Infrared heating panels reviews in 2019

Infrared heating panels reviews

Hi, for these Infrared Heating Panels Reviews I wanted to find out what is the warmest heater that uses infrared.  We have a home office that is situated in our summer house halfway up the garden and it gets cold in there in Winter, so this writeup summarises my findings.


infrared heating panels reviews

ImageLinkProductBrandLowest New Price
Hecht 2kW Electric Touch Screen Panel Heater with Remote Control 3621Hecht£79.95
Wärme Designer Electric Wall Heater Low Energy Panel Heater Radiator - 100% Energy Efficient - Ultra Slim (8cm) - 2Kw - Programmable Digital Thermostat - Wall Mountable (Free Wall Bracket Included) - Maintenance Free - Electric Heaters Energy Efficient - Electric Panel Heaters - Electric Heater With Thermostat - Heater Low EnergyWärme£169.95
600W Far Infrared Heating Panel (Silver Frame)ecoartheating
Adax Neo NP - space heaters (704 x 84 x 370 mm, LCD)ADAX£124.00
Blumfeldt Cosmic Beam - Infrared Radiant Heater, Terrace Heater, Infrared Heater, 1800 Watt, Powder Coated, IP24, Wall or Ceiling Installation, Remote Control, Die-cast Aluminium, blackBlumfeldt£159.99
KLARSTEIN HeatPal Marble Infrared Heater - 1300W, Heat Storing, Quiet Operation, Elegant Look, Brushed Aluminium Elements, Freestanding Device, Temperature Regulator, SilverKLARSTEIN£159.99
Electric Infrared Heater 360W Wall or Ceiling Mounted Infrared Heating Panel Energy Efficient (Silver Frame)ecoartheating£85.00
Infrared Heater Infrared 450 Watts Metal Premium White Glaswärmt HeatingGlaswärmt£148.38
Far Infrared Heating Panel Energy Efficient 5 Year Warranty (330W)Calorsol£129.75

Before I go on and list what I find are the top rated infrared heaters, let’s start by getting the basics down and sorted.

What is an infrared heater?

Well, without getting too heavy into the technology sides of things – in essence it’s a heater element that can be one of a few types.  It could glow bright Orange or Red and gives off heat (remember the kebab cookers at the fish and chip shop?  When they light them, they are giving off infrared heat)

It could give off no light at all (classed as far infrared or dark infrared) and still provide great warmth

It can be as high as 75% MORE efficient than most typical room heaters!

There are one or two different types of infrared heater.  You can certainly read the technical stuff about them on the Wikipedia page here.

The old fires you would have in your living room where you flick on a switch on one side.  The bar(s) would glow Red and give off heat.  These are metal wire type infrared heaters.  The wire would coil around a ceramic element.  This technology was introduced in the 1920’s.

What size do I need?

Our custom made calculator will help you decide on the best infrared heating panel (opens in a new window)

Are infrared heaters worth it?

Our guide will explain why they are easily worth it (click above – opens in a new window)

Nir, Cir and Fir  – huh?

  • NIR refers to near range infrared heaters (use in industrial applications)
  • CIR refers to medium range Carbon infrared heaters
  • FIR refers to Far Infrared Heaters – and is where we will be spending most of our thoughts for this review.  FIR infrared heaters don’t give off high heat – the ceramic elements are actually “ok” to touch.

    “Instead of using carbon, quartz or high watt ceramic emitters, which emit near and medium infrared radiation, heat and light, far infrared emitters use low watt ceramic plates that remain cold, while still emitting far infrared radiation ( Wikipedia)

The one we like the most

[amazon_textlink asin=’B076B2BM19′ text=’Klarstein HeatPal Marble Infrared Heater’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’azn10war-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’d628eeb5-e42c-11e7-80dc-c34359ac8daa’]



Buy this On Amazon

So what’s with these panel heaters that uses infrared then?

  • Well, these heaters are thin walled panels which give off long wave far infrared radiation. As the heater elements are at a fairly low temperature, the best bit about this is that a far-infrared heater doesn’t give emissions or have any smells or toxic fumes from paint-coating, etc.
  • This means far infrared panels are very popular among people with severe allergies and multiple chemical sensitivity.


So in summary, these types of panels are MUCH MORE efficient, and better for your health.  If you suffer with Asthma you won’t have any issues with these as you can get with fan heaters or bar heaters.  They are also quite good looking and you may not even know if someone had one on their wall as they don’t really look like heaters.

Just be aware though that they do need enough space on a wall as the infrared heat is effectively transmitted through the wall.  The room is NOT directly heated from the heater.


Rolling up your heater and storing it away?

You would be surprised to know that you can buy heaters that roll up when not in use!  Just like a beach towel, you can put it away when not needed.

Look at the picture below.  It’s a roll “up or down” hanging heater!

Roll it up in Summer if you want.  Hang it on a nail in the wall and plug it in.  And enjoy the picture/scenery

You can buy infrared heating panels with MANY DIFFERENT pretty designs on like the one pictured above (click here to see the various designs on

They literally look like a piece of artwork. Great idea!

[amazon_link asins=’B0752CQQCZ,B01MUGI845,B01JAF76Z2,B018YE9VFS,B0769FK8ZK’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’azn10war-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’78f39b00-e3eb-11e7-bf0a-6350005ab2ec’]

In the above product carousel if you scroll through, you can even see one that is a Mirror and infrared panel heater combined.

Our favourites narrowed down


1: Hecht 3180 Infrared panel heater – can be mounted on the wall or ceiling

You can see it’s full details here on Amazon


  • 100 cm x 19cm x 6.7 cm
  • Power cord is 1.6 metres long


  • Will heat 20 square metres
  • 1800 Watts power


Our thoughts:

It’s Black, unlike most other far infrared panel heaters and dare I say it, quite stylish.  It only has one switch on it.  The one to switch it on or off.  Nice and simple.  Check it out on Amazon by clicking here.


2: Far Infrared heating panel from Ilmit, it’s made from glass and is very efficient and stylish

It’s good to know that you don’t have to be chained to one particular “type” and colour of heater.  This is one of the most stylish we’ve ever looked at.

You can read the full lowdown about it by clicking here to review it on


The TG-5 model (smallest)

  • Dimensions (mm): 827*160*28
  • Heated area (m2): 6-9
  • Rated power (W): 550


The TG-11 model (medium sized)

  • Dimensions (mm): 827*305*28
  • Heated area (m2): 11-14
  • Rated power (W): 1150


The TG-17 model (their biggest at time of writing)

  • Dimensions (mm): 827*445*28
  • Heated area (m2): 17-22
  • Rated power (W): 1700



  • Once purchased, it will be hard to beat the sheer luxury of the design


  • A little more money to buy than other infrared heaters, but you are getting something more interesting
  • Does NOT come with a plug or power cord!  This let’s down what is otherwise a beautiful unit.  You can get a qualified electrician to sort this for not too much money, or buy some electrical wire and a plug connect it yourself.  The manufacturers claim it can be done in under 45 minutes.

Our thought’s

Overall we are disappointed with this heater, even though we didn’t want to be.  Despite its glass and Aluminium good looks, they don’t ship it to you with a power cord or plug.  They DO provide an instruction guide on how to connect it up though and it is fairly straightforward BUT if you are at all unsure you MUST get a qualified electrician in to do the job properly, so no matter what there is extra expense.

There are 3 sizes available at the time of writing, so you can choose the most appropriate one for your needs.  The most powerful and expensive unit dishes out 1700 watts and will heat an area of between 17 and 22 square metres that’s a room size of about 3 metres  x 4 metres up to about 4 metres x 5.5 metres

Click here to get the full details over on Amazon


3: 600W Far Infrared Heating Panel (Silver Frame)

You can see this in full detail over at Amazon by clicking here


  • 600 x 1000mm


  • Handy to warm up cold corners or small rooms
  • As with all of these infrared panel heaters, there’s no moving air so no dust, so no asthma issues


  • Just the one size so not really any good for rooms any larger than about 2 x 3 square metres

Our Thoughts

Just a standard basic unit with no fancy extras.  Mount it on the wall, plug in and enjoy the heat.  These units have no moving parts, no air movement so no health issues associated with traditional fan heaters.  Click to see this in full detail over at Amazon

4: Infrared Heater Panel Roll-able Far IR 450W Heating area 8 – 12m2 Portable (Transparent)

Take a better look at this over on Amazon by clicking here


  • 100 x 57 cm


  • Costs only 5p per hour to run (450 watts)
  • Heats an area between 8 to 12 square metres


  • Lots of designs to choose from – might be a tough decision, although it is a good “problem” to have 🙂

Our Thoughts

We have no concerns with this at all.  It’s a fun way to heat areas that are no more than 12 square metres.  It folds down, it hangs and it can come in dozens of different designs – which one would you choose?

Try and make your decision by clicking here to see the available designs on Amazon


5: WEATHERPROOF Blumfeldt CosmicBeam Ultra Infrared Radiant Heater • 2400W

Check this out in full detail at the Amazon website


  • 162 x 12 x 22 cm (extra wide to keep party table areas snuggly warm)


  • Very heavy-duty and tough design with die-cast Aluminium powder coated construction
  • Powerful “on the terrace” 2400 watts of energy to keep an area warm on cool evenings
  • For outdoor or indoor use
  • Comes with Thermostat and remote control
  • Switch off programmable timer


  • None

Our Thoughts

It is specifically designed to be used outdoors but it can be used inside too if you have a place it would benefit from being used (garage/workshop perhaps).  It’s a good sized unit that should cover the size of an average garage fairly well.

There is a very trendy LCD display on the front.  Just point your remote towards it and adjust as necessary.

Take a look for yourself over on Amazon


6: Klarstein HeatPal Marble Infrared Heater • 1300W • Heat Storing • Built-In Marble Plate for Continuous Heat dissipation

Take a more in depth look at this over on the Amazon website by clicking here

Quite unique in that it features a marble plate, so it can be freestanding and still give good health benefits for Asthma sufferers who struggle with traditional fan heaters that blow dust and pollens around.

One of our firm favourites!


  • 25 x 48 x 67 cm
  • Power cable approx 180cm


  • 1300 watts of power so a good solid mid ranged unit good for many sized rooms (not for very large rooms though)
  • Very quiet – great for good nights sleep.
  • Modern design with brushed Aluminium housing
  • Comes with genuine Mongolian marble
  • Very economical – the Marble retains and slowly gives out heat even when the unit is switched off (saving you money!)


Our Thoughts

We love this unit.  It’s very good looking.  It’s portable.  Just set it up in the room you want and switch it on.  When you’re happy with the temperature go ahead and turn it off and the Marble stone will continue to heat your room for some time (the amount of time fluctuates on various factors such as size of room, how cold it is outside (affecting the room cooling down quicker etc.)

Check it out here on Amazon


7: Electric Infrared Heater 360W Wall or Ceiling Mounted Infrared Heating Panel Energy Efficient (Silver Frame)

Take a closer look at this by clicking here to go to the Amazon website


  • 595 x 595 x 22 mm


  • Mount it in the most convenient place – wall or ceiling
  • Clean heat – no noise, no smell, no condensation, no oxygen consumption, no unpleasant dust upset


  • Not a huge unit so don’t expect it to heat up large rooms

Our Thoughts

This is the simple, “behind the scenes” kind of infrared heater panel that will take the edge of smallish rooms, and give some warmth to small places.  An average family room would benefit from 2 or 3 of these.

It’s compact design makes it perfect for certain areas that most of panels wouldn’t fit into, such as an “under the stairs” officer, or a porch to your house.

See the full facts here on Amazon



Take a closer look at this right here on the Amazon website


  • Small.  Perfect for under a desk


  • For keeping feet warm or small areas
  • Freestanding


Our Thoughts

We can’t really think of anything about this that we need to add.  It does what it says on the tine.  Heats small compact areas and is free standing (so can be moved around).  Check it out by clicking here to go to the Amazon website.


9: Infrared Heater Infrared 450 Watts Metal Premium White Glaswärmt Heating

Click here to see the full details about this over on the Amazon website


  • 60 x 60 x 3 cm


  • Solid White metal coloured construction


  • Only 450 watts (still quite good for the size), so only good for small rooms
  • A touch over priced

Our Thoughts

A standard heater with a very good build quality, the native language of the manufacturer is not English, so just be aware of this if you need any help or need to speak with them.

Check out this stylish heater on Amazon right here


10: Far Infrared Heating Panel Energy Efficient 5 Year Warranty (330W)

Click here to review the full facts on Amazon


  • Various sizes to choose from to suit your room and budget


  • Has a rough textured feel (se below) to its surface (would blend it to wallpapered walls easier)
  • 600 watts of power so will work good for small rooms
  • Each panel is embedded with “new age” ceramic crystals and graphite based.
  • The back side of every panel is insulated with a heat reflective back-cover


  • If you want the optional remote control you will need to order from their website (Calorsol EU)

Our Thoughts

The crystal coating on the panels gives a greater surface area as much as 10x the surface area which increases energy efficiency and enables a greater level of heat to come out.  It really is a well made heater panel.  Click here to order on Amazon.


Summary – user guide

There isn’t too much to explain with far infrared heater panels. 

  • Remember that you don’t mount directly into a wall  (almost every unit comes with a frame around it to ensure a space is left).
  • Make sure to get the right size for your space
  • Remember to get the right power output that will comfortably warm the intended area.
  • A 300 watt would only heat a very small  area while a 1700 watt unit would warm a room nicely.
  • If you simply go for the “biggest and best” and it gets too hot for your room, go and get yourself a room Thermostat that switches it on and off to try and maintain the right room temperature throughout the day.  They cost less than £20 on Amazon.
  • If you have hollow walls with gaps between plasterboard and brickwork you need to take care.  There could be electrical wires especially around sockets.  You can either try plasterboard screws, or for better strength, use an extra long Masonry drill bit and drill through into the brickwork behind.  Use needle nose pliers to hold a screw with the rawlplug on the end, and insert it through the plasterboard and seat it into the brickwork behind.. Then use extra long screws to secure the heater.

Any questions? 

We hope you’ve enjoyed these far infrared heating panels reviews.  If there is anything we have missed please let us know.

Shaun Baird

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