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Getting a good selection of Guinea Pig toys is essential to ensure a happy piggie.

Getting a Guinea pig as a pet can be fun to watch and to hold however keeping them happy is very important.

They are very social animals and can become quite lonely when alone so in our experience it is highly recommended to have a minimum of two together.  It’s a herd mentality and they love nothing more than being part of a community.

white guinea pig in basket

Guinea pig boredom busters

While you or I go out several times a week and visit many different places, a Guinea pig has only the same space, day in day out so you do need to give your pig(s) something to do.  They can’t just pop the TV on.

You could opt to make homemade guinea pig toys or choose one of the many inexpensive toys already available online like Amazon.

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How about simple Guinea pig toys made from household items?

Homemade Guinea pig tunnels or places to hide.

These can be as simple as an old cardboard roll from leftover carpet tubes (the cardboard that comes inside a roll of new carpet).  Or you could simply get some stiff cardboard and sellotape it together.

How about a hat or cozy?

jackies guinea pigs
source: Jackies Guinea Piggies


Other ideas for home made Guinea pig fun – things you can throw in the cage to play with:

  • Ping pong balls
  • Empty toilet roll tubes
  • Cardboard box
  • Mirror
  • Corn on the cob hardened to nibble on (from a pet shop)
  • Paper bag to hide inside
  • Plastic bag
  • Rolled up ball of paper
  • Wooden sticks
  • Childrens toy trucks (Guinea pigs can sit in them if big enough)
  • A rope stretched from one side to the other with toys or treats threaded along it (circles of carrot for example with a hole in the middle (like a button))
  • Old socks
  • Hay
  • Rope


Now for some other ideas:

Fancy swinging around in this pet hammock swing??

Guinea pig hammock


When bored, your Guinea pig can happily nibble away at this Rosewood boredom breaker

What to Guinea Pigs like to do?

Well, Guinea pigs enjoy a variety of things.

Guinea pigs like to chew

Many things – a lot of the time, so be sure to put something in with them to help keep them active and busy.

They like to run.

They need a good amount of space to be able to hop around.  If you house tow or more you need to double or triple the amount of space they have.  We already have this covered.  Please look at our top 10 best guinea pig hutches available online here.

They like to forage

Taking them back to their basic animal instincts, foraging for food is something that every Guinea pig was born to do.  Why not make life interesting by hiding their treats inside a toy, or under some paper or straw.  This helps keep them active and interested.

They really want to feel protected

Because a Guinea pig is very small, out in the wild they are very much at the risk of birds of prey or other animals who feed on rodents and the like.  This in-built instinct within a Guinea pig means they should always havea special place they can go and hide.  A tube or under a rock works wonders.

Guinea pigs need toys

Yep, like many animals, a toy helps relieve boredom and I’m sure it makes them a little happier as a result.

cute guinea pigs pair

So what will you do to keep your piggies happy?

Browse a wide range of Guinea Pig toys by clicking here


What toys have you found to be of great fun?  let us know by leaving a comment below.

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