Best Shaver for Men’s Chest 2019

best shavers for mens chests

Looking for manscaping products?  We’ve chosen and tested the best shaver for mens chest hair to give you that smooth groomed look so that you are always at your best.

You may be new to the term, but ‘manscaping’ has currently become a mainstream as purses and piercings for men.

This only means that these days, there have been a wide variety of products which have been totally devoted to men who want to trim, thin, or even completely remove unwanted hair on their legs, back, sensitive areas, and of course, chest.

If you are the type of person who grooms your body regularly or is looking into your options, you surely do not want to get just any type of trimmer for the job. Not unless you want painful cuts and stubble that is irritating.

Choosing a shaver that can help you groom your chest can turn out to be a challenging one, especially if you have no idea where to start. The good news is that this guide highlights some tips on how to choose the best option for you and some suggestions on the best models out there.

Choosing the Best Shaver for Men’s Chest

So what sort of things would you want to consider?

  • Among the things that you need to look into includes the:
  • Razor speed
  • Battery life
  • And its capacity to support both dry and wet shaving.
  • Asking yourself if it’s easy to use
  • Do you prefer a corded or cordless one?
  • Of course, you also have to take into consideration your budget.

ImageLinkProductBrandLowest New Price
Philips Series 5000 8 in 1 Waterproof Mens Grooming Kit (Beard, Stubble and Body Trimmer, Hair Clipper)Philips
Braun cruZer 5 Body Trimmer with Gillette Fusion BladeBraun
Remington BHT250 Delicates Body and Hair Trimmer - Black/BlueRemington£18.88
WAHL ATV Body TrimmerWahl£30.28
Panasonic ER-GB80 Beard, Hair and Body Trimmer Wet and Dry (40 x Lengths, Three Attachments)Panasonic£39.99

Convenience and Power Usage

If you opt for a plug-in model instead of a cordless one, the power consumption, as well as the supply, stays the same. Whereas with cordless models they can be conveniently used almost anywhere. Most of them are either battery powered or rechargeable, thus being capable of offering you with a lot of grooming sessions before needing new batteries or a recharge.


The uses of shavers

It is unquestionable that using an electric razor is the most efficient, not to mention, convenient, way to keep yourself groomed. One amazing benefit of using an electric razor is that you can basically use it anywhere you would like to, such as an office bathroom, car, or even outdoors.

The main difference between rotary and foil shavers is basically the layout of the metal that is used in cutting the hair. With a foil shaver, all blades are well kept under a thin foil comb layer.

With a rotary razor, blades are well-hidden under a thin layer of foil comb, spinning around a centre axis, also shearing hair which passes right through the centre razor axis.

Trimmers are typically used in trimming hair in the ears, nose, as well as slight touch-ups on your facial hair, including those in the private parts.

Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning the electric shaver is amazingly easy (however please do refer to your product’s manual for specific advice). Generally, they are maintained in the same way. All you have to do is to remove the head, gently shaking the hair leftover, and clean the excesses using a brush. The non-mechanical parts of the razor can be washed easily. It is recommended to do so each week, or even after every use. You may also want to consider replacing the shaving head of the shaver at least once a year, just so to maintain its quality and speed. Both cordless and corded shavers are cleaned the same way.

Replacement Blades

It is highly recommended to replace the blades every year. Other uses, however, continue with the same blade for several years. You may also want to apply some shaving oil on the blade in order to prolong its life cycle. You may also have to anticipate that the blade will dull eventually, making the shaving process less pleasant. With this in mind, it is better to buy new blades, rotary shaver heads, and coils. You may buy them online, or in specific stores. Choose one that will allow you to replace the blades easily, in the same way, that cleaning them is easy as well. If you happen to choose a model with more complicated blades, refer to the instruction manual for the guide.

Shaving – Wet vs. Dry

Several newer models come with both dry and wet shaving capabilities. This means that they can be used in grooming body hair, both on dry and wet surfaces, or even under a direct water flow, like in the shower. If you are looking for flexibility, you may want to consider getting a shaver with this kind of dual compatibility.  Naturally the more features you opt for, the (typically) greater pricer they will cost – although in all honesty they are not usually astronomically higher.

Best Body Groomer Models

Philips Series 5000 8 in 1 Waterproof Mens Grooming Kit

As suggested by the name, this model, as a body groomer, can put on a multitude of heads for nose/ear hair removal, beard trimming, chest cleaning, and other things that you think involves hair. It can also serve as a beard trimmer that will certainly keep your face value.

One attractive feature of this model is its appearance. It features a black and chrome color scheme, along with its finely ground Chromium steel blade, making sure that durability is the priority of the manufacturer.

It offers a total of 50 minutes running time, which is plenty enough for juice, and its advanced NiMH battery swiftly charges up, which means that you can also get up to 5 to 10 minutes of shave time in just about five minutes fast charging.


  • Turbo power feature
  • Rapid charge
  • Waterproof
  • Conveniently cordless
  • 50 minutes battery life


  • Not all attachments are high quality


Braun Cruzer 5 Body Shaver

This high-quality body grooming model from Braun takes into note the shaver technology used by Gillette, improving it better with its own expertise in their line of personal care product manufacturing.

This unit comes with both trimming and shaving tools, though one of the unique concepts that the manufacturer brings to the table is its third mode, which allows you to trim and shave with one stroke at the same time.

Great for shaving your chest with total ease.

This specific model comes with 5 closely-spaced blades which use Gillette’s wet shave Fusion system, particularly designed to closely shave with minimum irritation, regardless of where you would like to use it. There is no need to shave while your hair is wet, though you might find wet shaving effective when trimming larger body areas including the back and chest.


  • Minimum irritation to be expected
  • Optimal results in sensitive areas
  • 3 different training combs
  • Easy to switch between different modes
  • Real-time saver


  • Some said that the running time is short

This specific trimmer is designed to contain features that are meant for all-over grooming, which is why it comes in a package with a multitude of combs and heads, allowing it to tuck, nip, trim and sculpt your way. It is also perfect for chest hair trimming, which means that you can finally get rid of annoying hair in this private place. The quality of this tool is really high, which makes it worth the price.


Remington BHT250 Delicates Body and Hair Trimmer

This groomer is designed for various hair trimming needs.  For this reason, it introduces the use of a ‘comfort tip’ stainless steel blades, rounding up to preventing some accidents.

It comes with three fixed combs offering various choices on length options, ranging from 2 mm to 6 mm, making it a whole lot easier to trim your body hair, according to the length you prefer.

This model is also waterproof and running using a powerful Lithium-Ion battery pack, perfect for a total of 60-minutes shaving time.

This model’s sleek and showerproof finish, together with its washout port can translate to guaranteed hygiene. At the same time, its lithium-powered battery also offers a runtime of up to 60 minutes, which is more than enough time.


  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Long battery life
  • Rapid charging
  • Waterproof


  • Some issues with quality


Overall, the Remington BHT250 Delicates body and hair trimmer are specially designed for trimming delicate areas. It focuses on trimming to achieve a shaven look without any irritation. It also features comfort tip blades, thus preventing unintentional nicks and cuts. As a bonus, it is also lightweight in design, slim, and easy to maneuvre.

WAHL ATV Body Groomer

One thing that you will immediately notice about this model is that it features a rotating head, making the access of hard to reach places easier. The shaver will simply do all of the controlling required rather than you exerting all effort.

This model is designed only for dry use but comes with two blades, which is used for differing hair length. It also comes with a wider head that works on the longer fleece. At the same time, the precision blade may be switched easily in order to ensure that everything stays smooth.


  • Rotating head for adjusting contours
  • Precision blade for a closer shave
  • Cordless model
  • 60 minutes of shaving time
  • Designed for hard to reach places


  • Not waterproof

Even though it may not be as versatile when compared with the other models included in this list, but there is no doubt that this model is a solid performer which can be charged up to 12 hours, giving you a complete 60 minutes of solid shaving time.


Panasonic is a known brand in this industry. This time, they are offering one of their strongest options, while feeling nice in the hand. As such, this unit is perfect for dealing with head hair or trimming chest hair.

As a bonus, it is also fully washable, making its maintenance an easy one.

Its 45 degrees angled blade also performs an amazing job in trimming facial hair. In fact, this is one of the models to really clip hair to any desired length in a single pass, dramatically cutting down shaving time.

It also comes with three different attachments, thus allowing you to choose the task, whether it is for trimming your hair, beard, or body, all in just a single unit.


  • Easy to adjust
  • Powerful overall performance
  • Waterproof
  • Cordless model
  • Up to 50 minutes of battery life


All in all, this shaver from Panasonic is considered as a top trimmer which is perfect for trimming and cutting stubborn facial hair, as well as other parts, including the chest. One thing to note, however, is that this may not be the best option for sensitive areas. Otherwise, it is good enough for trimming bigger and wider areas, such as the chest.

Overall Chest Shaving Conclusions

It is very important to choose an electric shaver which will be perfect for grooming your chest. The best one is usually durable, easy to clean, ergonomically efficient, and meeting all of your personal needs. If you are new to manscaping, you may find it grooming your chest to be quite complicated, but in time, you may view it as something satisfying.

You may also want to do your homework first, listing all the features that you would like to see in a specific model, and start comparing from there. This will help you land the best shaver for men’s chest, and start trimming your chest for a more comfortable life.

If you are interested in a dedicated shaver for your face then here is our write up on the 10 best ones available.

Do Dawn Simulators Work In 2019? Yes! Here’s Why

Hi, hope you’re well?  You asked:  “do dawn simulators work?”

The resounding answer is yes, if used regularly.  using a simulated sunrise helps your body wake up in a natural and relaxed state, feeling like you’ve had a great nights sleep.

lumie elite 300 wakes you up gradually
As it gets brighter your bodyclock begins to wake you up

Ask yourself this question:

How good to you feel when you’ve had a great sleep and wake up to a lovely sunny day after a great sleep?

Now compare this to waking up on a cold miserable morning.  Just wanting to stay in bed longer, thinking of ringing in sick to work.

Using light therapy really does help people to feel better and less depressed.

Clinical trials have tested these therapies many times, and it is well documented that using a simulated “morning” can help you in numerous ways, from dealing with S.A.D. through to tackling depression.

Here are just a few clinical trials:

  • – shows a trial by the University of Oulu.  The outcome showed a 50% reduction in the severity of the symptoms.
  • – showing a trial to have given the intended result – i.e. help from seasonal affective disorder and depression

What does a dawn simulator do?

As you can probably guess, it is a light that comes on at a set time, and imitates a naturally bright morning as the sun rises and casts light into your bedroom.

  • The dawn simulator starts off on a low brightness and gradually increases the intensity of light over a set period of time.

For many people, dark dull mornings can make people feel down, sad or depressed and they never really know the reason why.

These wake up lights all do the same thing:

Try to trick your mind into thinking it’s a glorious new day.

The end result being that you wake up in a happier more positive mood ready to take on the day!

Even if you think it sounds a bit strange, the proof is in the clinical trials.  Light therapy does indeed work, and dawn simulators are a wonderful way for you to start each new day in a positive vibe.

Why do we have these sleeping problems?  Do dawn simulators work well?

Have you ever heard of circadian rhythms?  or your body clock?

Well it’s a proven and real thing.

Your body has an internal clock located deep in your brain near to the optic nerves in your head behind your eyes.  The area is know as the SCN.  This regulates all sorts of things, and is based roughly on a 24 hour clock.

It is resonsible for regulating hormones in your body, alertness and making sure you wake up at roughly the same time each day.

  • In modern days with a multitude of electronic devices, often peoples’ body clocks are “off”, not in sync when compared to how they should be.
  • Sleep disorders, bodily issues with hormones etc, and the increasing use of electronic gadgets can all have an effect on your own Circadian rhythm.
  • One of the things which affects your body clock is sunlight.
  • This is why some people are affected in Winter (others equally during Summer) when it is darker for longer.

Enter the Dawn simulator light.

It starts to fill up your bedroom with light that mimics the rising sun, and is clinically proven to help.

Here’s our favourite 10 dawn simulators.

One of the leading researchers and producers of dawn simulator lights “Lumie”, have an extensive list of more tests and trials which you can read right here.

After using these wake up lights, trial participants:

  • Woke up feeling more refreshed and alert
  • Performed better in physical trials
  • Had quicker average reaction times
  • Felt an improved mood / less depression
  • and so much more…

Can you ACTUALLY get better sleep using a dawn simulator ?

  • A separate trial involved using 100 volunteers.  Each was given a wake up light / dawn simulator.  These people did not typically suffer with symptoms relating to S.A.D.  The idea was to see if people with no sleep issues could improve the quality of their normal sleeping by using one of these lights.
  • After just 6 days of using the lamps regularly, most of them noted definite improvements in their overall quality of sleep – i.e. getting a better nights sleep.
  • HOWEVER those who then stopped using the wake up light soon reverted back.

So it make sense to use a wake up light as an every day part of your life, even if you do not get the “winter blues”.

Here is our current recommendation of 10 of the best wake up lights.


What sort of dawn simulator lights should you get?

Even though there are a number of these now available on places like Amazon, eBay etc., you still need to do some due diligence.

  • Some are a simple light, pure and simple.
  • Some have alarm clocks, radios etc. built into them.
  • Some are even Bluetooth enabled.
  • Some come with nature sounds you can wake up to
  • Some are downright terrible, and some are superb.  Stick to well known brands such as Philips or Lumie/

Dawn simulator alarm clock reviews

Naturally, it makes perfect sense to turn this concept into a bedside alarm clock too.  Thankfully there are now PLENTY that are fully functioning wake up lights along with digital clocks, and many others also have optional “normal” alarm clock and radio alarm functions to suit your desires.

  • You can even programe some of them so that they wake you up at different times for different days, and then it is completely hands free, should you wish to go down this route.

Let’s have a brief look at some of the better ones out there and what sort of dawn simulators and dawn dusk simulators are out there to help you run your life as it should be run, and also help deal with the symptoms of SAD.  Look out for well known trusted brands such as Lumie and Philips.

If you’ve got a budget in mind that is fine, as there are now many of these in a wide range of pricing brackets.

Cheap dawn simulators:

  • Typically in the range of £20 to £60, you can find a lot of budget brands of dawn simulator lights that offer many features, and trusted brands at the higher end of the price bracket.  For example, here you will see unbranded models, and then at the top end, you can get the trusted Lumie model called the “starter 30”.  You will easily find a dawn simulator within this price range.
  • If you’re happy to choose a brand you’ve not heard of before (essentially a smaller company who have imported a container full and put their own label on), you will find plenty, and the good news is that some of these are getting good reviews.

Fitfort Alarm Clock Review – Our Pick For A Cheap Dawn Simulator!

This is classed as a cheap dawn simulator / wake up light, and because of it’s great feedback, we wanted to mention how good this really is.  You can see how cheap it is right here on Amazon if you like.

Here’s some standard features taken direct from Amazon:


  • Intelligent sunrise/sunset simulation: gradually brighten from 10% Brightness to 100% in 30 minutes before the alarm time/dimmed from 100% Brightness to 0% in 30 minutes before the bedtime. Guide you to a restful natural sleep and develop a good sleep pattern. Wake up in the first sunlight of the day With abundant energy
  • ALARM CLOCK&BEDSIDE LAMP: Upgraded snooze function gives you extra 5 minutes of sleep after the alarm time. 11-Level brightness allows you to adjust the wake up light to the proper brightness in the night.
  • FM RADIO: Want some music after get up? LEVIN Wake Up Light supports manual/auto searching radio channel. Automatically saving the radio channels to the play list(supports 40 channels at most).
  • 6 Natural sounds & 6 colours LED light: 6 natural sounds such as piano, Twitter, waves, Violin, croak, beep. Or you can set your favourite radio channel as the alarm too. Touch the light button to choose you favourite colour, including Green, red, blue, pink, orange and Indigo



Good solid mid priced dawn simulators:

  • Typically priced from £60 to £120, you really want all the bells and whistles within this price range, saving perhaps some of the more premium extras for higher priced models.
  • In general though most dawn simulators will meet your needs within this price range.  Let’s take a look at what is available within this price range.
  • You will start to see some Philips models available, and plenty of Lumie models showing up too.  These are in my opinion the two main players currently for quality trusted brands, however a relatively unknown, the  Fitfort Alarm clock is enjoying some really great reviews and quite brilliant customer feedback, AND IT’S REALLY CHEAP!


Top end high quality dawn simulator lights

These wake up lights are at the top of their game.

  • This is the price range of £120 and upwards.  A lot of the time you are paying just for a name, as you won’t find any budget brands in this price range usually.
  • Again you will see Philips and Lumie being the leaders in this field.  What you will get is all the bells and whistles, along with the comfort of top end customer support, warranties and peace of mind.
  • These wake up lights deliver what you originally wanted.


How much should I pay to get a good dawn simulator?

From a price point you can expect to pay anywhere from under £10, up to the £200 mark.

Sure you will get some benefit from the cheaper models and that’s great if you use it every day, but for a faster improvement in how you feel and perform, aim to find higher performing lights with higher levels of Lumens or Lux figures.


Lumens Vs Lux – huh?

From a PERFORMANCE point of view, choose one that has the greatest number of LUMENS and LUX.

These two are not the same thing.  Lumens is how much light a bulb gives off.  Lux is how much light reaches you.

  • Every so roughly, if a light is directing most of it’s energy towards you, and you are roughly 2 feet away then a 1 lumen brightness would mean 1 lux.
  • Many current wake up lights are 2500 lumens or under, but dedicated SAD lamps can be up to 10,000 Lumens.
  • If you are further away, or the lamp is casting light around the room, then the Lux figure would be less than the Lumen.


Now before you get too excited.  Daylight is around 100,000 lumens.

What is a Lumen?

  • Bulb manufactures needed a way to describe a bulb and how bright it was.
  • Ever so roughly, 1 Lumen of brightness is the approximate brightness you get from one candle at about 1 foot away
  • During Summer time, you would expect around 10,000 lumens per square foot.
  • So more Lumens is always better.

At the end of the day, just get the best you can afford. 




Want to make a monster light therapy lamp at over 30,000 lumens?

This guy did it himself and claims it’s far more effective at energizing his brain than most traditional lamps.

The science behind it is solid.  Most wake up lights range from a few Lumens up to dedicated SAD lamps at 10,000 lumens.  A brighter light can only boost the feel good factor you get from being in bright sunlight.  I don’t know about you but waking up over Winter with Grey skies gives me a feeling of gloom, whereas waking up in Summer simply makes you feel so much better!

Whatever you go for at the end of the day, more Lumens will help you feel better.  For the best feeling, just go for a 10,000 lumen alarm clock, or for a gentler approach, enjoy one of these dedicated dawn simulators to help your body clock get back in it’s proper normal rhythm.


Is it a definite dawn simulator lamp you want, or a dedicated S.A.D. therapy light?

A dawn simulator will get your body used to waking up feeling refreshed and in a happier more positive mood, but it will never be able to replace a dedicated bright light therapy lamp.  These are usually prescribed by doctors to help people with S.A.D. or depression.

Light therapy lights are exceptionally brighter than 99% of the dawn simulators and given to help chronic sufferers.


Final thoughts on dawn simulators

Nothing beats waking up on a brilliant summers morning.  Window open, breeze gently blowing in, and a dazzling bright sunlight gently entering your room waking you up in a fantastic mood.

Trouble is we can’t enjoy this “luxury” every day of the year.  For a quarter of the year we have to put up with dark and chilly winters with far less sunlight.

  • If you use a dawn simulator every day you will notice a difference after a few weeks.  You’ll not feel so “slow and tired” each morning.
  • You will instead feel brighter, more alert and more than likely be able to get out of the front door on time (and without forgetting stuff!).

For a long term purchase that will help you feel happier, more energized, it makes perfect sense to pop a dawn simulator light at your bed side and make it part of your every day routine.

Check out the ones on Amazon here.



Any more questions?

This WIkipedia entry has some easy to understand findings about dawn simulation lamps.

It explains how people prefer a dawn simulator to using a light therapy lamp.





How To Get Over A Cold Fast In 2019

There’s nothing worse than the tickly nose, the irritating throat and the bunged up head you get when cold season is here.  For many people getting over a cold can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, and it’s no fun.

We decided to go all in and really find out ways to sort this out.

girl with a cold giving medicine to her teddy bear who also has a cold
It’s no fun when you have a cold. Runny nose and feeling heavy in your head.

We reviewed a number of ways to help you get over a cold as fast as humanly possible, as well as looked at ways to prevent them from even beginning.  Some or obvious and some may seem a little but unusual.. so let’s take a look.

So what causes them and how can you recover from a cold fast?

In it’s simplest form, colds are caused by viruses getting into your body.

If you want simple honest advice, then the NHS website resource for colds is  good place to start.

The advice is sound, but I’m sure that most people will agree that they want a cold gone REALLY fast, and are willing to try out a number of concoctions, as long as they are safe.

So, in at number 1 is Apple Cider vinegar

(read the last part about apple cider vinegar for an incredible story that might just kill your cold in one day!)

Apple cider vinegar to help prevent colds

Really? Vinegar?

This product has been produced for thousands of years.  Nobody can really say for sure how long but there are countless anecdotal stores that claim people drank it before the birth of Christ.  Even the great Hippocrates was said to have used it 400 years BC for it’s many medicinal properties.

What is it?

In a simple form, it is Apples, fermented by crushing them and adding in good bacteria.  This turns it into alcohol and then a seconds fermentation with acetic acid turns it into apple cider vinegar.  You can read more if you want at the Wikipedia page for apple cider vinegar.

How to get over a cold fast with apple cider vinegar.

  • Take a glass of water.
  • Shake your apple cider vinegar bottle
  • Add a teaspoon of Apple cider vinegar
  • Add sweetener or lemon juice to the drink to help sweeten the taste.
  • Drink at the first sign of a cold
  • Repeat as many times a day as you wish until you feel better

How does it work?

It is claimed it helps to create an Alkaline state which helps fight diseases and infections.

This is the apple cider vinegar we drink it’s called Braggs (it’s for sale on Amazon).

Benefits of drinking and using apple cider vinegar:

(source: braggs)

Internal Benefits:

  • Rich in enzymes & potassium.
  • Support a healthy immune system.
  • Helps control weight.
  • Promotes digestion & ph Balance.
  • Helps soothe dry throats.
  • Helps remove body sludge toxins.

External Benefits:

  • Helps maintain healthy skin.
  • Helps promote youthful, healthy bodies.
  • Soothes irritated skin.
  • Relieves muscle pain from exercise.

So if you go by the claims, you can see it does a lot more than just deal with colds.

(The “thousands” of fantastic reviews on Amazon help back up the real benefits of this product).

braggs apple cider vinegar

*** And now for an INCREDIBLE story.  If this is true then it looks like you might just be able to get rid of a cold in one day using apple cider vinegar!

Using Braggs ACV a lady got rid of her cold overnight using Braggs apple cider vinegar.

She simply followed the following method:

  • 2 tablespoons of the vinegar taken every 4 to 6 hours.

The next day her cold had gone.. and since sharing it with her friends and family many of them have also said how effective this remedy was.

Mix it in a glass of water and add some Apple juice if you want to help sweeten the taste to mask the vinegar taste.

Just make sure that the one you choose comes “with the mother”, as apparently this is where a lot of the real goodness is, within a small cloudy part.  (Shake the bottle before using it).


In at number 2 is “Juicing”.

Imagine if your body was FLOODED with 4 to 10 times as many vitamins and minerals as you could possibly eat each day.

  • Your body would be packed solid with many disease fighting ingredients.
  • You wouldn’t need to take any vitamin supplements whatsoever.

A juicer is a bit like a blender but without the pulp.. leaving just the juices.

You can get straight juicers that are cheaper, or go for slow masticating juicers like the Aicok one below that presses far more juice out of the pulp, and you get more goodness from it as a result.

While you may not be immediately set up to get going with this, it’s definitely worth considering for future reference.

Is it worth juicing to fight a cold?

My most recent cold was extremely minor compared to many other previous colds, and it barely bothered me for 2 or 3 days then was gone.

I put this down to diet, lifestyle and the juicing I do.

In my opinion, I am firmly of the belief that getting your body jammed full of healthy goodness is the best way to let your body fight colds and diseases itself.

So why juice?

When you use a juicer machine, you are taking away all of the solid material and extracting the pure juice from the food.

In the juice is where all the vitamins and minerals are stored,

All the nutrients go straight into your body and are absorbed almost right away.

In other words, you are getting the benefit of eating maybe 5 times as much fruit and veg as you could physically eat in a day.

For example, our morning juice consists of:

  • 5 carrots
  • 2 medium oranges
  • 2 apples

We don’t get it perfect every day.  Sometimes you can taste carrot more, but most of the time it is the oranges you can taste.

We throw in the ingredients which takes under 2 minutes to do, and then pour it into a jar with a lid on, and it lasts for a few days in the fridge.

People claim it is more expensive to juice.

Yes, technically it is, but if you are no longer eating crisps, sweets and chocolates as much the extra cost can go towards more fruits and veggies.

The good news is that it’s not as expensive as you may think.  Supermarkets do deals and discounts on larger quantities, and you can often find “wonky veg” in Morrison’s supermarkets at half the price.

So be sure to give juicing a go – you could be feeling much better in the next few days.

Here’s a juicing shopping list to get you started on the road to beating the cold:

  • Of course you’ll need a juicer.  This Aicok one is great (it’s on Amazon)
  • 5 to 10 carrots (is enough for 2 to 4 days for one juice twice a day)
  • 4 Oranges will again give you up to 4 days of juice
  • 4 medium apples .
  • Use half of all the above ingredients, juice it and pop it into a storage jar in the fridge.  It’ll do a good 2 to 3 glasses.

For more cold beating juice recipes there are many online, including this one from healthline.

Oh, and remember this.  Vitamin C is known to reduce the length of time a cold takes hold of you, so the use of Oranges in your juice is what helps to make the whole more experience far more “pleasant”, if you could ever call a cold pleasant!


In at number 3 is exercise

I’m sure you are probably groaning at the very thought but listen to the reasons why.

Part of your body’s infection beating system is the lymphatic system.  It’s a network of nodes and connections that carries white blood cells around the body to help rid it of toxins.

exercise to beat colds

It’s a “proven fact” that exercise helps move the lymphatic system around – the Cancer research Uk website explains this.

Because there are no muscles or beating heart to move the system around, it is helped by exercise.

Your body needs to shift the toxins as fast as possible when it is sick, so help it with exercise.

Walking or any other form of exercise is enough.  Be sure to try and keep active as much as possible as soon as you feel the effects of any cold.

One such exercise is called rebounding.  It’s essentially a mini trampoline that can be folded away.  This one on Amazon is good as it folds when not in use.

Rebounding is actually a great workout.  try it you might find it’s something you really enjoy.  It’s something you can set up in your house if there is enough head room.


In at number 4 is diet.

Sorry if this makes you sit back in disgust, but the old saying is true:

“You are what you eat”.

  • If you eat rubbish foods you feel rubbish.
  • If you put rubbish into your body, your body will perform rubbish.

salads and veggies to help fend off colds

To have a healthy body (one that has a good immune system and is fit and healthy), you must consume healthy foods.

Eating burgers one night, curry another night, oven chips a third night and chinese another night will eventually take it’s toll on your body.

So, at the initial onset of the feeling of a cold be prepared to take the following measures:

  • Cut out alcohol completely (at least for a week)
  • Cut out the junk food.
  • Eat real wholesome foods that are not man made.  In other words, foods grown from the earth.

Instead switch to healthy balanced meals such as:

  • Pasta salad
  • Jacket potatoe with tuna and vegetables
  • Nuts, eggs and salad vegetables.
  • Meat with 2 portions of vegetables etc.

Just give it a go, you may be pleasantly surprised, especially if you combine more than one of these methods together.


In at number 5 is “Echinacea”.

More than just a hope and a prayer, a good few studies have shown that Echinacea does in fact help a little bit towards the issues relating to a cold.  However on a side note there have also been a couple of studies showing no gains made from taking it.

What does Echinacea do?

It helps the body create more White blood cells.  These are the cells that fight the viruses.

Are there any side effects?

Getting a possible upset stomach might be a result.  WebMD explores this product further here.

You can get Echinacea in Droplet form here on Amazon

It’s a best seller in fact and has been used for over 55 years to help stop the misery of colds and flu.

Please be aware though it’s not recommended if pregnant or breastfeeding.


In at number 6 is “Zinc”.

Zinc when studied as an answer to colds and the flu has had mixed results.

Zinc when purchased online has had a number of really positive feedback from verified purchasers.

So when you look at it, Zinc might be useful.

There are some Zinc supplements (that also contain vitamin C) that seem to be very powerful, but it’s whether or not you are willing to try supplements.

According to it will help shorten the time length you have to put up with the cold (not prevent a cold).

If you do take a Zinc product or supplement just take note that a safe daily limit is around 40mg for 3 to 5 days while you have a cold.  The best form of getting Zinc is either a capsule or a lozenge.


In at number 7 is “Sleep”.

You don’t need to take my word for it.  The NHS, WebMD and countless others know the reason why sleep is important.

getting a good nights sleep to help stop a cold fast

For a technical understanding, read the US national library of medicine article here.

In short, sleep deprivation suppresses the immune system, and that is the powerhouse that fights any bodily issues from diseases to viruses.

  • So the best thing you can do when feeling the onset of any sort of cold is to make sure you are getting a solid  7 to 8 hours of sleep for as long as is necessary.
  • Work with your body and help your body to heal itself.

How to get a good night sleep?

  • Listen to your body.  If you find yourself drifting off asleep on the sofa at 9pm (and you normally go to bed at 12) then go to bed instead of trying to stay up to watch your recordings of Eastenders, rewinding several times.
  • Unwind an hour before bed.  This means dimming the lights, taking a bath and switching off phones or laptops.  Your body needs to get into the rhythm of sleep.
  • Melatonin is usually produced as your body’s routine of going to bed starts.  If you have bright lights and artifical computer screens this disrupts the production of Melatonin.

Wikihow has a nice illustrated guide showing several methods to unwind before bed.


In at number 8 is “Water”.

Up to 60% of our body is made up from water.  So can you imagine what would happen if that number dropped ?  Your body would be doing all it could to try and replace that water.

drink your normal water each day to keep hydrated

When you have a fever or virus your water levels can drop through sweating.  For other illnesses you can lose fluids through vomiting or diaorrhea, but for the common cold, all you need to do is make sure you get what you would normally drink.

There is no reason to drink lots and lots as many people commonly think.

If you drink too much water you are putting yourself at risk of water intoxification, also known as Hyponatremia (which is potentially fatal!).  You can read an interesting article about this where a woman was admitted to Kings college hospital in London who almost died from too much water.

So just get your normal intake to keep your electrolyte and blood levels balanced.

The NHS recommends 6 to 8 glasses of fluid each day.  This should be the likes of water, tea, coffee, cordial (mixed with water) etc.  Avoiding alcohol is helpful, as it can dehydrate you.

Your body needs to be at the best it can to perform the best it can.


In at number 9 is “Bananas & Cinnamon”.

banana and cinammon to help you sleep

Bananas and cinnamon I hear you say?

But why?

The first two main reasons are that they help you drift off to sleep, essential in the fight against a cold.

  • Cinammon is packed full of healthy antioxidants and antibacterial properties.  This helps you fight the cold virus.
  • Bananas are rich in Potassium and help restore lost electrolytes through sweating and or sickness.

Bananas also provide a good fast boost of energy.

Don’t go over board with bananas though as they can lead to more mucus being created if you have too many. 1-2 a day is more than enough.

This Banana and Cinnamon tea recipe will help you enjoy a long all night deep sleep:


In at number 10 is “Garlic”.

eating garlic can help lessen the effects of a cold
A clove of garlic each day can help lessen the effects of a cold significantly new research is showing.

A number of clinical studies have shown that eating some garlic can reduce the severity of a cold by over 60% and reduce the length of time that you suffer from it.

That sounds like a good result.

Here is a technical study you can read that shows the results.

In a nutshell, add Garlic cloves to your food.

  • Crush it first and let it stand for 10 minutes before preparing.
  • If you can stand more than one clove then this seems to be more beneficial.

If you can’t stand eating raw garlic, choose an Allicin supplement like this one on Amazon (the active ingredient in garlic)

If you want to read more in-depth about the wonder of Allicin, you can read that here.


In at number 11 is “Probiotics”.

Increasingly, the use of Probiotics is being recognised as a way to help fight the common cold.

probiotics and friendly bacteria really do help a cold
Research now shows that taking in “good bacteria” can help deal with the common cold

The friendly good bacteria helps to boost your immune system.

However before you get too excited about this, the results are nothing to get excited about.

This technical study will explain why it is not a miracle cure.

However if you’ve exhausted all other avenues it can’t harm to try and increase your good bacteria through some of the Yogurts widely available or simple bio culture probiotic capsules.  These ones are highly recommended on the Amazon website.

According to Web MD in this article, taking probiotics is looking more and more likely as a possible way to reduce the issues with colds.

And we all want that don’t we.

Probiotics are typically considered as a way to deal with stomach issues, vomiting, diaorrhea etc., but research shows it may well help out a cold.

A few different trials have led to these findings, however we feel this isn’t perhaps as exciting as most of the others in this list.  Including this in your regime won’t do any harm, and I don’t see why you can’t include it and combine it with all of the other cold busting methods for super fast recovery.


In at number 12 is “Over The Counter Medicines”.

A “proper” list of “cold beating methods” just wouldn’t be complete or fair if we didn’t include medicines, tablets and sprays etc. that help people make a difference.

over the counter cold and flu medicines to help relieve the symptoms of a cold
A wide range of cold and cough medicines to help you feel better during a cold

The above methods are not what you would call standard ways to bet a cold.  They are quite different.  Even though many peoiple say they work, if you just want medicine that works and you want it now, I totally get you.

So, I  will outline what are (what I believe) to be some of the main proven products that actually make a difference.


What are the typical “normal” recommendations for dealing with a cold?

The normal advice given by the likes of your local Doctor, or the NHS are that a cold is going to last a few weeks, and with the right sort of activities by you, you can start to feel better in 1 to 2 weeks.

(I don’t know about you but that is far too long).

The NHS advice is to make sure you:

  • Plenty of sleep
  • Keep yourself hydrated
  • Keep yourself warm
  • Gargle with salt water if you have a sore throat
  • Take painkillers that contain Paracetamol and Ibuprofen to ease any pains or aches
  • Inhale steam or any one of the over the counter nasal sprays to help relieve a stuffy nose.

They also give the following advice for if things haven’t improved:

See your GP if:

  • Symptoms haven’t improved after 3 weeks
  • You are suffering from any chest pains
  • You have a low immune system (due to Chemotherapy for example)
  • You have any concerns whatsoever about your child’s condition
  • You are suffering from any other issues, or have any other complaints such as chest pains, diabetes etc.

Finally they also add to this with:

  • Try to keep fit and healthy to fend off a cold
  • Wash your hands regularly with warm water
  • Do not share a towel with someone who already has a cold
  • Do not touch your eyes or nose, as this can help the virus to spread
  • Use tissues whenever you cough or sneeze to trap the virus, and then throw the tissue away quickly, and washing hands.


Closing thoughts on cold prevention


Please note these are my own personal thoughts but there is merit in what you are reading.

A cold is a virus.  If your immune system was incredibly strong and fighting fit there’s a good chance it can fight off a cold really fast.

Therefore I personally believe that it is important to:

Be energetic and undertake daily exercise. 

  • When you move your body you are moving the lymphatic system and helping your body get rid of toxins.  PLus not only that, you also feel a hundred times better when you are fit and healthy.
  • Start out with small attempts.  So park your car further away when you visit the supermarket and power walk from and to your car.  Take the stairs instead of the lift in a shop.  get the wi-fit out or old weight loss DVD and give them ago.

Eat really well

  • I appreciate that cost will always be a factor but things can be purchased fairly cheap these days.
  • Get rid of all man made processed foods.  microwave meals, pizzas, takeaways, crisps, chocolate etc.
  • Try to include a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet
  • Look into juicing – you can consume a much bigger quantity of fruit and veg and gain the nutrition from that, without physically trying to shove 4 whole cucumbers down your mouth each day plus 10 carrots and so on.  You can buy wonky veg from supermarkets that is cheaper (30p a bag in Morrison’s supermarkets)

Deal with any alcohol drinking you may have

Drink the right things

  • Essentially water is all you need to think about.  Buy yourself a water filter to filter out much of the stuff that gets added to water.  Try to drink 6 to 8 glasses of fluid a day, and this means ideally water-based fluids (so Tea, coffee or cordial squash drinks are fine).

Try using a Neti pot

  • If youve never used one before try not to screw up your face at the thought.  It’s simply a vessel to carry a saline solution up through one nostril and back out the other, washing the nasal passages and clearing out the Mucus as they go.  For many people the effects can be life changing as they can immediately breathe clearly and without a tickly nose!  I use this Neilmed neti pot and the Neilmed rinse sachets.
  • To use the neti pot you ideally ant some cooled boiled water (but in all honesty I never do this, but know I should do this to avoid any infections from contaminated water.  Mix 1 or 2 sackets into some warmish water inside the neti pot.  Swirl it round to mix it.  Lean your head forward a little bit, over the sink, and tilt your head a bit to one side.  Place the neti pot spout to the uppermost nostril and if you get the angle right it will start to drain out of your lower nostril.  When empty, blow the nostrils with tissue, and repeat on the other side

Here is an instructional video showing how to use the Neti pot.

Remember this procedure helps clear your nose and helps stop the tickly feeling, and hopefully you can get a good night’s sleep!


Try all of the above and see if you can do it for 100 days.  You might just surprise yourself and never look back.

Getting a cold is no fun.  Why let it beat you?

If you’ve got any proven ways to clear a cold we would love to hear from you!  You can comment below with your cold beating tip and help share the word for others who are suffering from a bad cold.

What’s the best men’s razor for sensitive skin in 2019?

what is the best mens electric razor for sensitive skin

We ask: What is the best men’s razor for sensitive skin?

what is the best mens electric razor for sensitive skin

There’s nothing worse than when you need to have a tight, close shave but each time you shave it hurts.

It honestly feels like you are dragging sandpaper across your face as each one of your hairs seems to scream out at you with every pass.

Well, we are here to help.

We have done the groundwork and we have tested more than 20 shavers (and learned a surprising number of facts along the way that have helped us achieve shaving success).

The truth is, that YES, a very good quality shaver is super important, but just as important is the use of a good solid shaving routine.

Sorry if you were hoping that a super spangly shaver would be the miracle answer.

While it will go so far in helping get close without too much irritation, you need to do some base work yourself.

I’m sure if there were a single shaver that could fix every persons skin, they would be selling millions of them each week.

So, yes, I am going to show you the very best shaver for sensitive skin (it’s the Braun 7 series by the way)

Our Best Razor For Sensitive Skin

Now, just with as good quality razor you can make things easier, but if you follow the guide below, you will hopefully get the same results (and we would love to hear your results by the way :-))

The perfect pre-shave routine

Follow this time and time again to get the best results.

Before we begin I need you to consider whether you will be doing a wet shave, or a dry shave (with your electric razor). Either is fine, and it literally a personal choice right now.

I will spell out the best way forward using BOTH these methods, so you can choose your preferred way.

Dry Shaving "Pre-Shave" RoutineWet Shaving "Pre-Shave" Routine
STEP 1: You need to get rid of any facial moisture. A good quality drying soap will help work wonders. Brands like the US Ivory Soap will be just fine.
STEP 1: Warm the skin with some warm water or by taking a nice hot shower (you can also perform your shave while in the shower)
STEP 2: Get yourself some pre-shave lotion / cream such as Proraso. This one is for SENSITIVE SKIN and has an almost 100% "positive feedback score" from hundreds of very pleased customers who now use it:
STEP 2:A good quality shaving foam will be enough here, although you could opt for the pre-shave cream on the left. At this stage all we want to do is soften up the hairs and try to get them to stand up off the skin surface.
STEP 3: Keep your machine full charged and lubricated. When your shaver is low on charge there's the chance it is going to snag and tug at your face.
Your shaver needs a few light drops of lubricating oil. Below is the cheapest we've found and you get a HUGE bottle too! For the small amount of money, it is going to last years (you can also use this food-grade mineral oil for other odd jobs around the house)
STEP 3: Work the pre-shave cream or the quality shaving cream into the hairs. Not too much but enough to let them coat the hairs and start to soften up the outer hair coating (call ed the cuticle).
STEP 4: Is your beard more then 3 to 4 days old? Use some trimmers first to reduce the length a bit. Electric shavers were never designed to remove long hair, only shorter stubbly growth.STEP 4: Clean your shaver after EVERY SHAVE. You'll quickly get a build up of hairs, creams and grime. This impacts the performance of the blade. You'll also need to re-lubricate the blades to keep them in pristine condition.
STEP 5: Hold your skin tight when shaving. Move your chin, or use two fingers to pull the skin tight.
Shave in line with the grain, then shave up against the grain. So up and down without too much pressure.
STEP 5: Pat your skin dry instead of rubbing it with a towel. This reduces any irritation.
STEP 6 Use a high quality after shave lotion or balm to add moisture back and help the skin.
NOTE: I am not talking about "off the shelf traditional after shave lotions". These typically have alcohol in them whiich can irritate sensitive skin.
I am talking about "Witch Hazel"
Barbers use witch Hazel and it performs a fantastic job of invigorating your skin without any nasty side effects.
STEP 6: Grab a bottle of a quality babers favourite "after shave lotion" called Witch Hazel (has no alcohol in it which is known to irritate skin.)


Getting the best men’s razor for sensitive skin is the right first step, but in joint level of importance is how you handle the whole routine.  How you implement this pre-shave routine will directly impact on your own results.

We’ve also written about shavers designed specifically for shaving a mans chest.

Have you followed this and had good results?  Please comment below

The 10 Best Wake Up Lights 2019

Sick of feeling down all winter?  You might be suffering from seasonal affective disorder and using a “wake up light” could be your saving grace.

Before we carry on, and for convenience we wanted to let you know which is our best rated wake up light.  The Lumie Bodyclock active 250 is easily the best.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) is something many people suffer from, whether they are aware of it or not.  Not getting enough daylight into our lives can have a negative impact on us.

best wake up lights

A wake up light recreates the natural rising of the sun, gradually brightening up your room like a vibrant summers morning, and really does work wonders.

These sunrise alarms are a variation of SAD lamps and work to re-harmonize the natural body rhythms so you wake each morning full of energy.  Discover the best wake up lights (conveniently sorted for 2017) and look forward to wonderful mornings once again.


Did You Know?

It’s not JUST Winter that can bring on the “Blues”.  Spring and Summer can also have an effect.  An interesting article recently released in the Gloucester Times detailing 4 signs your child might be suffering from SAD.  Click here to find out more.

In The News:

Fancy proven light therapy through your ears?  It may sound crazy but an innovative technology sends light waves to your brain to cure things such as jet lag but may also be of benefit to people suffering with seasonal affective disorder.  The video below explains:

More info here

What is S.A.D. and what is a sunrise alarm clock?

Ever heard of the winter blues?

Ever wonder why you can feel great on a beautiful sunny morning and struggle to get your head off your pillow on a dark Winter morning?

Surprisingly, a recorded 2 million people are affected by this (however this figure is likely to be far more than that as most people simply shrug it off) when we have the shorter days and dark mornings.

How good do you feel when it’s a glorious warm day outside?

“Wake up, it’s a beautiful morning…” !

Well you just can’t get the same effect on colder Wintry mornings, and it’s all down to the lack of sunlight.

Science has proven that just 30 minutes a day exposed to natural light (with at least 2000 lux – a measure of it’s brightness) can be enough to stimulate feel good hormone and keep your body cycle in check!

It’s only in recent years where these lights have begun to gain in popularity.  You have to try one for yourself to see the difference a wake up lamp can have in your life, especially one that doubles up as an alarm clock and wakes you up as though it’s a glorious long weekend where you’ve had a nice extra sleep.

How do YOU feel when waking up in Winter?

survey of how winter affcets peoples productivity levels

79% of people are less productive or are less energised in winter!

(Source Lumie via Amazon)

Ever Heard Of HYGGE??

Seeing as the Danish people spend a lot of time in Winter, they know how to deal with the “Blues”.  Ever heard of HYGGE? – It’s something they do oh so well to make winter time more bearable.  Definitely worth 10 minutes of your time.  Click here to open it in a new tab then pop back here after.

So now that our bodies really need “real light” each day to feel upbeat, in a better mood and full of zest, how can we get it on a miserable winters day?

The answer is to use proven light therapy.

You can read up why SAD therapy works here.  There now exist a range of standard light therapy devices, but also there are devices that are both light therapy units and alarm clocks.

Our Most Impressive Wake Up Light is...

For us, the Radio function was not a priority.  A nice bonus but not our main focus.  The ability to give us that morning lift (as though on a summers day) was more important, closely followed by other factors such as how good it looked, how well it worked etc.

Based on that our top Two choices are the

(our third favourite is the Philips HF3520/01)

nature bright sunblisslumie bodyclock 250 main view



View The Nature Bright Sun Bliss 10,000 Lux Lamp View The Lumie Bodyclock active 250

Once you begin to use these sunrise alarm clocks you begin to notice that you wake up to the light and not to the alarm sound itself – and it is this overwhelming experience that people are falling in love with.

sunrise alarm clocks

What do others say about their wake up light alarm clocks?

“I am not joking I am the worst for getting up in the morning. Grumpy, emotional, ALWAYS late and always sleeping in. This morning I woke up and it felt like I was in heaven, I was so happy and I had the best morning of my life, I even ironed myself a dress and did my makeup really nice. I know it’s expensive but I use it as a bedside light and as a radio too and it really is something else. Xx” (source: Amazon review)

“I have to say I was skeptical, as with all ‘this’ kind of stuff, but it seriously bloody works. I’d stopped me feeling drowsy or groggy in a morning and for the first time in a very long time, I’m actually feeling awake when I get up.

Since I was about 15-16, I’ve always felt horrible getting up in the morning – the usual… groggy and lethargic, I love my sleep. This has seriously stopped that feeling and has lead to my overall attitude / feelings in a morning to be fresh and alert, it’s great!

The light is seriously bright at level ’20’ (it’s max setting), easily lighting the room. The ‘sunset’ mode is great for going to bed, with it slowly bringing you down into a relaxed state. The other features work perfectly as described with the device being easy and intuitive to use.” (source: Amazon review)

So if you’d like to experience a great wake up each morning why not try your own wake up alarm clock and see for yourself.

Here then is our comprehensive list of the top 10 best sunrise alarm clocks, scrutinized and tested to find out which one is the best.  In no particular order.

Just be aware that if you decide to search online yourself at Amazon you will find a host of unknown branded sunrise clocks (names you’ve not heard from before) – it is possible for the manufacturer to make their clocks seem “amazing” by getting a lot of fake reviews.

You need to ensure you look out for “verified purchases”.  We have carefully weeded out the ones that are unworthy and are left with what we feel is a solid top 10 list.

ProductImagePriceOur Thoughts10 Warriors Score
1: Philips HF3520/01

Editor's Choice!

philips wake up light alarm clock hf352001 close up view from front 2
Elegant, classy and extremely effective
Excellent product but non replaceable bulb.4 star rating
2: Lumie Bodyclock Active 250

Our Choice!
lumie bodyclock 250 main view
In it's simple handsome glory
Superb all round quality and features!5 star rating
3: Lumie Bodyclock Starter 30
lumie bodyclock starter 30
Stunning in every way possible
Fantastic unit with basic features4 star rating
4: Bioxo Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clockbioxo simulation sunriseBe wary of an array of similar models which may not be quite as good!2 star rating
5: Nature Bright Sun Bliss Alarm Clock
nature bright sunbliss
Pure "nitro-powered" function!
Super high Lux settings to beat winter Blues but no radio or sound effects4 star rating
6: Denver Electronics CRL 310
denver electronics crl-310 wake up light close up
Here's a great looking sunrise light
Basic unit with basic functionality. Poor sound effects.3 star rating
7: Lumie Zest Wake Up Light
Our Choice!
lumie zest wake up sunrise light and sad lamp
Featuring a HUGE 2000 Lux output!
Very bright but no radio or sound effects.5 star rating
8: IBoutique 30w SAD Light Bulbiboutique full spectrum sad light bulbIt's a lightbulb that will brighten a room and help banish the Blues!4 star rating
9: Sunrise Systems SRS 320

Our Choice!
srs 320 2 in 1 natural wake up light with 10000 lux front view
Front view
Whopping 10,000 Lux brightness - doctor prescribed levels. lacks a radio but works great as a sunrise clock.5 star rating
10: Lumie Bodyclock Elite 300
lumie elite 300 bodyclock
Packed full of features!
High end model from Lumie. Use your own MP3, or radio, or nature sounds. Also has meditation music to help you sleep!4 star rating


1: Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock HF3520/01 Coloured Sunrise Simulation – 5 Sounds and Radio Function

Developed by Philips – experts in lights for over 100 years

“The Philips wake up lamp is one of the best on the market.”

The beauty of top brands means that most of the time you get premium quality and premium reliability.  Not always the case (and that’s our job to figure out), however with this unit, it’s a clearly great product.

Features and benefits

  • Clinically proven to work, with radio function and 5 natural sounds
  • The Wake-up Light eases you into the day by re-creating a natural sunrise
  • 7 minutes, battery back-up to keep time and alarm on during short power outages
  • Five different natural wake-up sounds for a pleasant wake-up experience
  • Sunset function helps you fall asleep by gradually decreasing light and sound

Look at the coloured sunrise (and reverse is the sunset simulation):best wake up light 2017?

Wake up in the most natural way possible

So if you wasn’t aware, we really like this Philips sunrise clock although it is a touch on the expensive side!

  • Amazing build quality
  • Works extremely well
  • Scientifically proven technology

  • Not the cheapest at just over £100 but definitely a superb device
  • Bulbs are not replaceable

2: Lumie Bodyclock Active 250 Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock with Extra Audio Options

From the inventors of wake up lights, Lumie should be right up there at the very top of the list when choosing a wake up light alarm clock.  These guys know their stuff and it shows with this certified medical device (class 1).  This Bodyclock active 250 has to be a contender for the best wake up light 2017 can offer.

For a start it’s perfectly functional, does all you want it to do and does it very well.  Bulbs are cheaply replaced.  There is an excellent customer support team behind the unit and you get a 2 year warranty to boot.  What’s not to love?


Why are Bodyclock wake-up lights so effective?

Bodyclock Active 250 is a medical device that wakes you up gradually with light that mimics the spectrum changes of a real sunrise.

The brightening light brings you more gently out of sleep, prompting your body to reduce the production of sleep hormones such as melatonin, while increasing the levels of hormones like cortisol that help you get up and go.

This provides a fantastic start to the day for sufferers of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and the winter blues, and helps anyone who is not naturally a morning person to feel brighter and more energetic first thing.

It’s not just a nicer way to wake up. Waking to natural light every day resets your sleep/wake cycle and has been shown to boost your mood, productivity and energy levels throughout the day. Our physiological body clocks are aligned by sunrise and sunset.

As most of us experience a mix of early starts, late nights, weekend lie-ins and sometimes travel disruption, our internal sleep rhythms are thrown into disarray. We feel tired and stressed trying to wake up for work, school or sports training.

A dawn simulator device re-sets your body clock to run in time with your day, helping you feel more awake during the day and more ready for sleep at night.






  • 15, 20, 30, 45, 60 or 90-minute sunrise to wake naturally
  • 15, 20, 30, 45, 60 or 90-minute sunset to wind down for bed
  • FM radio with digital tuning
  • White noise setting to mask sounds that might keep you awake
  • Dawn chorus or rooster call sounds to enhance your sunrise
  • Wave sounds to lull you to sleep
  • Sun ray effect
  • Dimmable lighting for use as a bedside light
  • Nightlight feature
  • Snooze feature
  • Security option to turn on the light randomly while you’re away
  • Back-ups: optional alarm beep, power failure back-up

  • From the inventors of the wake up light
  • Seriously good build quality
  • Perfect machine
  • Perfect after sales support
  • Cheap replacement bulbs (£5) – other devices like Philips are non replaceable
  • Scientifically proven technology


3: Lumie Bodyclock Starter 30 Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock with Sunrise and Sunset Features

£51.99 approx

The Bodyclock starter 30 wake up light from Lumie without any fancy extras.

If you’re looking to get into trying out a wake up light it make sense to choose a trusted manufacturer who know their stuff.  Lumie are the inventors of wake up lights and focus on nothing else other than lighting.

This particular wake up light offers a simple 30 minute timer function for the wake up light.  There isn’t a radio so if you can make do without one this offers the perfect solution.  Lumie quality, Lumie trusted brand and Lumie reliability without any fancy extras.

So is it any good?

It works like other wake up lights.  It gradually brightens up over a 30 minute period before your alarm time is reached.  For many people you tend to wake up within those 30 minutes, so the technology is working to awaken you to a “beautiful sunrise”, and set you up for an incredible action filled day.

Seriously, look at what others have to say:

“I’ll get straight to the point; Just how good is it to wake up to a simulated ‘sunrise’? Really, really good… For myself, it is the equivalent of someone slowly opening the blinds in my bedroom and letting a warm sheen of light enter, which slowly makes me more and more alert to the point that when I do open my eyes, I think to myself “Yikes, did I leave the light on?”. The difference I’ve felt compared to the more startling “BEEP-BEEP… BEEP-BEEP’ almost giving me a heart-attack is ridiculously positive. Its incredible to think that a simple light has stopped me from waking up with persistent yawns and a heavy head.”

“This clock has really changed my mornings! I can now wake up gently but feel good instead of hitting the snooze button 15 times and being late for work and feeling exhausted. Really recommend for anyone suffering from SAD. I didnt find it difficult to set up and I really like the sunset function too. The alarm tone is a bit loud so I use my phone one instead.

fantastic really helpful it works like magic. I can’t believe how such a simple idea works so well. Get one.


Lumie are clearly good.  This unit has all the basic needs, however for an extra £40 approx you can choose the Lumie Bodyclock 250 for radio functionality plus various nature sounds.

  • From the inventors of the wake up light
  • Lumie trusted name
  • Perfect after sales support
  • Scientifically proven technology

  • No radio functionality
  • The basic model with a set 30 minute sunrise or sunset function.

4:  Bioxo Sunrise Simulation Wake-Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock with Nature Sounds & Mood Light Waking You Gradually, FM radio, White

At around £24.99 (currently) you get what you pay for.  If you want superb brightness (rated by “LUX” light intensity), superb functionality and total reliability and robustness then invest in a Lumie or Philips.  However if this is your first foray into sunrise lights you will be pleasantly surprised with this unit.  Just don’t expect “incredible”.

Side note:  This product is sometimes listed under other brands (typically imported models) – at the time of our testing, it was a Bioxo unit, however these appear to be withdrawn at the moment although there are a few “very similar” units that look almost the same on sale.  We have kept this in our list but please consider all options before choosing which one you want to go for as we cannot guarantee other similar models will be of a similar standard.

As a wake up light it is fairly good and for many people will wake them up in a better happier mood, however there are a few misgivings with the unit that place it further down in the pecking order.

It’s not going to give you “incredible daylight” however it does provide enough light to stimulate your body to begin waking up.


  • 7 alarm sounds including 6 natural sound, such as forests, birds, waves, etc., so you revel in nature’s sounds and smells. 1 FM radio. You can choose your favorite sounds, If you wake up, you do not want to get up, you can open and scan FM radio channels. Enjoy broadcast and relax, ready for the new day
  • Bed lamp in white color and multi color. Touch to control the lamp (to change the light brightness or select color)
  • LED time display in 12 or 24 hours mode,Bracket can rotate 180 degrees.Can be adjusted by yourself
  • Radio alarm clock with battery backup- Do not worry if there’s a power outage during the night. (Battery is not included)
  • 5 color & 4 brightness optional, it can serve as a light atmosphere by choosing 5 colors (warning light, green, red, blue and purple) to your preference. Working with 4 brightness setting in the warm light mode to protect your eyes from injury


  • A great “budget” sunrise lamp that gives you what’s needed – a 30 minute awakening
  • Pleasant looking

  • It’s not the Rolls Royce of sunrise lamps
  • Approximately 70 Lumens (less than 30 Lux based on approximate viewing angle of light being given off so not that bright but will provide a degree of sunrise awakening)
  • This model appears to be withdrawn from the UK market at the current time, so a “similar” list is shown in the link – please note that the products in that list may not be of the same quality.


5: Nature bright Sun Bliss – 10,000 Lux Super Powerful Wake Up Light

Almost “under the radar”, the Nature Bright sunbliss wake up light is a simple, full throttled all powerfull 10,000 LUX device wake up alarm clock with no fancy extras

Priced at around £65.

First of all this is more of a SAD lamp with the added benefit of an alarm clock and sunrise function.  We have featured this because it provides the highest most recommended light available (advised by doctors to treat SAD).

All of the other sunrise lamps featured in this list are design masterpieces that look handsome and will sit happily anywhere with their curves and style.

This unit is none of that.  It is pure function, but boy does it function well!

There is no radio, but there is a wake up noise and of course the awakening via the light too.

10,000 Lux is going to provide the brightest possible way to wake up, all through a gradual awakening over a 30 minute period before you set the alarm.

Reset your circadian rhythm with this intense natural light source and enable your body to wake up feeling refreshed, via a mimicked Blue cloudless sky.

Portable and convenient to carry, it’s perfect for travel use as well as home use.


  • It doesn’t have a radio, so isn’t your typical “radio alarm clock” many bedsides have
  • It’s not a fashion status styled design – just a simple design


6: Denver Electronics CRL-310 wake up light sunrise alarm clock with nature sounds & mood light

You either love it or you hate it, but at it’s great price point of around £30 you can decide if this is the one for you or not.

Combining great style with a sunrise function, alarm clock, radio and nature noises it would seem to have all the things you’d want, but take into the fact the nature noises are not great therein lies one of the issues (for some people anyway).

The nature sounds are on a 3 second loop so you hear the same sound over and over and over.

The birds sound nice, but the hot springs sounds more like a squelching drain gurgling away.

The sunrise function works and does wake you up great although the initial brightness is not exactly “low light”, which can sometimes wake you up 30 minutes before your alarm time.

On a positive note, it does look great and it does serve purpose.  If you can live with these little misgivings you’d probably be happy as punch that you’d gotten a wake up light so cheap.

Take a look for yourself:

Certainly fitting the bill of being “nice and functional”, if you simply want a basic wake up light (and forgetting about the fast looping nature noises) this is a nice unit.

  • Without a doubt this is a handsome unit
  • Features 10 dimmable steps for a graduated sunrise awakening
  • Features a handy remote control that let’s you control it from your pillow

  • The old saying of “you get what you pay for” certainly rings true.  If you want quality and perfection aim higher
  • Poor sounding “nature noises” on a very short repeating loop.


7: Lumie Zest – Wake Up Light and SAD Lamp Combi Unit

Finally, we add to our list a “super bright” wake up light.  This is the Lumie Zest. Lumie are renowned for being the pioneers of wake up lights and have worked solely on these and SAD lamps for years and it shows in the quality of their products.

Featuring a whopping 2000 Lux of brightness it delivers sheer wake up potential akin to a dedicated SAD lamp prescribed by a doctor.

Most doctors recommend SAD lamps with 10,000 Lux light output for up to 2 hours a day.  Most wake up lights sit around the 100 to 300 Lux output though.

This unit pushes out 2000 Lux and will work extremely well to restore your natural wake up rhythms and allow you to wake up feeling refreshed just like on a bright cloudless day.

While it doesn’t offer a radio or nature sounds or mood lights, it is technically more of a dedicated “SAD lamp” with an added alarm clock and sunrise feature.  In our opinion this is probably more beneficial to people than something with all the fancy extras.

  • Pushes out as HUGE 2000 Lux brightness – 10 times that of most other sunrise lights
  • Simple design that functions purely and brilliantly.
  • 30 minute timer allows you to wake up to a glorious ambience.
  • Certified medical device
  • 3 year warranty!

  • No radio
  • No nature sounds
  • Not the most stylish


8: iBoutique SAD Light Bulb

An interesting twist on “wake up alarm clock”.  This is a simple bulb and it’s priced cheaply at under £6 meaning we wanted to include it, especially as it emits 1600 Lumens (the Lux levels will be far lower).
The reason for inclusion is you might want to pop this into your bedside lamp and use it for reading or studying or when working from home at your desk with the light fairly close, in order to achieve the desired effect.

A very hand addition that can only help in your Winter Blues battles.


iboutique full spectrum sad light bulb
For best effects sit within close proximity of the bulb such as when working and using a desk lamp.

Of course it’s not designed to wake you up or tell you the time, but to relieve the Winter Blues it’s definitely worth having a few around and keeping one where you work or read the most just to banish the Blues.


energy efficient SAD light bulb
Superb A rated energy efficiency
just like a cloudless day
As bright as a sunny cloudless day


  • Super bright full spectrum SAD light bulb
  • VERY affordable – great for every day close proximity use

  • It’s not a clock
  • No sunrise features – just a light bulb that helps winter Blues

9: Sunrise System SRS 320 2 in 1 Natural Light Alarm Clock plus SAD Lightbox

We weren’t really expecting too much from this with our testing, but soon found ourselves “mightily” impressed.

Why do we like this?

It offers up to 10,000 Lux – and this is the range recommended by doctors to treat symptoms of SAD.

Look at the main features (taken direct from Amazon):

  • Bright up to 10,000 Lux LED light box
  • Timer – when using the SRS 320 as a light box, the user can specify how long the light is on from 10 – 90 minutes in 10 minute steps.
  • Sunrise: simulates a sunrise over a period of 0 (off), 15, 30, 45, 60, 75 or 90 minutes. Set to suit your preference.
  • Sunset: simulates a sunset over a period of 15, 30, 45, 60, 75 or 90 minutes.Set to suit your preference
  • Full seven day alarm is provided to allow the user to set different times (if desired) on the alarm for different days of the week. The factory programmed time for all seven days is 07:00am

Here’s what it looks like:

So what’s so good about this?

It’s PACKED with features, and these features give it a clear edge.

For instance, it has an option to act as a random security light, hopefully to deter any would be intruders while you might be away.

Different languages available -English, French, German, Spanish or Swedish.

Let’s weigh up the pros and the cons:

  • Super bright 10,000 Lux brightness that delivers “doctor recommended” amounts of light
  • Similar price to other high end alarm sunrise clocks
  • Features a “last ditch” buzzer for those hard to wake up days!

  • It’s not quite so stylish as others
  • There’s no radio
  • There’s no “bubbling water or birds cheeping” noises to wake to

As a dedicated SAD lamp providing SAD beating abilities, it also doubles up as a sunrise alarm clock and the combination of the two makes this incredibly effective, but sadly not the most enigmatic to look at.  Brilliantly functional.


10: Lumie Bodyclock ELITE 300 Wake-up Light Alarm Clock with Full Suite of Wake/Sleep Audio Features

So, let’s start by saying that Lumie are renowned as being the pioneers of sunrise clocks.  This is a premium class product and has a lot of built in options to customize your experience with.  The Lumie 300 Elite clock makes waking up and going to sleep so much more fun!

As well as sunrise and sunset options, you can also choose guided meditation tracks for help with sleeping, your own mp3 files or the built in am/fm radio.  There is of course the usual Lumie “natural sounds included too.

This class 1 certified medical device is proven to help you wake up in a better mood and beat the winter Blues.

“Bodyclock Elite 300 wakes you up gradually with a simulated sunrise. The brightening light brings you gently out of sleep, prompting your body to suppress the sleep hormone melatonin while increasing hormones like cortisol to help you get up and go. It provides a fantastic start to the day for sufferers of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and helps non-morning people to feel brighter and more energetic”.

  • Lumie quality. Lumie reliability.  Lumie certified medical device
  • Works to gradually wake you up
  • Wake up to nature noises or your own mp3’s or a radio or just the sunrise light feature

Top 10 Best Wake Up Lights – Buying Guide:

How do you make sense of all these lights and to figure out which is best for you?  Below we will explain what everything means.

Before we dive in you need to be aware that there are quite a few overseas manufactured units all claiming to be amazing.

They may look nice, but build quality can be dubious, and in addition, the “wake up/sunrise” feature just isn’t up to the mark.

In other words it isn’t powerful enough to”wake you up to a sunrise”

Therefore currently  it is our findings that you will have to find the extra money for something good, something proven to work.

  • Rugged, tough, reliable and excellent build quality.
  • Oh, and something that has a good amount of light output (Lux/Lumens)

Everyone benefits from extra sunshine in their lives, however a lot of people suffer from the morning blues during winter and a smaller number of people go on to suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) where they feel down, tired and depressed all the time.

Adding sunshine is the answer, however depending on how much you need you would opt for a certain type.  If you suffer really badly then a specific SAD lamp (and would need to commit to sitting in front of it for 30 minutes a day) would be the obvious answer.

For all other people, who would simply benefit from a bit more light, then a dawn simulation clock is the answer, but with this, some wake up lights are extremely powerful.

Brighter the better

Light is measured in Lumens – how many candle power of brightness can be achieved.  Lux is measured by how much light floods a space (typically measured from a short distance away).

  • Most SAD lamps offer 10,000 LUX output levels (and this is the typical prescribed levels from doctors) – and would need to be sat in front for 30 minutes each morning soon after waking.
  • Sunrise lamps range typically from 100 to 300 Lux output levels with the average being in the region of 250 Lux.

In general the Lumie and Philips models produce the highest levels, but they also come with the price tag.  If you do suffer the winter Blues then it pays to get the brightest you can.

You might want to read a study that was conducted on the effectiveness of sunrise lamps, and the results showed overwhelmingly that while 30 minutes does help somewhat, a much better effect was gained over a 2 hour window, so if you can buy a clock that simulates sunrises for longer timeframes the better.  The Philips allows for up to 30 minutes while the Lumie allows for up to 90 minutes.

THAT SAID.. bear this in mind:

“More than one million people worldwide use the Philips Wake-up Light, 92 per cent of users found it easier to get up in the morning. Take up the challenge and become a morning person – become more energetic and alert in less than three weeks.”

So any form of decent sunrise light will benefit you and help you to wake up easier and more alert, just get the brightest you can afford.  It’s a good idea to get the best sunrise alarm clock that you can.

Why buy a cheap half-effort clock if it doesn’t have all the features you want?

Sitting as a main provider we wanted to provide you with a quick comparison table of the “best” Philips wake up lights, as seen below.  if you’ve got your heart set on a Philips, you can see that just for a bit more or a bit less you can choose the features that matter the most to you:

philips wake up light comparison table

They range in price from:

As you can see the various features are shown above for easy comparison.

Philips Wake-up Lights are clinically proven to work – 92% of users agree it makes it easier to get out of bed. 

Why not try the idea of using light to wake you up as opposed to an annoying alarm buzzer that shocks and startles you into a grumpy morning.

SAD Lamp / Wake Up Light Sources & references

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