Dewalt Work Boots Review – Men’s Titanium (6 Month Update) – We Bought These


A review of my Dewalt work boots

In my industry (lawn care), I typically use either safety wellingtons or safety boots depending on the work I am doing. Many times I have simply purchased the cheapest work boots I could find, but these typically only last 2 months. So in light of this, I recently bought myself some Dewalt men’s Titanium work boots and this is my personal hands-on review.

Dewalt Work Boots Review - Men's Titanium

Almost 6 months of wearing the Dewalt Mens Titanium work boots – how have they fared?  Watch the short video to see for yourself.

Overall they’re still just as good as the day I got them.

When I first got these boots they developed an annoying squeak, but that soon went away.  I spent the next few months wearing them 5 or 6 days a week up to 12 hours a day and in all weathers.

The Dewalt men’s Titanium work boots have performed BRILLIANTLY.

They are conveniently available on Amazon if you are looking to get some as your next pair.

These work boots are typically the best one’s around at a fair price when you look at the multitude of personal reviews on Amazon for instance. In fact, I also did a comparison of these boots and a few other top-rated boots in my ultimate “best work boots” guide which you can read here if you want to.

Click here to go get these boots on Amazon if you’re ready

So at the time of writing this, I have now owned the boots for around 2 weeks.  My findings so far are as follows:

The good

  • Very comfortable
  • Good all-round steel protection in the toes and under the sole
  • Waterproof (yay!)

The not so good

  • I encountered a blister on day 3 – although I had done a mountain of walking with work that day and had kept them on for 16 hours, so maybe I should have bedded them in a bit more.
  • They squeak!  It’s not the end of the world, but I’m hoping this goes away.  I’ve also seen a few tips on youtube on stopping shoes from squeaking so I can try those if I feel the need.

So let’s look at them and explain why these are consistently some of the best sellers.

I think the pricing is fair.  Around the £60 to £70 mark.  It’s a bit more than I would like to spend, but I’m thinking they may actually outlive several of the cheaper pairs of work boots I often go for.  So time will tell.  If plenty of folks are saying how good they are then that’s a definite tick for me.

So just to prove how good these boots are, I’m actually still wearing these boots as I type this.  That’s after a very long day too!  I came in to finish up this review and completely forgot I was wearing them.

What are they made from?

  • The upper is full-grain leather.  Naturally comfortable. 
  • The toe cap is steel. 
  • The midsole is steel. 
  • The sole is TPU dual density. 
  • There is a padded collar too!

What is the warranty like?

12 months warranty against any defects due to poor craftsmanship.

Why should I choose these boots?

Padded tongue and collar

If you are sick of boots wearing out fast then try these. price wise they are a modest step up in price, but you suddenly get into better territory with better features.

They are easier to fasten

With the metal quick release hooks at the top as opposed to lace eyelets.  Perfect for getting big boots on and off too.  In addition, this does mean you can also tighten them or loosen them to your own satisfaction.

Wider fitting

A good percentage of people enjoy a wider fitting boot.  I personally have always had wider feet and so these feel perfectly comfortable to me.

Peace of mind

At least your toes are protected from a 200-joule impact, and the sole of your feet is protected if you happen to stand on any sharp objects.  That’s a godsend if you happen to work in and around overgrown gardens where there may be glass, needles or knives thrown in by mindless criminals.

At the same time, the heel area is reinforced giving you further protection from any bumps.

You also get peace of mind knowing that the soles are impressively non-slip as much as they can be.  The soles are also heat resistant up to 180 degrees.  Handy, I’m sure for some people!

The waterproofing helps keep your feet dry all day long.

Breathable and antibacterial liner

This is one feature that’s often understated.  It’s important your feet have the ability to breathe to help minimise fungal infections, rubbing/chafing and soreness.  The antibacterial properties help keep feet fresh as well as dry!


These boots outlive other boots.  If you live and work in wet conditions you will quickly realise the benefits of these from a cost-saving point of view.  If you read some of the “many” amazon reviews you quickly see how people claim these boots last “18 months”, “20 months” and “many years”.  When you add this up, you soon see that you are in fact saving money as opposed to spending money every 2 months on a £25 cheapo set of boots!

Dewalt work boots in Summary

I’m not saying these Dewalt men’s Titanium work boots are the best thing since sliced bread.  Not at all.  There are dozens of other suitable boots to buy and work through over the coming years.

Since reviewing work safety boots I soon noticed how these boots sold more often.  This intrigued me.  So when it was time to replace my 2 months old cheap pair, I knew which ones I wanted.4

I genuinely bought these without even thinking.  Already sold, as they say.

I can hand on heart say that these are some of the comfiest I have EVER worn.  They also look really strong, and the waterproofing and the steel protection all add up to make a great all-round offering.

You can do as I have before and buy cheap boots every 2 months (and spending over £100 every year), or go for these at around the £65 price mark and enjoy them for at least a year and a half (this equates to around a £40 a year spend assuming they last 18 months).

Really it doesn’t make financial sense to buy cheap. Then when you have had these for some time, it just serves to reaffirm in your head how much of a difference it makes to choose better.

Click here to go get these boots on Amazon if you’re ready.

You can see all my own personal pictures below of these boots.  All I can add is my genuine recommendation that these boots are truly that much “better” and are a definite upgrade to what I’ve worn most of the time before.

Image gallery

dewalt mens titanium work boots front view

Handsome at any angle.  They simply do the job they are supposed to do even while keeping your feet clean, dry, fresh and protected!

dewalt mens titanium work boots inside view

This angle shows you the padded collar and tongue and you can just make out the padded insole deep inside there.

dewalt mens titanium work boots rear view

As you look at the rear of these boots you can see the additional heel protection that also extends up towards the top of the boot.  At the top of this protected area, you will also note a small pull tab you can grab onto to help when pushing feet down inside the boots.

dewalt mens titanium work boots underneath view

Finally here is the underneath view.  The yellow oil-resistant band provides traction during very slippery conditions.  Overall you should see that all of these features add up to a really good boot packed full of features.  This is a boot that performs well, keeps you dry, fresh and protected and outlives cheap boots buy a huge margin.  What’s not to love about these DeWalt work boots?  Go get your Titaniums right now by clicking here.

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