Cement Mixer Assembly Instructions

Because there are a wide range of cement mixers available to buy, we cannot possibly show the exact assembly instructions for every last mixer, but we can show a good few and then offer some further helpful advice.

Cement mixer assembly – easy when you know how.

In a nutshell,

  • The drum typically screws onto a threaded bar.
  • The legs will all bolt together
  • The handles bolt onto the engine unit
  • You will then need to check for any missed bolts before powering things up.

When someone shows you how, it is often easier to do yourself, so for this write up we have decided to show as many videos as we can.

Let’s get started.

Belle Minimix 150 assembly instructions

Foxhunter Cement Mixer Assembly Instructions

foxhunter 120 litre electric cement mixerThis machine is not quite as well known as some of the more established brands.

It does have great reviews but it can be hard to gain GOOD helpful advice.

So here is a link to a person who purchased one, and was kind enough to write up his own “how to” guide.


How To Assemble MOST Cement Mixers

The video below is over 30 minutes long but very detailed.  If you are struggling to find an answer for your cement mixer then this video may help provide some insight.

The video goes over the typical setup where the motor is to the right, and the mixer is on a stand.


Helpful links:


If you are struggling even after these video’s then the next step is to contact the manufacturer, or failing that to contact a local machinery sales shop.  These shops typically fix machines like this day in day out and would likely have no issues, but this would come at a cost unfortunately.


If you can update us with any correct information it would be greatly received so we can maintain an up to date list.

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