best men’s razor for sensitive skin

what is the best mens electric razor for sensitive skin

We ask: What is the best men’s razor for sensitive skin?

what is the best mens electric razor for sensitive skin

There’s nothing worse than when you need to have a tight, close shave but each time you shave it hurts.

It honestly feels like you are dragging sandpaper across your face as each one of your hairs seems to scream out at you with every pass.

Well, we are here to help.

We have done the groundwork and we have tested more than 20 shavers (and learned a surprising number of facts along the way that have helped us achieve shaving success).

The truth is, that YES, a very good quality shaver is super important, but just as important is the use of a good solid shaving routine.

Sorry if you were hoping that a super spangly shaver would be the miracle answer.

While it will go so far in helping get close without too much irritation, you need to do some base work yourself.

I’m sure if there were a single shaver that could fix every persons skin, they would be selling millions of them each week.

So, yes, I am going to show you the very best shaver for sensitive skin (it’s the Braun 7 series by the way)

Our Best Razor For Sensitive Skin

Now, just with as good quality razor you can make things easier, but if you follow the guide below, you will hopefully get the same results (and we would love to hear your results by the way :-))

The perfect pre-shave routine

Follow this time and time again to get the best results.

Before we begin I need you to consider whether you will be doing a wet shave, or a dry shave (with your electric razor). Either is fine, and it literally a personal choice right now.

I will spell out the best way forward using BOTH these methods, so you can choose your preferred way.

Dry Shaving "Pre-Shave" RoutineWet Shaving "Pre-Shave" Routine
STEP 1: You need to get rid of any facial moisture. A good quality drying soap will help work wonders. Brands like the US Ivory Soap will be just fine.
STEP 1: Warm the skin with some warm water or by taking a nice hot shower (you can also perform your shave while in the shower)
STEP 2: Get yourself some pre-shave lotion / cream such as Proraso. This one is for SENSITIVE SKIN and has an almost 100% "positive feedback score" from hundreds of very pleased customers who now use it:
STEP 2:A good quality shaving foam will be enough here, although you could opt for the pre-shave cream on the left. At this stage all we want to do is soften up the hairs and try to get them to stand up off the skin surface.
STEP 3: Keep your machine full charged and lubricated. When your shaver is low on charge there's the chance it is going to snag and tug at your face.
Your shaver needs a few light drops of lubricating oil. Below is the cheapest we've found and you get a HUGE bottle too! For the small amount of money, it is going to last years (you can also use this food-grade mineral oil for other odd jobs around the house)
STEP 3: Work the pre-shave cream or the quality shaving cream into the hairs. Not too much but enough to let them coat the hairs and start to soften up the outer hair coating (call ed the cuticle).
STEP 4: Is your beard more then 3 to 4 days old? Use some trimmers first to reduce the length a bit. Electric shavers were never designed to remove long hair, only shorter stubbly growth.STEP 4: Clean your shaver after EVERY SHAVE. You'll quickly get a build up of hairs, creams and grime. This impacts the performance of the blade. You'll also need to re-lubricate the blades to keep them in pristine condition.
STEP 5: Hold your skin tight when shaving. Move your chin, or use two fingers to pull the skin tight.
Shave in line with the grain, then shave up against the grain. So up and down without too much pressure.
STEP 5: Pat your skin dry instead of rubbing it with a towel. This reduces any irritation.
STEP 6 Use a high quality after shave lotion or balm to add moisture back and help the skin.
NOTE: I am not talking about "off the shelf traditional after shave lotions". These typically have alcohol in them whiich can irritate sensitive skin.
I am talking about "Witch Hazel"
Barbers use witch Hazel and it performs a fantastic job of invigorating your skin without any nasty side effects.
STEP 6: Grab a bottle of a quality babers favourite "after shave lotion" called Witch Hazel (has no alcohol in it which is known to irritate skin.)


Getting the best men’s razor for sensitive skin is the right first step, but in joint level of importance is how you handle the whole routione.  How you implement this pre-shave routine will directly impacvt on your own results.

Have you followed this and had good results?  Please comment below

Guinea Pig Diet

guinea pig diet

With a bit of common sense, you should know that you can’t just give your Guinea Pig any kind of food.  This is where this Guinea Pig diet sheet guide comes in.

In general, we are talking about the likes of salad foods, hay, specialized nuggets or pellets and muesli mixes and so on.

This is our guinea pig fruit and veg list (and so much more!)

We are not talking processed foods we might eat.

Now lets look at the foods.  Guinea pigs cannot store Vitamin C in their bodies so they need to get it from foods.  The following list of Guinea pig foods will help you decide on what to give them.

As you look below you can see that fruits in general are not the healthiest although they do love a lot of them so only feed these sparingly.

The general mix should be mainly salad items, along with fresh hay and unlimited water each day.

SaladIceberg Lettuce (low nutritional value), but ok a few times a week. Instead go for Green leafy varieties
Salad (They love this food!)Baby Spinach
SaladBroccolli (high in vitamin C)
SaladBrussell Sprouts (high in vitamin C)
SaladCabbage (don't over feed as it can cause their stomachs to bloat)
SaladCapsicum (high in vitamin C)
Salad (They love this food!)Carrots
SaladCauliflower (high in vitamin C)
Salad (They love this food!)Celery
SaladChoko (high in vitamin C)
Salad (they love this food!)Corn (includes husks)
Salad (they love this food)Cucumber
SaladGreen beans
Salad (they love this food!)Kos lettuce
SaladPak Choy (high in vitamin C)
SaladSweet potatoes (NOT normal potatoes as these are toxic to them)
SaladTurnip (HIGH IN SUGAR)
FruitApple (HIGH IN SUGAR)
FruitBanana (Including the leaves)
FruitDried Apricot (HIGH IN SUGAR)
FruitGrapefruit (high in Vitamin C)
Fruit (they love this food!)Honeydew Melon (HIGH IN SUGAR)
FruitKiwi fruit (high in vitamin C)
FruitMango (HIGH IN SUGAR)
FruitOrange (high in vitamin C BUT HIGH IN SUGAR)
FruitPawpaw (high in vitamin C0
FruitPineapple (HIGH IN SUGAR)
Fruit (they love this food!)Rockmelon (High in vitamin C BUT HIGH IN SUGAR)
Fruit (they love this food!)Strawberries (high in vitamin C)
Fruit (they love this food!)Watermelon
Herbs (they love this food!)Basil
Herbs (they love this food!)Clover
Herbs (they love this food!)Dandelion (high in vitamin C)
Herbs (they love this food!)Endive
HerbsLemon balm
Herbs (they love this food!)Milk thistle
Herbs (they love this food!)Oat grass
HerbsParsley (high in vitamin C)
HerbsRaspberry leaves
Herbs (they love this food!)Rocket
HerbsRosehips (high in vitamin C)
HerbsStinging nettle
HerbsWandering Jew


Stick to just once or twice per week with veggies as it can lead to bloating and upset stomachs for them.

Guinea Pig feeding schedule

In general make sure they have water and hay available all day long.

Aside from this, an average of a cupful of additional foods from the above list per Guinea pig is sufficient

Try to stick to the mainly salad items, with fruits and herbs being more of a treat in small quantities

Looking for a suitable Guinea pig outdoor hutch?  We have that covered with our top 10 best – reviewed.

Safety Boots With Side Zip

For any dangerous situations, safety boots are a MUST have piece of PPE, but they can be annoying when you are in and out of places and need to remove and replace them.  This is where safety boots with side zip openings are a must have.  It’s hard to imagine life without them once you get used to them.

Thankfully there are a few good offerings out there that are very safety conscious and let you fasten them with a side zip.

Let’s dive right in.

So now we know that there are safety boots with zips, it comes down to:

  • style
  • colour and
  • price point

In general you can choose short safety boots with zips, the typical higher height safety boots with zips, and then there are boots that have additional features such as waterproofing and thermal linings to help keep feet warm.

Short safety boots with zips


Reebok Military Rapid Response 6in Side Zip Military Boots

Original SWAT safety boots with side zip


Metal Free Composite Zip Up Safety Boots

Regular safety boots with zips


DAWGS Men’s Ultralite 8 inch Side Zip Comfort Pro Work Boots

Magnum Unisex Adults’ Panther 8.0 Side-Zip Work Boots


Waterproof safety boots with zips

Amblers Safety FS998C Safety Boot / Mens Boots

Magnum Rigmaster Waterproof Safety Boots

magnum rigmaster safety boots waterproof with side zip








Want to see our full recommended line up of the best safety boots?  These are not zip up boots but rather the best overall boots.

Click here to review our top 10 list.


Why zip up boots?


Convenience really.  There are many situations where you need to quickly slip your boots off and on during your working day.  Passing through carpeted areas, toilet breaks and so on.

Lacing up work boots can be a pain in the whotsit to be honest.

Remember to only get the best you can afford.  Lower quality boots could fall prey to a number of issues such as zips breaking, ill fitting, uncomfortable, cold to wear and so on.  Our selection above are handpicked safety boots that come with side zips and have proven themselves to be of good quality.

Cement Mixer Assembly Instructions

Because there are a wide range of cement mixers available to buy, we cannot possibly show the exact assembly instructions for every last mixer, but we can show a good few and then offer some further helpful advice.

Cement mixer assembly – easy when you know how.

In a nutshell,

  • The drum typically screws onto a threaded bar.
  • The legs will all bolt together
  • The handles bolt onto the engine unit
  • You will then need to check for any missed bolts before powering things up.

When someone shows you how, it is often easier to do yourself, so for this write up we have decided to show as many videos as we can.

Let’s get started.

Belle Minimix 150 assembly instructions

Foxhunter Cement Mixer Assembly Instructions

foxhunter 120 litre electric cement mixerThis machine is not quite as well known as some of the more established brands.

It does have great reviews but it can be hard to gain GOOD helpful advice.

So here is a link to a person who purchased one, and was kind enough to write up his own “how to” guide.


How To Assemble MOST Cement Mixers

The video below is over 30 minutes long but very detailed.  If you are struggling to find an answer for your cement mixer then this video may help provide some insight.

The video goes over the typical setup where the motor is to the right, and the mixer is on a stand.


Helpful links:


If you are struggling even after these video’s then the next step is to contact the manufacturer, or failing that to contact a local machinery sales shop.  These shops typically fix machines like this day in day out and would likely have no issues, but this would come at a cost unfortunately.


If you can update us with any correct information it would be greatly received so we can maintain an up to date list.

Air Fryer Troubleshooting – Problems Sorted

This write up was produced (and will be kept updated) with ways to troubleshoot air fryer problems.

You spend good money on your air fryer, and you give it a nice spot in your kitchen.

You tell your friends and family that you have an air fryer and are eating healthier.

You are feeling good and happy… things couldn’t be any better.

Then.. after a while you may hit an issue.

Something has gone wrong with the air fryer.

Something isn’t quite right

Not good.

philips hd9220/20 healthier oil free airfryer is the perfect kitchen companion
Perfect in any kitchen

How do you deal with it?

How do you get your “lovely Air Fryer” back again?

Well we have tried to collect as many problems as we can and produce solutions to them.

It’s never going to be a “perfect fit” for everyone but if it helps just a few, we’ve done a good job 😉

See if your problem is below (and hopefully a solution). If not please post your problem in the comments and hopefully a solution can be found.

Air Fryer Won’t Switch on or Switches Off

Problem: The Air Fryer won’t even switch on at the wall

Problem: The Air Fryer sometimes switches off halfway through cooking


Many electrical issues would be covered by a manufacturers warranty however there are some home based things you can try first.

Check to make sure that the most obvious things have been checked off.  Is the plug loose in the wall socket?  (push it back in if so).  Is there a bad connection near the plug?  This can sometimes happen when the wires are moved day after day.  Unplug the plug and check for any loose wires.  If you are not sure then ask an electrician to take a look.  Finally try another device in the same socket to rule out there being a socket issue.

If you don’t get any luck then see if it can be repaired under warranty.  Other than that you might want to look for a new air fryer.

The Air Fryer Has A Smell Of Old Food

Problem:  The air fryer has a lingering smell of older food that was cooked before.

Problem:  The food I cook smells like other food previously cooked.


A more thorough cleaning regime must be used to remove any lingering smells.  Make sure to follow the instructions that came with your air fryer.  Many parts can be popped in the dishwasher.  Some can’t, so these will need a good hot clean in some hot soapy water.

Repeated thorough cleaning will ensure that the air fryer soon returns to a nice fresh clean odour-free machine.

The Air Fryer Has White smoke coming out of it

Problem: White smoke seems to be coming out of the air fryer


in almost all cases White smoke is not in fact smoke but steam.  This naturally occurs when cooking foods that have a percentage of water inside them and is completely harmless.  If the “steam” has a smell of smoke about it then of course unplug the fryer right away and get it looked at by an expert or hopefully the manufacturer./  If the smell is simply of food then all is fine.

The Air Fryer has Blue smoke coming out of it

Problem:  Blue smoke is coming out of the air fryer


Unplug the fryer straight away for your own safety.  This is almost always a sign of a serious electrical fault.  Contact the manufacturer to arrange inspection.  If you are out of warranty period though you might want to opt for a brand new air fryer instead.

The Air Fryer has Black smoke coming out of it

Problem: Black smoke is coming out of the air fryer


Usually this happens when you are cooking highly fatty foods.  The

oil within the fat is starting to burn.  You can pop in some water to the bottom of the tray and this helps to cool things down.

The food is coming out soft and not crispy

Problem: Food is not coming out of the air fryer crispy and tasty.


This is because it’s cooking with air and not oil.  If you cannot get the desired texture on the outside try spraying with a little fry light spray oil or a thin layer of oil being brushed on.

I can not open or close the pull out tray

Problem: The tray can not be pulled out fully.

Problem: Can not put the tray back in properly.


There may be a couple of things here, firstly, if the unit was a cheaper model, or a not so well known brand, there “may” (or may not) be a design issue where parts of the unit expand with the heat causing this issue.  However with many laws designed to protect consumers this is fairly unlikely.

The second thing that might be of use here is that some air fryers require you to slightly lift the tray when pulling out or pushing back in, before completing the sliding movement in or out.  However please do refer to the manufacturers instructions.

The air fryer is not blowing hot air

Problem:  After just a few uses, the air fryer now only blows cold air


This is a problem that needs to be addressed by the manufacturer.  Contact whoever you bought the air fryer from in the first instance, or the manufacturer.  If you have a warranty then be sure to use this service to get a repair.

Please comment below with any of your own issues or remedies.