Energy Efficiency Of Air Fryers For 2021

Want to know how energy efficient your Air Fryer is when compared to, say a conventional oven?

question ponderingIs it cheaper to run or more expensive?

Well I want to give you a few home tested pointers and then follow up with some facts.

Air Fryers (and ovens) tend to heat up to the desired temperature and then cycle their electric use to try to maintain a set temperature.

(It is the same for a lot of household appliances.  Fridge freezers do this too.  A fridge freezer can actually only be “on” for as little as a third of the time, only coming on to reach the required temperature).

So the wattage used cycles up and down once operating temperature has been achieved.

So what does all this techno mumbo jumbo stuff mean?

Well it’s just the way that machines work in order to achieve the right cooking temperature for example 180 degrees.

The internal dimensions of an Air Fryer are going to be much smaller compared to an oven (so the chances of cooking a Christmas turkey in one is, well, out of the window!)

Therefore it doesn’t take as long to heat up to the right temperature (in fact it’s almost instant, 1 to 2 minutes at most) meaning cooking time is reduced.

Even a convection oven cannot beat an Air Fryer for pre-heat times.  A convection oven takes anywhere up to 10 or more minutes.

The special way that air flows all around food inside an air fryer also helps speed up the cooking time.

A conventional oven simply gets hot.  A fan assisted oven being slightly more efficient blows hot air around the sides and top.

A convection oven circulates air around food like an Air Fryer but are generally larger in size and take up more counter top space.  They generally need a dedicated space whereas an air fryer is typically around 9 inches or so wide and can be moved around to suit.

The benefit of using an air fryer though is that an Air fryer has hot super heated circulating air fired all around the food in an extremely efficient manner.

This means it cooks food 25% quicker than convection ovens (and produces tastier food).

So, in a nutshell, you may think that an Air Fryer is a lot more energy-efficient to run than a conventional oven.

Well, yes, and no.

There is no doubting that an Air Fryer is FASTER and more efficient from a TIME point of view.

There is no doubting the fact that Air Frying is far healthier than dep fat frying of food.

There is no doubting that an Air Fryer can cook a wide range of foods (including desserts).

So it’s certainly more efficient in the use of time and how that fits in with many peoples’ busy lifestyles.

The downside is that the super heated air is on all the time while cooking (unlike a conventional oven)

Now for some technical facts to back this all up.

Assuming the cooking of


Based on cooking a standard portion of Chips

  • Using an air fryer (eg Actifry) for 17 minutes will use 0.31 kWh
  • Using a large regular oven for up to 1 hour will use 0.6 kWh
  • Using a large slow cooker on high for 4 hours: 1 kWh
  • Using a deep fat fryer for 14 minutes for two portions will use 0.41 KWh

So looking at the above it is clear to see that an Air Fryer outperforms a conventional oven by almost 50% in terms of efficiency.  It also cooks the same portion size of chips in almost half the time!


An Air Fryer makes sense.

Great for most portion sizes, but not great if you want to cook a full tray of cakes.  That’s where a traditional oven comes in.

Microwave ovens are certainly far quicker, but you have to note that your food has microwave rays going in them while cooking.

Convection ovens are faster more efficient ovens, but still take longer and use more energy.

So what now?

We have a few different air fryer related resources here at 10 Warriors.  Recipes, facts, fault finding and more.  Fancy making some air fried Oreos?  Check out our video and write up here.

Depending on what you are cooking you will have to decide on what device to use, however for most situations, the energy efficiency of Air Fryers is really good.  Our top 10 best air fryers reviewed can be found here.

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  1. Can I cook a pheasant in my air fryer. How long would it take and how do I stop it from drying out. Also is it expensive

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