We are absolutely bowled over by the number of entrants to this years scholarship!  We are going to be offering a new scholarship later on again in 2018.


Our winner for this scholarship was won locally here in the Uk by Sean Stephenson, an undergraduate at The University of Leicester.

His piece entitled “Why a dog needs their own space” won us over.

The piece talked about how a dog bed had the be “just right” for each dog.



We were VERY pleasantly surprised to find out that we do actually have some very talented writers among the many that were submitted, so much so that we will shortly be writing to 5 of you to offer you the opportunity to be remunerated for the work you have done, and to ask if you would like to undertake any new work throughout the year – thank you!



Thanks to each and every one of you who submitted work.  We know what it takes to focus on a topic for a period of time and we value the work and effort that has gone into it.



We intend to make the scholarship programme a regular thing now.  We have run two of these to date and enjoy supporting talented students who are trying to support themselves through their education.


Thank you again to both the various educational establishments and the students themselves for all your support.

For our next scholarship we want to stress that the content “must” be written in your best “Uk English” language, be exciting to read and provide very clear facts.




Thank you to all those who have entered.  Wer have received over 160 entries and have been overwhelmed with the sheer quality of all the entrants.  We have had around 80% of entries from Uk students, and 17% from USA students and the rest were from Australian students.

(side note: we have had some email issues which should be fixed shortly) – we will accept a re-submission before the 23rd April)


Thanks “once again” to all of you who have entered.  This is our second year of running a scholarship and have really enjoyed it’s progress, and reading the entries.



10 Warriors Scholarship Programme.

A “$1000 Content Marketing” Scholarship is up for grabs once again starting now up to Tuesday May 1st 2018

10 Warriors is a Uk based website that creates professional reviews of consumer products.

We believe in quality over quantity and each review takes on average 8 weeks to go through.  You can see an example here for our Air Fryers Review page.


What is our scholarship?

  • It is open to all students worldwide in English speaking Universities in either the Uk or the USA or Australia looking for funding to help with their University fees.

What are we looking for?

  • Simple.  A well written, well prepared 500-2000 word “creative” well researched article on the topic of … (see below)

When is it needed ? / important dates and milestones

  • We are taking in submissions now.
  • The closing date is Monday April 16th 2018.
  • We will pick the best 5 on Monday April 23rd 2018
  • We will pick a winner on Tuesday May 1st 2017

Calling creative writers – show off what you can do

The power of the written word can go a long way, especially when written well both online and offline.  With the right marketing and the right words, marketing can move people to make buying decisions.

Here’s what we are looking for

We want you to write your best article based on ONE of the topics below (choose whichever suits your desire):

(Note:  You can choose instead to create a general article based loosely on any of the topics relating to any of the products on our website if you don’t want to write about the topics below)

  • Air fryer uses – talk also about air fryer benefits  (Think – healthy living..)
  • Air fryer recipes
  • Cross trainer advantages – talk also about cross trainer advantages
  • Cross trainer for fat loss
  • Dog beds built into furniture
  • Dog beds for sofas
  • Dog beds for extreme chewers
  • Pressure washers for cars
  • Safety boots for ladies
  • Safety boots for cold weather
  • Finger skateboards and bikes
  • Telescopic ladder faults (extending ladders)
  • Rabbit hutch accessories
  • Gaming chairs are they worth it? – Are gaming chairs bad for your back?
  • Are wake up lights good for you?
  • Are sad lamps effective?
  • Electric shavers for acne prone skin
  • Wireless speakers around the house


The winning article will receive $1000 USD paid direct to their financial institution towards their fees.

If you have a flair for creative writing you may be interested in this annual scholarship program.

No experience is needed, apart from a passion for the written word in creative endeavours.

How to submit your article

  • Write, check and check again.  Ensure the article is the best of your ability.  Send your article to us via email at [email protected]
  • It needs to be in either PDF or .DOC format.
  • It should be text only (images are not required)
  • Please include your full name, email address and financial institution as the first three lines of your article
  • We retain the right to your content and may use your content for promotions and or other works pertaining to our business requirements.
  • Once your submission has been received, you simply need to wait and find out if your submission has been shortlisted.  We may not reply to your submission, but we have received it.
  • We will email you if you are shortlisted.

Have you got what it takes?

Incredible writers may be offered the chance to submit regular work in exchange for monetary compensation.

(p.s…  if you’re reading this, great!  thanks for looking at our scholarship offer.)





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