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At first glance, the Air Fryer can look rather intimidating. After all, even the name sounds like a contradiction. How can one fry something with little to no oil involved? Isn’t that the definition of frying? Not anymore!

Awarded as one of the top five inventions in 2010, the Air Fryer has completely taken off for the nutrition savvy as well as health food novices. And with increased interest in the revolutionary kitchen tool, recipes using the Air Fryer have exploded all across the internet, with every palate in mind.

But before we see the infinite possibilities of meals that the Air Fryer can create, it’s important to know exactly how it’s cutting out all of that unnecessary fat. How does it make food crisp without the oils that we have so long associated with giving dishes that signature crunch?

According to, “Air fryers don’t technically fry anything; they use a process similar to a convection oven, which involves circulating hot air around the food. This system combines a heating element within the machine and an exhaust fan to keep the surface of food dry during cooking. The result is a crisp exterior and moist interior that often is associated with deep-frying.”

This ensures the food you cook in an air fryer will have a significantly lower number of calories and much fewer grams of fat, especially saturated.

So, where does one even begin with the abundance of recipes circling the net?

Luckily, because there truly are Air Fryer-friendly meals for every type of foodie, it really begins with personal preference. But don’t think that because ‘fryer’ is in the name that you must make spin-offs of greasy, finger food.

You can impress at your next get together with lighter fare like Avocado Fries via Glue & Glitter (, that boast an extremely quick cook time of only 20 minutes from start to finish.

Or, make a Tuesday feel like a Saturday with Pork Taquitos that require only five ingredients, from Just Plum Crazy ( And as you may have guessed, these recipes barely scratch the surface of the plethora of dishes that can be made in an Air Fryer.

Websites such as Delish and Pinterest pride themselves on keeping up to date on the everchanging food trends and tools by displaying recipes that deal with the latest and greatest. Heck, we even have recpes ourselves such as this air fried Oreo cookie recipe!  For this reason, it has lately become so easy to find recipes for specific dietary restrictions, seasonal dishes, and in this case, the hottest appliances.

In a society that’s full of fitness and health food fads, it’s refreshing to come across products that really do what they advertise.

From healthy appetizers to gooey desserts, it seems that the Air Fryer won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon.

Whether vegan, carnivore or something in between, tools like the Tower Air Fryer make it so easy to eat within your personal means.

And thanks to cookbooks and millions of online recipes, it’s never been easier to access the knowledge you need to make healthier meals for you and your family.

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