Who makes the best work boots

Who makes the best work boots then?

There are a number of work boot manufacturers that do exceptionally good things, so it would be wrong to simply pull out a single name, although I can think of one that fits the bill almost perfectly (this one from deWalt!).

I will however list a few “overall” top rated boot makers and then explain further which ones exceed in certain ways over others. 

Sound fair?

who makes the best work boots

Overall, choose work boot brands that have proven success of making GREAT boots.

The manufacturers need to tick as many of the following as possible:

  • Make hardwearing boots
  • Have great customer service
  • Make comfortable boots
  • Offer toe and midsole protection
  • Possibly offer additional foot protection such as anti-static, or airport scanner safe.
  • Possibly offer waterproofing

That’s it, in it’s simplest form.  Just make great boots and serve your customers well!

Just something to add….  no single boot is perfect.  Not one pair of boots magically has every single perfect quality.

If you can have this in the back of your mind and just accept that the best boots are great, most of the time, then this way you will go in with a more realistic view of what to expect.

So, some of the very best all rounders “include”:

  • DeWalt (their Titanium safety boots are exceptionally good, and pretty much my number one overall favourite “best ever” work boot.. it just is.)
  • Dickies – they offer time served quality most of the time.  Their Medway boots are some of their best offerings.
  • Timberland – a name many people secretly want to own.  It’s almost become a cult status symbol to own a pair of Timberlands, and it’s no wonder when their premium boots like these ones look so good you can wear them at work and for any other occasion.
  • Black hammer – offering great budget friendly safety boots like these ones and they are sururpsingly good!

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Reasons why I chose DeWalt as a top brand

Our favourite overall BEST brand of work boots

If we look at one of their best performers, the Titanium work boot, it comes with a HUGE number of positive features such as:

  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Stylish
  • Heat resistant soles
  • Steel toe caps

Then we look at the company profile:

  • Started back in the early 1920’s – so they’ve earned their time served experience and ironed out all the kinks in production and so on.
  • Offer great customer service
  • Offer a 30 day warranty on comfort – if you can’t get on with them get your money back (subject to fair wear and tear)
  • They offer a 365 day warranty on manufacturing defects – so you can enjoy peace of mind
  • Their waterproof boots are guaranteed waterproof for 6 months.

In Summary, I have included the DeWalt company in this list is simple.  I soon realised that these boots sold many more than othe manufacturers.  The Dewalt Titanium boots would prove to be top notch sellers, indicating customer trust in the product.  Then when you start to look at the company you can see they have a lot of faith in their products, and back it up with superb peace of mind after sales support.  My favourite brand right now!


Reasons why I chose Dickies as a top brand

Looking at their Medway boots, again, it is packed full of features such as:

  • “Thinsulate” Insulated lining for heat retention in Winter and foot cooling in Summer
  • Waterproof lining
  • Toe cap protection
  • Midsole protection
  • Anti-scuff toe and heel areas
  • Slip resistant

The Dickies company profile shows:

  • They started out in the 1930’s during the great depression and grew and flourished into what they have now become – a global leader in workwear.
  • They offer a 30 day “unused” returns policy.
  • They offer a 6 month warranty on any manufacturing defects subject to normal wear and tear.
  • On Trustpilot they have almost a 90% “excellent” score.  This shows that most people are overjoyed.  I believe the 10% are the ones who for whatever reason, they have become foul of rare poor manufacturing, or differing feet sizes or walk styles.  These ultimately put a lot of unsual stresses on boots that causes them to fail.

In Summary, I have included The Dickies company in this list because of their time served world wide commitment to workwear and safety boots.  Back all of the many features up with superb customer service attributes and you get a solid all round company who you can place your trust in.

Reasons why I chose Timberland as a top brand

When you wear aTimberland boot you are also making a bit of a silent status symbol claim.  “I’m in with the best!”  Timberland are known for rugged hard wearing boots, and at the same time they look amazing.

Looking at the Timberland premium boots, you get features like:

  • Seam sealed waterproof construction
  • 6 different colour choices (one for every day of the week pretty much!)
  • A premium price, but this is what sets them apart from the £20 work boots.
  • This boot is their flagship premium boot that has been putting down roots since 1973

Their company profile includes:

  • The fact that in 1952 Nathan Swartz bought shares in the”Abington Shoe Company” and 3 years later bought all the shares.  In 1973 the company rebranded to Timberland
  • A 12 month warranty that their boots will be free of defects from manufacturing.
  • A FREE complimentary cleaning and conditioning service in any Timberland store!  Just pop your boots in if they aren’t looking their best and need a bit of care and attention.

In Summary, I have included Timberland because they satisfy that inner desire to be the best.  Their cost is higher, but you are paying for the brand name when you buy a Timberland product.  That said, their boots are really truly brilliant.  Great features, superb style and superb company confidence in their abilities, backed up by the complimentary service and warranty!

Reasons why I chose Black Hammer as a top brand

With boots in the budget friendly range, Black hammer is a name you can rely on.  Superb pricing and actually really good work boots too!

Looking at these safety boots, Black hammer have ticked many boxes for what is needed from a great work boot.

  • Offering boots that don’t cost the earth
  • Boots that have steel toe caps and steel midsole protection
  • Oil resistant heavy duty rubber soles
  • Water resistant capabilities  (Use a wax for extra protection!)
  • A breathable lining

Then when you look at the company behind Black hammer you see:

  • A confident 45 day money back guarantee (as long as the boots do not show signs of having been used / worn).
  • A Uk based company (in Newcastle)

In Summary, I have included Black hammer here because of their pocket friendly pricing, and the fact they still manage to include several important features you expect.  Their returns policy is very fair at 45 days, and the company has a good positive profile.

Thank you for reading this write up on the best rated safety boot brands.  I think I know who makes the best work boots “overall” but every person will have their own choice based on their own needs.

Are there any other brands who you feel would be far better included here than these 4?  I am always open to look and change this list based on testing.

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