Irish Setter Men’s Aluminum Toe Work Boot Review

The Irish Setter Men’s 6 inch Aluminum toe work boot is the perfect boot in many ways.  It works hard inside and works even harder outdoors making this one of the most enviable brands within the work shoe industry.  If you want a waterproof and comfortable boot you’re at the right place.  These boots also come with a superb anti slip oil resistant sole.

irish setter mens aluminum toe work boot review

Protects against electrical hazards

It’s good to know that if you are around electrical hazards you are protected to the American standard: ASTM F2413-11, M/I/75/C/75 Safety Standards

The F2413-11 standard means that these boots comply with standards that meet impact resistance of a half inch for men or 15/32 inches clearance once an impact force of 75 pounds has hit the boot (I 75) and compression resistance of 2500 pounds or greater (C 75).

Protects against heat

These boots won’t melt anywhere up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit -good to know if you work in hot environments.

Aluminium toe work boots

The toe caps feature Moc leather on the outer, and a lighter weight Aluminium protective toe cap.  The light weight makes it far easier to wear the boots all day long with even greater comfort.

Boots that actually fit

These irish setter boots are well made and the sizings given are uisually spot on.  You will find that they are often around a half size bigger than expected, and this is often the right answer for work boots where the extra space is often needed when you have thicker work socks.


  • Very comfortable
  • Very safety conscious
  • Tough
  • Lightweight
  • Electrical resistance
  • Anti slip gum rubber soles
  • usually fit right away with no need to “bed them in for a few days”.


No major issues, other than small minor things customers find when talking about fitting safety boots on their own feet.  The issue is everybody has different shaped feet and there is always a small percentage of people who sadly find work boot fittings harder than others.  In general most people love these boots.

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Why choose Irish Setter work boots?

The proof really is in the pudding here.  It’s handy seeing Amazon reviews because these are unbiased usually and people have used and worn them.  The mixture is mainly very positive with well over 80% of peope giving them either a 4 or a 5 star rating.

The boots are brilliantly comfortable.  The leather uppers help this, and the almost perfect fitting really makes them a winner.  The thick rubber sole helps take out the impacts coming from the daily grind of walking.  It doesn’t matter if this is round a concrete factory floor all day long, or if you are out in wet hills.  Even if you simply work outdoors you will find these to be invaluable.  Comfort can make or break a pair of work boots!  A padded collar helps keep things nice and dry on the inside, as well as keeping feet warm in the cold.

Made to last.  The irish Setter 6 inch Aluminium toe safety work boots are triple stitched and feature a goodyear welt to ensure brilliantlu durable and comfortable boots that work hard whether you tire or not.

A tough brand.  These boots are a staple product from the Red Wing Shoes company.  The company dates back to 1905 when the need for safety boots was realized.

Irish Setter.  The irish setter heritage came into force around 1950.  Secifically designed for hunting and work, these boots were made to be extremely durable.  Like the loyal bird dogs that head out on field hunts, you can rest assured that the irish Setter work boots will humbly protcet your interests day in day out.

The Irish setter brand is made using the Rich Russett red colour – the colour of the loyal Irish Setter hunting dogs that headed out into the field of the men and women who wore them.


So why would you choose these work boots?  Well for a start they are very good quality boots that are super comfy, keep you dry, protect you from slips, falling objects and heavy impacts.  They also have electrical resistance protection  and have a standard lace up fastening.

We love these boots.  They are nice and light and still offer exception foot protcetion.  They were born for the hard working field worker or factory walker who has to endure hours of leg aching work.

They take out the stresses and strains from daily life and you end up feeling much happier once you get home, feeling a little bit lighter on your feet!

These Irish Setter Aluminium safety boots are available here on Amazon Uk and what you will get if you go ahead and place an order, are a pair of work boots that will fit you pretty much straight away wioth minimal wearing in needed, if any!

You will benefit from their comfort, their waterproof leathe ruppers and slip resistant soles.  You might just also find your new best friend in these.  Just like the irish Red Setter dogs.  These won’t let you down and will be your faithful companions for as long as they last.


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