Best Safety Boots With Side Zip In 2019

For any dangerous situations, safety boots are a MUST have piece of PPE, but they can be annoying when you are in and out of places and need to remove and replace them.  This is where safety boots with side zip openings are a must have.  It’s hard to imagine life without them once you get used to them.

Thankfully there are a few good offerings out there that are very safety conscious and let you fasten them with a side zip.

Let’s dive right in.

So now we know that there are safety boots with zips, it comes down to:

  • style
  • colour and
  • price point

In general you can choose short safety boots with zips, the typical higher height safety boots with zips, and then there are boots that have additional features such as waterproofing and thermal linings to help keep feet warm.

Short safety boots with zips


Reebok Military Rapid Response 6in Side Zip Military Boots

Original SWAT safety boots with side zip


Metal Free Composite Zip Up Safety Boots

Regular safety boots with zips


DAWGS Men’s Ultralite 8 inch Side Zip Comfort Pro Work Boots

Magnum Unisex Adults’ Panther 8.0 Side-Zip Work Boots


Waterproof safety boots with zips

Amblers Safety FS998C Safety Boot / Mens Boots

Magnum Rigmaster Waterproof Safety Boots

magnum rigmaster safety boots waterproof with side zip








Want to see our full recommended line up of the best safety boots?  These are not zip up boots but rather the best overall boots.

Click here to review our top 10 list.


Why zip up boots?


Convenience really.  There are many situations where you need to quickly slip your boots off and on during your working day.  Passing through carpeted areas, toilet breaks and so on.

Lacing up work boots can be a pain in the whotsit to be honest.

Remember to only get the best you can afford.  Lower quality boots could fall prey to a number of issues such as zips breaking, ill fitting, uncomfortable, cold to wear and so on.  Our selection above are handpicked safety boots with side zips and have proven themselves to be of good quality.  We also know a bit about work boots for wider feet.

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