Philips HD9220 Air Fryer Review And Price

Philips HD9220 Air Fryer Review – Black Or White

An Air Fryer is the next logical heathy step offering you the ability to cook using up to 80% less fat than a traditional deep fat fryer while still managing to deliver crisp tasty food that tastes absolutely delicious.  This Philips HD9220 Air Fryer review cuts the fat out of the buying process and delivers just the facts you need.

Air fryers also cook in far less time than a traditional oven.  You are in a “win win situation”.

Which is the best air fryer uk?

Before we get right into the meat and bones of this review about the Philips HD9220 air fryer, you might want to visit our top 10 best air fryers list.  This is updated each month with the most up to date information.

Phillips airfryer 9220:

philips hd9220 40 air fryer
With clean modern styles, the Philips Viva collection airfryer hd9220 air fryer is calm and sophisticated in any kitchen

So why are we writing about this particular air fryer?

  • Well for a start it is made by the trusted brand Philips.  One of the most popular air fryer brands following closely brands such as Tefal (actifry), Breville and a few others.
  • It’s one of the most popular Air Fryers with several thousand verified real people who have taken the time to express their thoughts about it at various places online such as Amazon.

Whats with all the model numbers?

The two models of airfryers which Philips do for the “HD9220” are different colour variations of the same product.

Both can hold up to 0.8 kg of food, use our Rapid Air technology and are provided with analog time and temperature controls.

How many people can this air fryer feed in one go?

  • Around 3 to 4 portions of chips depending on portion size.
  • Or possibly 2 portions of chips and 2 pieces of chicken.
  • 3 Salmon fillets with ease
  • Half a dozen sausages

What can you cook in the HD9220?

air fryer recipes bookThe array of meals you can cook is huge.

Ranging from chips and chicken through to fish, desserts, cakes and so much more.

There are lot’s of readily available air fryer recipes now available.  You will also find plenty of free air fryer recipes springing up all over the internet.

Fry, bake, grill or roast – the options are almost unlimited!



Is an Air Fryer really healthier?

  • Yes absolutely!  23% (verified) fewer calories than using a traditional deep fat fryer.
  • Think about it.  You don’t have to use any oil if you don’t want to as it still cooks delicious food.  If you are cooking without oil or even a small amount of oil then the food doesn’t soak up any of the oil making it healthier.
  • There is also a drip tray that catches any oils or fats that oooze out during cooking too.

How big is the Philips airfryer HD9220 ?

Dimensions of product (LxWxH) – 287 x 315 x 384  mm

So if you equate this to “roughly” the size of a school ruler, or size 8 or 9 adult shoes, or even similar in size to your old deep fat fryer you wouldn’t be too far off the mark (very roughly speaking).  So it will happily sit on your kitchen worktop, and the two colour options means you can choose the most appropriate one.


Philips HD9220 air fryer price ?

Prices vary all the time.  At one time you could have spent close to £200 on one of these air fryers, but nowadays the prices are closer to half that and can fluctuate on a regular basis.  It is possible to get good quality second hand units for under £100 which isn’t too bad for new technology cooking.


Philips Air Fryer Accessories For The HD9220:

What features does the Philips 9220 air fryer have?

  • Automatic shut-off – no more burning of food if you forget you’ve “left the oven on” for example.  Once the timer has run out the machine stops cooking!
  • Cord storage – helping to keep things neat and tidy and avoid the inevitable spaghetti junction of cables.
  • Non-slip feet – for a safer cooking experience
  • Patented Rapid Air – Philips designed Rapid Air technology
  • Ready signal
  • Temperature control
  • Time control
  • Recipe book and app
  • Cool wall exterior

What is Rapid Air Technology?

This video explains what the Philips rapid air technology is:

Does Philips Air Fryer Work?

Yes, and extremely well.  The tehcnology has now been out a good few years and the demand for air fryers is increasing year on year as more and more people see the health benefits.

Philips pioneered rapid air technology and also have a long line of history behind them, so rest assured their air fryers will stand the test of time.  There is a 2 year warranty included anyway for your peace of mind.


Philips HD9220 Review Summary

Philips are well known for technology leading products.  They also make very robust machines.  The HD9220 is a solid perfomer that cookes all manner of foods in rapid time and without the fuss of using oil.  Health conscious people will be only too aware how much these can improve your overall health.

Overall this Philips HD9220 air fryer review has been created to help you decide if it is the right one or not for you.  Remember you can look at our top 10 best air fryers comparision if needs be.

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The 10 Best Gaming Chairs 2018

top 10 best gaming chairs 2017

Switch off, plug in and connect to the best gaming chairs 2018 has on offer.  Your next best gaming experience starts and ends right here.

Gamers – are you ready?

Comfort, style and the need to be totally immersed in your game is all that matters.  Truth be known nothing else matters when your game is on.  You need to be there in the zone and it’ll never be quite right if you’re sitting “un”-comfortably.

Before we carry on, we wanted to let you know our top rated gaming chair.  The one that shone out best for us was the CTF Pro from Cherry Tree Furniture.

For this project we decided to push the boat out and order 15 different gaming chairs so that we could scrutinize every last one of them.


best gaming chairsWhat is a gaming chair?

It’s a super comfortable chair that allows you to sit back in sheer comfort and attempts to “put” you into the game by filling your senses with audio and sensory vibrations from the game.

Our Best Rated Gaming Chair

For those of you looking for the best performance paired with the best price then look no further.  Out of all our testing our current “favourite” recommendation is the CTF Pro from Cherry Tree Furniture.

ctf pro gaming chair angle

View On Amazon

When it calls the chair can vibrate, perhaps in time to an explosion, or a drive over a rumble strip or when being shot at.

Wireless connectivity is one such feature and makes the game play even more pleasurable.

Just be aware that….

There are a few variations on what manufacturers feel is a gaming chair…

Here is our understanding:

1: Beanbags shaped like a chair (super comfy)

2: “Proper” gaming chairs with options for accessories and immersive sound experiences

3:  Ordinary chairs that look kind of funky – perhaps like a sports car seat, but which may also have a range of “useful” functions

In the news:

A new router has been released for gamers who need to best.. It’s the Asus’ ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 router.  The Straits Times has an interesting article on it mentioning it’s 8 Gigabit ethernet ports (to keep speed up to it’s best, despite improvements in WiFi).  Check it out here..

Some manufacturers class a gaming chair as a fully immersed experience with all the bells and whistles but at the “lesser” end of the range are, well basically chairs that are nothing more than that.

At the lesser end you will find what are essentially office chairs that look a little bit more funky in their design.  For example, they might look like a car seat, or a racing car sports “bucket” seat coupled with the obligatory must have all important roof “stripe”.

At the higher end you get to enjoy wireless connectivity, 2.1 surround sound, chair vibrations, swivel chairs and so much more.

So that said, these variations have been produced to handle a wide variety of budgets.  You can find gaming chairs for well under £50 and obviously upwards in price.

After we had all used these chairs for 4 weeks (along with plenty of us enlisting the help of our children in these tests!), we had quickly managed to whittle down some clear winners based on a number of factors:

  • Comfort
  • Immersive quality

We also looked at what features they had, among which we got to enjoy testing things such as:

  • Deep rumbling bass subwoofers
  • Multi player connectivity
  • Folding chairs to take up less room (nice touch!)
  • Height adjustable
  • Funky looking – how “sick” is it  (Uk slang.. I know.. I know)
  • Quality of instructions
  • Ease of setting up
  • Restricted to one console or suitable for all consoles
  • Suitable for all user sizes

These are what helped us score each chair and produce this list of our best top 10 chairs for gamers.

Let’s take a look.


1: X-Rocker Pro Advanced 2.1 Gaming Chair, Black Review – £129.99  (see also the X-Pro Bluetooth Gaming Chair – (£219.99)

x rocker pro advanced 2.1 gaming chair review
A firm favourite among all of us

  Take A Closer Look

For all intents and purposes this is an excellent chair, as long as you’re not too tall.

Anyone who is taller than about 5′ 6″ up to 5ft 8in might find it a touch uncomfortable with the headrest not being in alignment.  Along with what we feel are a few “minor” build quality issues these are the only two “real” niggles.

Other than that it is just brilliant!  Perfect for most kids and many adult gamers.

X Rocker have built an enviable reputation for being some of the best in the industry.

Could this be the best console gaming chair?

Read on to discover the rest of our top 10 and make your own mind up.

Click This Button To Check Availability

2: X Rocker Mini Gaming Chair – (£64.90)

This Mini X Rocker gaming chair is the younger smaller version of the larger X Rocker.

These chairs are the type that sit on the floor and are designed for comfort, kicking back and relaxing.  Please note these are not designed as office chairs (just in case you wondered).

x rocker mini gaming chair

This seat is rather cute – and awesome at the same time.  Suited to under 10 year old’s.

  Take A Closer Look

  • Dimension wise you are looking at 57.4 x 43.6 x 37 cm.
  • When you open the packaging you get a 3.5mm audio cable and the chair.
  • It has a nice tough Black faux leather finish to it which feels like it will stand the test of time.
  • Also comes with access to their UK call centre for any specialist help you might need.

Perfect audio reproduction with the two speakers built into the upper section of the chair- for that brilliant immersive experience that comes with a chair like this.

Compatible with all known consoles.  The chair connects to your TV/Monitor’s “audio out” sockets, and the other end of the audio wire connects to the audio in socket on your chair.  This is by way of a 3.5mm cable.  If your TV’s audio out is anything other than that you may need an adapter.

For example:

The cable above (Click to view the cable on Amazon, it costs around £2.50) is for if your audio out is RCA.  Many TV’s will simply have a standard 3.5mm jack audio out though so the supplied cable will be fine.

Suffice to say that any X Rocker is usually going to be good.  They are leaders for a reason and by and large most of their chairs are pretty solid choices to consider.

Finally if you just want to sit in your chair and watch Youtube on your phone or tablet you can do that too.  You could even cable the tablet to the chair speakers to enhance the listening experience.. would be handy if you’re trying a bit of Karaoke.. “a La Gamer chair style”!

Just remember that although it is well made, once your child grows they may want a larger one.  On a side note the audio reproduction is never going to be a state of the art audio sensation but it is adequate enough for most things.

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3:  i-eX® Rookie Bean Bag Gaming Chair – (£49.99)

i-eX rookie Bean Bag Gaming Chair

We like the i-eX Rookie even though it’s only really suited up to the age of around 12.  I had to enlist the help of my 10 year old to assist me (he is a big Roblox and Minecraft fan!) 

  Take A Closer Look

There are quite a few adult gaming bean bags on the market too (take a look here) which would obviously get a lot more use, but for kids rooms the i-eX Rookie is perfect.

Clearly it’s a bean bag but a bean bag that is shaped to provide more support for your neck and back and helps provide a great gaming position.

I’d just like to point out that my son is quite heavy handed in everything he does.  Our sofa is used as a springboard / adventure park more times than I care to mention, despite several warnings.  This chair has been a bit of a godsend and to be honest it’s his new “best thing”.

We popped it onto the floor in his bedroom and with a little adjustment of the monitor he stayed pretty quiet for a long time.

Later he came down and said “that chair is sick daddy”… sick?  I said?  Yes he smiled, “sick”.

Clearly Uk slang meaning “brilliant”  🙂

So our summary is that the i-eX Rookie is the ideal child’s gaming chair (and dare we say it even a few adults too!)

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4: Racing Sport Swivel Computer / Office Chair (Model J-145) By Cherry Tree Furniture – £69.99

racing sport swivel chair

  Take A Closer Look

Great looking, and a major improvement in your average computer chair.  This one makes you feel like you are sitting behind the wheel of a 1000 horsepower set of wheels, ready and waiting for your command.

The appeal with this chair is it can be used for every day office or other desk work.  Then when the office work is done, it’s time to kick up a gear and get into racing mode – or fighting mode – or challenge mode – or whatever gaming mode you want to.


  • Height adjustable
  • Tilt function
  • 360 degree rotation
  • Lumbar support for longer comfort levels
  • Fire retardant
  • Holds up to 120kg (18.8 stones) in weight
  • Heavy duty castor wheels


Height from seat back to floor: 110 to 120cm. Height from seat to floor: 47 to 57 cm. Seat back height x seat width: 80 x 53 cm. Seat depth x seat width: 51 x 51 cm. Height From floor to Armrest: 68 to 78 cm.

This unit is easy to assemble.  It comes with a supplied allen key and instructions.

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5: GT Omega Pro Gaming Office Chair (Model OC-F0013) – (£179.95)

If your budget can afford a premium product then this is a definite worthy contender.  The GT Omega pro is many gamers’ first choice in chairs.  However note that it also serves as a BRILLIANT orthopaedic supportive office chair, so you could it to make sure you always have the best seat in the office.


  Take A Closer Look

Also available in Black and White leather finish, as well as Blue and Black leather finish and also a Green and Black leather finish.


gt omega pro OC-F0013 gaming office chair dimensions
Almost every aspect is adjustable

(A comparable adjustable similar chair:  Speedlink Regger)

Comfort levels are good but firm.  That’s provably a good thing in our opinion.  certainly better for your posture over longer gaming periods.

The chair overall is very well made and allows for adjustment in pretty much any place you need.

Brilliant for small and taller people – even those over 6 foot tall  (and 16 stone) will enjoy this chair.

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6: Hi-BagZ® Gaming Faux Leather Bean Bag Chair Model – 000HBKFL013 – (£39.99)

hi-bagz gaming beanbag faux leather blue chair  Take A Closer Look

Usually closer to £90, at the time of our testing this was priced at just under £40 (a superb price!).  It’s devastatingly comfy and for the price we were left laughing before sitting down for the testing stage.

So joking aside what did we think to it?

  • The stitch work was second to none.
  • The shape is really good, in so much that it supports your neck really well when laying back for some serious gaming time.
  • It’s got double stitching and double zips for strength.
  • The material is easy to wipe clean, so easy to keep hygienic during hot sticky summers.
  • Other colours available (The Pink gaming beanbag chair is especially cheap at £27.99!)

  Click This Button To Check Availability

7: CTF PRO Racing Gaming High Back PU Leather Metal Frame Swivel Office Chair with Height Adjustable Amrests (Green) – £95.99

In at number 7 is this dark horse entering the Foray.

It’s made by Cherry Tree Furniture (aka CTF) and with it’s vivid Lime Green colour scheme it looks just superb!  It looks similar to the GT Omega Pro but is almost half the price.

  Take A Closer Look


  • Quality build – it’s a full metal frame built structure with superb comfort levels.
  • Has an included headrest pillow and lumbar support cushion which can be removed – making it great for work rest or play!
  • Adjust the armrests (between 60 and 72cm in height), the seat height and also benefit from multiple recline positions.
  • Passed SGS and BIFMA tests for guaranteed quality and durability.

  Click This Button To Check Availability

8.  Cyber Rocker £59.99 (usually £99.99)

Surprisingly this generic branded chair opened our eyes!

For all intents and purposes it is a superb gaming chair and connects to all major consoles, ipads, tablets phones etc.

This particular gaming chair seriously surprised us.  It’s just like a high end gaming chair but without the associated price tag.  Crazy.

  • It features twin integrated speakers for that expected audio experience.
  • It is compatible with all game consoles and with PC`s Tablets and iPhones & iPads etc.
  • It comes with a standard 1 years warranty from the manufacturer.
  • It can be folded in half for easier storage when not in use.
  • Perfect for use with your gaming setup
  • Can be used when you just want to listen to MP3’s etc.
  • Connect several chairs together for the ultimate gaming party.
  • Easy to use controls.
The control panel features:
  • Headphone socket
  • RCA jack input
  • RCA jack output
  • Volume control/ Bass and Treble
  • Blue-lit Control panel
  • Able to connect to other seats via the RCA jack connections


9: Noblechairs “Epic” –  Holds Up To 180kg (28 Stones) In Weight (Real leather or PU Vegan option)

“A luxury office / executive / gaming chair that you feel like you could sit in  for weeks without any aches or stiffness.”


Looking for “premium quality” ?

Epic is the name.  Epic is the price too.

This chair oozes high end sophistication

This chair holds up to 28 stones in weight, and it has a 2 year warranty to go with it.

Executive office or high class gaming chair – the choice is yours.

Every part of this chair is fantastically desirable.  You feel like you’ve sneaked into the office of someone incredibly important and trying out their chair, measuring yourself up for the position.

So what’s this high end product REALLY like?

Comfortable for a start.

Here’s what features it comes with (according to Amazon)


  • Extra soft and thick real leather, with 55% density freshly moulded cold foam for optimal breathability & comfort.
  • Reclinable to 135 degrees, with arm rests adjustable in 4 dimensions for fleixble adjustment options.
  • 180kg maximum user weight with a 2 year UK warranty for peace of mind.
  • 60mm PU castors for soft & hard floors, with both neck and lumbar support cushions supplied.
  • Ergonomically & expertly designed with a solid steel frame, premium stitching and debossed logo.


Click This Button To Check Availability

10. X-Dream Rocker Ultra 4.1 Bluetooth Gaming Chair – (£99.95)

Who else wants all the features but for a fraction of the price?

Thought so.

That was our initial thought once we realized what we had here.

A chair that is so comfy and offers Bluetooth connectivity and so much more.

  Take A Closer Look

Here is what it looks like:

Vibration, power and bass controls..

A wonderful vibration motor ensures you are placed right into the middle of the action whether that be an epic battle on COD, or watching a move.

All the controls you could ever need.

Link two or more together for the ultimate cinema experience.

When we opened it, it was pleasing to see that every last item was well packaged.  Smaller parts in a separate box to the bigger parts all inside one big box.

Overall we really like this chair.  For the money it’s a great chair and has features not normally found within this price range.

Click This Button To Check Availability

Best Gaming Chairs Sources / references

Places we found helpful when conducting our research:

Amazon – for product research


x-Rocker – for understanding connectivity



The Best Wireless Speakers 2018

top 10 best wireless speakers

Discover our 10 Best Wireless Speakers For 2018

Nothing beats high quality music from your home audio setup.  Wouldn’t it be nice if your speakers had no wires?

Just can’t beat true quality audio.

Beautiful sound comes from beautiful equipment and when you “find it” you fall in love with the brand.

Before we proceed, if you are in a rush, here it is – our best rated Wireless speaker.  It is the August WS300

Simple business common sense, so why do so many manufacturers miss this point?


Let’s talk about wireless speakers.. and talk about what we went through to find 10 of the best.

For those into innovative smart home choices, audio  has to be of the very highest calibre.  We deserve the best don’t we?




Here is our top 10, and further down the page you can see the in-depth feedback for each one!


Speaker NameImage DimensionsWeightComments

Editor's Choice!

sonos play 116.2 x 12 x 12 cm1.8 KgiPad/iPhone ONLY, Multi-room, stream different media to different rooms.
2: Anker SoundCore Portable Speakeranker portable 6w bluetooth speaker16.5 x 4.5 x 5.4 cm299 g6W Dual-Driver Portable Bluetooth Stereo Speaker with 24-Hour Playtime
3: Bluesound PULSE FLEXbluesound pulse flex speaker12.5 x 18.3 x 10 cm1.23 kgListen to all your music in every corner. Use WiFi or ethernet cable.
4: Bose SoundTouch 10bose soundtouch 10 black or white14.1 x 8.7 x 21.2 cm1.9 kgLegendary Bose audio. Small in size, big on power.
5: Panasonic SC-ALL2EB-Kpanasonic sc all2eb w wireless multi room speaker11 x 17.4 x 12 cm4.2 kgMulti-room, connect via Wifi or Bluetooth, has clock and radio built in.
6: SONOS PLAY:5sonos play 515.4 x 36.4 x 20.3 cm6 kgImmersive sounds, custom made - top of the range wireless speaker.
7: EasyAcc Mini Portable Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker
Our Choice!
easyacc mini portable rechargeable bluetooth speaker view on amazon14.5 x 7.4 x 8.6 cm340 gTop rated portable mini speaker for your device/phone/tablet etc.
8: ION Audio Plunge Waterproof speakerview on amazon ion audioplunge8.5 x 26.5 x 15.7 cm1.1 kgBluetooth but included due to it's rugged good looks! Has a suction cup underneath!
9: August WS300 Multiroom wireless speakersaugust ws300 view on amazon25.6 x 8 x 10.3 cm1.5 kgGreat low to mid-priced multi-room wireless speaker.
10: GGMM 4ggmm m4 retro wireless speaker angle view on amazon35 x 11 x 15.3 cm2.7 KgRedDot award winner 2015. Gorgeous retro WiFi speaker

What can you do with a wireless speaker?

Well it depends if you are thinking about a portable speaker (for example when you are travelling) where a small speaker is big enough to pack into your weekend bag!  We do have one of these in our review below, but for now let’s discuss these speakers for in and around your home.

Imagine powering up your tablet from the kitchen, and being able to send one music album and have it playing in your bedroom.  Then send another album and have that playing in the living room.  Then how about streaming internet radio, from your phone and have that playing in the bathroom.

Our Highest Rated Wireless (no wires) Speakers Are:

After all our testing our conclusion is that our top TWO favourites are the:


View The August WS300 On Amazon

View The Sonos Play 1 On Amazon

In the news:

We just came across the JBL Clip 2.  These are handy wireless portable Bluetooth speakers that you can clip to, er, pretty much anything.  Your bike, your belt, your bag.  Handy if you’re on the beach and don’t want sandy hands over your phone for example!  We had to include this as we love the diversity of this and consider it to be one of the best wireless speakers for usability.  It may never be  in the same class as a Sonos for sound reproduction but it is just so handy to have!


soaking-in-the-bathIf you fancy some relaxing sounds of nature playing while in the bath, then using some portable wireless speakers will help! 

(No need to balance your phone on the shelf with it’s tinny sounds.)

Enjoy rich deep realistic stereo sounds as they were meant to sound.

Imagine doing all of those, all at the same time.. good eh?

So in essence, all of your music whether it is on your phone, PC/Mac or tablet can be played wirelessly.

Funky right?

For the “inner geek” who likes to stay ahead when it comes to having the latest and greatest tech stuff, a wireless speaker provides a certain level of ego boosting abilities.  In other words putting a big smug smile on their face.

How Does A Wireless Speaker Work?

It “talks” to your mobile phone, or computer or tablet through your home wi-fi connection.  It’s really quite clever.

Wireless devices can all communicate without wires and they do this through the air.


The most obvious of reasons why these speaker systems are GREAT is… can you guess?

No wires!

and-relax“..and relax!”   No wires means less stress!

When you are constructing your perfect “cinema room”, or audio setup, or your perfect “man space”, then the last thing you want is fiddling about laying down cables and trying to hide them behind carpets, scratching your fingers on the carpet grippers!

Yes, there is of course the obligatory power lead, so you’ll need to be somewhere close to a power supply but at least you don’t need speaker wires.

Also there is just no way you could easily pop speakers in different parts of your home and play your music through them if it wasn’t for wireless connectivity.

A wireless speaker is great if you are setting up an outdoor sound system – just plug in your speaker wherever you want(or use a unit that has battery option and has some waterproof features)

Fancy some tunes by the hot tub?  No problem.  Decking? No problem.  Garden shed?  No problem.

“Traditional speakers are just so last year, darling! You need to keep up with the times!”

Does They Suffer From “Buffering”?

best-wireless-speakers-buffering-issuesUnfortunately, yes it can, but you must remember that it is usually an issue with your wireless network, and all the various settings related to them.

Most of the time there aren’t many issues, but as you can imagine, sometimes things might “pause and stop, pause and play” in time with your wireless internet connection.

There are lot’s of reasons why buffering can happen, from interference (other wifi devices nearby), memory issues etc. and most of the time these problems can be fixed by visiting the support section of the speaker manufacturer – as this is something they would already have come across and found a way to get it sorted.

As long as you have a good wifi signal, most of the time there will be few issues.

Which One Is Right For Me?  Which Is The Best Portable Speaker?

Oooh now that’s a tough question to answer.  Of course, this is a deeply personal choice and a  lot of it comes down to your own personal eclectic taste, style preference, and/or power output as well as other features that are added into the mix.  Somehow the right combo of these will all add up and make you think “yep, this is the one for me“.

which wireless speaker should i choose

We have compiled what is believed to be the very best wireless speakers so you can choose the ones which mean the most to you.  In other words the audio reproduction that actually meet your needs.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in – enjoy our speaker reviews!

(… and be sure to pop a comment below with “any” feedback whatsoever – we love to talk so feel free to comment or get in touch – and finally… please share this if you love it 🙂)

Top 10 Best WiFi Speakers



First up we begin with Sonos and the PLAY:1.  This wireless speaker kickstarts the Sonos Play range.  There is also the Play:3 and Play:5 plus sound bars and subwoofers in the mix, however this beauty of a speaker oozes in sheer raw unedited talent.

Deep, crystal clear sound.
Compact and surprisingly powerful.


sonos play 1 wireless speaker
Forget about wires trailing everywhere when you go “smart”.

The Sonos Play:1 is “technically” an entry-level product, BUT you get incredible “bang for the buck” and it’s really hard to class it as “entry level” when it far outweighs many music systems around.  It is clearly far superior than most home systems and considerably cheaper than it’s older siblings (the Play:3 and Play:5) .


“In other words it simply should not be this good”.


The main features of the Sonos Play:1


  • Two “top class” custom-designed drivers with dedicated amplifiers.  These are class D digital amplifiers.  Previous classes of Amplifier (A,B and AB etc.,) allowed lot’s of reliable hard graft to be powered out, but there was typically either a lot of heat or weight that came as part of the package.  Not only that but in general the efficiency levels were pretty poor – i.e. 25% efficient, so a lot of wasted energy!  In contrast, a “Class D” amplifier is far more lightweight and far more efficient too.  They may not be the soul-saving answer to playing Guns and Roses at full volume but the improvements over previous amplifier classes are vast.  These particular amplifiers use switching technology to push and pull the audio waves as opposed to previous amp technology working on a linear basis.
  • trueplay-tuningSonos’ Trueplay™ tuning feature delivers sound that’s true to the music and right for the room.  This means that the smart speaker can actually figure out the best way to deliver sound based on your room and what is in it.  In other words it works out the acoustics of your room (for example the furniture in your room will affect the audio produced) so that you are rewarded with the best sounds possible.
  • Control all your music and streaming services from a single app (on your smartphone, tablet or computer).  Music setup shouldn’t be stressful.  No more restrictions with a wired system.  No more trying to get your speakers to “pair” to your phone or tablet.  No more ill-sounding audio due to your particular room.


  • wifi signal imageUses your WiFi. Easy to set up and allows you to expand your system over time.  Add as many Sonos play 1 speakers as you like.  Feature a speaker in every room of your house or mix and match with the whole Sonos family range and make your space a sound-enriching immersive space where you can drift away for your own quality time.
Pros Pros
  • A world class leader for a reason – incredible sounds.
  • Use alone, or build up various Sonos speakers and they will all connect seamlessly through your home network.
  • Play via their brilliant multiroom system, offering you the chance to stream multiple music sources to multiple rooms, all at the same time.
  • Extremely highly rated
Cons Cons

Trueplay room tuning is not yet offered for Android devices, only Apple iPhone/iPad etc devices are supported.

They are committed to finding solutions for android devices, however this is their current response:

Due to the wider range in devices on the Android platform using different software versions, microphones and ways to process audio we could not ensure a consistent and reliable Trueplay tuning experience thus far.   It’s absolutely our intent to support Trueplay on Android so know we haven’t lost sight of this gap and are quite unhappy about the lack of Android support.

Android users need to be aware of this inconvenience, but don’t let this distract you from what is otherwise a star performing speaker.


Our thoughts on the SONOS PLAY:1 :

As far as speakers go, this is a super speaker that pushes your music into new realms of immersive sound quality.  Sonos are right up there when it comes to some of the best around.

We wanted to give this a 10 out of 10 score however had to drop this slightly due to the inability to use “Trueplay” room tuning on Android phones and tablets.

The high rating remains as despite this, the overall result is still impeccably good by most peoples’ standards.  Once you experience a Sonos speaker system you will want to build up on this over time with other components for the whole house.

Click here to get all the facts or to buy the SONOS PLAY:1 Smart Speaker


2: Anker SoundCore AK-A3102011 6W Dual-Driver Portable Bluetooth Stereo Speaker

anker-portable-6w-bluetooth-speakerScoring a near perfect satisfaction rating the Anker portable stereo speaker is included in this list because you simply get “so much” for your money.  While it is not a dedicated home system, it can be used paired to your Bluetooth device whether that be tablet, phone or laptop.

Also offers USB charging for busy people on the go.

Ideally this speaker is “technically” wireless, as in no wires but it uses Bluetooth technology as opposed to using your home wireless network.

anker-totally-portableIt’s designed to be small, compact and portable.  Something you can pop into your coat pocket or handbag.

The vocal reproduction is truly fantastic and for a budget speaker its is definitely “one of the better ones out there”.

It lacks decent deep bass but don’t let that deter you.  If you listen to audiobooks primarily this portable speaker makes perfect sense.

You will be seriously impressed at how good this unit is.  For such a small speaker you do get a fabulous sound.

It pushes 3W x 2 of power via the two individual speakers built in to the unit.

Some interesting facts about Anker and their audio range:

  • More than 20 million people enjoy Anker audio.
  • Patented technology by Anker has enabled us to enjoy the benefit’s of a unique patented spiral bass port.  Couple this with dual full-ranger audio drivers to enjoy high class stereo audio.
  • You can easily stream lossless CD quality audio as far away as 66 feet!  Pop your Bluetooth speaker in the garden and keep your music device in the house – and just “enjoy” music for what it is – something to take you to another place, somewhere you feel in touch with your inner self.
  • Anker offer an outstanding 18 month worry free warranty – how’s that for no hassle, no stress and no quibbles!

Pros Pros
  • 24 hour battery life – or 500 songs can be played before recharging is required.
  • Perfectly suited as a companion for when outside gardening our out traveling.
  • Perfect for something that offers significantly more than your phone or tablet can offer, yet isn’t going to need the London palladium to max out it’s volume levels.
  • You can put two together via a cable such as this one to improve the stereo sound.
  • You can use it with your TV if your TV has Bluetooth connectivity.


Cons Cons
  • Not the best choice for superior deep enriching bass performance that fills a room, but for a brilliantly adequate star performer it is hard to beat!
  • Has a startup sound/shutdown sound that you might not be impressed with if wanting this for bedside use to drift to sleep to.
  • No mains charger cable provided – although there is a micro USB cable so you can charge via your phone or laptop etc. or via a mains adapter in just the same way as you charge your mobile phone.
  • Not for use with memory sticks or cards – purely for Bluetooth/cable.

Our thoughts on the Anker SoundCore AK-A3102011 6W Dual-Driver Portable Bluetooth Stereo Speaker

We wanted to put this into our list of top 10 best wireless speakers because it does offer audio without wires.  It is such a great compact and lightweight unit that almost doubles the battery life of other devices meaning you can play up to 500 songs before a recharge is needed (15 hours from 0% to 100% charge).

It’s use is designed to bridge the tinny sounds that come from laptops, tablets and many phones and provide that next step up.  It is nestled in beautifully between these devices and the heavier big boys costing 10 times the price.

Perfect for travel, camping, garden fun, playing movies through your tablet etc.

Not ideal for large parties.

We really like this speaker because it is very affordable and yet the clarity of the sound that comes out is amazing.

Click here to get all the facts or to buy the Anker SoundCore AK-A3102011

3: Bluesound PULSE FLEX

bluesound pulse flexReady to discover a whole new world of sound?  Enjoy the sheer class of Hi-res streaming in every room.  The Bluesound PULSE FLEX Hi-Res Speaker System offers premium serious grade quality audio and a high end build quality to rival anyone. 

Plenty to massage your musical tastes until you are whisked away into your own private world filled with stunning sounds.

All of your tracks will go through the most advanced audio processing each time you tap play for accurate studio-quality sound, letting you experience all of your music to the fullest without comprising quality for portability and size. source(


Pulse Flex Features:

  • •1 x 25mm (1″) TWEETER DRIVER
  • •1 x 89mm (3.5″) BASS DRIVER
  • For an alternative consider pulse minis

Let’s delve in to what you CAN do with the Pulse Flex:

  • Pop a speaker in a corner, on a bookshelf, out on the patio or even out when on your travels or a nice family picnic.
  • The option battery pack will let you enjoy up to 8 hours of streaming wireless (or Bluetooth aptX) wherever you are.. all you need to do is bring the tunes.
  • Use the speaker as part of a pair (expanding your  setup) and they will work in pairs to recreate fantastic stereo audio.

Good eh?

What is aptX Bluetooth?


With aptX® Bluetooth on Bluesound, you can wirelessly stream any music or app from a Bluetooth-enabled device in pure CD-quality, opening up a whole new realm of streaming possibilities while on the go with the PULSE FLEX. aptX® Bluetooth significantly reduces the bit rate without affecting audio quality or introducing latency issues, and lets you enjoy higher-quality streams in or outside your home.


The Bluesound Pulse family range:

Now, you can also enhance with other Pulse speakers.  In the Bluesound family there are other variants such as the Pulse Mini, delightfully compact yet twice as powerful as many other similar speakers), and the Pulse 2 which is an all in one player as well as speaker.  There is also the powerful Pulse sub (pop it under a sofa and enjoy the immersive sound quality!), and not forgetting the Pulse soundbar to bring your TV to life.

One of the best Bluetooth speakers money can buy right now.

Are You Living The WiFi Life? (Bluesound video)

Operate the speakers via your downloadable Bluesound Pulse app for your phone or tablet etc.

This particular speaker is available in both Black or White options.

Pros Pros

Multi-speaker Multiroom system through Wifi or Ethernet or Bluetooth aptX Control via your BlueOS app (downloadable to your phone or tablet or laptop etc.).

Cons Cons

Slightly higher priced when compared to the Sonos, however this unit is generally perceived as being higher quality. You get what you pay for.

Our thoughts on the Bluesound PULSE FLEX Hi-Res Wireless Audio System

Certainly very high quality – premium grade in fact.  The quality comes with a slightly heftier price tag than others.  In no way are we knocking this speaker.  It makes for incredible audio enjoyment and is designed to last.

Choose this speaker and build up your system as time and budget permits, if you simply want the best.

Click here to get all the facts or to buy the Bluesound PULSE FLEX

4: Bose SoundTouch 10 Wireless Music System

bose soundtouch 10 black or whiteEntering into the list is our next choice, and it’s an offering from Bose, the Soundtouch 10 wireless music speaker system.  When you want a trusted long standing brand, Bose is the obvious choice.  Since 1964 they have been wowing customers with their legendary audio reproduction.

Like other wireless audio systems featured here you get the ability to build up your collection of speakers right around the home, all with varying levels of power output.  They can all be paired together to enable stereo reproduction to fill the room, and the whole system can be connected together and controlled via an app for your smartphone or laptop.

So What IS The Soundtouch 10?

The 10 is one of 3 in this range, the Soundtouch 10, Soundtouch 20 and Soundtouch 30.  Each one is more powerful than it’s younger sibling.  The 10 which is being reviewed here scores a high satisfaction rating of close to 90% meaning that the vast majority of people who own it really like it.

Bose Soundtouch 10 features:

  • Part of the Bose family
  • Small in size, BIG on performance
  • Use many music sources such as Spotify, internet radio, iTunes, Deezer
  • Connects via WiFi and Bluetooth to enhance your capabilities
  • Extremely stylish
  • Classic Bose sound quality

Questions about the Bose Soundtouch 10

Can Bose Soundtouch systems be used on public Wifi such as in public places?

No, unfortunately the signup process is different.  Bose remain firmly planted in their decision to make these speakers for dedicated home use.

Are there battery options for these speakers?

No unfortunately the Bose Soundtouch range is mains powered only

How many systems can be connected wirelessly at the same time?

It depends on your home Wifi network (this is the same for any connected speaker system).  Most home networks will work fine with around 4 wireless speaker systems, and it is advised to connect others via ethernet cable, or choose a Wifi booster unit.

Pros Pros
  • Legendary Bose brand and sound quality
  • Ultra stylish
  • Some of the most hauntingly good sounds you will ever experience, bar none!
  • Bose are pioneers in sound quality.
Cons Cons
  • Cannot be used with public WiFi
  • Cannot be used away from the home – there are no battery packs
  • Cannot be used with TV audio.
  • Cannot be used with DAB/AM/FM – only internet radio or other various streaming services such as Spotify or music stored on your device.

Our thoughts on the Bose Soundtouch 10

Despite it having the legendary name behind it, the Bose Soundtouch 10 falls down on it’s ability to be used in a portable manner.  You cannot add any battery packs (for outdoor use), and cannot connect to any public Wifi spaces meaning this is purely for home use only.

Perhaps this is just a minor gripe.  I’m sure most people would not want to transport their expensive speakers out on a Picnic.  If you are happy in this fact that these speakers are for home use only then you are on to a winner in terms of style and performance and trusted reliability.

Bose are renowned for their audio reproduction, and if you want to guarantee a good first impression, choose Bose.  We do think they have missed a trick when it comes to portability and are simply relying on their exceptional audio quality.  This would be a clear winner if they enabled battery packs.  However that said with Bose, it’s all about the listening.

Click here to get all the facts or to buy the Bose Soundtouch 10

5: Panasonic SC-ALL2EB-K Wireless MultiRoom Audio Speaker System

panasonic-sc-all2eb-w-wireless-multi-room-speaker-frontleft-high-viiew-on-amazonWant a versatile surround sound speaker system?  Take a very close look at this the Panasonic SC-ALL2EB-K.  A great speaker with a GREAT price tag!

Introducing a speaker that wants to be a lot of things to a lot of people.

Not confined to just a few music sources, the Panasonic speaker let’s you stream from your laptop/PC/tablet or phone, plus also your TV, DAB and more!

Look at what’s on offer: (source

  • Enjoy Online Music Services Spotify/ TuneIn/ Napster & More – in fact you can stream virtually all music sources with this speaker – it’s so versatile!
  • Easy-to-Use Design One Touch Access to Your Favorite Music – simply pre-set one of the 6 buttons and press to play
  • Expandable Wireless Multi-room System Multi-Zone/ Party Mode, Stereo Pairing – what more could you possibly want?
  • Alarm Clock and Radio function – perfect for those morning wake up calls to the sound of guns and roses “sweet child of mine!”.
  • Add these to other speakers in the family to recreate true stereo surround sound systems – connect to soundbars, bass units and more.
  • Custom set 6 buttons to be readily set to your favourite music source (internet radio/music library etc.) – your favourite album is just a button away
  • Easy to setup – connect to your home wifi, and download the Panasonic streaming app, then give each speaker it’s own name (kitchen, dining room, etc.)
  • Build quality to enjoy – stylish and a speaker to put a smile on your face!
  • Stream the sound from movies you are watching on your device, to the speakers via Bluetooth streaming for that totally “in the zone” listening experience!
  • A LOT cheaper compared to similar speakers from the likes of Sonos – this speaker may not be quite as refined as a Sonos, and yet it delivers great performances time after for a fraction of the cost – and the bonus is you can multi-room them, pair them up and enjoy the versatility of this wonderful wireless speaker 2017.

Take a look at this video showing this great speaker:

These speakers are designed for small-ish rooms, when used on their own, however if you purchase two you can then pair them up to each other to truly reproduce stunning stereo audio.

The sound reproduction is all down thanks to an 80 mm full-range speaker which provides your ears with wonderful open, detailed, well rounded sound, while an innovative Long Stroke Woofer produces levels of bass you’d normally only hear from much larger speakers.

Pros Pros
  • Very versatile
  • Stylish
  • Easy to use
Cons Cons
  • Cannot connect via USB
  • Not suitable to fill entire rooms full of people, unless you get a pair

Our thoughts on the Panasonic SC-ALL2EB-K wireless multi room speaker

It’s versatility is it’s biggest feature.  Sure this isn’t going to be the most powerful speaker on the market, but for what it can do, you’ll find yourself using it all week long for whatever you are doing.  Maybe watching youtube videos, or streaming a film on your tablet.  You might also be streaming classical music to the kitchen where culinary masterpieces are being created.

All of this, all at the same time?

Unless you are madly obsessed with perfect sounds this will fit the needs(and pockets) of most people.


Click here to get all the facts or to buy the Panasonic SC-All2EB-K


Looking for the “piece de resistance?  The creme de la creme?  The best of the best?”  Take a long hard look at the SONOS PLAY:5 wireless speaker system (2nd generation) – a high end premium modern wonder when it comes to thrilling audio reproduction.  This is the one to look at when only the best will do.  This improved version is quite literally “stunning”.

When you truly want some of the best wire-less speakers, make sure Sonos feature among your shortlisted items.


Well over 90% of purchasers who get this end up giving this product the thumbs up.

The SONOS PLAY:5 represents the ultimate smart speaker – where quality knows no boundaries.  This is the ultimate premium wireless speaker if you are looking for the best, most realistic sound reproduction offered in crystal clear clarity no matter what the volume.

As with most Sonos speakers they can be paired up with another one to generate a true stereo audio experience second to none.  Pair them up with a Sonos sound bar and subwooofer for the ultimate experience.

More brains. More brawn. More brilliant.

With its relevant, gracefully restrained design, its precise acoustic fidelity, and its ever-evolving software smarts, the Sonos PLAY:5 is an intuitive audio powerhouse that will transform your home listening experience right now – and for as long as you love music.

source: Sonos

So why Sonos 5 and why not another one?

With any long term audio setup, it’s an investment and a Sonos investment will stand the test of time no matter how often it’s used and at what volume levels.

Sure you could go spend £6000 on a Genelec speaker system but for a fraction of the cost you get something that comes pretty darned close!

Take a look behind the scenes of the all new Sonos play:5

  • Easy to set up.  Connect it to your wifi and you are ready to begin streaming your music.  Whether on your phone or tablet, laptop or PC, if you can stream it over Wifi then you are all set to go.
  • Enjoy truesound (Iphone or iPad only currently) to detect the room environment and acoustics and the system will make adjustments so you hear only the best, time after time.
  • The smart speaker system – these Sonos speakers get smarter more and more with time.  The longer you own the speakers the better they become.  They receive updates that improve the sound quality and reproduction.
  • One app, total control – everything controlled from one simple app.
  • All the music, anywhere in the home.  with access to over 100,000 streaming internet radio stations you can find and play different music in every room of your home where you have additional SONOS speakers situated.
Pros Pros
  • Professional high end premium quality wireless speaker system 2017
  • Designed to last and last no matter what the volume level
Cons Cons
  • Truesound cannot currently be used on Android devices – only iPhones or iPads – this feature which lets you “scan” your room with the app by walking around it.  The app then records the acoustics of the room and uses this data to ensure the best sound setup is played.

Our thoughts on the Sonos play:5

Let’s kick off by saying a “powerhouse” of an audio device.  It’s smart and improves with time and future updates.  Acoustically it’s a very high standard of audio reproduction that you are blessed with listening to.  So in a nutshell it’s a fantastic speaker and worth the extra cost.

You will find it hard to find any major flaws with the sounds that are played.  In fact you will find yourself surrounded by plenty of music fans who want to “tag along” to enjoy your next album.

If you are looking to buy a premium grade system then you won’t go too far wrong with a Sonos system.  The Sonos play:5 wireless speaker is an awesome standalone speaker with plenty of deep rich bass reproductions.

We are talking epic sound quality.  It’s like listening to your whole music collection all over again – you will genuinely be blown away with the clarity and finesse of the sounds that come out.

Click here to get all the facts or to buy the SONOS PLAY:5 wireless speaker

7: EasyAcc Mini Portable Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker with Microphone for Tablet/Laptops – Titanium Black

Even though technically not for a home system setup we wanted to include the Easyacc mini portable rechargeable bluetooth speaker in here because it comes with so much positive enthusiasm from us, and others who have previously purchased these.  They are ridiculously cheap speakers and provide so much fun!


Pop in a Micro Sd card and boom, you’re off playing music through the speaker – good for lazy days at the beach or slipping slowly through idyllic country on a canal boat with relaxing music in the background.

Basically music to suit you when it suits you, with no confinements!

What else can it do?  Tell me more!

How about the fact it can let you use your phone “hands free”… yep, it’s got a microphone, so you can use it to answer phone calls and use this speaker as the audio – great for when travelling – saves trying to strain your ears to hear mum at the other end tell you that dinner will be ready at 6pm.

Built in rechargeable battery – charge it via laptop / pc / tablet , wall socket, or via a special easyacc power pack or easyacc solar charger – too good for those fab fun days out with the family -picnic time anyone?

It’s Titanium Black – even the name sounds super cool, born with strength and seemingly indestructible – perhaps a superhero in disguise?

Brilliant price tag! Affordable by anyone!

Clearer voice calls possible – all thanks to it’s wonderful cylinder shaped microphone that can reduce background noises when using voice calling (speakerphone must be within 20cm)

You can buy a separate fab looking carry case – even Titanium needs some TLC from time to time.

Just look at this!

So much stuff for so little money.

The lowdown on the EasyACC mini Bluetooth portable rechargeable Bluetooth speaker

If you are after a fab little speaker that is well made, very versatile and low on cost then this has to be it.  Use it when hanging out with friends, and streaming youtube music in the background from your phone or tablet.

Fun – sorted.  Music – sorted.  Evening – sorted.

Pros Pros
  • Amazing powerful well made speaker
  • Incredibly versatile – use the wire and tune into radio stations, – use the microphone and enjoy loud clear hands free phone action
  • Would be fantastic if listening to an audio book, or relaxing with classical music
  • What’s NOT to love about this  – we think it is one of the best wireless speakers – even though technically not wireless as in wifi, it’s Bluetooth only, there’s still no wires when listening through it – and for that we love it!
Cons Cons
  • None whatsoever – although you could argue tor 4-5 hour play time is one, but why not just charge it while using it (you can do this), or purchase the battery power pack above and enjoy fun fun fun all day long.

Our thoughts on the EasyACC mini portable Bluetooth speaker

Stylish, portable and superb value for money.  We really love this wireless Bluetooth speaker because it is so compact it can be taken just about anywhere and connect to your phone or tablet for voice calls or simply to stream music.

Use it for sitting out on the patio with friends in the evenings with your favourite memory creating tunes playing seamlessly in the background and you’ll very quickly warm to this fab piece of kit.

It is of course Bluetooth, not exactly “wifi”, but wireless, yes, and for that it made it onto this list.

One of our firm favourites.

Click here to get all the facts or to buy the EasyAcc Bluetooth mini speaker

8: ION Audio Plunge Waterproof speaker

One of the best fully waterproof speakers we have seen for quite some time.  The ION Audio Plunge waterproof Bluetooth speaker certainly hit’s the mark for performance, style and versatility!  If you are heading out to a party at the bottom of the ocean then this is for you.  What’s more, the fact is that 100% of people generally LOVE this speaker (and this is very hard to beat!)


On a more realistic note though, there are times when a waterproof speaker makes so much sense.  You need your music with you and you just do not care where that location may be.

Beach or poolside?  No problem!  USB charging?  No problem! Out on a family picnic and caught in a sudden shower burst?  No problem.  if you’re not ready to run indoors and want to enjoy the rain (and your music then here is where the fun begins!

Use the suction cup and enjoy it while taking a shower.  Place it near you when in the hot tub and slowly drift into audio heaven.

Like infamous disco diva loving nightclub pool parties, you can enjoy the same fun splashing round with friends with the music playing reliably, never letting you down.

Featuring a booming sound, IPX7 technology (helping it stay working when wet), USB charging and Bluetooth connectivity, it’s another Bluetooth speaker to feature on our “wireless” list because of it’s versatile abilities.

Features of the ION Audio Plunge (source amazon):

  • IPX 7 waterproof fully submersible Bluetooth speaker with built-in microphone
  • Stream audio via Bluetooth or connect audio devices via the aux port
  • Dual full range drivers and rear firing bass radiator deliver powerful audio
  • Control your compatible smartphone’s virtual assistant at the touch of a button
  • Rugged rubberised design, titanium grill and handle for portability

Watch the Ion Audio plunge video showing it’s best features:

Pros Pros
  • Waterproof – literally
  • Bluetooth – keep your main audio equipment nice and dry nearby
  • Use it to control various Bluetooth process such as Siri or leaving a calendar appointment – directly from the speaker itself!
  • It gets amazing feedback
Cons Cons
  • None!

Our thoughts on the ION Audio Plunge

We had to include this speaker simply because it receives RAVE reviews, and almost every single person who has purchased it say’s “WOW!” – certainly something to think about.

For sure you’re not exactly going to really listen to under water music, or enjoy pool parties under water, but use it during lazy summer days or with you in the hot tub, or for when taking on an ABBA singalong in the shower and it is very hard to beat.

It produces a really nice sound that is more than adequate for the vast majority of situations and it nestles quite nicely into an affordable price range that makes it your go to choice of speaker every time you head on out, not knowing what the weather may hold.

Click here to get all the facts or to buy the IOn Audio Plunge waterproof Bluetooth speaker


9: August WS300 Multiroom speakers

This August WS300 wireless multiroom system speaker makes it into our top ten best wireless speakers because like all the others on this list, it delivers wonderful sounds and great versatility.  Thankfully we weed out the poor products to bring you this list.


Price wise it is fairly priced and sounds every bit as good as higher priced speakers.  You can use it in multi room mode by purchasing more than one (at times you may get a deal where it is 30% off when you buy 3) and the speakers can be set up in various rooms, or even having two to make a stereo pair for impressive room filling sound.

The vast majority of people will love this speaker although you may consider some minor issues as annoying (at worst)

Minor issues noted include the fact that the speaker doesn’t remember volume levels from previous use.  In addition, the rear sliding switch may feel a little stiff.  This is good for travel though to avoid any accidental turning on or off.

You also need to find the app called “August Alink” in the app store as the named app in the manual is not correct.

Product Features (taken direct from Amazon):

  • Wireless Multiroom Sound System with Subwoofer – Control the sound throughout your house, up to 4 WS series speakers can be controlled through your phone. Chose the music in your study, lounge, bedroom and hall and control the volume from wherever you are.
  • Incredible build quality
  • Stereo Separation – Combine multiple speakers in the same room to create powerful, dynamic stereo sound systems.
  • App Streaming – Stream playlists and stations from Tidal, Spotify, TuneIn and iHeart Radio directly through WiFi.
  • Multiple Connections – Connect via Bluetooth, 3.5mm cable and power using plug or 22 hour internal battery ideal for home systems or portable audio.

August WS300 Pictures:

Pros Pros
  • The same multi room features as many higher priced speakers – use in pairs, single, or connect up to 4 around the home via Bluetooth, WiiMu and WiFi
  • Stream thousands of music sources and your own music content
  • Amazing sounds even at low volume – great deep bass sounds emanate out.
Cons Cons
  • Build quality might not be “immaculate” premium grade when compared to higher priced units, however it is priced affordable and still deliver fantastic sound (15 Watts) – only a very minor “con”.

Our thoughts on the August WS300

In a nutshell, you get premium grade sound quality at a not so premium price.  The style is pleasant, however there may be a few very minor niggles.  These are really only niggles if you are expecting “high end” materials otherwise this does represent a fantastic speaker at a superb price.

The sound quality is SUPERB.  The audio sounds great even at low volumes with nice pleasant deep tones.

If you are venturing into a wireless setup but don’t wish to pay crazy money then you won’t go wrong with the August WS300 setup.  All speakers in this list are at the top of their game.

Click here to get all the facts or to buy the August WS300 speaker

10: GGMM M4 Portable Retro WiFi Speaker

Audio doesn’t have to be boring.  Enjoy the retro charm with this vintage styled GGMM M4 retro styled speaker with shoulder strap.  It comes with a whopping 40W output, can be used both indoor and outdoor and features DLNA.  It can be used with the likes of Spotify, Pandora and iHeartradio.  It also boasts a 10 hour playtime and comes with a FAB 2 year warranty!  Let’s dive in and take a closer look.



Vintage chabby chic just took on a whole modern twist with the M4 and it’s designed to fill your auditory senses with amazing music.

As well as looking super good, it also works hard to enable multiple connection modes, which include the following:

  • – 3.5mm aux input
  • – Bluetooth
  • – Wifi direct
  • – Wifi router connection mode
  • – AirPlay

The battery on this speaker can last up to 10 hours on a single charge – pretty much long enough for continuous play on a full day out.

You can set each speaker to left or right when you want to pair them as a stereo pair for enhanced sounds and a more enjoyable listening experience.

Get the GGMM app for your phone or tablet and use it to control the audio in various rooms.  Simple and easy to use.

Take a look at some of the GGMM M4’s main features:

Below you can view some of the photos of this speaker.

It is made from wooden casing with a rich leather binding wrapped around it for that totally luxurious feel!  As well as the luxuriousness of the Microfiber Leather wrapped design the additional features include the built-in Wooden Cabinet, Aluminum Alloy plates, high-purity CNC Aluminum Ore Buttons, Customized Kevlar horns and a BASS button which boosts the bass for that ultimate deep rich sound experience you might be craving.

The GGMM M4 portable speaker is compatible with the following:

  • iOS 7.0 or above
  • iTunes 10.1 or above
  • Android 4.0 or above
  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8 onwards
  • Bluetooth 4.0 or below
Pros Pros
  • Use via WiFi or Bluetooth
  • Pair up and enjoy harmonious stereo sounds, or simply enjoy sounds through a single speaker
  • Compatible with iOS/Android/Windows/Mac OS platforms
  • Stream thousands of music sources and your own music content – compatible with iHeartradio, Pandora, Spotify
  • RedDot award winner 2015
  • More Easy Connecting Modes to Choose: Support Wi-Fi Direct Connecting and WiFi Router Mode, Bluetooth CSR 4.0 APT-X mode, 3.5mm AUX Cable Connecting Mode
  • Wifi Router Mode Allows Multiple Users to Stream Through the Wi-Fi Network, support Airplay/DLNA. Owner GGMM Music App for iOS and Android devices, Available in the Apple App Store and Google Play, which Allows Users Access to Stored or Online Music and Online Radio Function
  • Digital Amplifier Realtek DAC, Provides Superior Sound Quality.1x woofer Kevlar speaker+2x mid-range Kevlar speakers. Ample Sound and Deep Bass for an Experience of Rich Listening. No Sound Leakage with Wi-Fi Protocol during Transmission to HiFi Devices
  • It works with Airfoil, a third party app enabling multi-source and multi destination streaming
  • The speaker also allows NFC (near field communication) If you had a device that supported NFC then you can just tap the device to gain access to the speaker
Cons Cons
  • None really although you may not instantly fall in love with the app.

Our thoughts on the GGMM M4 portable wireless Bluetooth or Wifi speaker

Plenty of versatility and plenty of sound for your Great British pound.  This Apple MFI Certified GGMM M4 Leather Wireless Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Portable Outdoor or Indoor Speaker is right up there in our top ten list.

It comes complete with it’s own rechargeable battery delivering up to 10 hours of play time.   When listening, enjoy the rich deep bass via the 40W output.

Works with Airplay, DLNA, Spotify, Pandora, and multi-room play allowing you to stream your favourite online music.

It’s a nice design and pleasing on the ears.  Priced competitively, it’s one you can be proud to place in a prime position within your home.  Pair it up with another for a rich deep stereo pair, and then just kick back, feet up, head back and time to get yourself immersed in the bliss of the music.

Click here to get all the facts or to buy the GGMM M4 wireless speaker


Buyers Guide

Apart from choosing the one you like the look of, you need to take note of a few things when shopping for a speaker.  You need to think about the looks, the environment the speaker will be used in, and then the features of the speaker and of course whether or not you might consider expanding your speaker to a network of connected speakers for your home, all controlled by a single app.

Please thoroughly read each of the top ten best wireless speaker 2017 reviews listed here.  We have identified the ones that are Bluetooth and the ones that are WiFi – many are both incidentally.

The looks of the speaker are down to your own personal taste

SPEAKER ENVIRONMENT:  Get the right one for the job

For a start, you need to make sure you don’t get a speaker that is fabulous when used in your bedroom but poor in a large room full of people.  When you are wanting to fill a room of people with incredible sounds you will need something that is large and robust to deliver crystal clear sounds that set the perfect tone for the occasion.  A small cheap pocket rocket speaker just isn’t going to cut it when 30+ people all want to twist again to Jive bunny.

If the speaker simply isn’t powerful enough then again, people will go home early.  There is nothing quite like 10 people straining their ears to hear the latest Olly Murs single!

Choose the most appropriate speaker:

Do you intend to keep the speaker in the same place around the home, or regularly transport it, use it outdoors, round the pool, on a picnic etc?   There are options that have battery packs that can provide up to 8 hours of outdoor use.  You might even want to consider a wireless waterproof speaker for outdoor use or for use when in the shower and want to stream your favourite tunes to your inner paradise when getting ready for a night on the tiles!

EXPANDING YOUR SPEAKER SYSTEM:  Decide how far you will grow your system

If you fall in love with one particular brand, then you will probably want to use an app to control multiple wifi/Bluetooth speakers situated right around the home.. all from the touch of a screen on your phone or tablet or laptop etc.  You can comfortably have about 4 running wirelessly at the same time, after that it is recommended to hard wire the rest via ethernet cable (for your internet), or look at a wifi booster like this Sonos one.

Understanding Speaker features:

Bluetooth – if a speaker has Bluetooth conenctivity then you can connect using the Bluetooth spectrum via your phone or tablet or any other device that enables Bluetooth – this is handy for using the speaker for voice calls (if it has the ability).  Just remember the range of a Bluetooth connection isn’t too far so you’ll need to keep your device within about 10 metres maximum.  Not only that but the transmission ranges of Bluetooth are very slow when compared to WiFi.

WiFi – if a speaker has WiFi connectivity this means it can connect via your home WiFi network – in other words your own home internet connection, but without wires.  Generally  better speed wise when compared to Bluetooth, it can travel far further than Bluetooth, so makes a home network work well especially if you want a speaker down the bottom of the garden.  If your WiFi signal is intermittent you can always use a WiFi booster to enhance the signal – make sure it is placed ideally midway between your router and the speaker.

Stereo pair – this simply means you can use two separate speakers to mimic a left and right side speaker – much like when a band is playing inside a music studio – some instruments would be louder on the left speaker and others, such as guitar would be closer and sound louder on the right speaker.

Therefore when you use two speakers, you can place one in the left of your room and one in the right, and the software would manage the sounds so that it reproduces “as close to realistic sound” as possible.  This is easily demonstrated in a home TV speaker system setup.  If you have a film on where say a train is moving from right to left across the screen, the stereo reproduction will attempt to make it sound like the train is moving from the right of your room to the left “as though you were there”… in other words “immersing you deep into the film”


Alternatives to consider:

Bose Soundlink

Bose are renowned leaders and have been for decades.  Their expertise is legendary.


  • Bose soundlink mini ii.  The soundlink mini ii Bluetooth speaker comes with thousands of “very high” customer positive feedback reviews.
  • Get a bold stunning sound in a water resistant design.


Amazon Echo

Amazon are forward thinking innovators.

  • Amazon echos are truly brilliant
  • Talk to the speaker, ask it a question, tell it to play XYZ music, and it will.  It’s name is Alexa… Hello Alexa..”


JBL Flip

  • The JBL Flip 4 is a brilliant Bluetooth speaker – take a look and see for yourself why  – you can even link up to 100 of these amazing devices together for a truly incredible sopund experience!
  • Enjoy 12 hours of continuous music playback!


Bluesound Pulse Mini




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