustment) enable the tripod ladder to be set so the top is level and remain stable. The single leg allows you to work in tight spaces and could even be placed inside the edge of a hedge to give you more reach on wider hedges.

The tripod ladders come in four different heights: 1.8m (6Ft), 2.4m (8ft), 3m (10ft) and 3.7m (12ft), and are suitable for many different jobs around the house and garden.

The tripod ladders are weight tested and will support a 150kg (23 stone) load safely.

The extra wide 7 inch platform rung enables the user to stand safely and comfortably while working. This allows you to lean against the top rail leaving both hands free to work.

All Henchman tripod ladders have a safety chain to stop the legs spreading too
far apart and claw feet to stop the tripod ladder from sinking into the ground or
slipping on the soil.

Sets of rubber feet (in packs of 3) are available for use on smooth surfaces and to protect carpet and wood flooring if the tripod ladders are used indoors.

The Henchman tripod ladder is very stable, even on sloping ground. The adjustable legs, with a wide footprint, means that the tripod ladder can be used on the roughest ground or the steepest slope (without wobbling) in complete safety.

You will be completely safe and comfortable working at the top of this tripod ladder even if you are afraid of normal ladders.

Protective Rubber Feet for Henchman Tripod Ladders

Although Henchman tripod ladders have non-slip claw feet there will be occasions where you want to use the tripod ladder on a smooth surface or indoors.

Henchman sells sets of rubber feet (in packs of three) for their professional range of tripod ladders. They will stop the built in claws from slipping and protect surfaces such as carpets and wood flooring.

Best Ladder For Cutting Hedges In 2019 Faster, Safer, Smarter

One of those jobs.  You either hate it or you love it. Trimming the hedges and shrubs.  The best ladder for cutting hedges needs to be strong and very safe.

Sure you could simply stand on top of your dustbin , wobble about on the small lid, bend the lid and risk falling off, but that’s not really ideal, especially when you’ve got hedge cutters in your hands.  Here we outline the ladders you need, and the obvious reason for using safe ladders.

The best ladder for cutting hedges are adjustable leg professional tripod ladders.  These garden ladders account for outdoor gardening work.  They will be 1: lightweight,  2: have adjustable legs, 3: have a safe platform, 4: have a grab rail to hold on to, 5: three points of contact ideally.  Brands include “Henchman”, “Henrys”, “BPS Access Solutions” and “Ladders Online”.

best ladder for cutting hedges
The best ladder for cutting hedges is one that will give you safety with a firm grounding.

Let’s discuss ladder safety “real quick” and then move on.

The health and safety executive explain that falls from ladders account for as much as 40% of all the “falls from heights” statistics.

They also state (here for reference) that if you are to be physically on a leaning ladder for more than 30 minutes at a time then a ladder shouldn’t be the way to go (scaffolding would be better).  So take regular breaks.

So if you are going to cut your hedges 2 to 3 times a year then you should hire out good quality tripod ladders or invest in some ladders that will stand strong for many years.


What are the main points to consider when buying hedge cutting ladders?


  • Uneven ground – not every garden is super flat so you need to adjust at least one leg to account for this.
  • Different heights – hedges and shrubs don’t all grow at the same height
  • Safety – your life is in your hands when up ladders with sharp tools in hand – allow for “3 points of contact”
  • Storage – The physical size of these ladders means you need to have a large enough space to house them.
  • Rubber feet – consider purchasing extra rubber feet that can slip over the bottom, for when working on hard surfaces for extra grip.
  • Weight – while not a deal breaker, the lighter the better.  This makes each job so much easier.
  • Durability – due to the size you might be storing these outside when not in use – so rust-proof ladders are a must


Why bother with uneven ground?

Every garden is different, there will be small bumps, hollows and undulations.  If your ladder leg is in one of these it can all end in disaster as you come tumbling down, hedge cutters in hand.  Simply put the ladders just won’t be very stable.

Not good.

You could wedge a piece of wood or garden sleeper under one leg, if you really want to.  But honestly do you think it’s a good idea because I’m not sure I’d agree with you if so?

Ladders are going to last many long years, so it certainly pays to get something safe.

SIDE NOTE: Have you seen Laddergrips?

These appear to be a product that will last for tens of years and certainly help make a set of ladders “stick” to a surface as opposed to be simply just resting against a wall etc.

They are available on here if you want to know more.

So which ladder brands do we recommend then?

There will always be new brands cropping up, cheap foreign brands trying to get into the market at a cheaper price, but if you care about safety then consider some of the brands that already have a good reputation.

These include:

  • Henchman
  • Henry’s
  • BPS Access Solutions and
  • Ladders Online

The best thing you can do is to look at lots of Tripod ladders online over on the Amazon website (click here to see the full list).  Remember to find ones with good ratings and as many of the features above as possible to fit in with your budget.


What size ladder do you need to buy?

Naturally it depends on the size of each job, so try to think about the jobs you might use.  Remember you won’t be stood right on the top of your ladders.  You will want to keep a few rungs down for safety reasons, but you will have the added arm reach height, and the extra reach from the hedge cutters.

Choosing the right ladders depends on the type of ladders you are getting.  For this writeup we are naturally discussing Tripod ladders which are far more stable than other forms of ladders like extension ladders or step ladders.

Typical step ladders would involve you standing no higher than 2 rungs down from the top step, and we suggest you adopt a similar strategy wherever possible, but with Tripod ladders it’s important that you have the adequate safety measures in “up there at the top end”.

So ultimately choose some that have a safety rail and a solid platform to stand on if you are to stand right at the top.  Some premium models also have a safety rope you can close behind you while up there so you are fully “locked in” to the top platform (but sadly most platform ladders do not have this).


What price will it cost you?

The old saying of you get what you pay is especially true.

  • Expect to pay anywhere from £150 to £200 for basic lightweight tripod ladders.  You won’t always get all 3 legs adjustable, it might only be one leg that adjusts.  You might not also get a platform or places to place tools, but maybe you can live without these, especially if your work is literally going up the ladder for 5 to 20 minutes then back down, and moving the ladders along, in which case a platform isn’t really necessary.
  • You can literally move upwards in price to £500+ for taller ladders and ladders that have more features.


Here’s a few picks from each price range:

£150 to £200

£200 to £300

£300 upwards

(don’t forget your rubber feet (here’s some for henchman / henry’s)


Why tripod ladders for hedge trimming?

What’s wrong with normal ladders you might ask.  The simple answer is safety.  3 legs is better than two.  Each leg is independent, whereas with a normal ladder it’s just two feet fixed to each other with a ladder rung.

With a normal ladder you are 1: relying on the ground being even,  2: having to lean against the hedge.  This doesn’t give you the room to reach forward with your cutters safely, instead you have to lean back, look up and reach up and try to balance while hoping for the best.

With tripod ladders all that is taken away.  You can put your body at the right height so you simply hold the cutters out and cut.  If there is a grab rail you can lean against it.  With a tripod ladder you get the extra stability that this gives as well.

How easy are tripod ladders to use?

  • Really easy and easy to move.  The light weight makes it easy to move, and the adjustable legs are easy to adjust.
  • First of all they are light enough to carry (most of them for most purposes are anyway).
  • Get to the appropriate place by walking with the ladders under one arm (you can put your arm through one of the gaps).
  • Open out the third leg and make sure everything is locked in place and level for the ground.
  • Don’t forget rubber feet if on a hard surface.
  • Prepare your tools with the right fuel and start them running if petrol and don’t overload yourself.
  • Ensure your steps are free from any wires or branches that could affect your steps.
  • Make sure you have the right eye, ear and hand protection on.
  • Climb to the cutting area slowly and make sure you are happy with your position and position before you start the actual cutting.
  • When cutting, make sure there is nobody around the base of the ladders in case you drop any tools.
  • Try to ensure that the cut material doesn’t fall directly onto the steps as you will need a safe passage down when getting off the ladders.
  • Don’t over-reach.  It’s not worth it.  Far safer to go down and move the ladders along another metre.


Can they go in the back of your van?

This does depend on the size of the van.  A 1.8 metre set of tripod ladders will be 1.8 metres long and as much as 1 metre wide at the base.  The third leg will fold in so it’s literally a flat set of ladders that is narrow at the top and arched out at the bottom.  So this would represent an internal space of 6 feet long inside the back of your van and a metre wide or high (for the 1.8 metre set).  You could opt for roof mounted ladder clamps as an alternative.

Other close alternatives

If a Tripod ladder is really not your thing then a normal folding step ladder is better than a standard ladder.  it provides some stability but is not ideal on uneven ground.  It also stores away easier than tripod ladders.  If your ground is straight then these are a good second consideration.

We particularly like these BPS ones for their versatility:

Or for ladders with a bit more versatility, telescopic ladders will be a good compromise and can be used for lots of other tasks too, but the safety aspect will not be 100% geared up for hedge work.  We reviewed 10 of the best telescopic ladders here if interested.

In Summary

However you decide to cut hedges is your choice.  Many people make do with simple step ladders, but without a doubt, the best ladder for cutting hedges is a Tripod ladder set.  More so important is that you choose a set with adjustable feet that can be adjusted up or down to ensure the ladder stays firm when your garden is not level or flat.

Tripod ladders can be put really close to the work area too, as the single third leg can be placed really close to the shrubs / hedge, and often you can slip the leg covertly inside the hedge (if there are gaps), to get you right up to the work.

The main take away from this is that you do give consideration to your safety.  Thousands of people are injured from falls every year, and several have sadly died from even small falls.

I have personally witnessed friends using hedge cutters who didn’t take the right safety advice (and wear head protection hard hats) and cut their head when pulling the cutters backwards.  I’ve also personally had a several “near misses” while using normal step ladders in my garden, hence the reason why I looked at these ladders.

Hope this helps!