Tefal Actifry Review 2021 – The Full Guide

Whether you are on a health kick, looking to replace an existing fryer or buying your first, the information I am going to provide you with today is comprehensive. As such, you can rest assured that this Tefal Actifry review will tick all your boxes and leave you armed and ready to buy.

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However, before we get started let’s have a look at the technology and work out what the difference is between a health fryer and a standard deep fat fryer.

One of our favourite Air Fryers:

With innovation going back to 1954 Tefal have created a solid brand.  When Marc Gregoire (with his wifes advice) coated her cookware with teflon that he normally put on his fishing gear, the results were astounding.  From there he developed a wide range of cooking concepts that bring Tefal to where they are now.

Actifry healthy or not?

The Health Fryer

Not sure what the difference is between your typical everyday deep fat fryer and something like the Tefal Actifry?

It’s oil, or more specifically the amount you need to use to produce crispy chips or a range of other food stuff. With a typical fryer, you place approximately 2-litres of vegetable or sunflower oil into its drum. After which you switch it on and wait for all that oil to reach cooking temperature.

Conversely, the Tefal and other low-fat fryer types use considerably less oil.

The model I am looking at today requires just 3% (or 1 spoonful) of that needed for a conventional cooker. Although chips still come out fluffy and crispy and not covered in what’s not good for you.

Now, one small downside of a low-fat fryer is the time it takes to cook. Due to having less oil and relying on a spinning drum to circulate hot air means it takes longer.

Where it takes on average 11-minutes to cook chips, potatoes, etc. in a deep fat fryer it can take between 20-35 minutes to get a perfect chip, however, the health benefits of cooking this way certainly outweigh the time savings.

Tefal Actifry – What to cook?

Don’t like chips? No problem, I can reveal in this fryer review that it’s about as versatile as they come. Meaning, it can handle a whole lot more than just frozen and fresh potato products.

With it, you can cook casseroles, curries, stews, stir-frys and much more. In fact, I’ve read a user review in which he/she used it as a slow-cooker; yes the timings had to be regularly adjusted, but, it worked.

So, along with the obvious benefits a health fryer offers, such as lower cholesterol and calorie intake, there’s versatility. All of which are provided and aided by a set of excellent features.

Tefal Actifry Features

Fantastic Features

As one of the best Actifry health cookers on the market, this mid-range model is one of the more popular. Why? Because of its fair price when coupled with a fantastic array of features, which are as follows.

Easy Clean System

With internal non-stick removable components that are both dish washer safe and hand-washable cleaning is made easy. Although, because the use of oil is at a minimum, you can opt to wipe with a cloth and thoroughly wash intermittently.

Cool Wall

Safety is paramount for all the family when high temperatures are used to cook food. As such the walls of the Tefal Actifry remain at a touchable temperature, which gives peace of mind especially for those with young children or elderly relatives.

Large Capacity with Rotation

With a 1.2kg load capacity, this low fat fryer can cater for between 4 – 5 hungry people. And unlike many deep fat fryers, there is no need to open up to shake periodically.

Why? Because combined within the device is a mixing paddle, which softly separates food stuff, not breaking it.

Constant Cooking Temperature

When in use the Actifry remains at approximately a temperature of 170 Celsius. This enables along with a pinch of oil and the circulating hot air, superior cooking results to be obtained.

Additionally, if you like to watch the cooking process, there is a viewing window which does not become clogged with steam.

Automatic Opening Lid

If at any point during the cooking process you wish to open the Tefal Actifry you simply need to make a simple motion. At the push of the lid’s button, cooking pauses and the device opens up; this allows you to add/remove ingredients safely, and continue when ready.

Simple eh?

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Audible Timer

No fryer would be great without a timing feature, as such in this low fat fryer review, I can tell you to relax, this model has one. Meaning, you can set its manual timer to a max of 99 minutes, or whatever is required and go sit down safe in the knowledge that once the timing cycle is complete, you will be alerted by a warning sound.

Plus, you can be sure that your food will not be ruined, although do refer to the cooking times for each food in the manual.

Actifry Spoon

Don’t leave the amount of oil you use to chance, make use of the special measuring spoon included with the fryer. In some cases, however, you may find that no oil is needed at all. Which is where using a health fryer like this has many benefits over the standard fryer.

Health Fryer with no oil smell

What About The Smell?

OK, so, we’ve come to the crunch point, that part when everything hinges on the answer to one question. And I can answer that with five words!

No, it does not smell’

When compared to those regular fryers that use lots of oil and give off a real pong there isn’t any.

In fact, there’s also no hot sticky steam rising from the device too. And that’s great if you have been turning on an extractor fan and leaving the room when cooking.

Thanks to this Actifry review, you now know that those sticky messy oil stains and smells are a thing of the past. Yes, there are many deep fat devices out there trying to make amends. But, with lots of oil in use, they just can’t compare.

Unique Patented Technology

Whatever your reason for reading this review, you can be sure that it’s no ordinary hot air/oil using cooking machine. No, thanks to years of work Tefal has managed to Patent its hot air, paddle combination to bring you hands-free cooking.

Additionally, there’s no need to wait for the fryer to get up to temperature, just load your recipe, chips, etc. set the timer and leave it to do its job. It’s perfect for the busy parent, home after work with hungry kids.

Use This Health Fryer with Actifry Healthy Recipes

Recipe Book Included

Now, no new food gadget would be complete without a range of ideas of what to cook in it. As such there is a selection of Actifry healthy recipes compiled into a neat booklet, this comes for free.  There are now countless more Actifry recipe books being made (see here)

If you thought the ideas you already had where expansive, some of those inside may blow you away! They include Mediterranean Style Calamari, Chicken Tika Masala, vegetable stir fry and more. In fact how about a twist on the humble chip?

Tip: Place the required amount of frozen or fresh chips into the Tefal Actifry. Followed by adding the oil, sea salt, and a touch or (depends on your preference) a small amount of garlic powder. The results, after approximately 35-minutes will astound you as you will have the tastiest chips ever!!

What is in The Box?

  • The all important (not, so it’s just for measuring oil) Actifry Spoon. However, Tefal within its documentation does advise to keep it safe or make a note of the amount of oil required.
  • An instruction booklet, providing you with operating instructions including what you should do before first use.
  • Finally, the before mentioned recipe booklet, keep it safe, it may be an inspiration.

Tefal Actifry 2 in 1 Price

Whether you’re looking to buy new or refurbished, this device is available at a good price. Brand new, you can get your hands on one for around £145 with free UK delivery. As for refurbished, prices start from around £80 and come in various conditions such as good to very good.

Check out this one for under £100 (good for a family of 4)

or this larger capacity model for under £140 that feeds a family of 6 (and cooks 30% quicker)

Final Thoughts

Is an Actifry worth the money?

So there you have it, one Tefal Actifry review, and if you really do want healthier meals you have to factor in the fact that no oil is needed at all for some foods.

Great brand name.  Superb reliability and plenty of recipe ideas make this a clear winner.

From what I’ve seen and read, people are preparing foods as varied as fish, meatballs, stew, and curry. My suggestion, should you buy one, is to experiment, and search for health fryer or Actifry healthy recipes online.

Click here to see the Actifry for yourself.

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