Best Safety Boots With Side Zip 2021

Side zips, on a pair of safety boots?  (Is such a luxurious thing even available?)  For pure convenience you simply can’t beat zippered shoes.  Zip down, kick ’em off and relax.  In the workplace when you really must have the best safety boots, having a zip on the side is a real bonus.  Often you might be in and out, or passing through a house, and these are just so much better than messing around with boot laces!

Honestly, it’s really hard to imagine life without them once you get used to them!

So, let’s dive right in.

So now we know that there are indeed zippered work boots out there, your choices now simply come down to:

  • style
  • colour and
  • price point

In general you can choose short safety boots with zips, the typical higher height safety boots with zips, and then there are boots that have additional features such as waterproofing and thermal linings to help keep feet warm.

Why zip up boots?

Convenience really.  There are many situations where you need to quickly slip your boots off and on during your working day.  Passing through carpeted areas, toilet breaks and so on.

Lacing up work boots can be a pain in the whotsit to be honest.

Remember to only get the best you can afford.  Lower quality boots could fall prey to a number of issues such as zips breaking, ill fitting, uncomfortable, cold to wear and so on.  Our selections below are handpicked safety boots with side zips and have proven themselves to be of good quality.  (We also know a bit about work boots for wider feet.)

What do Joules of pressure have to do with safety work boots?

According to Wikipedia (source), all boots made should typically have to conform to certain safety regulations).

Typical steel toe cap boots would be able to handle a drop of an object around 22.7kg in weight from a height of half a metre.  They would be rated as a “1” type safety boot.

Many modern boots now come with what is known as a TPU safety enclosure.  TPU stands for Thermoplastic PolyUrethane, a composite material that can withstand 200 joules of pressure falling onto it.

It also includes the protection from underneath to resist penetrating sharp objects.

Steel Toe or composite safety boots?

Years ago, steel toe caps were the king of boots.  Needed greatly for most situations where safety was important.

Many regulations have come into play since then, and with different industries needing spcific types of boots with certain ratings, it’s been important to match the right boot to the right industry.

The modern Carbon fibre reinforced composite safety boots (TPU boots) are rated to withstand the same impact forces as those offered in the past with steel toe caps.

Steel toes were known to be much heavier in the past, and proved a little uncomfortable for people out walking a lot. Modern steel toes are now much lighter.

The composite toe boots are much lighter, and because there is no metal involved, there is an inclination for people to prefer these over steel toes, if they are in an industry where they need to pass through metal scanners, like airports, high security places and so on.

The downside to composite is that it may not always afford the rugged resistance to puncturing from the likes of a chainsaw chain, whereas a steel toecap boot would withstand far better.

TPU boots:


  • Tough
  • Lightweight
  • Better around live electrics
  • Keep feet cooler in hot conditions


Not as tough as steel toes for puncture resistance

Steel toe cap boots:


  • Extremely strong
  • The time tested king of safety boots


  • Not 100% comfortable for those on their feet a lot or walk a lot

Reviews of some of the best safety boots with side zips

Now we will showcase some of the best side zippered safety boots we have looked into.  There are short sized boots that are typically just above the ankle in height.  Then there are the taller safety boots that protect the ankle and a bit further up.  Finally we feature some good quality waterproof safety boots with side zip.

Short sized safety boots with zips

We are talking boots where the sides reach just above the ankle, so are much comfier to wear day in day out.


Reebok Military Rapid Response 6in Side Zip Military Boots

These boots have a shock proof heel, so ideal for electrical work as well as all usual work that requires a thought or two about keeping feet safe.

side zipper Reebok Rapid Response Safety Boot

The good stuff:

  • Non metallic
  • Airport safe
  • Electrical safety boot
  • Super comfy gum rubber sole
  • Makes you look cool and trendy
  • Seriously though, these are good boots
  • Have a 2 inch heel (some say the extra height makes all the difference)
  • Make with Suede leather and ballistic Nylon (they’re not missile proof though sorry)

The downsides:

  • No steel toecaps
  • They don’t make you invincible, but they do help protect your feet
  • A main investment in your feet, so looking at over £100 for feet protection

(Go get ’em here on Amazon)


Original SWAT safety boots with side zip

A down to earth good honest safety boot with side zip.  Not too expensive and has good all round features without breaking the bank.

SWAT safety boots with side zip and protective toe - good affordable foot protection

The good bits to think about:

  • Slip resistant
  • Oil resistant
  • Funky side zip on it for easy on and off
  • Affordable to many
  • Has a moisture wicking liner to minimise sweaty smells and keep feet drier

Things you may not like:

  • No steel toe cap


Metal Free Composite Zip Up Safety Boots

A low priced affordable safety boot with added side zip.

Cheap safety boots with side zip and protective toe

Don’t expect miracles, but if you just need to get new boots then these will do for most people.  If you want higher priced boots with more features then look at others in this list.  Sure these come with all the basics – safety features and side zip, but just weigh this up with the fcat they are cheap… and the old saying of you get what you pay for “may ring true”.  Thankfully many people are more than happy with these.  I’d say definitely worth a shot.

The good bits:

  • Has side zips (yay!)
  • One of the cheapest work boots that have zips on them
  • Has a heat resistant sole up to 300 degrees -perhaps a good time to try out fire walking?
  • You can grab them for around the £40 mark here on Amazon
  • Shock and crush resistant toe (which is what we really need)

The downsides:

  • No steel toe caps
  • Couple of people have reported zips breaking after 6 weeks, (but this could be the case with any manufacturer)

Regular safety boots with side zips


Savage Island Combat Safety Boots With Size Zip

Super cheap safety boots featuring easy on-off side zip and foot loving features your mum would be pleased about.  However not “brilliant”.

Combat safety boots with side zip opener and safety toe

What we liked:

What we were cautious about:

  • Build quaility is on occasion a bit poor, but not in all circumstances
  • Soles seem quite thin – so a padded insole may be advised
  • No steel toe caps – but the TPU material offers protection that is arguably better



Magnum Unisex Adults’ Panther 8.0 Side-Zip Work Boots

The highly regarded magnum range of safety boots includes these Panther boots.  A good performer with good features (and side zip!) and at a decent price that won’t rob you of your weeks wages.

Good safety boots with side zip by Magnum - the unisex Panther

So let me start out by saying these aren’t your £1000 work boots, nor are they £20 work boots.  They are around the £60 to £70 mark roughly.  So for the price you expect them to last and give enough of the features you need to just get you through the next several months and beyond.

What we like about these safety boots:

  • Breathable with leather upper and mesh panels to help keep feet cool on hot days and warm on cold days
  • Shock absorbing mid sole to give you extra comfort when working.
  • Hard wearing toe protection
  • Fantastic ankle protection
  • SOLID work boots – expect 4+ years of use
  • Grab them here on Amazon

What we weren’t so keen on:

  • No steel toe caps – but the TPU material offers protection that is arguably better

Waterproof safety boots with zips


Amblers Safety FS998C Safety Boot / Mens Boots

These Honey coloured safety boots are fully waterproof AND have the required side zip we are showcasing here on this write up.  If thecolour is good for you, then you will not be disappointed with these boots.  Affordable, waterproof, warm, breathable and toe protection all crammed into these.  Brilliant!Safety boots waterproof lining with side zip - Amblers safety boots

What we really like about these boots:

What we wanted to see:

  • Multiple colours!  At least Black or Brown with side zip AND waterproofing


Apache Combat S3 Waterproof High Leg Zip Up Composite Safety Boot

A higher legged hard wearing composite safety boot with side zip.  Also this boot is very waterproof and non metallic.

Comfort, quality, waterproof and hard wearing – need anything else?waterproof safety boots with side zip - Apache 4 combatThe good stuff:

  • Features a higher rated slip resistant sole
  • The sole will withstand up to 300 degrees C – if you are ever likely to encounter such extreme temperatures!
  • TPU toe guard and heel guard – (thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) or carbon fibre materials used  that offer GREAT PROTECTION Just like steel toe caps, Meeting European Safety Standards, offering 200 joules of protection (info on this at bottom of page)).

The downsides:

  • No metal toe caps – but the TPU material offers protection that is arguably better.


Magnum Rigmaster Waterproof Safety Boots

If you are looking for GREAT boots then the Magnum Rigmaster boots will serve you well.  They are waterproof, breathable and come with the better known quality zippers known as “YKK” whch are known to last longer than typical zips.

magnum rigmaster safety boots waterproof with side zipThe best bits:

  • Feature full grain leather uppers
  • very comfortable
  • Shock absorbing PU density midsoles
  • Enjoys very tough TPU tue guards that can withstand a lot of abuse.
  • Waterproof and breathable

The bad bits:

  • NONE! Yay!

Finally… You might want to see our full recommended line up of the best safety boots – These are not zip up boots but rather the best overall boots.

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